Resolved: GCash AmEx and GCash MasterCard

This is an update post regarding the GCash AmEx and GCash MasterCard problems I talked about in the previous post. After numerous follow-ups via Messenger and e-mail correspondences with GCash customer support, I was able to access my GCash AmEx again.

According to GCash customer support, the Globe number connected to my GCash AmEx account was barred because a suspicious activity was detected. Understandably so, although I don’t know what attempt was made to access my account which rendered it deactivated for a while. I surmise it had something to do with that day I enrolled for the GCash MasterCard when an attempt was made to register the GCash MasterCard with the same number connected to the GCash AmEx. The suspicious activity also caused my Globe GCash AmEx mobile number to be barred from being used for texting and even from top up capabilities although I could still redeem the Globe Rewards with it.



I was able to access my GCash AmEx after the Globe number was unbarred. Yup, this was how my balance looked like the last time I accessed it prior to the barred number issue.


As for my Globe number linked to my GCash MasterCard, the issue about the cash-in via prepaid load has also been resolved, thanks to the help of GCash customer support. The only problem that remains for now is with the Globe Rewards app – the said mobile app doesn’t recognize my Globe number as a valid one although I do receive Globe Rewards text notifications about rewards points I’ve accrued.



Gifting rewards to the said number is also unavailable as well as sending money to it using the GCash app. The sending money option only works if I access GCash via the sim application or dial *143# to access GCash to send money using my Globe GCash AmEx number to the Globe GCash MasterCard mobile number.


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