Cooking Dash Daily Goals Cheat Sheet

1271403578_1361352966When you’ve completed most of the shows in Cooking Dash and just want to earn additional free gold in Daily Goals, it can be cumbersome to do trial and error to finish the required task. Not too long ago I’ve come up with a small cheat sheet for Cooking Dash Daily Goals. These are the most common tasks in Daily Goals that I have repeatedly accomplished. I saved myself the trouble of trial and error by listing some of them. Not a complete list but this will definitely help save you time and supplies. An IMPORTANT NOTE to remember, though, is a required number in a daily goal can sometimes only be achieved by using that particular show’s own VIP/Auto Chef as opposed to using either Cray Teaque or Richard Loco Moco. I would use either of the two especially if I have not purchased the show’s VIP/Auto Chef yet, which sometimes require I play the episode again in order to reach the daily goal.

As for the treasure hunt, sometimes the required amount for a recipe is over fifties and some required recipes are scarcely served in other episodes. I would keep playing that one best episode that serves 4 instead of having to play the second best episode that has 3. I always keep this post updated and I do appreciate the feedback as it helps me to refer back to my Excel file for the overall list. Click HERE if you prefer to view the list in alphabetical order.

Table Steaks

Steak in Table Steaks – S3E8, S3E14, S1E8, S1E9, S1E14, S3E6, S3E7, S3E10

Grilled Shrimp in Table Steaks – S3E8, S1E14, S1E11

Grilled Broccoli in Table Steaks – S3E9, S3E6

Coffee in Table Steaks – S3E15, S3E9, S3E14, S2E15, S3E10, S3E12, S2E14

Grilled Chicken in Table Steaks – S1E10, S1E11, S1E13, S2E11, S3E1, S3E5

Grilled Bell Pepper in Table Steaks – S1E12, S1E13, S1E15, S3E15

French Fries in Table Steaks – S3E8, S2E9, S2E14, S2E15, S3E13, S3E3

Chicken-Fried Steak in Table Steaks – S2E15, S3E7, S3E11, S2E7, S2E8, S3E12

Fried Shrimp in Table Steaks – S2E6, S2E12, S2E9, S3E9, S3E15

Gravy in Table Steaks – S3E14, S3E12, S3E7, S3E8, S3E13, S3E15

Fried Broccoli in Table Steaks – S3E10, S3E15, S2E10

Cheese Sauce in Table Steaks – S3E9, S3E13, S3E14, S3E11, S2E14, S3E3, S3E6, S3E8

Fried Bell Pepper in Table Steaks – S2E14, S2E15, S3E7, S2E13, S3E4, S3E8, S3E9, S3E13

Fried Chicken in Table Steaks – S3E12, S3E14, S3E2, S3E1, S3E3, S3E5, S3E10, S3E15

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Eats for Earth

Portobello Steak in Eats for Earth – S3E12, S3E1, S3E4, S3E14

Grilled Tofu Steak in Eats for Earth – S3E7, S1E9, S1E10, S3E8

Coffee in Eats for Earth – S3E14, S3E8, S3E15, S3E5, S3E6, S3E7, S3E10, S3E12

Grilled Kale Salad in Eats for Earth – S2E13, S2E12, S1E10, S1E14, S1E15

Grilled Tilapia in Eats for Earth – S1E13, S2E2, S2E6, S2E11

Grilled Tofu Skewers in Eats for Earth – S3E9, S1E15, S2E9, S2E14, S3E15

Sweet Potato Fries in Eats for Earth – S2E2, S2E3, S2E4, S3E13, S3E14, S3E15

Grilled Green Beans in Eats for Earth – S2E3, S2E7, S2E9, S2E6, S2E8

Tempura Green Beans in Eats for Earth – S3E15, S2E8, S2E5, S2E6, S3E10, S3E13

Fried Tilapia in Eats for Earth – S3E12, S3E11, S3E3, S3E10, S2E7, S2E8, S2E12

Gravy in Eats for Earth – S3E14, S2E8, S2E13, S3E5

Fried Mushroom Strips in Eats for Earth – S2E14, S2E10

Cheese Sauce in Eats for Earth – S2E13, S3E10, S3E14, S3E15, S2E15

Kale Chips in Eats for Earth – S3E1, S3E9, S3E15

Deep Fried Tofu in Eats for Earth – S3E4, S3E12, S3E5, S3E7, S3E8, S3E13

Candied Sweet Potato Medallions in Eats for Earth – S3E7, S3E9, S3E11, S3E14

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Party Fowl

Mashed Potatoes in Party Fowl – S3E15, S1E15, S2E10, S2E6, S2E7

Roasted Corn in Party Fowl – S2E5, S2E8, S2E15, S1E14, S3E8

Potatoes Au Gratin in Party Fowl – S2E12, S1E11, S2E7

Roasted Pumpkin in Party Fowl – S1E15, S1E10, S1E12, S1E8, S1E14

Coffee in Party Fowl – S3E12, S2E15, S3E7, S3E11, S3E13, S3E14

Creamed Corn in Party Fowl – S2E15, S2E12, S2E13, S1E11, S1E12

Cranberry Sauce in Party Fowl – S3E13, S2E2, S3E10, S3E12

Gravy in Party Fowl – S2E9, S2E10, S3E11, S2E7, S2E8

Whipped Butter in Party Fowl – S2E13, S2E15, S2E12, S2E14

Roasted Turkey in Party Fowl – S2E5, S2E9, S2E10, S3E12

Cranberry Fritter in Party Fowl – S2E5, S2E9, S3E15, S2E3

Dinner Rolls in Party Fowl – S2E6, S2E11, S2E5, S3E7

Country Potatoes in Party Fowl – S2E14, S2E13, S2E15

Pumpkin Soup in Party Fowl – S3E3, S3E4, S3E7, S2E11, S2E12

Deep Fried Turkey in Party Fowl – S2E13, S3E13, S2E14, S3E1

Cranberry Biscuits in Party Fowl – S3E14, S3E13, S3E11

Turkey Pot Pie in Party Fowl – S3E5, S3E7, S3E14

Pumpkin Pie in Party Fowl – S3E9, S3E10, S3E11

Corn Cakes in Party Fowl – S3E13, S3E15

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Taco Train

Pork Burrito in Taco Train – S2E9, S4E4, S2E12, S1E14, S3E9, S4E3, S1E10, S3E4, S1E12, S3E2, S3E8, S4E2, S4E5, S4E11, S4E15

Al Pastor in Taco Train – S1E13, S4E1, S4E10

Horchata in Taco Train – S3E12, S3E13, S4E14, S2E10, S3E9, S3E15, S4E5, S4E13, S2E4, S4E15, S4E11, S2E2

Pollo Asado in Taco Train – S1E8, S1E7, S4E13, S1E6, S1E11, S2E6, S4E12, S4E14, S4E15

Sour Cream in Taco Train – S2E5, S2E15, S4E14, S4E15, S1E15, S2E6, S3E3, S4E13, S3E15, S2E14

Queso Dip in Taco Train – S2E11, S2E12, S4E14, S4E11, S4E12, S4E13, S3E4, S3E13, S4E7, S4E9, S4E15

Grilled Beans in Taco Train – S3E14, S2E12, S3E12, S4E9, S4E13, S2E1, S3E1, S3E2, S3E10, S4E3, S4E6, S4E7, S4E12

Vegan Tostada in Taco Train – S2E7, S2E13, S2E8, S1E14, S2E15, S1E15, S1E13, S2E10, S2E9, S2E14, S3E1

Vegan Tostada with Sour Cream in Taco Train – S2E15, S3E1, S3E7

Chimichanga in Taco Train – S2E5, S2E6, S2E2, S2E13, S2E14, S2E1, S2E15, S3E3, S4E3, S4E2, S4E5

Guacamole in Taco Train – S2E13, S3E13, S3E14, S2E10, S3E10, S2E9, S2E7, S2E12, S3E9, S3E11, S4E8

Refried Beans in Taco Train – S2E4, S2E3, S4E10, S4E3, S4E15, S2E6, S4E1, S4E6, S4E7, S4E9, S4E11, S4E12, S4E14

Steak Taco in Taco Train – S4E8, S4E9, S3E4, S4E7, S2E14, S2E10, S4E6, S2E12, S2E15, S3E15, S2E11, S3E2, S4E10, S3E11, S3E13, S3E14

Cheese Nachos in Taco Train – S3E8, S3E3, S4E8, S4E10, S3E1, S3E2, S4E4, S3E10, S4E2, S4E9, S4E13, S4E15

Chicken Nachos in Taco Train – S3E13, S3E14, S3E12, S3E15, S3E5, S3E7, S3E9, S4E13, S3E6, S3E10, S3E8, S3E11, S4E12, S4E14, S4E11

Chicken Nachos with Guacamole in Taco Train – S3E13, S3E14, S3E9, S4E13

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Adventurous Eats

Chocolate-Dipped Beetle in Adventurous Eats – S3E1, S1E7, S2E12, S3E2, S3E3, S1E6, S1E9, S1E1, S1E3, S1E4, S1E13, S1E14, S3E4, S3E14

Kelp ‘n’ Tentacles Smoothie in Adventurous Eats – S2E15, S1E7, S3E2, S1E10, S1E14, S3E10, S3E9

Fried Beetle in Adventurous Eats – S1E4, S1E9, S2E14, S3E3

Fried Slug in Adventurous Eats – S1E5, S1E8, S1E10, S1E12, S2E14, S1E11, S1E15

Larvae Smoothie in Adventurous Eats – S3E3, S3E6, S3E11, S2E13, S1E9, S1E15, S3E15

Chocolate-Dipped Slug in Adventurous Eats – S3E12, S1E13, S2E11, S1E11, S1E14, S2E10

Fried Kelp ‘n’ Tentacles in Adventurous Eats – S3E15, S3E11, S3E7, S3E12, S2E6, S3E3, S3E4, S3E5, S3E14, S2E7, S2E14, S1E15, S3E8, S3E9, S1E15

Fried Scorpion in Adventurous Eats – S2E9, S2E1, S2E3, S3E3, S3E7

Fried Larvae in Adventurous Eats – S3E8, S3E13, S3E14, S3E4, S3E6, S2E5, S3E11, S3E2, S3E10, S2E2, S2E12, S2E4, S2E13, S3E3, S3E12, S2E7, S2E10, S2E11, S3E9

Ketchup in Adventurous Eats – S3E8, S2E7, S3E11, S3E13

Candied Slug in Adventurous Eats – S3E14, S2E13, S3E15

Candied Beetle in Adventurous Eats – S2E8, S3E2, S2E15, S3E6, S3E12

Candied Scorpion in Adventurous Eats – S2E9, S3E10, S3E13

Chocolate-Dipped Scorpion in Adventurous Eats – S3E9, S2E10, S3E11, S2E15

Whipped Cream in Adventurous Eats – S3E11, S3E14, S3E10, S3E15, S3E6, S3E1

Fried Brain in Adventurous Eats – S3E4, S3E5

Chocolate-Dipped Brain in Adventurous Eats – S3E6, S3E5, S3E10, S3E7, S3E13

Candied Brain in Adventurous Eats – S3E11, S3E8, S3E13

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Metal Chef Italian

Grilled Meatballs Marinara in Metal Chef Italian – S1E5, S1E11, S2E11, S3E10, S2E6, S2E15

Spaghetti and Meatballs in Metal Chef Italian – S1E14, S1E15, S1E12

Italian Soda in Metal Chef Italian – S3E13, S3E12, S3E14

Grilled Spaghetti and Shrimp Marinara in Metal Chef Italian – S3E4, S3E2, S3E3

Sausage Lasagna Marinara in Metal Chef Italian – S1E15, S3E6, S2E7

Parmesan in Metal Chef Italian – S3E10, S3E15, S3E4, S3E5, S3E11

Cheesy Bread in Metal Chef Italian – S2E15, S2E12, S2E14, S1E10, S2E13

Grilled Bread in Metal Chef Italian – S2E4, S3E13, S3E14, S2E5, S2E11, S3E12

Salad in Metal Chef Italian – S2E6, S2E7, S2E8, S2E11

Beef Lasagna Marinara in Metal Chef Italian – S3E15, S3E14

Spaghetti and Meatballs Alfredo in Metal Chef Italian – S2E12, S2E11, S2E13, S3E6, S3E8

Sausage Lasagna Alfredo in Metal Chef Italian – S2E8, S3E8, S3E9

Baked Sausage Fettucine in Metal Chef Italian – S2E7, S2E6, S2E9, S3E12

Beef Lasagna Alfredo in Metal Chef Italian – S2E14, S2E13, S3E7, S3E8

Tuscan Salad in Metal Chef Italian – S3E9, S3E7, S3E1, S3E5, S3E11

Baked Bruschetta in Metal Chef Italian – S3E10, S3E13, S3E5, S3E14

Caesar Salad in Metal Chef Italian – S3E6, S3E9, S3E8, S3E14, S3E15

Tuscan Shrimp Spaghetti in Metal Chef Italian – S3E7, S3E8, S3E11, S3E12

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Cutie Cakes

Vanilla Cake with Chocolate Icing in Cutie Cakes – S3E5, S2E6, S3E4, S3E3, S4E14

Milk in Cutie Cakes – S4E8, S3E8, S1E10, S1E15, S3E9, S4E12

Vanilla Cake with White Icing in Cutie Cakes – S3E3, S3E2, S3E4, S1E4, S1E3, S1E15, S4E8, S4E9, S4E10

Chocolate Cake with White Icing in Cutie Cakes – S3E7, S4E8, S1E8, S1E6, S1E7, S1E15

Cupcake in Cutie Cakes – S3E14, S4E15, S4E12, S2E9, S2E13, S3E8, S3E12

Strawberry Cake with White Icing in Cutie Cakes – S1E13, S3E14, S1E12, S1E14, S2E6, S1E11, S3E12, S3E13, S3E15, S1E15, S3E11

Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Icing in Cutie Cakes – S3E9, S3E8, S3E7, S2E7, S3E6, S4E7

Cookie Topping in Cutie Cakes – S3E8, S3E14, S3E2, S3E3, S3E13, S2E6, S2E7

Chocolate Milk in Cutie Cakes – S1E14, S2E6, S3E9, S2E7, S4E14

Cake Pop in Cutie Cakes – S2E15, S3E11, S4E8, S3E10, S3E15, S2E8, S4E13

Old Fashioned Apple Pie in Cutie Cakes – S2E3, S2E4, S2E2, S4E5

Vanilla Shake in Cutie Cakes – S2E2, S4E13, S2E7, S3E3, S4E11, S4E12

Old Fashioned Blueberry Pie in Cutie Cakes – S2E3, S3E7

Old Fashioned Cherry Pie in Cutie Cakes – S4E14, S4E12, S4E11, S4E13, S2E11, S2E13

Chocolate Shake in Cutie Cakes – S2E15, S2E8, S2E14, S4E5, S4E11, S3E12, S3E15

Heart Crusted Apple Pie in Cutie Cakes – S4E3, S4E2, S2E11, S3E4, S4E10

Strawberry Cake with Chocolate Icing and Cookie Topping in Cutie Cakes – S3E13, S3E15, S3E12, S3E6, S4E7

