My Pet Peeve With Anonymity In Text Messaging


Yesterday I got a text message in Viber from an unregistered number in my contacts list. I was used to getting Viber notifications from friends who have recently installed the said chat messaging mobile app on their smartphones. It was my first time to receive a Viber text notification involving an anonymous number.

I don’t mind getting text messages from someone whom I may already know but just recently changed numbers as long as they are direct with me. However I have a pet peeve with so-called friends who keep themselves anonymous after I’ve asked them to identify themselves. If you wanted to get to someone through text, it’s your job to make yourself known to the person you just sent a message to. That’s the way it’s supposed to work.

What the hell is up with keeping your friend or someone in suspense about your identity? This kind of vapid behavior is giving me very bad vibes about the sender’s character and integrity. I don’t care if it’s a prank or a joke – it’s downright annoying and time-wasting. Prank or not, it tells me a lot about how you deal with other people and how slow and insipid you are.

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