How To Activate GCash in RCBC Online Banking

I have had my RCBC Online Banking account for a while but mostly use the mobile application to check my balance and, occasionally, pay my phone bills. A month ago I decided to explore the web features of RCBC Online Banking and found out a conversion of funds from my own RCBC savings account to GCash was possible.

It’s imperative, of course, to activate GCash in your RCBC Online Banking account. Make sure you do this on your desktop because the mobile application does not have activation of GCash available. It confused me for a while how the activation of GCash was supposed to be done and I e-mailed Customer Service. The part about getting the MPIN and the Bank Reference number got me stumped. To save anyone who’s searching through Google about the activation of GCash in RCBC Online Banking the trouble, here’s the step-by-step guide:


Once you get that done, you are now ready to transfer some funds from your RCBC Savings account to your GCash account within RCBC Online Banking.

Update: January 30, 2018

I just tried linking RCBC MyWallet to my GCash account. I had many errors attempting to do it on Google Chrome – I would get the “INVALID ACCESS” and “WWW.RCBCMBS.COM SAYS GCASH ACCOUNT IS NOT LINKED TO RCBC ACCOUNT” error messages. After 5 tries, I decided to use Internet Explorer (I am using a Windows laptop) with the VPN activated and it worked, which means I was finally able to get to that successfully linked confirmation page during the initial try.

I am using a VPN because for some reason I cannot open RCBC Online Banking overseas. Once I requested my cousin in the Philippines to open RCBC Online Banking for me. He told me only when he used VPN was he able to access the site.


19 thoughts on “How To Activate GCash in RCBC Online Banking

    1. Were you using an RCBC MyWallet card? I have another ATM in RCBC Savings, just a regular one linked to my bank account, and I would get that kind of error when trying to link it to GCash. Only the MyWallet type works with it.

    1. When you first register with RCBC Online Banking, you will be required to set the transaction password. It is not the same as the password you use for logging into the website. If you can’t remember you need to contact RCBC’s customer care.

  1. I get this error: “GCASH account is not linked to RCBC account.”
    I also have a MyWallet card account :/ any advise ladies and gents? Thanks!

    1. Have you tried accessing RCBC Online Banking on Internet Explorer instead of Google Chrome? I had that problem before. You may also try Safari or Firefox.

    2. Update your mobile no. in your RCBC account. You can do this thru RCBC online banking. The GCash number (mobile no.) should be the same mobile no. in your RCBC account.

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