Strawberry Cake with Chocolate Icing in Cutie Cakes – S3E13, S3E12, S3E15, S2E8, S2E10, S3E10

Heart Crusted Blueberry Pie in Cutie Cakes – S2E8, S4E12

Heart Crusted Cherry Pie in Cutie Cakes – S4E13, S2E13, S2E15, S4E15, S2E12

Whipped Cream in Cutie Cakes – S4E7, S4E14, S2E12, S3E2, S3E12

Ice Cream in Cutie Cakes – S4E14, S4E5, S4E12

Flower Topping in Cutie Cakes – S4E9, S3E4, S3E14, S3E7, S3E11, S4E11, S4E8

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Dreamy Delights

Milk Chocolate Strawberry with White Icing in Dreamy Delights – S2E6, S4E12, S1E15

Espresso Dark Chocolate Truffle with White Icing in Dreamy Delights – S1E8, S1E10, S1E12

Cupcake in Dreamy Delights – S3E6, S4E10, S3E8, S4E9

Milk in Dreamy Delights – S4E11, S1E13, S1E14

Cake Pop in Dreamy Delights – S4E8, S4E14

Black Cherry Milk Chocolate Truffle with White Icing in Dreamy Delights – S1E8, S1E10, S2E12, S4E10, S4E12, S4E13

Espresso White Chocolate Truffle with Pink Icing in Dreamy Delights – S1E15, S3E11, S2E6, S2E14, S3E13, S4E5

Red Rose in Dreamy Delights – S4E12, S4E8, S2E6, S2E10

Black Cherry Dark Chocolate Truffle with Pink Icing in Dreamy Delights – S2E15, S1E12, S1E14

Classic Cheesecake with Heart Topper in Dreamy Delights – S2E1, S2E8, S2E4, S4E14, S4E5

Whipped Cream in Dreamy Delights – S3E11, S4E13, S3E3, S3E7, S3E8, S3E13

Chocolate Milk in Dreamy Delights – S3E14, S4E10, S4E12, S4E15, S2E5, S2E14, S3E13

Ice Cream in Dreamy Delights – S4E12, S3E14, S3E15

Strawberry Milkshake in Dreamy Delights – S3E8, S2E5, S4E1, S4E2, S4E15

Candy Heart in Dreamy Delights – S3E14, S3E12, S2E15, S3E15, S2E14

Espresso Cheesecake with Swirl Topper in Dreamy Delights – S2E9, S2E13, S3E10

Black Cherry Milkshake in Dreamy Delights – S4E7, S4E8, S4E13, S2E15, S4E11

Strawberry Cheesecake with Swirl Topper in Dreamy Delights – S2E13, S3E7, S4E2

Milk Chocolate Bon Bon with White Icing in Dreamy Delights – S3E1, S3E2, S3E3, S4E14, S3E11

Espresso Cheesecake with Heart Topper in Dreamy Delights – S3E4, S3E9, S3E14, S4E11

Black Cherry Cheesecake with Heart Topper in Dreamy Delights – S3E7, S4E10

Espresso Milkshake in Dreamy Delights – S3E9, S3E13, S4E12, S4E6, S4E14

White Chocolate Strawberry with Pink Icing in Dreamy Delights – S3E12, S4E4, S4E15

Strawberry Cheesecake with Heart Topper in Dreamy Delights – S4E1, S4E2

White Chocolate Bon Bon with Pink Icing in Dreamy Delights – S4E4, S4E6, S4E9, S4E13

Black Cherry Cheesecake with Swirl Topper in Dreamy Delights – S4E11, S4E7, S4E8

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VIP Valhalla

Baked Ahi in VIP Valhalla – S2E11, S2E14, S4E6, S2E12, S2E13

Sparkling Water in VIP Valhalla – S2E2, S4E15, S2E3, S2E5, S4E7

Grilled Lobster in VIP Valhalla – S3E9, S1E11, S1E13, S2E8, S3E8, S3E10

Caviar Crackers in VIP Valhalla – S2E4, S2E14, S1E7, S1E9, S1E11, S1E14, S3E15, S4E12, S4E13, S4E15

Braised Pesto Lobster in VIP Valhalla – S3E6, S3E7, S3E8, S4E10, S3E15

Baked Chard in VIP Valhalla – S1E15, S1E10, S1E8, S1E11, S1E13

Grilled Ahi in VIP Valhalla – S2E12, S4E12, S2E13, S1E9, S1E11, S1E12

Saffron Shrimp in VIP Valhalla – S1E12, S2E2, S2E3, S2E5, S2E13, S3E14, S4E4, S4E5, S4E10

Baked Beet in VIP Valhalla – S1E12, S2E8, S1E15, S1E14, S2E7

Baked Lobster in VIP Valhalla – S2E12, S3E9, S3E8, S3E14, S1E14

Truffle Croquette in VIP Valhalla – S4E10, S1E15, S2E11, S4E13

Grilled Filet in VIP Valhalla – S2E4, S2E3, S2E2, S2E5

Chard Salad in Balsamic Dressing in VIP Valhalla – S2E3, S3E15, S2E4, S3E13, S3E14, S4E4, S4E15, S2E6, S2E13

Grilled Beet in VIP Valhalla – S2E, S2E7, S4E6, S4E9, S2E6, S2E8, S4E8

Fig Tartlet in VIP Valhalla – S3E13, S4E8, S4E11, S2E6, S3E7, S4E5, S4E9, S4E10

Braised Balsamic Filet in VIP Valhalla – S2E7, S2E11, S3E10, S3E15, S4E5

Chicha in VIP Valhalla – S3E2, S2E8, S3E12, S3E15, S4E3, S4E4, S4E9

Grilled Chard in VIP Valhalla – S3E13, S3E14, S2E9, S4E12, S4E5

Grilled Chard in Pesto Sauce in VIP Valhalla – S2E11, S2E10, S2E15, S3E8, S3E15, S4E12, S3E13, S4E14

Flowers in VIP Valhalla – S4E8, S4E10, S4E15, S3E7, S3E9, S3E15, S2E12, S2E15

Braised Balsamic Ahi in VIP Valhalla – S2E13, S2E15, S4E15, S4E13, S4E14

Baked Kumquat in VIP Valhalla – S3E1, S3E2, S3E3, S3E4, S3E5

Watercress Scallops in VIP Valhalla – S4E6, S3E2, S3E3, S3E6, S3E7, S4E9, S4E11, S4E13

Fruit Freeze in VIP Valhalla – S3E13, S3E3, S4E5, S4E14, S3E11, S3E14, S4E12

Goldleaf in VIP Valhalla – S4E10, S4E12, S3E7, S4E4, S4E7

Braised Pesto Ahi in VIP Valhalla – S4E13, S3E11, S3E13, S4E7, S4E12

Grilled Kumquat in VIP Valhalla – S4E3, S4E13, S3E9

Braised Pesto Filet in VIP Valhalla – S4E4, S4E3, S4E5, S3E12, S3E13

Braised Balsamic Lobster in VIP Valhalla – S4E1

Superbrella Fizz in VIP Valhalla – S4E2, S4E12, S4E4, S4E14

Octopus Bisque in VIP Valhalla – S4E3, S4E11

Balsamic Glazed Roasted Beets in VIP Valhalla – S4E10, S4E5, S4E9, S4E12

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Valhalla After Hours

Steamed Hop Shoots in Valhalla After Hours – S2E14, S2E15, S1E11, S1E15, S1E13, S3E2, S3E6, S4E13

Roasted Rhubarb in Valhalla After Hours – S1E14, S1E8, S3E15, S3E13, S1E12, S1E7, S2E5, S2E14, S4E1

Sparkling Water in Valhalla After Hours – S2E15, S1E11, S1E14, S4E8, S4E13, S1E6, S1E15, S3E4, S3E11, S3E14

Half Shell Oysters in Valhalla After Hours – S3E3, S4E15, S1E6, S1E12, S3E5, S4E14

Seared Scallops in Valhalla After Hours – S1E8, S1E6, S1E11, S2E7, S1E5, S1E7, S1E9, S1E12, S1E14, S2E9

Beef Carpaccio in Valhalla After Hours – S1E7, S2E9, S2E10, S2E5

Sauteed Hop Shoots in Valhalla After Hours – S1E12, S4E11, S1E11, S2E10, S4E7, S1E15, S2E15, S3E8, S4E15

Baked Scallops in Valhalla After Hours – S1E15, S1E10, S1E11, S1E13, S1E14, S2E3, S2E9, S2E15, S3E3

Roasted Hop Shoots in Valhalla After Hours – S1E13, S2E12, S3E9, S2E8, S4E9, S4E12, S3E15, S4E15

Grilled Short Ribs in Valhalla After Hours – S2E1, S2E13, S2E10, S2E11, S4E12, S2E2, S2E3, S2E12, S4E11

Chicha in Valhalla After Hours – S2E15, S4E10, S2E14, S3E15, S4E15, S2E7, S2E13, S3E7, S3E11, S3E12, S4E5, S4E7, S4E12, S4E14

Sea Urchin Shooters in Valhalla After Hours – S2E5, S2E14, S3E14, S2E4, S2E13, S4E9, S4E15

Sticky Toffee Pudding in Valhalla After Hours – S4E13, S3E12, S3E13, S4E11

Scallops Bechamel in Valhalla After Hours – S2E8, S2E9, S4E7, S2E11, S2E15, S3E7, S4E15, S3E6, S4E4

Braised Short Ribs in Valhalla After Hours – S2E12, S4E14, S2E10, S2E11, S2E15

Peruvian Ceviche in Valhalla After Hours – S2E15, S4E10, S2E12, S2E13, S4E11

Sea Urchin Mousse in Valhalla After Hours – S2E14, S2E13, S4E10, S4E12, S3E5, S3E10, S4E11, S3E9, S4E8, S4E14

Seared Foie Gras in Valhalla After Hours – S3E15, S4E15, S3E1, S3E4, S3E5, S3E10, S3E14, S4E5, S4E14

Edible Flowers in Valhalla After Hours – S4E8, S3E15, S4E14, S4E7, S4E10, S4E11, S3E11, S3E4, S3E6

Fruit Freeze in Valhalla After Hours – S3E9, S3E11, S3E13, S4E6, S4E14, S3E5, S3E15, S4E8, S4E15

Rhubarb Jelly in Valhalla After Hours – S3E4, S3E5, S4E12, S3E3, S4E2, S4E9, S4E14, S3E6, S3E7, S3E9, S3E14

Gold Leaf in Valhalla After Hours – S4E10, S4E11, S4E14, S4E13, S3E15, S4E5, S4E15, S3E6, S3E10, S3E12

Sea Urchin Gratin in Valhalla After Hours – S4E8, S3E6, S3E7, S3E8, S3E10, S3E13, S3E15, S4E3

Truffled Deviled Eggs in Valhalla After Hours – S3E8, S3E10, S4E12

Rhubarb Tarte Tatin in Valhalla After Hours – S3E10, S3E15, S3E12, S4E7, S4E13, S4E14, S3E13, S3E14

Terrine de Foie Gras in Valhalla After Hours – S3E12, S3E13, S3E14, S4E6, S4E14

Beef en Gelee in Valhalla After Hours – S4E12, S4E2, S4E10, S4E11, S4E1, S4E5, S4E9, S4E13

Superbrella Fizz in Valhalla After Hours – S4E9, S4E3, S4E12

Escargot in Valhalla After Hours – S4E2, S4E4, S4E6, S4E12

Roasted Hop Shoots with Bechamel in Valhalla After Hours – S4E8, S4E3, S4E14

Foie Gras Ganache in Valhalla After Hours – S4E5, S4E12, S4E10, S4E11

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Enso Sushi

Tuna Roll in Enso Sushi – S1E4, S1E9, S2E2, S2E6, S2E13, S1E3, S1E8, S3E4, S3E14

Green Tea in Enso Sushi – S3E11, S2E13, S3E7, S3E14, S1E14, S2E6, S3E8, S3E12

Tuna Nigiri in Enso Sushi – S3E13, S3E12

Soy Sauce in Enso Sushi – S3E15, S2E6, S3E11, S3E10, S1E15, S1E9

Wasabi in Enso Sushi – S3E9, S2E5, S2E15, S3E10, S3E13

Yellowtail Roll in Enso Sushi – S1E7, S1E6, S1E15, S2E10, S2E3, S2E4, S3E2, S3E8

Edamame in Enso Sushi – S1E15, S2E2, S2E4, S3E15

Yellowtail Nigiri in Enso Sushi – S2E6, S2E15, S1E8, S2E11, S3E9

Yellowtail Temaki in Enso Sushi – S2E7, S2E11, S1E10, S2E3, S3E10

Tuna Temaki in Enso Sushi – S2E5, S3E11, S1E13, S2E4, S2E11, S3E7, S3E10

Miso Soup in Enso Sushi – S2E2, S2E5, S2E10, S2E13, S1E13, S1E15, S3E10, S3E15

Eel Nigiri in Enso Sushi – S3E8, S3E7, S2E14, S1E14, S2E7

Shrimp Tempura in Enso Sushi – S2E3, S2E1

Shrimp Nigiri in Enso Sushi – S2E3, S2E2, S2E4, S3E11, S3E2

Caterpillar Roll in Enso Sushi – S2E4, S2E6, S2E12, S2E8, S2E14, S3E6, S3E12

Eel Tempura in Enso Sushi – S3E10, S2E10, S2E9, S3E9

Seaweed Salad in Enso Sushi – S2E8, S2E6, S2E7, S3E2, S3E9

Shrimp Roll in Enso Sushi – S2E9, S2E8, S3E13

Squid Nigiri in Enso Sushi – S2E12, S3E2, S3E5, S2E10, S3E3, S3E4

Squid Tempura in Enso Sushi – S3E14, S2E11, S3E13

Eel Temaki in Enso Sushi – S3E1, S2E12, S3E9, S3E14

Squid Temaki in Enso Sushi – S2E15, S3E9, S3E11, S2E14

Dragon Roll in Enso Sushi – S3E13, S3E1, S3E3, S3E7, S3E14

Cherry Blossom Roll in Enso Sushi – S3E6, S3E12, S3E15

10,0001 Leagues Roll in Enso Sushi – S3E4, S3E5

Mango Tango Roll in Enso Sushi – S3E7, S3E8

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Out ‘N’ Inning

Hot Dog in Out ‘N’ Inning – S3E3, S2E5, S3E4

Cola in Out ‘N’ Inning – S4E15, S2E5, S3E5, S3E8

Sliders in Out ‘N’ Inning – S2E9, S4E10, S2E10, S4E8, S4E15, S3E7

Ketchup and Mustard in Out ‘N’ Inning – S3E15, S3E13, S3E9, S4E15, S4E9, S4E14

Cinnamon Swirl in Out ‘N’ Inning – S4E13, S3E14, S3E11, S3E13

French Fries in Out ‘N’ Inning – S1E7, S3E8, S3E13, S2E11, S2E12, S3E9, S3E10, S4E6, S2E6, S2E15

