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Same Day Local Funds Transfer Withdrawal Alternative for Upwork Freelancers

Upwork freelancers from the Philippines trust the local funds transfer option as one of the various methods they can get paid. Local funds transfer normally takes 2-3 business days to clear. But what if you, as an Upwork freelancer, have the option to speed up local funds transfer into 12 hours or even less than 20 minutes processing time? Yes, same day local funds transfer withdrawal in Upwork is very much possible and that is what I am going to share with you. Here’s a preview:






As an Upwork freelancer myself I use PayPal and Skrill to receive my funds from Upwork. However, since I have acquired a GCash MasterCard, I decided to concentrate on using Skrill. It is a great alternative to PayPal. The reason I am frequenting Skrill is because of Skrill’s  mobile wallet feature. With the mobile wallet feature, you can have your Upwork USD converted into Philippine pesos which will then be sent to either your PayMaya or GCash account. Mobile wallet transfer is instant with Skrill.

Since my Skrill funds are already in my GCash wallet, I could then proceed to my account and do a GCash Cash-in. I would click on the Cash-in option in my dashboard, enter the amount I want transferred, enter my GCash mobile number and click on Dragonpay to complete the transfer. There’s a minimal fee to cash in using GCash. In less than a minute a text message would be sent to your Globe mobile number for you to key in your GCash PIN for the cash-in to be completed.

Once the cash-in is confirmed, I would then click on Cash Out in my dashboard and select the Bank transfer option and then selecting the bank name. In my case it took 5 minutes to see the funds on my RCBC Savings bank account. In minutes, I would receive a text message confirmation of the successful same day local funds transfer withdrawal.

Whichever bank you have an account in, this same day local funds transfer withdrawal alternative is definitely worth a try. Here are the required accounts:

  • a GCash account
  • a Skrill account
  • account
  • a Philippine-based bank account



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