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Viber For Desktop

It still surprises me that some of my friends who have used Viber chat messenger on their mobile phones do not know its Desktop version is already available. I decided to write this article so the news can be spread further. I first learned about it about two months ago from my Facebook news feed, one of my acquaintances posted the link for Viber Desktop. Here is the link, by the way, if you want to download it:

Since I have sworn off owning a smartphone or any other mobile phone back in April, you can imagine how ecstatic I was to try out Viber’s Desktop version. One important thing you need to know before downloading it and installing it to your PC is that after registering for the Desktop version of the chat messenger, you will receive the 4-digit code on your Viber mobile app.

Messages between Desktop and mobile versions are consolidated and are real-time, of course. No need to worry about missing any text or chat message from your friends and contacts if you tick on “Save messages history when exiting a conversation” from your Viber Desktop Settings > Basics.

Another outstanding feature about the Viber mobile app is the option to merge Facebook contacts (whose mobile numbers aren’t yet listed  on your Contacts) who are registered with Viber. You can do this right within your smartphone and the changes will be applied to the installed Desktop version.

Emoticons are available on the Viber’s Desktop version already, though not as many as on its mobile counterpart. Call is enabled on the desktop version as well.

**This post was originally published in RedGage, TheEmpress. 


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