Photo Text Editor Experimentation

It often happens that I would make notes of a particular topic to write about for later completion but a sudden insight overshadows it and pushes it back to my to-do list. Every now and then I allow myself to be sidetracked and here goes its byproduct.

Last night I was writing the article “Desensitize? Or Burn Bridges?” and I came up with using the ocean photo I took and put a quote to it. The quote was my own musing about the fleeting nature of hardships in life which I wrote on Path yesterday afternoon. Instead of searching for a photo text editor online doable from a laptop, I felt I ought to explore the App Store for any photo text editor apps.

First app I tried was aPhoto. As you can see in the photo below first attempt was an epic fail. The blurry image is not an illusion, once you hit Save you automatically get it saved in low resolution and with footer ads too. Ugh-ly. You have to get the paid version to save the ad-free high res image. So it was a no-no.


Second photo text editor app I tried was tWizart. My only problem was I couldn’t pinch and adjust the block of the text to expand it to my desired size.


At last it worked perfectly with InstaCaption. This is how the third experimentation looks like:

photo (18)

However, I got sidetracked again and by accident discovered a better way to enhance the color of the picture. I thought of posting the captioned photo on Path but thought of tinkering with the Lens feature just to see how it would come out.


Voila! The Lake lens feature made the drab blue in my InstaCaption image an even sharper and more expressive blue. I love it.


If you want to experiment with a photo text editor with your own photos in Camera Roll, I would recommend InstaCaption. You can download it in the App Store for free.

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