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RedGage Upload Problem

I’ve been invited by a good friend of mine to join RedGage. I signed up at a time when I had been looking for opportunities to earn a bit of money from uploading pictures.

If you don’t know what RedGage is yet, you can go to their website and see this introductory message: “RedGage is a website which pays you for your content and monetizes your social activity.” You can upload your own original photos, your blog, your link, a document or note or/and your video.

What I like about RedGage is it will show you the unique views and the earning each of your uploads garnered. There is no limit to the number of uploads you can make.

To earn more in RedGage, it is advisable that you socialize and make more friends within RedGage. If you have less friends, you will get noticed if you comment on Featured uploads by other members. Social media sharing is also encouraged. Each upload has a Share This button which has Digg, Delicious, Facebook, Twitter, and Friend Feed. If your friends aren’t on RedGage yet, it’s the best idea to invite them. Not only will they earn by sharing their uploads, they will also expand their social network online. I could see a lot of artistic photographers in RedGage in my few days with the site.

Posting pictures that weren’t taken by you is not advisable. You have to post your own content.

The problem I’ve encountered with RedGage which I’ve already contacted their Support about is regarding the Invite Friends tool. I tried my Gmail address and even though I provided the correct username and password by re-checking and re-entering them, it still gives me an error.

photo 3

I got an e-mail from Gmail regarding authorizing a third-party application login. I followed the  instructions but to no avail. I still haven’t received a response from Support regarding the issue.

photo 1 (1)

Another difficulty I encountered this afternoon was my recent photo uploads seemed to be duplicated to the earlier uploaded photos once it appears on my feed. You can see in the photo that even though all three have different captions, they have the same picture of the starfish which was the third picture I uploaded. It seems that the two previous photos I uploaded assumes the picture of the most recently uploaded photo which is very very frustrating. In annoyance I contacted Support again.

photo 2 (1)

I have yet to get a reply from them. Despite these problems, I still recommend you check out RedGage for yourself if you’re not yet a member. Maybe I just have a sucky internet connection on my end.


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