CDOGRAB Promo Codes

I’ve been using the Grab mobile app since late last year when it was still known as Grab Taxi and I had no complaints regarding their drivers or the taxi service in general. This month, though, I did send feedback to their Support team regarding the CDOGRAB PhP20 off promo code. Under the CDOGRAB promo code, a Grab user is supposed to get PhP20 off their ride within the city centre of Cagayan de Oro.

One afternoon I entered CDOGRAB in the promo code field when booking a ride to a local mall. It’s important to enter the promo code in the field provided before the mobile app can search for a Grab taxi driver near your location. I was waiting for the driver to acknowledge that I entered a promo code because something in me knew he wouldn’t honor the said promo code. I wasn’t wrong, it turned out, because the taxi meter said the amount I incurred was PhP54.00 but he still charged me the full amount. When I opened my smartphone to check the actual rate in Grab mobile app, I saw PhP34.00 instead of PhP54.00. Of course the driver saw that in his system, too, and I bet he was secretly wishing I would pay the full amount up front.



I have no problem with paying the full amount and I understand taxi drivers may not always see profitable days as often as they wish. I stopped using the CDOGRAB promo code because the first (and last) time I claimed it, it didn’t go too well. Either Grab eliminate the useless promo codes altogether or they make sure the promo codes are a win-win situation for their drivers and passengers alike.

To this day, I have not gotten a response regarding that inquiry I sent about the CDOGRAB promo code. It’s strange because few days after that I did send an entirely different inquiry about a bug I found in the Grab mobile app and have gotten a prompt response for it.

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