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Update: Same Day Local Funds Transfer Withdrawal Alternative for Upwork Freelancers

A few days after I wrote about a speedy Local Funds Transfer alternative for Upwork freelancers in the Philippines (Same Day Local Funds Transfer Withdrawal Alternative for Upwork Freelancers), I learned that the Upwork management (once again) has made several changes to their withdrawal payment methods. Since the same day local funds transfer withdrawal alternative I mentioned required Skrill, I was a little upset that Upwork will no longer be partnering with Skrill. In a follow-up email, Upwork mentioned that Upwork freelancers can still withdraw funds to their Skrill account until April 24, 2017.

This was the first email they sent out:





It does sound all good but I still would opt to find another way to get my funds out by some other means. Why? Because when you withdraw to PayPal you are getting the most out of the current peso-dollar rate compared to the Direct to Local Bank option. For me, this means having to go back to withdrawing to PayPal and using the PayPal to GCash option. I still stand by my option to use my GCash mobile wallet (cashless purchases, of course!) and transferring some of my funds to my RCBC Savings bank account via as usual.

On the GCash mobile app, there is an option to transfer your PayPal funds to your GCash account. My PayPal is already linked to my GCash account and the GCash mobile app needs to  update that line of code for those who already have their PayPal accounts linked to their GCash.



I have asked GCash support about the processing time for transferring PayPal funds to GCash and below is their response:





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