Using GCash Amex and My Shopping Box For An Amazon Purchase

I bought a keyboard protector on Amazon using GCash Amex a few weeks ago and it was a breeze. Most Amazon purchases cannot go through if you don’t have a US address but because of GCash Amex, Philippine residents can now conveniently shop in Amazon.

It’s all really elementary but I would like to specify one issue when shopping and checking out on Amazon – it’s very important to mind the BILLING ADDRESS and the SHIPPING ADDRESS when you’re registering your GCash Amex on your Amazon profile. Don’t assume your billing address in GCash Amex to be similar to the shipping address indicated in your My Shopping Box account. If you got the process correct, you won’t have to scratch your head wondering why you got an e-mail notification from Amazon with the heading “Your payment has been declined.”


GCash Amex Billing Address


My Shopping Box Shipping Address

In short, you look for the BILLING ADDRESS in your GCASH AMEX account details and the SHIPPING ADDRESS in your MY SHOPPING BOX account.

Soon after your purchase you will then receive an e-mail from My Shopping Box that the item you purchased on Amazon has arrived at your US address/My Shopping Box shipping address. Authorizing the package for shipment entails that you pay for the required shipping fee from the US address to your Philippine address. I used my GCash Amex for this process, too, and here is the video for it:

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