42 thoughts on “Delays in PayPal to GCash Instant Withdrawal

    1. If you file a dispute with PayPal 5-10 minutes after the failed transaction, it gets resolved in 6 days. All my disputes and claims were solved within a 6-day period provided you constantly follow up with GCash as well.

      1. i filed a dispute 24 hours later. that may have been a bad thing. but i reported to globe immediately and gave them the transaction ID number. they advised that there were system issues, i cannot validate if such is true or not. the agent advised that it will take 1-2 business days for the transfer to be completed, but now it’s the 3rd day, and no progress.

        when i contact gcash over the phone, i go through globe’s prepaid department, since gcash hotline is a joke, there’s not even an option there to get you connected to an agent.

  1. 6 days, 😦 It happened to me today. It’s really frustrating. So you did not call the Gcash hotline? I tried to call them EARLIER and the agent said they will notify me with in two days. Hopefully it will be resolved ASAP.

    1. I find the 2882 hotline to be pointless. I only have a prepaid number with Globe and dialling 2882 is cumbersome, I would only hear an automated voice message. In all disputes and claims, yes, 6 days. Make sure to follow up with them constantly, they do reply too.

  2. This is very helpful information because right now, I am at a loss. Thank you. Will pester the customer service of GCash if possible, their 2882 hotline is just impossible. I have note exceeded the limit. That I am sure. My funds just didn’t come. So, 6 days. We will see. This is the first day.

  3. It happened to my wife’s payroll. She exceeded the limit and yet the system continued charging PayPal.The system is fraudulent!!! All of their IT department should be fired! A simple fix to their app is all that is needed to prevent the problem from happening. That is check first if limit is reached before charging PayPal and yet they didnt do it!. Fraudulent since you say yours took days before getting your money back. What if you didn’t file a complaint? A good system should detect that immediately and process a reversal. If we don’t get our money back, we’re filing a complaint to Bangkok central.

    1. Update:

      We got our refund to our PayPal 36 hours after contacting GCash agents.

      Here is what we did.

      Calling 2882 is pretty much useless as we heard no option of talking to a GCash agent. We learned somewhere that there is an option for postpaid numbers to speak to them. We are prepaid users.

      We called Globe hotline and keyed in 0917-xxxxxxx (we just made up a number), followed the voice prompts and got hold of a Gcash agent. We then supplied our real mobile number.

      Adding to the frustration, the calls dropped everytime the agent puts us on hold whenever they tried to verify anything, leading us to repeat the process every time.

      On the 3rd time, we demanded not to put us on hold. Then agent confirmed that we went over the monthly limit of allowable cash-in at that time, and told us they’d file a report and will probably take 3 days to come up with a resolution. Not happy with that answer, we demanded to speak to her supervisor. Then the call dropped.

      Luckily, this agent realized her mistake, putting us on hold, gave us a call back and was with her supervisor. We gave the details and the PayPal transaction number. The supervisor told us they do get these complaints and usually refund the amount within 48 hours. After some assurance from him, we took the trouble ticket number and waited. After 36 hours, we checked our Paypal and there it was.

      We are just in a month of using GCash and just learned how primitive the system is. The lack of preventive mechanism in the Gcash app, the no option to speak to an agent in 2882, the dropped calls, up to them not knowing also how the limit is reached, we decided that whenever we cash-in huge amounts, its best to call them first using the above method to check how much amount can be accepted – a small inconvenience just to avoid this problem.

      We hope this would help others in dealing with them.

  4. I’m experiencing the same thing right now since it was my first time using gcash in withdrawing my money. In my first attempt, my husband withdraws 500pesos and the transaction went through. On the second attempt we cash in 2000 and on the third time it was 5000 and both transactions run smoothly. However, on our 5th attempt we tried to withdraw big amount which is 10k but unfortunately, the gcash never notified me on SMS. Also, nothing appears o my gcash. but when I check my Paypal, it shows that it was already completed. What shall I do? I’m really scared right now, that I might not get my money back. please help me. 😦

    1. You can contact them on Facebook and Twitter they have official accounts there, sometimes they reply quicker there than on emails. Do not worry about it as with PayPal it is guaranteed they have a record of it as well as GCash.

    1. You can report this to PayPal and email their support about it. It usually gets resolved within a week. The Globe centers won’t be able to help you with it. You can also email their GCash support, they respond quicker and can revert the money.

