28 thoughts on “How To Activate GCash in RCBC Online Banking

    1. Were you using an RCBC MyWallet card? I have another ATM in RCBC Savings, just a regular one linked to my bank account, and I would get that kind of error when trying to link it to GCash. Only the MyWallet type works with it.

    1. When you first register with RCBC Online Banking, you will be required to set the transaction password. It is not the same as the password you use for logging into the website. If you can’t remember you need to contact RCBC’s customer care.

      1. Hello, I have my transaction password and other requirements, hence it says that RCBC is not linked to GCASH, what should I do?? Looking forward for your help, thanks.

      2. I got that error, too. No point in continuing with it as RCBC has not somehow fixed their system to enable successful linking of accounts. There is a new feature now within the GCash app that allows you to send GCash to your RCBC bank account.

  1. I get this error: “GCASH account is not linked to RCBC account.”
    I also have a MyWallet card account :/ any advise ladies and gents? Thanks!

    1. Have you tried accessing RCBC Online Banking on Internet Explorer instead of Google Chrome? I had that problem before. You may also try Safari or Firefox.

    2. Update your mobile no. in your RCBC account. You can do this thru RCBC online banking. The GCash number (mobile no.) should be the same mobile no. in your RCBC account.

  2. I also can’t register thru *119# . I got this msg. everytime “Sorry the RCBC account number you have entered is invalid” Don’t know why. 😦

  3. i tried registering my smart postpaid number to gcash.. everything went well.. but when i link my rcbc acct to gcash it asks me for a bank reference number… on my first account using my. globe number.. i was able to link my rcbc to gcash via dialling *119#…but this time.. i cant… pls help.. is it possible to link rcbc and gcash via a smart number??

    1. I’m sorry to hear that. I believe that gcash to rcbc link feature has been deactivated for a year or so now. Tried it a few times 6 months ago and it would give me the same error message.

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