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GO Launcher EX

I only came across GO Launcher EX via another Android app called GO SMS Pro. I replaced my stock Messaging app last month just because it’s one of the stylish yet superfluous stuff I can tinker with as a Droid user.  I was looking around Play Store for a possible GO SMS Pro keyboard but GO Launcher EX and GO Launcher Fonts under similar apps caught my eye. I found out that in order to apply GO Launcher Fonts, I must download and install GO Launcher EX, then download and install the app for the GO Launcher EX theme I picked. This process is what I found annoying with the GO Android apps. But my annoyance ended (only for a while) because I didn’t know my home screen could be this cool.


The caveat is that the icons load too slow, especially when transitioning from the GO Launcher EX home screen to default home. The second huge deterrent for me why I preferred the default home screen over the GO Launcher EX’s was I noticed the latter drained the phone’s battery quickly.

To alternate between the default home screen and GO Launcher EX, click on Menu on the bottom right and select Home Screen Settings.


Click on Select Home.


Home Selector gives you 3 options, that is if you’ve already installed the GO Launcher EX.


This is the part after selecting GO Launcher EX when the app freezes and the icons don’t load simultaneously as they all normally should.


What I love about the GO Launcher EX theme that my Floating Toucher doesn’t have is the screenshot option right within the app itself. To access it on GO Launcher EX, you simply click on the bottom right button again for the options – Main, Plugins and More –  to load. Swipe right to More to find Screenshot. Clicking on it will prompt the “Screenshot mode is ON” message.


With one shake of the phone, it will take the screenshot for you.


If you don’t want to sacrifice battery drain problems using this app and if you’d rather forego its Screenshot shake feature, you can always go back to default home screen. Swipe back left to Main in GO Launcher EX options and click on Settings.  Select Original system settings.


You’ll be taken back to the Home Selector again to pick among Home, GO Launcher EX and GO Locker.




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