Does Instantly Ageless Cream Work?

Last month I stumbled upon Instantly Ageless being offered by an online seller I was buying some beauty products from. I did not know it was included in her product catalog until she broached the subject of a similar eye cream product aside from the one I had already set my sights on. The online seller told me the effect of the Instantly Ageless eye cream was immediate. It got me curious so I decided to add 2 sachets of Instantly Ageless to my cart.

I thought it best to test it on our family friend, Lita, who is 60+ years old. At her age she was more prone to sagging skin under her eyes and as soon as I told her about the Instantly Ageless eye cream, she was up for the challenge.

Here is the video of the test we made with Instantly Ageless eye cream:

Lita said she could feel the tingling and tightening effect of the Instantly Ageless eye cream on her skin. She would like to use the Instantly Ageless eye cream again when she’s all made up for special occasions. Within two minutes we did see the slight change.

Instantly Ageless eye cream does not have long-lasting effects so when you wash it out as with the rest of your make-up, the tightening effect wears off. At times the tight area applied on may become apparent. Nonetheless, we did enjoy trying out Instantly Ageless. It does work and we would highly recommend it for temporary purposes.

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