My 4-Year-Old Niece Hits A 2.8 Million Score In Temple Run 2

photo (7)
It’s Saturday and although I have a list in my head of what to write for today, I am gonna bump those to last priority for a while in favor of Temple Run 2. I’ve been having fun playing this game of explorer’s delight since this noon.
Last week I mentioned one smartphone game I don’t really mind wasting my time in – Sudoku. Along with Bejeweled Blitz, I like playing these games because of their short time limit. They do serve the purpose of relieving me from a major burnout.
Yesterday my 4-year-old niece achieved a 2.8 million score in a Temple Run 2 game. Considering she’s 4 years old and only learned the game from watching my youngest sister play it in less than an hour, that score is quite an incredulous achievement. She was the first in the household to reach that score.
I have not even reached a 1 million score until yesterday. By this afternoon, I finally navigated my Temple Run 2 explorer, Scarlett Fox, effortlessly through the rugged terrains, jumping and collecting gold coins to a 2 million final score this afternoon. Yay! 2 Million after 2 weeks.
But that score is not even close to my niece’s. Who knows, maybe it will take me a week more to reach 3 million. My niece could very well grow up to be a game app developer someday.

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