Popcorn in Out ‘N’ Inning – S3E2, S4E11, S4E14, S2E8, S3E4, S4E12, S4E13, S4E15

Garlic Fries in Out ‘N’ Inning – S1E9, S2E15, S1E8, S2E7, S3E2, S3E7, S3E9, S4E10, S4E12

Cup of Chocolate Ice Cream in Out ‘N’ Inning – S1E13, S2E4, S1E12, S1E14, S2E5, S3E13, S3E14, S1E11, S3E11, S4E15, S2E7, S2E12

Cheeseburger in Out ‘N’ Inning – S2E7, S2E8, S2E6, S4E6, S4E7, S4E8

Basic Nachos in Out ‘N’ Inning – S2E3, S2E2, S2E1, S2E4, S2E5, S4E3, S1E15, S3E12, S4E1

Churro in Out ‘N’ Inning – S2E4, S2E10, S3E7, S3E13, S4E13

Double-Chocolate Sundae in Out ‘N’ Inning – S3E12, S2E3, S1E15, S3E11, S3E14

Corn Dog in Out ‘N’ Inning – S3E15, S3E5, S2E6, S3E2, S3E9, S3E10

Taco Salad in Out ‘N’ Inning – S2E3, S2E4, S2E5, S2E6, S2E12, S4E3, S4E5, S4E10, S3E7

Caramel Popcorn in Out ‘N’ Inning – S4E14, S2E7, S2E8

Chili-Cheese Fries in Out ‘N’ Inning – S3E8, S4E14, S2E13, S3E7, S3E10, S3E12, S3E14, S4E13

Vanilla Ice Cream Cone in Out ‘N’ Inning – S2E13, S2E11, S2E12, S2E14, S4E14, S4E11, S4E13

Pretzel in Out ‘N’ Inning – S4E15, S2E9, S2E14, S3E13, S3E15, S4E12

Brew in Out ‘N’ Inning – S3E14, S3E15, S3E11, S4E14, S2E15, S2E13

Filthy Slider in Out ‘N’ Inning – S4E9, S3E8, S4E8, S3E12, S4E7, S4E10

Vanilla Ice Cream with Caramel Syrup in Out ‘N’ Inning – S2E15, S4E12, S4E15, S3E7

Caramel Chocolate Sundae with Cherry in Out ‘N’ Inning – S3E14, S3E15, S3E13

Triples Alley Nachos in Out ‘N’ Inning – S3E15, S4E2, S4E4

Vanilla Chocolate Sundae with Cherry in Out ‘N’ Inning – S4E14, S4E13, S3E10, S3E13, S4E1, S4E12

Pretzel with Cheese in Out ‘N’ Inning – S3E11, S4E15, S3E13, S4E6, S4E13

Chocolate-Covered Churro in Out ‘N’ Inning – S3E14, S4E7

Home Run Dog in Out ‘N’ Inning – S4E13, S4E2

Fried Caramel Vanilla Ice Cream with Cherry in Out ‘N’ Inning – S4E13, S4E12, S4E14

Fried Double-Chocolate Ice Cream with Cherry in Out ‘N’ Inning – S4E13

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Barnyard BBQ

Grilled Steak in Barnyard BBQ – S3E6, S2E11, S1E4, S1E14, S1E15

Sweet Tea in Barnyard BBQ – S3E12, S3E11, S3E14, S2E6, S2E14

Grilled Whole Turkey in Barnyard BBQ – S1E12, S2E7, S3E4, S3E5, S3E6, S3E11, S3E15

Coleslaw in Barnyard BBQ – S2E11, S2E7, S2E6, S2E10, S3E5, S3E8, S1E15, S1E13

Roll in Barnyard BBQ – S2E15, S3E12, S3E8, S3E11, S3E15

Grilled Ribrack in Barnyard BBQ – S1E8, S1E7

BBQ in Barnyard BBQ – S3E11, S3E9, S3E13, S3E7, S1E15

Grilled Ribs in Barnyard BBQ – S1E14, S1E10, S1E12, S1E13, S2E7, S2E13, S3E8, S3E14

Grilled Turkey Pieces in Barnyard BBQ – S1E15, S3E5, S2E14

Corn on the Cob in Barnyard BBQ – S1E14, S3E15, S3E8, S2E1, S2E2, S2E5, S3E13

Smoked Turkey in Barnyard BBQ – S2E1, S2E3, S2E4, S2E9, S3E2, S3E4

Smoked Beans in Barnyard BBQ – S2E2, S3E12, S2E12, S2E3, S2E5, S2E6, S2E7, S2E8

Smoked Rack o’ Ribs in Barnyard BBQ – S2E5, S2E4, S3E13

Spicy Smoked Steak in Barnyard BBQ – S2E8, S3E8, S2E7, S2E9, S3E7

Spicy Smoked Beans in Barnyard BBQ – S2E13, S2E10, S3E11, S3E14, S3E12, S3E14

Smoked Garlic Turkey in Barnyard BBQ – S3E12, S2E12, S2E13, S3E14, S3E2, S3E4

Spicy Smoked Pork Ribs in Barnyard BBQ – S2E15, S2E14

Spicy Slaw in Barnyard BBQ – S3E10, S3E1, S3E13

Spicy Corn on the Cob in Barnyard BBQ – S3E3, S3E9

Creamed Corn in Barnyard BBQ – S3E5, S3E12, S3E14

London Broil in Barnyard BBQ – S3E7, S3E8, S3E9, S3E14, S3E15

Pulled Pork in Barnyard BBQ – S3E9, S3E10, S3E12

Shredded Brisket in Barnyard BBQ – S3E11

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Cookie’s Cookout

Grilled Peaches in Cookie’s Cookout – S1E15, S2E8, S2E10, S1E10, S3E15

Grilled Mushroom in Cookie’s Cookout – S2E15, S1E8, S3E3, S3E10, S3E11, S1E7, S1E9

BBQ Sauce in Cookie’s Cookout – S2E14, S3E9, S3E11

Sweet Tea in Cookie’s Cookout – S3E12, S3E13, S3E14, S2E14

Buttered Grilled Trout in Cookie’s Cookout – S3E2, S1E6, S1E11, S1E15, S2E2, S2E4, S2E5, S2E6, S2E7, S2E12, S2E15

Roll in Cookie’s Cookout – S3E15, S3E6, S3E12, S3E14, S1E14, S1E15, S2E7, S2E15

Buttered Pork Chops in Cookie’s Cookout – S1E14, S1E13, S1E12, S3E12, S3E13, S3E14, S3E15, S2E7

Fresh Peach Slices in Cookie’s Cookout – S2E14, S3E13, S1E13

Mushroom Kebabs in Cookie’s Cookout – S2E14, S3E5, S3E11, S2E13, S3E12, S3E8, S3E10, S3E15, S1E12

Spicy Smoked Trout in Cookie’s Cookout – S2E2, S2E3, S3E1

Buttered Smoked Mushrooms in Cookie’s Cookout – S3E4, S2E3, S3E11, S3E12, S2E12, S2E14, S3E3, S3E5

Spicy Grilled Pork in Cookie’s Cookout – S2E14, S2E5, S3E11, S3E13, S3E12, S3E15

Buffalo Wings in Cookie’s Cookout – S2E11, S2E14, S2E7, S2E12, S2E13, S2E15, S3E10, S3E12

Trout Jerky in Cookie’s Cookout – S2E10, S2E9

Fish Kebabs in Cookie’s Cookout – S2E14, S2E15

Spiced Peach Slices in Cookie’s Cookout – S3E2, S3E1, S3E13, S3E14

Buttered Grilled Lobster in Cookie’s Cookout – S3E4, S3E5, S3E3, S3E6, S3E7, S3E8, S3E14

Pulled Pork in Cookie’s Cookout – S3E6, S3E7, S3E13, S3E14

Smoked Grilled Chicken Wings in Cookie’s Cookout – S3E9, S3E8, S3E13

Smoked Lobster in Cookie’s Cookout – S3E10, S3E15

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Caveman Paleo

Fire Roasted Fish Fillet in Caveman Paleo – S1E12, S1E2, S1E4, S1E5, S2E12, S3E9, S3E13, S4E9, S4E15

Paleo Punch in Caveman Paleo – S3E15, S4E8, S4E9, S2E6, S3E9

Pork Roast in Caveman Paleo – S1E9, S2E5, S1E6, S1E8

Lemon Garnish in Caveman Paleo – S4E13, S2E4, S2E5, S2E7, S3E10, S4E12, S4E14

Radish Garnish in Caveman Paleo – S4E12, S4E14, S4E15, S4E13

Pork Skewers in Caveman Paleo – S4E5, S1E7, S4E4, S1E10, S1E11, S2E12, S3E6

Baked Trout in Caveman Paleo – S1E13, S3E12

Fire Roasted Tomato in Caveman Paleo – S3E4, S3E3, S3E8, S3E9, S3E14, S4E4

Fish and Tomato Skewers in Caveman Paleo – S3E14, S1E10, S3E13, S3E12

Durian Pork in Caveman Paleo – S1E14, S2E4, S2E6, S2E14

Fire Roasted Quail in Caveman Paleo – S1E12, S2E6, S2E14, S3E7, S4E10, S4E11

Berry Stuffed Quail in Caveman Paleo – S2E7, S2E8, S2E9, S2E3, S2E6

Roasted Carrots in Caveman Paleo – S2E3, S4E13, S2E4, S4E14, S2E2, S2E5, S2E11, S4E12, S4E15, S2E1, S2E15, S3E8, S3E14

Boiled Terror Bird Egg in Caveman Paleo – S2E11, S2E5, S2E6, S2E9, S3E12

Tomato and Roasted Eggplant Skewer in Caveman Paleo – S2E7, S2E9, S4E2

Quail Stew in Caveman Paleo – S2E10, S2E9, S2E13

Boiled Clams in Caveman Paleo – S3E8, S3E9, S2E13, S3E7, S3E10

Tomato and Mushroom Skewer in Caveman Paleo – S3E15, S2E13, S3E14, S4E8, S4E13

Boiled Yellow Terror Bird Egg in Caveman Paleo – S2E12, S2E14, S3E11

Stewed Carrots in Caveman Paleo – S4E13, S2E15, S3E15, S4E12, S3E2

Baked Open-Faced Clam with Tomato in Caveman Paleo – S3E8, S3E7, S3E9, S3E13

Boiled Red Terror Bird Egg in Caveman Paleo – S3E6, S4E7, S4E12

Pork and Eggs in Caveman Paleo – S4E3, S3E6, S3E10, S3E11, S3E14

Boiled Purple Terror Bird Egg in Caveman Paleo – S3E11, S3E9, S3E14 2 – S4E4, S4E5, S4E7, S4E11, S4E14

Quail and Eggplant Stew in Caveman Paleo – S3E14, S4E4, S4E6, S4E8, S4E12

Carrot Souffle in Caveman Paleo – S4E13, S4E12

Mushroom Stuffed Baked Clams in Caveman Paleo – S4E10

Trout and Mushroom Stew in Caveman Paleo – S4E15

Quail and Berry Stew in Caveman Paleo – S4E5, S4E15

Quail and Durian Stew in Caveman Paleo – S4E9

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Wonderland Delights

Strawberry Jam in Wonderland Delights – S1E2, S3E14

Strawberry Tea in Wonderland Delights – S3E8, S2E3, S2E13, S3E6, S3E9, S4E14, S1E15, S2E4, S2E14, S2E15, S3E10

Strawberry Chocolate Nibble of Hearts in Wonderland Delights – S2E2, S2E5, S1E3, S1E4, S1E6, S1E8, S1E14, S2E3, S2E15, S4E11

Milk Flower in Wonderland Delights – S3E15, S2E5, S2E6, S3E13, S1E14, S3E8

Strawberry Chocolate Nibble of Diamonds in Wonderland Delights – S2E6, S2E8, S1E5, S1E10, S2E4, S3E10, S4E5, S4E9

Blueberry Jam in Wonderland Delights – S1E12, S1E7, S1E8, S1E10, S1E13, S3E12, S4E2, S4E15

Blueberry Tea in Wonderland Delights – S1E14, S3E12, S1E15, S2E2, S3E11

Cream Cheese Crackers with Blueberry Jam in Wonderland Delights – S1E12, S3E12, S1E11

Cookie in Wonderland Delights – S1E15, S3E15, S3E7, S4E11, S1E14, S3E8, S3E12

Cream Cheese Crackers with Strawberry Jam in Wonderland Delights – S1E11, S1E15, S3E7, S3E9, S3E14, S4E6

Blueberry Vanilla Cakelet of Spades in Wonderland Delights – S2E5, S2E8, S2E3, S2E4, S2E7

Blueberry Vanilla Cakelet of Clubs in Wonderland Delights – S1E14, S1E13, S3E15

Salami and Cream Cheese Crackers in Wonderland Delights – S2E1, S4E2, S2E5, S4E5, S2E2, S2E4, S4E3

Salmon and Cream Cheese Crackers in Wonderland Delights – S2E13, S2E3, S2E11, S2E12, S2E14, S2E15, S4E7

Mushroom in Wonderland Delights – S3E8, S4E2, S3E10, S4E3, S4E8, S4E12, S4E15

Lemon Tea in Wonderland Delights – S2E7, S2E8, S2E5, S2E12, S3E14, S2E6, S2E9, S4E9

Lemon Jam in Wonderland Delights – S2E6, S2E7, S3E7, S3E13, S4E7

Cream Cheese Crackers with Lemon Jam in Wonderland Delights – S2E7, S4E6, S3E5, S3E6, S4E10, S4E15

Lemon Chocolate Petit Four of Hearts in Wonderland Delights – S2E9, S2E11, S3E4, S4E8

Lemon Chocolate Petit Four of Diamonds in Wonderland Delights – S2E10, S2E12, S2E13

Strawberry Vanilla Nibble of Spades in Wonderland Delights – S2E14, S2E12, S2E15, S3E7, S3E11, S3E13, S4E5, S4E8

Strawberry Vanilla Nibble of Clubs in Wonderland Delights – S3E7, S3E9, S2E13, S2E14, S2E15, S3E10, S3E12

Cucumber Tea in Wonderland Delights – S3E3, S3E10, S4E1, S4E8

Cucumber and Cream Cheese Sandwich in Wonderland Delights – S3E4, S3E8, S3E10, S3E5, S3E2, S3E14

Salmon and Cucumber Crackers in Wonderland Delights – S4E8, S4E13, S3E3, S3E10, S4E14

Salami and Cucumber Crackers in Wonderland Delights – S4E9, S3E4, S3E10, S3E5, S3E15, S4E12

Blueberry Chocolate Cakelet of Hearts in Wonderland Delights – S3E12, S3E15, S3E6

Blueberry Chocolate Cakelet of Diamonds in Wonderland Delights – S3E13, S3E7

Salmon and Cucumber Sandwich in Wonderland Delights – S3E9, S3E11, S4E3

Salmon and Cream Cheese Sandwich in Wonderland Delights – S3E11, S4E12, S4E13, S4E15, S3E12

Lemon Vanilla Petit Four of Spades in Wonderland Delights – S3E13, S3E15, S4E1, S4E6

