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My Online Shopping Experience With Lazada

A month ago I downloaded the Lazada smartphone app to look for a dual usb host and, eventually, a bluetooth mouse and a bluetooth keyboard. With a few searches, I zeroed in on a particular bluetooth mouse which looked pretty decent for an affordable listed price (PhP500-PhP800 price range). A week after I decided to shop for some hair wigs and hair accessories.

The first problem I encountered, which I hope they would fix promptly, is the Order Status update. In my first confirmed order – the bluetooth mouse – the order status remained at “Processed” for over a week even though it was juxtaposed with the Delivery Date of within the same week. Lazada’s Customer Service representative was quick to reply to my inquiry about the correct order status and clarified the issue. However, I question how qualified some of their customer service representatives are. It would be nice to see not only an admirable quick response time but also that queries be answered satisfactorily down to their specifics.

I received my bluetooth mouse and the hair accessories two days apart. Not bad. I still have an order pending delivery and with this succession, I am confident it might arrive next week.

Overall, the Lazada app is easy to navigate and most customers flock on their website for cash on delivery deals. There are plenty of good deals in Lazada and I would still recommend you check out the smartphone app.



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