Cooking Dash Daily Goals Cheat Sheet

When you’ve completed most of the shows in Cooking Dash and just want to earn additional free gold in Daily Goals, it can be cumbersome to do trial and error to finish the required task. Not too long ago I’ve come up with a small cheat sheet for Cooking Dash Daily Goals. These are the most common tasks in Daily Goals that I have repeatedly accomplished. I saved myself the trouble of trial and error by listing some of them. Not a complete list but this will definitely help save you time and supplies. An IMPORTANT NOTE to remember, though, is a required number in a daily goal can sometimes only be achieved by using that particular show’s own VIP/Auto Chef as opposed to using either Cray Teaque or Richard Loco Moco. I would use either of the two especially if I have not purchased the show’s VIP/Auto Chef yet, which sometimes require I play the episode again in order to reach the daily goal.

Grilled Steak in Barnyard BBQ – S1E4

Corn on The Cob in Barnyard BBQ – S2E2

Blueberry Flapjacks in Country Fried Cabin – S2E4

Corned Beef Hash in Country Fried Cabin – S4E2

French Fries in Table Steaks – S3E12

Steak in Table Steaks – S1E6

Tuna Roll in Enso Sushi – S1E4

Yellowtail Roll in Enso Sushi – S1E6

Onion Blossom in Medieval Dines – S1E8; S2E12

Dragon Soup in Medieval Dines – S1E4

Vegan Tostada in Taco Train – S1E14

Steak Taco in Taco Train – S2E10

Banana Crepe in Cat Lady Crepes – S1E5 and S1E6

Grilled Salmon Filet in Cat Lady Crepes – S1E2 and S1E3

Chocolate-Dipped Beetle in Adventurous Eats – S1E14; S3E1

Kelp ‘n’ Tentacles Smoothie in Adventurous Eats – S1E3

Boiled Terror Bird Egg in Caveman Paleo – S4E4

Steamed Crab Legs in Pieces of Ate – S1E4

Grilled Bread in Metal Chef Italian – S3E14

Grilled Okra in Chew Orleans – S4E8; S1E15

Baked Catfish in Chew Orleans – S1E15

Oyster Rockefeller in Chew Orleans – S2E12

Chargrilled Oysters in Chew Orleans – S2E12

Garlic Fries in Out ‘n’ Inning – S1E9

Samosa in Feastival of Lights – S1E4 and S1E5

Naan in Feastival of Lights – S1E4 and S1E5

Trick Bag in Chateau Creep – S1E12

Treat Bag in Chateau Creep – S1E13

Pork Burrito in Taco Train – S1E10

Kraken Curry in Pieces of Ate – S1E15

Grilled Meatballs Marinara in Metal Chef Italian – S1E13

Caffe Mocha in Hip Stir Cafe – S4E4

Latte in Hip Stir Cafe – S4E15

Macchiato in Hip Stir Cafe – S4E7

Fried Plantains in Jamaican Me Hungry – S1E15; S4E6

Ackee Patty in Jamaican Me Hungry – S1E6

Goat Curry in Jamaican Me Hungry – S1E4

Boiled Green Banana in Jamaican Me Hungry – S2E1; S4E12

Braised Callaloo in Jamaican Me Hungry – S1E14

Escovitch Fish in Jamaican Me Hungry – S4E10

Mussels Paella in Tapas del Mar – S3E14; S2E11

Prawns a la Plancha in Tapas del Mar – S3E1

Beef Bulgogi in K-Pop Kitchen – S3E15; S4E15

Vanilla Dipped Waffle Cone in Sundae Fundae – S2E14; S2E10

Matzo Ball Soup in Big Belly Deli – S1E8


30 thoughts on “Cooking Dash Daily Goals Cheat Sheet

  1. The “French Fries in Table Steaks” suggestion (S3E12) only gives one order of french fries. I have checked S2E4 and S2E5, and they each give 3 orders. Other levels might give even more.

  2. My challenge today was prawns a ala plancha (grilled prawns) 6 times in tapas. The most I found so far was 5 times in Season 3, Episode 1

    1. I had to look into my notes again for Tapas del Mar as I finished all seasons but have not listed all recipes yet. Yes, that’s correct, per my notes. It was S3E1 Prawns a la Plancha was introduced.

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