Lemon Vanilla Petit Four of Clubs in Wonderland Delights – S4E3

Pâté and Cream Cheese Sandwich in Wonderland Delights – S4E1, S4E2, S4E4, S4E6, S4E9

Strawberry Smoothie in Wonderland Delights – S4E5, S4E3, S4E2, S4E14

Pâté and Cucumber Sandwich in Wonderland Delights – S4E4, S4E11

Blueberry Smoothie in Wonderland Delights – S4E6, S4E9, S4E8, S4E11, S4E12, S4E15

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Medieval Dines

Dragon Soup in Medieval Dines – S2E8, S1E4, S1E11, S3E15, S4E11

Goblet of Mead in Medieval Dines – S4E14, S4E13, S2E13, S4E11, S3E3, S3E9, S4E10, S3E10, S3E12

Grilled Pigeon in Medieval Dines – S3E8, S4E14, S2E4, S4E1, S1E6, S1E7, S2E7, S4E8, S4E11

Tomatoes in Medieval Dines – S4E14, S3E15, S4E13

Grilled Dragon Meat in Medieval Dines – S2E5

Pigeon Soup in Medieval Dines – S1E8, S3E6, S1E9, S1E10, S2E14, S4E2, S3E4

Grilled Onion Blossom in Medieval Dines – S3E10, S4E12, S2E10, S2E11, S4E14, S2E9, S3E8, S4E3, S1E8, S1E12, S1E13, S2E4, S3E2, S3E5, S3E13, S4E5, S4E11, S4E15

Olives in Medieval Dines – S4E15, S3E6, S3E10, S3E12, S2E11

Onion Soup in Medieval Dines – S1E14, S1E15, S2E13

Grilled Onion Rings in Medieval Dines – S3E7, S4E13, S4E14, S4E15, S4E5, S4E3, S4E4, S4E11, S2E1, S2E5, S3E14, S3E15

Dragon Fondue in Medieval Dines – S4E13, S2E9, S4E11, S4E12

Pigeon Fondue in Medieval Dines – S3E9, S1E14

Potato Soup in Medieval Dines – S2E1, S2E2

Baked Potato in Medieval Dines – S2E3, S4E9, S2E2, S3E6, S2E9, S2E14, S3E10, S4E8, S4E6, S4E14

Potatoes Au Gratin in Medieval Dines – S4E13, S2E4, S4E9, S2E5, S2E15, S3E9, S3E14, S4E8

Dragon Pie in Medieval Dines – S2E6, S4E15, S2E7

Pigeon Pie in Medieval Dines – S2E8, S3E7, S4E12

Grilled Jack Rabbit in Medieval Dines – S2E10, S2E11, S2E12, S2E13, S3E9, S3E14

Grilled Potato Medley in Medieval Dines – S2E12, S4E8, S4E12, S4E7, S4E10, S4E15, S3E5, S3E8, S3E9, S3E12, S3E15, S4E1, S4E13, S4E14

Jack Rabbit Soup in Medieval Dines – S2E15, S2E14, S3E2, S4E10

Wheat Bread in Medieval Dines – S3E2, S3E1, S4E2, S3E4, S3E3, S3E6, S4E6, S4E8

Crushed Wheat Porridge in Medieval Dines – S3E3, S3E5, S4E8

Jack Rabbit Pie in Medieval Dines – S4E13, S4E10, S3E5

Rye Bread in Medieval Dines – S3E14, S3E12, S4E10, S3E8, S3E13, S3E15, S4E11, S4E15, S4E6, S4E7, S4E14

Crushed Rye Porridge in Medieval Dines – S3E13, S3E10, S3E12

Jack Rabbit Fondue in Medieval Dines – S4E14, S3E13, S3E15

Welsh Rarebit on Rye in Medieval Dines – S4E1

Cheese-and-Onion Pie in Medieval Dines – S4E4, S4E5

Welsh Rarebit on Wheat in Medieval Dines – S4E7, S4E11

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Bavaria Fest

Rouladen in Bavaria Fest – S1E13, S2E5, S1E8, S1E10, S2E7, S1E2, S1E7, S1E9, S1E12, S2E2, S2E3, S2E6, S4E15

Goblet of Mead in Bavaria Fest – S4E14, S4E15, S4E9, S4E13, S4E11, S3E13, S3E12, S3E14

German Potato Salad in Bavaria Fest – S1E7, S1E6, S1E9, S1E13, S2E5, S2E8

Olives in Bavaria Fest – S4E11, S2E4, S1E12, S1E15

Roast Pig in Bavaria Fest – S1E6, S1E9, S2E2, S4E14

Sauerkraut in Bavaria Fest – S3E12, S1E12, S1E8, S1E10, S1E11, S2E9, S1E15, S2E6, S2E7, S3E10, S1E9, S2E14, S3E4, S3E11, S3E15, S4E7

Wienerschnitzel in Bavaria Fest – S2E1, S1E11, S1E14, S2E3, S2E8, S3E5, S3E13, S2E11, S3E15

Potato Pancakes in Bavaria Fest – S4E14, S1E14, S2E11, S2E10, S2E15, S3E3, S4E11, S1E15, S2E7, S2E12, S3E2, S4E13

German Apple Cake in Bavaria Fest – S2E1, S2E4, S2E2, S2E3, S2E5, S2E10, S4E14, S2E15

Tomatoes in Bavaria Fest – S4E8, S4E15, S4E14, S3E9

Jaegerschnitzel in Bavaria Fest – S2E7, S2E6, S2E9, S4E14, S2E4, S2E8, S2E14, S3E14, S4E8, S4E9, S2E5, S2E10, S2E12

Cabbage Strudel in Bavaria Fest – S2E8, S2E6, S2E10, S3E6, S2E7, S3E5, S3E9

Mushroom Rouladen in Bavaria Fest – S2E13, S2E9, S4E14, S2E10, S2E14, S3E10, S3E12, S4E1, S4E2, S4E5

Pork Goulash in Bavaria Fest – S4E12, S4E13, S4E15, S2E12, S3E11, S4E6, S4E10

Pretzel in Bavaria Fest – S3E3, S3E8, S3E9, S3E2, S3E14, S3E1, S3E5, S3E7, S3E12, S3E4, S3E13, S4E3, S4E10

Apple Strudel in Bavaria Fest – S3E11, S3E4, S3E9, S4E14

Bavarian Potato Dumpling in Bavaria Fest – S3E12, S3E8, S3E9, S4E15, S3E7, S4E3, S4E12

Spaetzle in Bavaria Fest – S3E11, S3E10, S4E12, S3E12, S3E14, S3E15, S4E4

Rye Bread in Bavaria Fest – S3E13, S3E14, S4E14, S3E15, S4E1

Beef Strudel in Bavaria Fest – S4E1, S4E3, S4E15

Cabbage Rolls in Bavaria Fest – S4E8, S4E11, S4E6, S4E3, S4E4, S4E10, S4E15

Bavarian Bread Soup in Bavaria Fest – S4E7, S4E6, S4E11, S4E10, S4E12, S4E13, S4E15, S4E9

Jaegerspaetzle in Bavaria Fest – S4E8, S4E13, S4E11, S4E15

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Cat Lady Crepes

Banana Crepe in Cat Lady Crepes – S3E3, S3E10, S2E6, S2E8, S3E13, S2E10, S3E1, S3E12, S2E2, S3E4, S3E6, S4E13

Grilled Salmon Filet in Cat Lady Crepes – S1E14, S3E8, S4E14, S2E9, S4E15, S2E7, S2E13, S3E7, S3E9, S3E12, S3E13, S3E15

Whipped Cream in Cat Lady Crepes – S4E8, S4E14, S2E10, S3E10, S2E6, S3E5, S3E13, S4E10, S4E12

Creamy Salmon Crepe in Cat Lady Crepes – S2E4, S1E10, S1E12 , S2E6, S2E10, S3E6, S3E7

Sausage Links in Cat Lady Crepes – S1E12, S2E4, S1E6, S1E11, S1E14, S2E1, S2E2, S2E3, S3E10, S4E2

Banana Bread Muffin in Cat Lady Crepes – S1E9, S2E4, S2E5, S1E10, S1E12, S2E6, S3E2

Baked Salmon Filet in Cat Lady Crepes – S2E3, S3E8, S1E11, S3E13, S1E15, S2E7, S2E12, S3E10, S3E14

Savory Sausage Crepe in Cat Lady Crepes – S4E4, S2E6, S2E14, S3E11, S4E10, S2E2, S2E3, S2E4, S2E5, S2E9, S2E11, S2E13, S1E13, S1E15, S3E6, S4E13

Hot Sauce in Cat Lady Crepes – S4E15, S2E15, S2E6, S4E6

Breakfast Sandwich in Cat Lady Crepes – S2E5, S4E1, S2E15, S3E11, S3E15, S4E4, S2E1, S4E3, S4E11

Espresso in Cat Lady Crepes – S3E7, S2E5, S2E11, S2E12, S4E11, S2E3, S2E4, S2E7, S2E8, S2E9, S3E8, S3E10, S3E13, S3E3, S3E5, S3E11, S3E14, S4E12, S4E15

Sunny-Side Up Eggs in Cat Lady Crepes – S2E6, S2E5, S2E8, S2E10, S3E15, S4E8

Eggs Benedict in Cat Lady Crepes – S2E7, S3E12, S4E8, S2E13, S2E8, S2E12, S2E15, S3E4, S3E11, S4E9, S4E11

Strawberry Macarons in Cat Lady Crepes – S2E9, S2E12, S2E11, S2E13, S2E14, S2E15, S4E15, S3E12

Muffin with Jam in Cat Lady Crepes – S2E11, S2E13, S2E14

Cappuccino in Cat Lady Crepes – S2E13, S2E15, S3E9, S4E9, S3E10, S2E14, S3E2, S4E6, S3E8, S4E5, S4E15

Strawberry Tart in Cat Lady Crepes – S3E1, S4E14

Strawberry Mousse in Cat Lady Crepes – S3E4, S4E12

Banana Cream Pie in Cat Lady Crepes – S3E5, S4E9, S3E9

Banana Soft Serve Whipped Cream in Cat Lady Crepes – S4E14

French Toast in Cat Lady Crepes – S4E9

Vanilla Latte in Cat Lady Crepes – S4E13, S3E11, S3E15, S4E14, S3E12, S3E14

Spinach Quiche in Cat Lady Crepes – S4E14, S4E9, S3E13, S3E14, S3E15

Caramel Macchiato in Cat Lady Crepes – S4E1, S4E10, S4E7, S4E8, S4E14

Strawberry Chocolate Crepe in Cat Lady Crepes – S4E13, S4E12, S4E3, S4E14, S4E15, S4E7, S4E11, S4E10

Quiche Lorraine in Cat Lady Crepes – S4E5, S4E6, S4E15, S4E7, S4E11, S4E12

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Pieces of Ate

Steamed Crab Legs in Pieces of Ate – S1E2, S2E5, S2E11, S4E7, S4E13, S4E14

Ale in Pieces of Ate – S2E8, S2E12, S3E11, S3E13, S1E13, S4E12

Crunchy Roasted Lentils in Pieces of Ate – S1E13, S2E3, S2E5, S2E1, S2E9, S2E11, S4E8, S4E9

Hardtack in Pieces of Ate – S4E11, S3E3, S3E7, S3E9, S1E13, S2E10, S4E3, S4E8, S4E9, S3E4, S3E13

Mango Chutney in Pieces of Ate – S2E7, S4E14, S3E9, S3E15, S1E13

Curried Lentil Soup in Pieces of Ate – S2E4, S1E8, S2E14, S4E6

Tzatziki in Pieces of Ate – S3E14, S4E7, S4E9, S4E13

Crab Cakes in Pieces of Ate – S2E7, S1E10, S2E6, S3E5, S4E4

Kraken Curry in Pieces of Ate – S1E11, S1E9, S1E12, S4E2, S1E15, S2E10, S3E3, S4E6

Crab Curry in Pieces of Ate – S2E12, S2E13, S2E15, S4E5

Tentacle Jerky in Pieces of Ate – S4E13, S1E12, S1E13, S2E5

Spicy Snapper Steak in Pieces of Ate – S2E6, S4E5, S4E9, S2E1, S2E9, S2E10

Fish Jerky in Pieces of Ate – S2E8, S3E11, S4E14, S2E3, S2E10

Fried Whole Crab in Pieces of Ate – S2E7, S2E6, S2E11, S2E12, S3E3

Crab Dip in Pieces of Ate – S2E8, S4E9

Crackers in Pieces of Ate – S2E9, S3E5, S2E14, S4E15, S3E2, S3E4, S3E9, S3E12, S4E13

Kraken Calamari in Pieces of Ate – S3E12, S2E15, S3E15, S2E11, S2E12, S3E13, S3E14, S4E3

Fried Snapper Filet in Pieces of Ate – S4E13, S4E12, S4E7, S4E11, S2E13, S3E7, S3E11

Sweet Biscuit in Pieces of Ate – S3E1, S3E12

Pirate’s Grog in Pieces of Ate – S4E15, S3E12, S3E15

Pineapple Pudding in Pieces of Ate – S3E4, S4E14

Beet Soup in Pieces of Ate – S3E9, S3E6, S3E8, S3E7, S3E15

Sweet Lentil Stew in Pieces of Ate – S3E8, S4E12

Roasted Beet Salad in Pieces of Ate – S3E10, S4E12, S4E8, S3E11, S4E1, S4E5

Glazed Snapper Steak in Pieces of Ate – S3E13, S4E8, S4E14, S4E4, S4E10

Candied Pineapple in Pieces of Ate – S4E6, S4E1, S4E2, S4E5, S4E8, S4E10, S4E14, S4E15

Fried Lentil Balls in Pieces of Ate – S4E4, S4E7, S4E10

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Chew Orleans

Grilled Crawfish in Chew Orleans – S2E13, S4E3, S2E5, S2E6, S4E2

Grilled Okra in Chew Orleans – S1E15, S1E14, S1E12, S3E2, S3E13, S4E2, S4E13, S1E5, S1E11, S1E13, S3E12, S3E14, S4E4, S4E8, S2E2

Mint Julep in Chew Orleans – S4E14, S4E10, S4E15, S4E8, S4E12, S3E14, S3E15, S3E7, S3E12

Crawfish Etouffee in Chew Orleans – S2E2, S3E8, S1E11, S2E4, S2E15

Grilled Catfish Filet in Chew Orleans – S3E3, S1E6, S1E9

Okra Creole in Chew Orleans – S4E11, S2E7, S3E13, S3E14, S1E13, S2E6, S2E8, S2E9, S2E12

Beignets in Chew Orleans – S4E13, S1E10, S1E14, S4E15, S1E11, S1E12, S3E5, S3E9, S2E7, S2E8, S2E10, S2E11, S3E15, S4E8

Baked Catfish Filet in Chew Orleans – S1E13, S3E2, S1E12, S1E14, S3E3, S3E4, S3E5, S2E7, S2E15, S3E1, S3E8, S2E5, S2E11

Remoulade in Chew Orleans – S4E9, S2E10, S4E8, S4E14, S3E12, S3E11, S3E14, S1E13, S1E15

