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Transferring GCash to RCBC MyWallet

When it comes to mobile wallets, I like to have many options where I can transfer my money to convert it into physical cash I can later withdraw or simply storing money in my debit card/s for online purchases. I learned the hard way a long time ago when the one and only mobile wallet I depended on was unavailable for a few hours just when I needed cash. Aside from PayPal, I use Skrill because it supports instant withdrawal transactions to local mobile wallets such as SmartMoney and GCash.


Understandably so the only option available in RCBC AccessOne web access is transferring funds from RCBC MyWallet debit card to GCash. However, in Globe’s mobile banking both options – transferring GCash to RCBC and transferring RCBC to GCash – are accessible.




I have an RCBC MyWallet Visa debit card which I swipe at supermarkets, coffee shops, and department stores and in the past I would have to visit any LBC branch near me to reload it. Until recently my Globe GCash was activated so I can now conveniently withdraw my Skrill funds to my Globe GCash mobile wallet instantly and without extra fees. Their USD to PHP conversion comparably fares well to that of PayPal’s.

Below is the video on transferring GCash to RCBC MyWallet:




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