  5. I did a Cash-In earlier today 1130am and it never came through. Received the completed email form Paypal. I called GCash and they say that they will do a refund after 3 business days after review. So the guy/girl that I talked to said that it would be back in my Paypal by Wednesday the most.

    By the way, it only was 3 hours after I did the cash in and then I already called GCash.

    I wanted to investigate more so I decided to contact Paypal. I am able to call US numbers so I just tried calling Paypal, before that I checked the email from Paypal again and this time I saw Pending under Status (This is the payment has been sent email that you get after you cash in). On my Paypal Summary it says the transaction is completed, so it is really misleading.

    It turns out that the issue is with Paypal and it is like a security check and it should be done within 24-72 hours.

    It hasn’t been 24 hours yet and the weekend is coming, so hopefully it comes in on or before Sunday.

    ***My advise it to check the email that Paypal sends to see if it is the same issue as mine.

    This is my first time to have this kind of issue with Paypal and GCash. I have been with Paypal for 12 years and just a few months with GCash. I also use Eon.

    1. Thank you for your comment on it being a security check on PayPal’s end. Hopefully your funds will be reflected soonest. I have a pending issue with GCash right now regarding non-dispense problem in an overseas ATM machine.

    2. Hi Teddy. Was this issue resolved? I also had this issue regarding the email paypal has sent you after cashing in and I just got a SMS from GCash right now that at “PayPal declined the transaction” even if it went through

  6. This is what happened to me yesterday. Mainit init pa. I cashed in using Gcash app to transfer my funds from my paypal account. I got a “succecully transferred” screen on my Gcash after I made the transaction and also recieved an email notification from paypal that the payment is completed. But I checked the Gcash app, the fund didnt appear on my balance, and no text confirmation from Gcash.

    So I called 2882 and found out myself that it is really useless. I message them through fb messenger and they ask for transaction id, i gave the id from paypal history and they said they need the gcash transaction id, WTH, i already told them I didnt recieve an sms from gcash that contains the transaction id. This is the 2nd day and I’ll follow up this issue with Gcash.

    Can I ask, what number you called for gcash support? Thanks

  7. It looks like GCash is a terrible platform to link to Paypal, especially for refunds. On March 28th I got refunded through Paypal from an online transaction that did not go through and Paypal even gave me a confirmation that the refund was successful, but I am still not seeing the credit reflecting in my Gcash account. Been trying to email Gcash support but I’ve never gotten any response. I kept sending them messages in FB but not a single soul is responding to my inquiry.

    Should I abandon hope and accept that my hard earned money is no more?

    1. It does take longer sometimes for the money to be refunded. I recently had a refund issue and it took longer than promised but I got my money back.

  8. Encountered this today. Good thing im not alone. Got an SMS that PayPal declined the transaction even if it went through. I emailed, called gcash and filed a dispute at PayPal. Let’s see if I get a refund next month. *sigh*

  9. Hi! Is the process the same when a transfer from Paypal to Bank was denied?
    Should I file a Paypal Dispute Claim?

    Paypal email is:

    ACH Withdrawal Denied
    Invalid Bank Account Information

    Sorry if this is off topic.
    Thank you for any input you may share.
    God bless you.

  10. I encountered it today. My cash-in is $500. It happened 8:48am. I emailed, chat their fb and twitter accts and also filed a dispute at Paypal. I’ll also call them. Hopefully I get my refund. This is the first time that it happened to me, huhu.

      1. Hi, I’ve got some good news. I got my money back. Gcash refunded my money back to paypal, still in $. Paypal emailed me abt this. I filed for dispute in paypal, it is much faster than the usual process. I also contact Gcash via call and email last Jun 1 and they promised to refund the money in 3 working days. So, it was supposed to be on Jun 6 (Sat & Sun not counted accdg to them). They told me they will refund the converted Php which is around $25584 on Jun 6. So filing a dispute on paypal is more effective and they return the money today in $.

  11. I am experiencing the same issue right now. They keep saying monitor my account which I always do. I keep calling many times and even file a dispute to paypal. It is the third day today but seems no progress.

  12. Having the same issue. It happened when I transferred $250 from Paypal to my GCash account. It is really frustrating… why does it take 3-5 days before they can resolve the issue. What if in a scenario like you need to pay bills and buy med or something very important… you have to wait for five days? What a lousy service. Bagal na nga ng internet tapos mas mabagal pa ‘yong service sa support. Dami talaga glitch ng GCash app. You should fire your IT guys and find a more competent developers.

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