Fried Okra in Chew Orleans – S2E1, S2E2, S3E11, S4E4

Corn Bread in Chew Orleans – S2E3, S2E4, S2E14, S3E5, S2E5, S2E9, S2E10, S3E6, S4E1, S4E6, S4E7

Hush Puppies in Chew Orleans – S2E7, S4E6, S4E9, S2E8, S4E10, S2E5, S2E6, S2E10, S3E15, S4E8, S2E9, S4E7, S3E10, S3E12, S4E4

Boiled Peanuts in Chew Orleans – S4E11, S4E10, S2E6, S2E13, S3E6, S3E12, S3E14, S3E13

Fried Crawfish in Chew Orleans – S2E8, S4E4, S2E10, S2E14, S4E5, S4E2

Chargrilled Oysters in Chew Orleans – S2E11, S2E12, S2E14, S3E3, S3E7, S4E11, S4E12

Oysters Rockefeller in Chew Orleans – S2E13, S3E10, S2E12, S4E14, S2E15, S3E8, S4E9, S4E12

Gumbo in Chew Orleans – S3E15, S4E15, S4E14, S3E9, S4E5, S4E10, S4E11, S4E12, S4E13, S3E1, S3E10, S4E3, S3E2, S3E8, S3E12

Jambalaya in Chew Orleans – S3E6, S3E4

Fried Catfish in Chew Orleans – S3E7, S4E15

Catfish Po’ Boy in Chew Orleans – S3E9, S3E10, S3E12, S3E14, S4E9

Andouille Hot Dog in Chew Orleans – S3E11, S3E14

Maque Choux in Chew Orleans – S4E9, S4E10, S3E13, S4E7, S4E8

Fried Oysters in Chew Orleans – S4E14, S4E12, S4E1

Oyster Po’ Boy in Chew Orleans – S4E13, S4E4, S4E14

Crawfish Po’ Boy in Chew Orleans – S4E7

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Lava Luau

Poi in Lava Luau – S1E10, S2E13

Grilled Plantains in Lava Luau – S2E7, S4E7, S2E3, S2E6, S2E10, S2E11, S1E7, S1E8, S1E9, S1E10, S1E14, S3E2, S4E2, S4E3, S4E14

POG Juice in Lava Luau – S3E15, S4E12, S2E14, S4E14

Grilled Taro in Lava Luau – S2E15, S3E7, S1E11, S1E12, S2E10, S2E11, S3E15, S4E4, S4E11, S4E15

Tuna Tartare in Lava Luau – S3E11, S1E8, S2E14, S1E7, S1E14, S2E4, S2E12, S3E14, S3E15, S4E5, S4E7

Hibiscus in Lava Luau – S4E5, S4E12, S3E14, S4E11, S4E13, S3E4

Blackened Tuna in Lava Luau – S1E12, S1E9, S1E15, S4E4, S1E13, S2E2, S3E4, S3E13, S3E15, S4E5

Fresh Chopped Pineapple in Lava Luau – S2E6, S3E6, S4E10, S1E11, S1E15, S2E5, S3E4, S4E9, S4E13

Grilled Pineapple in Lava Luau – S1E13, S2E8, S2E11, S2E12, S3E4, S3E6, S4E5

Lomi Lomi in Lava Luau – S4E14, S4E8, S4E9, S4E15, S4E10, S3E11

Kalua Pork in Lava Luau – S2E1, S2E5, S4E7, S2E3, S2E6, S2E14, S2E15, S3E4

Laulau in Lava Luau – S3E10, S2E4, S2E7, S2E11, S3E4, S3E13, S4E10, S4E11, S4E14, S4E15

Smoked Tuna in Lava Luau – S3E15, S4E6, S2E5, S2E14, S4E9, S4E12, S4E13, S4E15

Ahi Poke in Lava Luau – S3E14, S2E15, S2E8, S4E9, S4E12

Plantain Rice Pudding in Lava Luau – S2E10, S4E9, S3E14, S4E13, S2E12, S2E14, S4E5, S4E8, S4E15

Lotus Leaf Pork Wrap in Lava Luau – S2E12, S2E13, S4E6, S3E9, S3E11, S3E12, S4E14

Plantain Chips in Lava Luau – S4E2, S3E1

Taro Chips in Lava Luau – S3E3, S3E8, S3E12, S3E15

Macaroni Salad in Lava Luau – S3E5, S3E15, S3E10, S3E11

Pork Katsu in Lava Luau – S3E7, S4E10, S3E8, S4E9, S4E11

Hawaiian Fried Rice in Lava Luau – S3E10, S3E12, S3E15

Rice Cakes in Lava Luau – S4E1

Taro Cake in Lava Luau – S4E3, S4E8, S4E10, S4E15

Pork Skewers in Lava Luau – S4E8, S4E9

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Parisian Palace

Duck Confit in Parisian Palace – S2E8, S1E9, S1E15, S2E4, S2E1, S2E6, S1E7, S1E8, S1E12, S2E7, S1E10, S1E11, S1E14, S1E3, S1E5, S1E6, S1E13, S2E2, S2E5, S2E9, S2E11

Bleu Fondue in Parisian Palace – S3E13, S1E8, S3E12, S4E5, S4E11, S4E13, S4E15, S1E11, S1E14, S3E9, S3E11, S4E1, S4E4, S4E14, S1E12, S1E15, S2E2, S2E5, S2E13, S2E15, S3E8, S3E14, S4E8, S4E10, S4E12

Red Wine in Parisian Palace – S4E11, S4E9, S4E14, S3E11, S1E1, S2E10, S2E14, S3E5, S3E10

Salade Lyonnaise in Parisian Palace – S1E8, S1E10, S1E14, S2E8, S2E10, S4E8, S4E13, S1E5, S1E6, S1E9, S1E11, S2E5, S3E2, S4E2, S4E9

Baguette in Parisian Palace – S4E12, S3E14, S4E11, S2E8

Epoisses Fondue in Parisian Palace – S3E15, S4E14, S4E15, S2E5, S2E10, S3E3, S3E4, S4E8, S4E12, S4E13, S1E12, S1E13, S1E14, S2E8, S2E14, S3E6, S3E8, S4E1, S4E2, S4E3, S4E5, S4E6, S4E7, S4E9

Duck Paté in Parisian Palace – S2E14, S3E3, S3E15, S4E1, S4E10, S4E12, S3E1, S4E2, S1E11, S1E12, S1E14, S2E11, S3E6, S3E13, S4E7, S4E9

Oeufs en Meurette in Parisian Palace – S1E13, S1E15, S2E3, S2E8, S1E14, S2E6, S2E7, S2E11, S2E13, S3E12, S3E13, S3E14, S4E6, S4E7

Salade Nicoise in Parisian Palace – S2E1, S2E6, S4E14, S2E2, S2E3, S2E4, S2E9, S2E12, S2E13, S2E15, S3E12, S4E13

White Wine in Parisian Palace – S4E15, S3E14, S4E11, S4E12, S4E14

Bearnaise in Parisian Palace – S4E13, S4E8, S4E14, S4E4, S3E2, S4E11

Brie Fondue in Parisian Palace – S3E15, S4E10, S4E15, S4E3, S4E9, S4E13, S4E14, S3E14, S4E8, S4E11, S4E12, S2E7, S4E5, S4E7, S2E14, S3E3, S3E7, S3E13, S4E4, S2E6, S2E9, S2E12, S2E15, S3E5, S3E6, S3E8, S3E9, S3E10, S3E11, S4E6

Piperade in Parisian Palace – S4E13, S2E11, S2E15, S2E9, S2E10, S2E12, S3E4, S4E10, S2E14, S4E3, S4E12, S3E6, S3E7, S3E8, S4E5, S4E11, S4E14

Salmon au Vin Blanc in Parisian Palace – S2E12, S3E4, S2E13, S3E1, S3E12, S2E15, S3E2, S3E8, S2E14, S3E5, S3E6, S3E9, S4E14

Steak Tartare in Parisian Palace – S3E1, S3E11, S3E6, S3E8, S3E10, S4E9

French Onion Soup in Parisian Palace – S3E4, S3E5, S4E12, S3E6, S4E10, S3E9, S3E14, S4E11, S4E14

Salade Aveyronaise in Parisian Palace – S3E7, S3E8, S3E9, S4E10, S3E10

Salmon en Croûte in Parisian Palace – S4E10, S4E12, S4E14, S3E11, S4E7, S3E10, S3E15, S4E2

Blanquette de Veau in Parisian Palace – S3E13, S3E15, S4E5, S4E1, S4E15, S3E14, S4E6, S4E12

Chateaubriand in Parisian Palace – S4E1, S4E15

French Leek Pie in Parisian Palace – S4E4, S4E13, S4E5, S4E6, S4E8, S4E11, S4E14, S4E15

Boeuf a la Mode in Parisian Palace – S4E6, S4E7, S4E8, S4E12

Duck Cassoulet in Parisian Palace – S4E9

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K-Pop Kitchen

Galbi Shortribs in K-Pop Kitchen – S2E14, S2E15, S3E9

Grilled Tofu in K-Pop Kitchen – S2E10, S2E11, S4E1, S2E12, S4E6, S1E10

Yogurt Drink in K-Pop Kitchen – S4E13, S4E12, S4E14, S4E8, S4E11

Spicy Rice Cake in K-Pop Kitchen – S1E10, S2E9, S3E11

Beef Bulgogi in K-Pop Kitchen – S3E14, S3E12, S4E4, S4E11, S4E15

Kimchi in K-Pop Kitchen – S4E1, S1E14, S4E9, S1E10, S1E15, S2E5, S3E3, S3E11, S3E13, S4E2, S4E7, S4E11, S4E15, S2E9, S2E10, S2E11, S2E14, S3E12, S3E15, S4E3, S4E6, S4E12

Bibimbap in K-Pop Kitchen – S1E8, S3E13, S4E10

Sesame Oil in K-Pop Kitchen – S2E9, S3E15, S2E10, S4E9, S4E14

Kimchi Fried Rice in K-Pop Kitchen – S2E13, S2E14, S4E3, S4E12, S4E14, S4E15, S4E1, S1E12, S2E6, S2E11, S3E3, S3E8

Seaweed in K-Pop Kitchen – S4E15, S3E10, S2E13, S3E9, S4E12, S2E9, S2E15, S3E2, S3E6, S3E12, S3E15, S4E6, S4E8, S4E10

Kimbap in K-Pop Kitchen – S4E13, S2E15, S4E12, S4E14, S1E13, S2E8, S3E8, S2E4, S2E6, S2E7, S3E3, S3E11, S4E2, S4E5, S4E9, S4E11, S4E15

Japchae Noodles in K-Pop Kitchen – S2E1, S2E6, S2E2, S3E10, S2E5, S3E2, S3E9, S4E13, S2E4, S2E7, S2E8, S2E15, S3E8, S3E11, S3E14

Rice Porridge in K-Pop Kitchen – S2E3, S3E5, S3E7, S2E4

Cucumber Salad in K-Pop Kitchen – S4E11, S2E8, S4E5, S4E13, S4E14, S2E4, S3E8, S3E15, S4E10

Chili Paste in K-Pop Kitchen – S4E13, S4E15, S4E14, S4E5, S4E12

Veggie Pancakes in K-Pop Kitchen – S2E7, S3E3, S2E9, S2E11, S3E15, S2E8, S2E15, S3E9, S4E14

Soft Tofu Stew in K-Pop Kitchen – S2E10, S3E3, S3E12, S3E15

Pickled Radish in K-Pop Kitchen – S2E12, S3E12, S2E13, S4E13, S2E14, S3E11, S3E14, S4E1, S4E3, S4E7, S4E8, S4E12, S4E14, S4E15

Kimchi Dumplings in K-Pop Kitchen – S4E11, S2E13, S2E14, S3E1, S4E1, S4E13, S3E5, S3E8, S3E14

Pork Belly in K-Pop Kitchen – S3E1, S3E5, S3E2, S4E3

Pork Cutlet in K-Pop Kitchen – S4E14, S4E13, S3E4, S4E10, S4E11, S3E5, S3E6, S3E9, S4E7, S4E12

Rice Cake Soup in K-Pop Kitchen – S3E12, S3E7

Blood Sausage in K-Pop Kitchen – S4E8, S3E10, S3E12, S3E13, S4E2

Cold Noodle Soup in K-Pop Kitchen – S3E13, S3E14, S4E9, S4E15, S4E2, S4E6, S4E7

Kimchi Soup in K-Pop Kitchen – S4E1, S4E2

Spicy Beef Stew in K-Pop Kitchen – S4E5, S4E6, S4E13, S4E15, S4E4, S4E8

Haejangguk Pork Soup in K-Pop Kitchen – S4E7, S4E8, S4E12, S4E10

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Zero-G Pizzeria

White Pizza in Zero-G Pizzeria – S1E13, S2E12, S1E15

Orange Drink in Zero-G Pizzeria – S3E14, S4E12, S3E15, S3E7, S3E12, S1E13, S4E6, S4E7, S1E14, S3E9, S3E10, S4E11, S4E15, S4E3, S4E8, S4E9, S2E7, S2E10, S2E11, S4E2, S4E10, S4E13

Bread Sticks in Zero-G Pizzeria – S4E8, S1E10, S1E12, S3E11, S3E12, S4E11, S4E15

Cheese Pizza in Zero-G Pizzeria – S2E7, S3E7, S2E6, S1E4, S1E8, S1E10, S1E15, S2E3, S3E15

Chicken Pizza in Zero-G Pizzeria – S1E14, S2E3, S1E8, S2E1, S2E4, S3E7, S3E15

Parmesan in Zero-G Pizzeria – S4E15, S4E13, S2E7, S2E9, S2E14, S2E4, S2E10, S4E14, S1E15, S2E5, S3E11, S4E6, S4E11

Pepperoni Pizza in Zero-G Pizzeria – S1E14, S1E9, S2E15

Astronaut Ice Cream in Zero-G Pizzeria – S4E7, S1E11, S1E14, S2E4

Cheesy Bread Sticks in Zero-G Pizzeria – S3E8, S1E13, S1E14, S4E9, S4E13

Chicken Topped Salad in Zero-G Pizzeria – S2E13, S2E14, S2E9, S2E12, S2E15, S2E11, S4E11, S4E14, S4E15, S2E2, S2E3, S3E13, S2E1, S2E10, S4E9, S4E10, S4E13

Spaghetti in Zero-G Pizzeria – S2E4, S2E7, S2E8, S2E11, S3E12, S4E11, S4E13, S4E15

Mac n Cheese in Zero-G Pizzeria – S2E5, S2E7, S2E6, S2E9, S2E10

Chicken Alfredo in Zero-G Pizzeria – S2E8, S4E12, S2E9, S4E11

Anchovy Pizza in Zero-G Pizzeria – S2E11, S4E7, S2E15

Red Pepper Flakes in Zero-G Pizzeria – S4E7, S4E14, S3E14, S3E15

Olive Pizza in Zero-G Pizzeria – S2E13, S2E14, S2E15, S4E6, S4E10

Greek Salad in Zero-G Pizzeria – S4E5, S3E1, S3E2, S3E9, S3E11, S4E2

Green Pepper Pizza in Zero-G Pizzeria – S3E4, S3E6, S3E9, S3E14, S3E3, S3E15, S4E5

