SmartMoney Versus PayMaya

On the off chance that you’ve been unfortunate getting an approved credit card application or you simply need to keep your financial plan under control, the idea of registering for a virtual credit card/debit card may be enticing. Fortunately for credit card rejects like us our present innovation has necessitated the proliferation of virtual credit cards/debit cards.

I’ve had my SmartMoney MasterCard for around 5 years now when I found PayMaya from online ads a month back and since then have alternately used SmartMoney MasterCard and PayMaya Virtual VISA Card in my online purchases.



Unlike SmartMoney which you need to access through your phone menu’s SIM Applications, PayMaya has a mobile app and you can enroll within the app for free. Note: I associated my PayMaya Virtual VISA Card with my Smart mobile number since the former is affiliated with Smart Communications.



This is the starting page for you to sign in or register if you don’t have an account yet. The login username is the mobile number you registered it with. Once you’re logged in, you’ll see the primary page showing the balance and transaction history of your PayMaya Virtual VISA Card.



I regularly top up my PayMaya Virtual VISA Card in 7-11 outlets and Robinsons Bayad Centers. There are absolutely no extra charges to top up and you can start with as little as PhP50.00. 7-11 financial service kiosk is my favourite – it’s a breeze getting a paper slip with a few taps on the screen. You’ll then receive a text confirmation within seconds once the cashier has processed your payment. Most obvious choice for reloading your SmartMoney card is via BDO branches. On the convenience factor for me, PayMaya is more preferable because 7-11 outlets are open 24/7 and BDO branches stick to regular office schedule. Both PayMaya and SmartMoney do not charge extra fees for reloading.

Tapping on the View Card shown above will take you to the enlarged image of your PayMaya Virtual VISA Card.



The Pay Bills feature will be accessible soon on PayMaya. SmartMoney already has Pay Bills enabled and I have been continually paying my monthly postpaid bill with it. PayMaya would need to review your application first should you wish to secure a physical card and/or to enable the Send Money feature. SmartMoney, on the other hand, can deliver your customized card within 2-3 weeks from the date of application and transferring money to other SmartMoney cards/users has dependably been SmartPadala’s eponymous trademark.

Although both SmartMoney MasterCard and PayMaya Virtual VISA Card are owned by Smart Communications, you won’t need to unlock permissions for any transaction with PayMaya. SmartMoney requires users to go into the Phone Menu –> SIM Applications –> Smart Money to allow a transaction to go through. Generally, you get a text notification if your account has already been unlocked for online purchases and in less than a minute you have to click Confirm Purchase on the web page you opened for the said transaction. Do not let this time frame pass without confirming your online purchase, or you’d have to go back to SIM Applications and request to unlock again.



I find the swift unlocking process inconvenient due to my location constraints – I would have to get up from my work area at home and walk towards the door to get a signal in order for my text notification to come in. Furthermore, I wouldn’t advise using SmartMoney MasterCard for mall shopping because of the lock and unlock options.

PayMaya can likewise be utilized for paying your MRT and LRT tickets with the so-called PayMaya VISA with beep.

14 thoughts on “SmartMoney Versus PayMaya

  1. “I wouldn’t advise using SmartMoney MasterCard for mall shopping because of the lock and unlock options.”

    Now, you do not have to bother about the “lock/unlock” function when using the physical card for shopping. The “lock/unlock” function is for internet transaction only.

    1. Hi Carlo,

      You can sign up via the PayMaya app on your Android or iPhone smartphone. From there you can click Sign up. To get the physical PayMaya card though and to avail of the additional PayMaya feature like sending money to other PayMaya users, you’d have to apply for an upgrade. Once registered there’s an Upgrade tab on the app itself.

  2. meron pa rin bang smart padala? pwede pa rin ba ako mag avail? kasi sa smart padala eh cellphone lang pwede na. d na kailangan ng internet connection.

  3. Plss…help me my account pay maya is upgraded but not transfer to smart money or smart padala..??? last a few months its ok na proces pa..start august 1 untill now hinde mka pag transfer

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