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Cannot Use Smart PayWithMobile in iTunes

I have not been able to use my Smart’s PayWithMobile service since November 2016 for some unknown reason even Smart’s technical team have not given me a concrete answer. For a little background on my problem with Smart’s PayWithMobile, I am enumerating it here:

1 – I have 3 active Smart PostPaid lines.

2 – First account is the number I am using; second account is used by my cousin on an iPhone 4s 999 plan (27 months old) and I applied for a third account for my cousin under the iPhone 6s  2000 plan (6 months old).

3 – Only 2 of those postpaid lines are registered with PayWithMobile for iTunes – my own line and the iPhone 6s  2000 plan.

Until October 2016, I was able to successfully purchase mobile apps on the iTunes store with my registered PayWithMobile account for over a year. By mid-November 2016, I sensed something was wrong when iTunes would decline my PayWithMobile MasterCard details despite the fact I had no pending balance and my account had been replenished/renewed for use again for the said month. I called the Smart customer support about it 3 times but no one I spoke to could pinpoint the problem other than giving me the obligatory  ”technical issue” excuse. Apple Support couldn’t do anything about it because other cards I tried were working just fine except the PayWithMobile MasterCard I was registered in.

A few weeks after futile customer support follow-ups, I tried to use my cousin’s PayWithMobile MasterCard details to see if iTunes would accept it as a valid payment method. Miraculously, it did and I could make in-app purchases with it until now.

I was told by Smart customer support many times to try sending REG to 4949 to see if my account was still active but it’s been more than two months that it’s been giving me the error text reply:

Sorry, this service is currently unavailable due to an ongoing maintenance activity. Please try again later. Thank you.

I tried inserting my Smart postpaid sim card in an Android phone to see if the Bill To My Smart PostPaid option would work in it. I was able to successfully add it as an additional payment option but the first purchase attempt with it was not successful. For instance, when I tried to rent a movie in Google Play Store, it would not show  up as the main option for billing methods. Last week I tried renting a movie again and Bill To My Smart PostPaid finally showed up as the principal option instead of the debit card number I had on file.

I’m still waiting for a reply from Smart’s customer support regarding this issue as I’ve recently updated them that I was successfully billed with my Google Play Store purchase with it.



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