Nicoise Salad in Zero-G Pizzeria – S3E5, S4E3, S3E6, S3E10, S4E4, S4E8, S4E12

Cheesy Mushroom Pasta in Zero-G Pizzeria – S3E8, S3E12, S3E9, S3E10, S3E11

Mushroom Pizza in Zero-G Pizzeria – S3E10, S3E13, S4E5

Olive Tomato Pasta in Zero-G Pizzeria – S3E13, S3E14, S4E9, S4E13, S4E14

Meat Lover’s Pizza in Zero-G Pizzeria – S4E1, S4E2, S4E5, S4E6, S4E11

Veggie Pizza in Zero-G Pizzeria – S4E4, S4E5, S4E6

Pepperoni Pasta Bake in Zero-G Pizzeria – S4E7, S4E14, S4E9

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Feastival of Lights

Naan in Feastival of Lights – S1E12, S3E3

Bhatura in Feastival of Lights – S3E14, S3E11

Samosa in Feastival of Lights – S1E11, S1E15, S2E7, S2E13, S3E1, S3E11, S3E12, S3E13, S4E15

Plain Rice in Feastival of Lights – S4E1, S4E2, S1E7, S4E3, S1E6, S1E14, S3E1, S3E6

Chicken Kebab in Feastival of Lights – S1E8, S1E12, S2E4, S2E9, S1E9, S1E10, S1E11, S1E13, S1E15, S2E5

Mango Lassi in Feastival of Lights – S4E9, S4E7, S4E14, S4E15, S4E8

Cashew Burfi in Feastival of Lights – S3E6, S3E7, S1E11, S1E14, S2E4, S2E9, S2E12, S4E12

Idly in Feastival of Lights – S3E2, S4E14, S1E13, S1E14, S4E11

Jeera Aloo in Feastival of Lights – S2E1, S2E2, S4E13, S2E4

Potato Kati Roll in Feastival of Lights – S2E5, S2E4, S2E7, S2E6, S2E3, S2E11, S2E12, S2E15, S4E12

Spicy Potato Kati Roll in Feastival of Lights – S4E9, S3E9, S3E15, S4E13

Carrot Halwa in Feastival of Lights – S3E15, S2E15, S3E10, S3E14, S4E10, S4E13, S4E14

Veggie Kati Roll in Feastival of Lights – S2E8, S2E10, S2E9, S2E13, S2E15, S2E11, S2E12, S2E14, S3E9, S3E14, S4E14

Spicy Veggie Kati Roll in Feastival of Lights – S4E2, S4E6, S4E13, S3E4, S3E8, S3E10, S3E11, S3E13, S3E14, S3E15

Veggie Kebab in Feastival of Lights – S2E12, S2E10, S2E11, S2E14, S2E15, S4E5

Veggie Curry in Feastival of Lights – S2E13, S2E15, S2E14, S3E8, S3E6, S3E11, S4E2

Spicy Veggie Curry in Feastival of Lights – S4E6, S3E5, S4E7, S4E8, S3E3, S3E15

Super Spicy Veggie Curry in Feastival of Lights – S4E8, S4E15, S4E9

Chicken Curry in Feastival of Lights – S3E1, S4E13, S3E5, S3E14, S4E3

Spicy Chicken Curry in Feastival of Lights – S3E2, S3E3, S3E9

Super Spicy Chicken Curry in Feastival of Lights – S4E10, S4E14, S4E15

Lamb Kebab in Feastival of Lights – S3E8, S3E4, S3E9, S3E7, S3E5, S3E6

Lamb Kati Roll in Feastival of Lights – S3E7, S3E14, S3E8, S3E9, S3E10, S4E11

Spicy Lamb Kati Roll in Feastival of Lights – S3E15, S3E9, S4E1, S4E4, S4E7, S4E15

Pakoras in Feastival of Lights – S3E10, S3E12

Lamb Fry in Feastival of Lights – S3E13, S3E15, S4E15, S4E14

Chicken Biryani in Feastival of Lights – S4E1

Spicy Chicken Biryani in Feastival of Lights – S4E4, S4E6, S4E14, S4E15

Lamb Curry in Feastival of Lights – S4E4, S4E11

Spicy Lamb Curry in Feastival of Lights – S4E5, S4E7, S4E9, S4E12

Super Spicy Lamb Curry in Feastival of Lights – S4E11, S4E9

Veggie Biryani in Feastival of Lights – S4E8, S4E10

Spicy Veggie Biryani in Feastival of Lights – S4E8, S4E14

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Jamaican Me Hungry

Fried Plantains in Jamaican Me Hungry – S3E13, S3E9, S1E15, S2E8, S2E9, S2E14

Goat Curry in Jamaican Me Hungry – S1E8, S1E15, S2E15, S1E6, S1E7, S2E3, S2E5

Braised Callaloo in Jamaican Me Hungry – S1E14, S2E10, S2E11

Ginger Beer in Jamaican Me Hungry – S4E15, S3E15, S4E14, S4E8, S3E14

Ackee Patty in Jamaican Me Hungry – S1E6, S1E15, S4E14

Rice and Peas in Jamaican Me Hungry – S4E12, S3E11, S4E11, S2E13, S3E15

Snapper Curry in Jamaican Me Hungry – S1E13, S1E9, S1E10, S2E2, S2E7, S3E1, S4E6

Ackee and Saltfish in Jamaican Me Hungry – S2E6, S1E11, S1E12, S1E13, S2E4, S2E15, S4E10

Boiled Green Banana in Jamaican Me Hungry – S2E2, S3E12, S4E9, S2E12, S4E12

Festival Dumpling in Jamaican Me Hungry – S4E15, S4E13, S4E14, S4E11, S3E15

Goat Patty in Jamaican Me Hungry – S2E6, S2E7, S2E9, S4E15

Fish Tea in Jamaican Me Hungry – S2E14, S2E15, S3E14, S2E8, S2E9, S2E10, S3E6, S3E8, S4E1

Jerk Goat in Jamaican Me Hungry – S2E11, S2E12, S3E13

Callaloo Patty in Jamaican Me Hungry – S2E13, S3E7, S3E14

Coconut Toto in Jamaican Me Hungry – S4E13, S3E1, S3E15

Ackee Fritter in Jamaican Me Hungry – S3E6, S4E14

Spicy Snapper Curry in Jamaican Me Hungry – S4E13, S3E15, S3E8, S4E5, S4E6

Goat Rundown in Jamaican Me Hungry – S3E14, S3E15, S4E2, S4E1

Green Banana Porridge in Jamaican Me Hungry – S3E14, S3E13, S4E13, S4E9

Pepperpot Soup in Jamaican Me Hungry – S4E7, S4E15, S4E11, S4E1

Spicy Goat Curry in Jamaican Me Hungry – S4E3, S4E12, S4E13

Snapper Rundown in Jamaican Me Hungry – S4E11, S4E15

Escovitch Fish in Jamaican Me Hungry – S4E10, S4E15, S4E8, S4E14

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Sundae Fundae

Chocolate Waffle Cone in Sundae Fundae – S1E14, S3E4, S1E13, S2E10, S1E11, S1E12, S1E15, S2E1, S2E3, S2E15, S2E2, S2E5, S2E7, S2E11, S2E14, S3E2

Single Scoop Sundae in Sundae Fundae – S1E10, S1E13, S1E14, S1E15

Root Beer in Sundae Fundae – S3E14, S4E12, S3E10, S4E14, S2E7, S2E15, S4E15, S1E6, S1E13, S1E15, S2E4, S2E6, S2E8, S2E9, S2E10, S3E9, S3E12, S3E15, S4E6, S4E7, S4E9, S4E10

Vanilla Cookie Sandwich in Sundae Fundae – S2E6, S2E12, S1E10, S1E15, S2E3, S2E4, S4E13, S1E7, S1E9, S1E13, S2E13, S4E8

Orange Soda in Sundae Fundae – S3E8, S4E11, S2E13, S2E15, S3E1, S4E2, S4E13, S2E11, S2E14, S3E11, S4E8, S4E9, S4E12, S4E15, S1E12, S1E11, S2E3, S2E8, S2E9, S3E3, S3E10, S2E5, S2E6, S3E13, S4E3, S4E4, S4E10, S4E14

Vanilla Waffle Cone in Sundae Fundae – S2E8

Salt Water Taffy in Sundae Fundae – S3E12, S4E15, S4E5, S4E11

Double Scoop Sundae in Sundae Fundae – S1E11, S1E15, S2E8, S2E5, S3E9, S4E8, S4E10, S2E14, S2E15, S3E3, S3E8, S4E3, S4E15

Orange Soda Float in Sundae Fundae – S4E7, S4E11

Single Scoop Banana Split in Sundae Fundae – S2E7, S2E15, S2E6, S3E4, S3E5, S3E6, S3E15

Vanilla Dipped Waffle Cone in Sundae Fundae – S2E4, S4E4, S2E6, S2E14, S3E11, S4E3, S4E7, S2E5, S2E7, S2E10, S2E12, S2E15, S3E6, S4E6

Rainbow Lollipop in Sundae Fundae – S3E15, S3E10, S4E14, S4E13, S2E7, S4E12, S4E15

Strawberry Waffle Cone in Sundae Fundae – S3E7, S2E8, S2E9, S2E15, S3E5, S3E8, S2E13, S3E9, S4E2, S4E8

Chocolate Cookie Sandwich in Sundae Fundae – S4E11, S4E13, S2E10, S2E12, S2E14, S3E4, S4E15

Root Beer Float in Sundae Fundae – S4E14, S4E4, S2E11, S4E11

Strawberry Cookie Sandwich in Sundae Fundae – S3E15, S3E7, S3E8, S4E13, S2E13, S2E14, S3E14, S4E14

Mint Dipped Waffle Cone in Sundae Fundae – S3E2, S3E12, S3E8, S4E13, S3E1, S3E11, S3E14, S4E7, S4E8

Cream Soda in Sundae Fundae – S3E5, S3E4, S4E5, S4E6, S4E7, S4E10, S4E12, S4E15, S3E3, S3E6, S3E8, S4E1, S4E9, S4E11

Double Scoop Banana Split in Sundae Fundae – S3E5, S3E13, S3E9, S3E14

Cream Soda Float in Sundae Fundae – S4E6, S3E15, S3E7, S3E13, S4E15

Double Scoop Waffle Cone in Sundae Fundae – S4E15, S3E12, S3E9, S3E10, S3E14, S4E1

Mint Cookie Sandwich in Sundae Fundae – S3E11, S3E14, S3E12

Triple Scoop Waffle Cone in Sundae Fundae – S3E13, S4E12, S4E14, S3E15, S4E8, S4E11

Triple Scoop Sundae with Cherry in Sundae Fundae – S4E7, S4E1, S4E5, S4E8

Double Scoop Dipped Waffle Cone in Sundae Fundae – S4E6, S4E3, S4E8, S4E5

Triple Scoop Banana Split in Sundae Fundae – S4E14, S4E7, S4E6, S4E12, S4E13

Triple Scoop Dipped Waffle Cone in Sundae Fundae – S4E11, S4E9, S4E15, S4E12, S4E13

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Tapas del Mar

Octopus a la Plancha in Tapas del Mar – S2E15, S2E13, S4E12, S2E12, S2E14, S1E5, S1E12

Gazpacho in Tapas del Mar – S4E5, S4E14, S4E2, S4E12, S4E13, S3E13, S3E14, S4E4, S4E15

Papas Bravas in Tapas del Mar – S1E6

Lemon in Tapas del Mar – S4E8, S4E14, S2E15, S3E15, S4E2, S4E9, S4E15

Boquerones in Tapas del Mar – S2E10, S1E7, S1E8, S1E10, S1E13, S2E6, S2E9

Sangria in Tapas del Mar – S4E10, S4E6, S4E14

Padrón Peppers in Tapas del Mar – S4E6, S2E3, S2E6, S2E12, S3E8, S4E11, S4E14, S3E12, S3E14, S3E15, S4E4, S4E10, S4E15

Tigres Mussels in Tapas del Mar – S1E13

Mussels Vinaigrette in Tapas del Mar – S2E4

Allioli in Tapas del Mar – S3E15, S4E3, S4E11, S3E4, S3E12, S4E6, S2E14, S4E10, S4E12

Tortilla Española in Tapas del Mar – S2E5, S2E8, S2E14

Spanish Olives in Tapas del Mar – S2E13, S3E14, S4E8, S4E14, S3E15, S4E13

Gildas in Tapas del Mar – S2E9, S2E10, S4E3, S4E4, S4E14

Mussel Paella in Tapas del Mar – S3E14, S2E12, S3E6, S2E11, S3E15, S4E15

Cod Ceviche in Tapas del Mar – S2E14, S2E13, S3E15

Prawns a la Plancha in Tapas del Mar – S3E1, S3E3, S3E4

Catalan Toast in Tapas del Mar – S4E5, S4E14, S4E8, S4E12, S4E10, S4E15, S3E12

Octopus Ceviche in Tapas del Mar – S3E5, S3E6

Prawn Paella in Tapas del Mar – S3E7, S3E8, S3E13

Ensaladilla Rusa in Tapas del Mar – S3E10, S4E14

Chipirones in Tapas del Mar – S4E14, S3E11, S4E13

Shellfish Paella in Tapas del Mar – S3E13, S4E1

Grilled Prawn on Toast in Tapas del Mar – S4E1, S4E2, S4E12

Basque Cod Stew in Tapas del Mar – S4E15, S4E3, S4E4, S4E9

Prawn Ceviche in Tapas del Mar – S4E5, S4E6, S4E8

Paella del Mar in Tapas del Mar – S4E8, S4E10, S4E9, S4E7

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Big Belly Deli

Smoked Turkey in Big Belly Deli – S1E6, S1E7, S2E15, S2E8, S4E14

Bagel with Cream Cheese in Big Belly Deli – S1E15, S1E12, S1E11, S2E13, S2E15

Egg Cream in Big Belly Deli – S4E13, S4E15, S4E10, S3E14, S3E15, S4E9

Matzo Ball Soup in Big Belly Deli – S1E8, S1E12, S2E4, S2E5, S3E13

Pickle in Big Belly Deli – S2E15, S3E7, S4E9, S4E15, S3E8, S3E15, S4E6

Corned Beef in Big Belly Deli – S1E9, S1E8, S1E10, S1E15, S2E5, S2E6, S2E7, S2E8, S4E5, S4E13

