Echofon, Hoot Suite and TweetList


I have three Twitter clients downloaded to my phone but I sure wish all the outstanding features I want from each would be incorporated in one single app. I don’t use one Twitter client exclusively for that reason and neither will I pay for an upgrade unless I see everything I need in one Twitter app.

I got rid of the default Twitter app for the iPhone and use three Twitter clients and they are Echofon, Hoot Suite and TweetList.

1. Timeline


In my opinion Echofon takes the crown for the best Timeline feature among the three Twitter clients because of its real-time tweet updates. Once you open Echofon, the list of tweets that come up first are a few hours to a few minutes old without the help of sliding your finger down the screen to refresh updates. In the screenshot above, TweetList! and Hoot Suite unfortunately don’t have that real-time feature – it’ll only show you the tweets from your latest login on the same device. If your last login was two Sundays ago or a month ago, it’ll only show you the tweets you last viewed on that day.

2. Retweeting & Composing


With Echofon, you can simply tap on Retweet to bring up the option to Retweet or add a comment to the retweet. Tapping on the More button brings up 5 options which could either be mail the tweet, copy it, send it as a DM (direct message) to the composer or mute the user and client.


When you a quick double tap on a tweet you posted on TweetList! from your iPhone, you’ll get the options to translate, favorite, email the tweet or copy the text. If you do a long press on the tweet itself, you get the option to reply, direct message or retweet it with comment.


The reason I keep coming back to Hoot Suite is its capability to integrate your social network accounts like Twitter, Facebook and Foursquare into your Hoot Suite account. When you retweet or compose a message you can click on one or all social networks you added to Hoot Suite to broadcast it to the selected social networks.


We all know Twitter allows us to compose or retweet with a maximum of 140 characters. Among the three, only Echofon and TweetList! enables you to tweet longer than that. In Echofon’s advanced settings you can turn on the longer tweet feature via TweetList! is already integrated with TwitLonger so if you compose more then 140 characters you will get the prompt to post it via TwitLonger.

If I could pick apart each Twitter client characteristic, I would like to have Echofon’s real-time updates, Echofon’s and TweetList!’s tweet longer and Hoot Suite’s add-social-networks feature. If you can point me to an app that has all that, I would really appreciate it.

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