Turkey Sandwich in Big Belly Deli – S1E11, S1E13, S1E14, S3E15, S4E9

Beef Kishka in Big Belly Deli – S4E15, S1E13, S2E2, S2E10, S2E15

Bagel with Lox in Big Belly Deli – S3E10, S3E11, S2E14, S4E6, S3E12, S3E13

Black & White Cookie in Big Belly Deli – S4E14, S4E10, S4E15, S3E15, S4E7, S4E12

Corned Beef Sandwich in Big Belly Deli – S2E13, S3E11, S3E15, S4E12, S4E14

Turkey Knish in Big Belly Deli – S2E15, S2E9, S2E11, S2E13, S3E1

Pastrami in Big Belly Deli – S4E6, S2E12, S4E7

Chopped Liver & Onions in Big Belly Deli – S4E15, S3E13, S4E14, S4E10, S4E13

Turkey Kishka in Big Belly Deli – S3E4, S4E12, S3E5

Chicken Liver Kishka in Big Belly Deli – S3E7, S4E3, S4E10

Beef Knish in Big Belly Deli – S4E9, S4E14, S3E10, S3E14, S3E15

Deluxe Bagel in Big Belly Deli – S4E14, S3E14, S4E5, S4E6, S4E12

Chopped Liver Sandwich in Big Belly Deli – S4E9, S4E3, S4E1, S4E11

New York Cheesecake in Big Belly Deli – S4E14, S4E15, S4E4, S4E5, S4E11, S4E12

Pastrami Sandwich in Big Belly Deli – S4E10, S4E13, S4E6

Chopped Liver Bagel in Big Belly Deli – S4E10, S4E15, S4E9, S4E11, S4E13

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Hip Stir Cafe

Espresso in Hip Stir Cafe – S1E9, S1E10, S1E12, S1E15

Latte in Hip Stir Cafe – S1E11, S2E9, S1E13, S1E14, S1E15, S2E1, S3E4, S3E8, S4E15

Plain Huckleberry Ring Donut in Hip Stir Cafe – S1E12, S2E7, S1E7, S1E15, S2E11, S4E15

Drip Coffee in Hip Stir Cafe – S4E6, S4E11, S3E10, S4E10, S3E14, S4E12, S3E12, S3E13, S3E15, S4E5, S4E15, S2E13, S3E5, S3E6, S3E8, S3E11, S1E14, S2E2, S3E7

Cinnamon Pistachio Long John in Hip Stir Cafe – S1E13, S1E14, S2E5, S3E15, S1E8, S1E9, S1E11, S1E15, S2E4, S2E15, S3E2

Macchiato in Hip Stir Cafe – S4E7, S1E10

Chocolate in Hip Stir Cafe – S4E14, S4E15, S4E12, S4E4, S4E13

Chocolate Huckleberry Donut Holes in Hip Stir Cafe – S1E13, S2E11, S1E14, S1E15, S2E13, S2E14, S3E5, S3E14

Cinnamon S’more Long John in Hip Stir Cafe – S4E14, S2E1, S2E2, S4E5, S4E6

Cold Brew in Hip Stir Cafe – S2E4, S2E15, S4E14, S2E3, S2E5, S3E12, S4E13, S4E15

Whipped Cream in Hip Stir Cafe – S4E11, S3E13, S4E6

Double Shot Espresso in Hip Stir Cafe – S2E6

Plain Pistachio Ring Donut in Hip Stir Cafe – S4E12, S2E8, S2E14, S3E4, S3E12, S4E1

Hot Chocolate in Hip Stir Cafe – S2E12, S2E15, S2E10, S2E11

Caffe Vienna in Hip Stir Cafe – S2E13, S2E14, S3E1, S3E4, S3E8, S3E11, S4E6, S4E9

Chocolate S’more Donut Holes in Hip Stir Cafe – S3E11, S4E13, S3E1, S3E3, S3E15, S4E10

Caffe Au Lait in Hip Stir Cafe – S3E4, S3E5, S4E6, S4E9, S4E12, S4E14

Plain Maple Bacon Ring Donut in Hip Stir Cafe – S3E6, S3E8, S3E14, S4E8, S4E9, S4E11, S3E15, S4E7, S4E14

Frappe in Hip Stir Cafe – S3E9, S3E10, S3E14, S4E8

Chocolate Pistachio Donut Holes in Hip Stir Cafe – S4E11, S4E15, S3E12, S3E13, S4E3, S4E14

Caffe Mocha in Hip Stir Cafe – S4E12, S4E1, S4E4, S4E13

Cinnamon Maple Bacon Long John in Hip Stir Cafe – S4E4, S4E15

Cappuccino in Hip Stir Cafe – S4E7, S4E9, S4E15


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Hip Hop Halal

Lamb Shawarma in Hip Hop Halal – S1E8, S1E6, S4E11, S1E9, S1E11, S1E13, S2E8, S2E10, S3E4, S4E14

Falafel in Hip Hop Halal – S1E13, S1E7, S1E10, S1E11, S2E2, S2E4, S2E8, S2E10, S4E4

Turkish Coffee in Hip Hop Halal – S4E10, S3E15, S4E11, S4E13

Rice Pilav in Hip Hop Halal – S1E8, S1E7, S1E10, S1E12, S1E5, S1E6, S1E11, S2E7, S3E4, S3E12

Tahini Sauce in Hip Hop Halal – S2E15, S3E12, S2E5, S4E14

Lavash Bread in Hip Hop Halal – S1E9, S1E12, S2E6, S2E11

Lamb Kofte Meatball in Hip Hop Halal – S2E14, S3E8, S2E7, S2E13, S2E15, S3E6, S3E10, S4E7, S1E12, S1E14, S2E4, S2E9, S2E10, S3E15, S4E9

Pide in Hip Hop Halal – S2E1, S1E14, S1E15, S2E5, S2E6, S2E7, S3E1, S3E13, S3E14, S4E1, S4E13

Hummus in Hip Hop Halal – S2E1, S3E6, S2E7, S4E8

Turkish Delight in Hip Hop Halal – S4E15, S2E14, S3E15, S4E6

Lamb Durum in Hip Hop Halal – S2E11, S2E12, S2E8, S2E13, S4E15, S2E5, S2E9, S3E12, S4E12, S2E6, S2E10, S2E15, S3E3, S4E10, S4E11

Kunefe in Hip Hop Halal – S2E8, S2E9, S2E12, S2E10

Dolma in Hip Hop Halal – S2E12, S4E6, S4E14, S3E5, S2E15, S4E13, S3E2, S4E7, S4E15, S3E11, S3E14, S4E2, S4E3, S4E4, S4E8

Baklava in Hip Hop Halal – S2E14, S2E13, S4E4

Chicken Shawarma in Hip Hop Halal – S3E1, S3E2, S3E9, S3E10, S3E14, S3E7, S3E8, S3E11, S3E15, S4E1, S4E3, S4E15

Falafel Durum in Hip Hop Halal – S3E5, S4E14, S3E4, S3E13, S4E5

Chicken Kebab in Hip Hop Halal – S3E7, S3E8, S3E9, S4E2, S4E5, S4E15, S3E15, S4E9

Sutlac Rice Pudding in Hip Hop Halal – S3E10, S3E11, S3E12, S3E15

Lamb Manti Pudding in Hip Hop Halal – S3E14, S3E13, S3E15, S4E12, S4E6, S4E15, S4E7, S4E14, S4E2, S4E11

Chicken Durum in Hip Hop Halal – S4E1, S4E11

Veggie Koftesi Meatballs in Hip Hop Halal – S4E4

Chickpea Manti Dumpling in Hip Hop Halal – S4E13, S4E6, S4E7, S4E14

Lamb & Pistachio Kebab in Hip Hop Halal – S4E11, S4E15, S4E8, S4E9

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Dim Sum Citadel

White Rice in Dim Sum Citadel – S3E9, S2E10, S1E6, S1E8, S2E13, S3E14, S2E8, S2E12, S3E2, S3E12, S2E2, S2E3, S2E4, S2E6, S2E9, S2E14, S4E10, S4E15

Shanghai Shrimp in Dim Sum Citadel – S1E10, S2E10, S3E14

Black Tea in Dim Sum Citadel – S4E15, S4E9, S4E13, S4E3, S4E12

Potstickers in Dim Sum Citadel – S1E14, S3E4, S1E7, S1E8, S1E15, S4E3, S4E8, S4E12

Soy Sauce in Dim Sum Citadel – S4E14, S4E15, S4E7, S4E6, S4E8, S3E13

Turnip Cake in Dim Sum Citadel – S1E15, S1E10, S2E15, S4E14, S1E9, S1E13, S2E14, S3E12

Har Gao Shrimp Dumplings in Dim Sum Citadel – S1E13, S1E12, S1E15, S1E14, S2E10

BBQ Pork Rice Roll in Dim Sum Citadel – S1E14, S2E3, S2E12, S4E3

Spring Roll in Dim Sum Citadel – S2E8, S2E15, S3E6, S3E7, S3E13, S4E12

Chili Oil in Dim Sum Citadel – S4E15, S3E2, S3E11, S2E10, S4E4

Sesame Ball in Dim Sum Citadel – S4E15, S2E5, S2E15, S4E13, S3E6, S3E12, S4E2, S4E12

Chrysanthemum Tea in Dim Sum Citadel – S4E14, S4E11, S4E5, S4E10

Lotus Leaf Sticky Rice in Dim Sum Citadel – S2E9, S3E8, S2E10

Shanghai Soup Dumplings in Dim Sum Citadel – S4E11, S2E11, S3E2, S3E7

Shrimp Rice Roll in Dim Sum Citadel – S2E13, S3E1, S4E4

Egg Tart in Dim Sum Citadel – S3E1, S4E3, S4E11, S3E3

Chicken Feet in Dim Sum Citadel – S4E13, S3E3, S4E2, S4E14

Fried Shrimp Balls in Dim Sum Citadel – S3E6, S3E11, S4E14

Fried Rice in Dim Sum Citadel – S3E9, S4E14, S3E10, S4E2, S4E4, S4E15

Veggie Rice Roll in Dim Sum Citadel – S3E11, S3E14, S4E14

Century Egg in Dim Sum Citadel – S3E13, S4E3

BBQ Pork Bun in Dim Sum Citadel – S4E1, S4E2, S4E9, S4E10, S4E11, S4E12

Egg Custard Bun in Dim Sum Citadel – S4E3, S4E15, S4E13

Shrimp and Chive Dumpling in Dim Sum Citadel – S4E5, S4E6

Siu Mai Dumplings in Dim Sum Citadel – S4E7, S4E8, S4E9, S4E13, S4E15

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The Cheeky Tiki

Strawberry Punch in The Cheeky Tiki – S1E3, S1E5, S1E8, S1E10, S1E11, S2E8, S2E14

Pineapple Punch in The Cheeky Tiki – S1E6, S2E12

Coco Loco in The Cheeky Tiki – S3E6, S1E4, S1E6, S1E8, S1E9, S1E12, S2E5, S2E7, S2E15

Macadamia Nuts in The Cheeky Tiki – S4E3, S1E14, S3E15, S3E11, S1E10, S4E9, S4E11, S4E12, S1E9, S2E15, S3E8, S4E5, S4E8

Pineapple Passion in The Cheeky Tiki – S1E9, S2E8

Taro Chips in The Cheeky Tiki – S3E11, S1E15, S2E6, S3E7, S4E1, S4E4, S4E6, S4E14, S2E15, S3E4, S3E12, S4E12, S1E14, S2E2, S2E5, S3E8, S4E3, S4E11, S1E12, S1E13, S3E1, S3E5, S3E13, S3E14

Acai Margarita in The Cheeky Tiki – S1E13, S3E9, S2E1

Tidal Wave in The Cheeky Tiki – S2E1, S2E12, S3E1

Chocolate Coffee Beans in The Cheeky Tiki – S4E6, S3E9, S4E5, S4E9, S3E2, S3E10, S4E2, S4E4, S2E8, S2E9, S3E12, S3E13, S2E3, S2E15, S3E8, S2E4, S2E7, S2E10, S3E5, S3E7, S3E11

Shark Bite in The Cheeky Tiki – S2E6, S3E6, S3E9

Mai Tai in The Cheeky Tiki – S2E9, S2E10, S3E14, S3E4

Strawberry Daiquiri in The Cheeky Tiki – S2E11, S2E12, S3E10, S4E1

Piña Colada in The Cheeky Tiki – S2E13, S2E15

Tiki Torch in The Cheeky Tiki – S3E4, S3E3, S3E10, S4E2

Li Hing Candy in The Cheeky Tiki – S4E6, S4E9, S3E3, S4E14, S3E14, S4E5, S4E8, S4E10, S4E11, S4E12, S3E4, S3E7, S3E10, S3E12

Lava Flow in The Cheeky Tiki – S3E5, S3E6, S4E4

Blue Hawaiian in The Cheeky Tiki – S3E8, S3E9

Volcano Queen in The Cheeky Tiki – S3E12, S3E15, S3E10, S3E11, S4E8, S4E15

Tahitian Sunset in The Cheeky Tiki – S3E13, S3E14, S4E2, S4E15

Rainbow Warrior in The Cheeky Tiki – S4E1, S4E2, S4E7

Kona Koffee Kraze in The Cheeky Tiki – S4E6 , S4E4, S4E5, S4E12

Scorpion Bowl in The Cheeky Tiki – S4E7, S4E9, S4E10, S4E13, S4E8

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Funnel Cake in Dinerland – S1E7, S1E15, S2E8, S2E14, S3E3, S1E8, S1E10, S2E4, S3E6, S1E3, S1E6, S1E9, S2E5, S2E11, S4E3

Frozen Lemonade in Dinerland – S1E14, S1E15, S2E6, S3E11, S2E4, S2E3, S2E8, S2E10, S3E3, S3E15, S4E4, S4E12

Barbecue Corn in Dinerland – S1E12, S1E11, S1E9, S1E10, S1E6, S1E13

Plushie Toy in Dinerland – S4E4, S4E12, S4E14, S2E14, S3E14, S2E13, S3E9, S3E15

Blue Snow Cone in Dinerland – S3E15, S4E3, S3E6, S4E4, S4E6, S4E7, S4E12, S3E13, S2E15

Jumbo Cookie in Dinerland – S2E15, S2E5, S2E13, S2E6, S2E7, S1E10, S1E11

Kettle Corn in Dinerland – S2E12, S1E15, S2E11, S2E15, S2E2, S2E8, S2E10, S2E14, S1E12, S1E13, S3E2, S3E3

Vanilla Soft Serve in Dinerland – S2E1, S2E7, S2E11, S3E5, S3E6, S3E11

Red Snow Cone in Dinerland – S3E12, S2E10, S2E12, S3E10, S4E4, S4E5, S4E9, S4E13

Cotton Candy in Dinerland – S4E13, S4E7, S4E8, S4E10, S4E14, S3E4, S3E2, S3E8, S3E9, S3E10

Funnel Cake with Fudge in Dinerland – S2E9, S2E11, S2E14, S3E11, S3E14, S2E10, S3E1, S4E4, S4E6

Frozen Strawberry Lemonade in Dinerland – S3E6, S4E4, S4E7, S3E15, S4E5, S4E14, S2E14, S2E11, S2E12, S2E13

Chocolate Soft Serve in Dinerland – S2E13, S3E9, S3E13, S3E15

Candied Apple in Dinerland – S3E2, S3E15, S3E1, S4E10, S4E13

Dipped Jumbo Cookie in Dinerland – S4E2, S3E4, S3E12, S3E8, S3E11, S3E13, S3E15, S4E10

Cinnamon Apple Fries in Dinerland – S3E14, S3E7, S4E5

Dipped Vanilla Soft Serve in Dinerland – S3E10, S3E11, S4E6

Deep Fried Cookie in Dinerland – S4E4, S3E13, S3E14

Chocolate Dipped Apple in Dinerland – S4E2, S4E8, S4E11

Deep Fried Chocolate Soft Serve in Dinerland – S4E3, S4E4, S4E13

Funnel Cake with Soft Serve in Dinerland – S4E5, S4E7

Chocolate Drizzle Popcorn in Dinerland – S4E8

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Tokyo Akedo

Pork Karaage in Tokyo Akedo – S1E4, S1E10, S2E3, S1E9, S2E6

Grilled Chicken Leg in Tokyo Akedo – S1E7, S1E5, S1E6, S4E14, S2E12

Tonkatsu Sauce in Tokyo Akedo – S4E10, S3E12, S4E15, S2E8, S2E12, S3E10, S3E14, S4E11, S1E14, S2E14

Soft Serve (Matcha) in Tokyo Akedo – S2E11, S1E12, S1E13, S2E2, S2E10, S4E11, S1E14, S1E15, S2E7, S2E8, S3E4, S3E15, S4E14, S1E8, S3E2, S4E9, S4E10, S1E7, S3E10, S4E6, S4E15

Melon Soda in Tokyo Akedo – S4E4, S4E10, S3E15, S4E5, S4E14, S3E5, S3E9, S4E12, S2E4, S3E8, S3E12, S4E8, S4E13, S4E15, S2E9, S3E7, S3E10

Grilled Octopus in Tokyo Akedo – S2E13, S1E14, S2E6, S2E8, S2E12, S2E15, S1E10, S1E13

Chicken Karaage in Tokyo Akedo – S2E7, S4E8, S1E12, S2E5, S1E14, S2E12, S4E9

Deep Fried Octopus in Tokyo Akedo – S2E15, S1E13, S3E6, S3E10, S3E12, S4E9, S4E10, S4E11, S4E13

Pork Yakitori in Tokyo Akedo – S2E12, S3E7, S2E11, S3E9

Soft Serve (Black Sesame) in Tokyo Akedo – S2E5, S2E3, S2E6, S2E15, S2E10, S4E14, S2E4, S4E12, S4E13, S4E15, S2E11, S4E11

Chicken Yakitori in Tokyo Akedo – S2E15, S2E14, S3E1, S3E15, S4E9

Okonomiyaki in Tokyo Akedo – S2E8, S3E10, S3E12, S3E14, S4E11, S4E10, S4E15

Matcha Tea Latte in Tokyo Akedo – S2E12, S4E11, S3E15, S2E13, S4E12, S2E10, S4E5, S4E7

Taiyaki in Tokyo Akedo – S2E14, S4E15, S2E13, S4E11, S3E11, S3E3, S2E15, S4E2, S4E7, S4E12

Inari Udon in Tokyo Akedo – S3E6, S3E14, S4E12

Furikake in Tokyo Akedo – S4E3, S4E4, S4E6, S4E13, S3E6, S4E1, S4E7, S4E12, S3E9

Octopus Okonomiyaki in Tokyo Akedo – S3E10, S3E15, S3E12, S4E11

Agedashi Tofu in Tokyo Akedo – S3E5, S4E1, S3E6, S3E7, S3E13, S4E6

Cotton Candy in Tokyo Akedo – S3E8, S3E5, S3E6, S4E15, S3E7, S4E2, S4E13

Pork Shoyu Ramen in Tokyo Akedo – S3E8, S3E9, S4E4

Grilled Tofu in Tokyo Akedo – S3E14, S4E4, S3E13, S4E12, S4E15

Seafood Tan Tan Men in Tokyo Akedo – S4E2, S4E3, S4E7

Yakisoba in Tokyo Akedo – S4E4, S4E5, S4E14, S4E3

Chicken Shio Ramen in Tokyo Akedo – S4E6, S4E7, S4E12, S4E13

Takoyaki in Tokyo Akedo – S4E10, S4E14

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Swine ‘N’ Dine

Fried Bangus Fish in Swine ‘N’ Dine – S1E15, S2E4, S2E7, S2E10, S2E3, S2E5, S2E11, S1E7, S1E9, S1E13, S2E8, S3E7

White Rice in Swine ‘N’ Dine – S1E14, S1E15, S1E6, S1E8, S1E9

Filipino Melon Juice in Swine ‘N’ Dine – S4E14, S4E15, S3E10, S3E15, S4E13

Lechon in Swine ‘N’ Dine – S2E1, S2E6, S2E14, S1E12, S1E14, S2E2, S2E8, S2E13, S4E1, S4E2, S1E13, S2E5, S3E4, S1E7, S1E8, S1E10, S2E7, S2E9

Fish Sauce in Swine ‘N’ Dine – S4E10, S4E6, S4E12, S4E11

Halo-Halo in Swine ‘N’ Dine – S2E4, S3E5, S4E14

Banana Cue in Swine ‘N’ Dine – S1E13, S1E12, S2E5, S2E7

Biko Sticky Rice Cake in Swine ‘N’ Dine – S2E9, S2E10, S2E12, S3E4, S3E15, S2E1, S2E11, S2E15, S3E1

Banana Ketchup in Swine ‘N’ Dine – S2E10, S3E15, S2E5, S2E4, S3E12, S4E9

Pinasugbo Banana Candy in Swine ‘N’ Dine – S2E6, S2E11, S3E10, S3E11, S3E14, S4E7

Pork Empanada in Swine ‘N’ Dine – S2E10, S2E9, S2E13, S3E15

Filipino Ceviche in Swine ‘N’ Dine – S2E12, S3E6, S3E8, S3E7

Crispy Pata in Swine ‘N’ Dine – S3E6, S3E14, S2E13, S2E14, S2E15, S4E10

Chicken Adobo in Swine ‘N’ Dine – S3E2, S3E5, S4E12, S4E14

Fish Empanada in Swine ‘N’ Dine – S3E3

Maruya Banana Fritter in Swine ‘N’ Dine – S3E10, S3E12, S4E8, S3E15

Chicken Sisig in Swine ‘N’ Dine – S3E9, S3E10, S4E6, S4E5, S3E12, S4E8, S3E11, S3E13, S3E15, S4E3, S4E14, S3E14, S4E7

Ukoy Dulong Fish Fritter in Swine ‘N’ Dine – S3E12, S4E6

Pinoy Fried Chicken in Swine ‘N’ Dine – S4E4, S4E15, S3E14, S3E15, S4E10, S4E11

Pork Lumpia in Swine ‘N’ Dine – S4E2, S4E7

Turon Banana Lumpia in Swine ‘N’ Dine – S4E3, S4E4, S4E12

Filipino Fried Rice in Swine ‘N’ Dine – S4E6, S4E15

Pork Sisig in Swine ‘N’ Dine – S4E9, S4E12, S4E14

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Bouncy Birthday

Vanilla Cupcake in Bouncy Birthday – S1E10, S1E3, S1E6

Juicebox in Bouncy Birthday – S3E14, S4E5, S4E8, S4E11, S4E13

Plain Hot Dog in Bouncy Birthday – S1E9, S1E11

Corn Dog in Bouncy Birthday – S4E15, S4E12, S1E15

Red Balloon in Bouncy Birthday – S1E8

Ice Cream Cone in Bouncy Birthday – S1E11

Plain Burger in Bouncy Birthday – S2E14, S3E3, S4E9

Salisbury Steak in Bouncy Birthday – S2E1, S2E13, S2E15

Lemonade in Bouncy Birthday – S4E15, S4E9, S4E14

Apple Slices in Bouncy Birthday – S4E3, S3E13, S4E2

Plain Bologna Sandwich in Bouncy Birthday – S2E6, S2E5

Loaded Cheeseburger in Bouncy Birthday – S3E9, S4E14, S4E7

Loaded Hot Dog in Bouncy Birthday – S2E9, S3E5, S3E6

Broiled Bologna Sandwich in Bouncy Birthday – S2E11, S3E8

Green Balloon in Bouncy Birthday – S2E13, S2E15

Cheese Fries in Bouncy Birthday – S3E14, S3E7, S3E1, S3E9

Orange Balloon in Bouncy Birthday – S4E9, S4E5

Blue Balloon in Bouncy Birthday – S4E3, S4E6

Ice Cream Cup in Bouncy Birthday – S3E5

Chocolate Cake in Bouncy Birthday – S3E10, S4E12

Bologna and Cheese in Bouncy Birthday – S4E6, S3E10

Mac and Cheese in Bouncy Birthday – S3E13, S3E14

Loaded Fries in Bouncy Birthday – S3E15, S4E5

Cheese Pizza in Bouncy Birthday – S4E1, S4E3

Grilled Cheese Pocket in Bouncy Birthday – S4E15, S4E4

Carrots in Bouncy Birthday – S4E7, S4E8

Pastie in Bouncy Birthday – S4E9, S4E14

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Great Eats of Giza

Aish Baladi (Egyptian Flatbread) in Great Eats of Giza – S1E3, S1E2, S1E11, S1E13, S4E14

Hibiscus Juice in Great Eats of Giza – S4E15, S4E12, S4E14, S4E2, S4E9, S4E13, S3E11, S3E15

Garlic Bread in Great Eats of Giza – S1E7, S3E3, S1E4, S1E5, S1E6, S1E9, S1E10, S1E12, S1E13, S1E15, S2E2, S4E14

Halawa in Great Eats of Giza – S3E9, S1E9, S2E6, S2E12, S3E11, S2E11, S3E7

Jute Salad (Mulukhia) in Great Eats of Giza – S1E10, S1E9, S1E8, S1E11

Semolina Cake (Basbousa) in Great Eats of Giza – S1E12, S1E11, S3E6, S3E8, S1E13, S1E15, S1E14, S2E13, S2E15, S3E4, S3E5

Grilled Fava Beans in Great Eats of Giza – S2E14, S2E13

Fried Fava Balls (Ta’meya) in Great Eats of Giza – S3E14, S1E15, S3E4

Fava Dip (Ful Medames) in Great Eats of Giza – S2E7, S2E8, S2E4, S2E10, S4E3

Sugarcane Juice in Great Eats of Giza – S3E13, S2E5, S4E7, S2E3, S3E14, S4E5, S4E9, S4E12, S4E15

Chickpea Salad in Great Eats of Giza – S2E5, S2E4, S2E3, S2E6

Baked Garlic Taro in Great Eats of Giza – S2E7, S2E9, S3E4, S2E8, S4E13

Fava Pepper Paste (Besara) in Great Eats of Giza – S2E11, S2E10, S4E7, S4E15

Tahini Salad in Great Eats of Giza – S2E12, S2E11

Tomato Bread in Great Eats of Giza – S2E13, S2E15, S3E1

Lamb Stew (Bamia) in Great Eats of Giza – S2E15, S3E8, S3E10, S3E3, S4E10, S4E15

Fried Lamb in Great Eats of Giza – S3E15, S3E14, S4E11

Fattah (Rice and Lamb) in Great Eats of Giza – S4E5, S4E10, S4E14, S4E7, S3E13

Baked Pepper Aubergine in Great Eats of Giza – S3E7, S3E9, S3E5, S3E6, S3E8, S4E13

Minced Lamb Pita (Hamawshi) in Great Eats of Giza – S4E15, S4E5, S3E8, S3E15

Taro Soup (Colocasia) in Great Eats of Giza – S3E11, S4E11, S3E10

Fried Dough (Judge’s Lokma) in Great Eats of Giza – S3E12, S4E1, S3E13, S3E15, S4E4, S4E5

Fried Taro Root (Qolqas) in Great Eats of Giza – S3E14, S3E15

Baba Ghanoush (Tahini and Aubergine) in Great Eats of Giza – S4E1, S4E2, S4E6

Umm Ali in Great Eats of Giza – S4E3

Black Dish (Qolqas and Aubergine) in Great Eats of Giza – S4E7, S4E4, S4E5

Kunafa in Great Eats of Giza – S4E9, S4E6, S4E8, S4E7

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I’m Really Inuit

Frozen Blubber in I’m Really Inuit – S1E5, S1E7, S1E12, S2E7, S3E8

Inuit Tea in I’m Really Inuit – S4E13, S4E15, S4E14

Bannock Batter in I’m Really Inuit – S1E12, S2E5, S2E8, S1E10, S1E14

Roasted Blubber in I’m Really Inuit – S1E6, S1E10, S1E15, S3E7, S3E9, S3E14, S3E15, S4E12

Frozen Salmon in I’m Really Inuit – S1E9, S1E8

Roasted Salmon Steaks in I’m Really Inuit – S2E3, S4E8, S1E11, S2E4, S2E9

Frozen Caribou in I’m Really Inuit – S1E13, S1E14

Roasted Caribou Cuts in I’m Really Inuit – S4E7, S3E3, S3E15

Fermented Blubber in I’m Really Inuit – S4E14, S2E6

Cherry Freezy in I’m Really Inuit – S2E4, S2E2, S2E3, S2E5, S2E6, S2E10

Fermented Caribou (Igunaq) in I’m Really Inuit – S4E6, S4E8, S3E5, S3E12

Blubber Akutaq in I’m Really Inuit – S2E7, S4E11, S2E13, S3E13, S4E13

Crowberry Bannock in I’m Really Inuit – S2E10, S2E13

Marrowbone in I’m Really Inuit – S2E11, S2E12

Fermented Salmon (Igunaq) in I’m Really Inuit – S2E13, S3E13, S4E5, S4E13

Pitmarrow in I’m Really Inuit – S2E15, S3E5, S4E14

Seabread Strips in I’m Really Inuit – S3E1, S3E2

Crowberry and Seaweed Salad in I’m Really Inuit – S3E3, S3E10, S3E14

Blue Raspberry Freezy in I’m Really Inuit – S4E10, S4E3, S4E4

Blubber Suassat Soup in I’m Really Inuit – S3E7, S3E8, S3E9, S3E10, S3E15, S4E10

Seaweed Stew in I’m Really Inuit – S3E10

Bone Stew in I’m Really Inuit – S3E11, S3E12

Crowberry Mash in I’m Really Inuit – S3E14, S3E13, S4E5

Caribou Suassat Soup in I’m Really Inuit – S3E15, S4E3, S4E7, S4E12

Fish Stew in I’m Really Inuit – S4E10

Lime Freezy in I’m Really Inuit – S4E2, S4E15

Clean-the-Igloo Stew in I’m Really Inuit – S4E4, S4E5, S4E7, S4E8

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Presto Digesto

Grilled Sweet Potato in Presto Digesto – S1E11, S1E14, S1E3, S1E6, S1E7, S1E8, S1E10

Milk Can Escape Milk in Presto Digesto – S3E14, S4E10, S4E8, S4E15, S3E12

Smoked Salmon in Presto Digesto – S4E9, S1E4, S2E3, S3E4, S4E12, S4E14

Grilled Salmon in Presto Digesto – S1E6, S1E7, S2E2, S2E8

Smoked Lobster Skewer in Presto Digesto – S1E13, S1E14, S1E12, S2E10, S1E10, S3E9, S3E10

Grilled Zucchini Boats in Presto Digesto – S2E4, S2E15, S1E11, S3E7, S4E11

Silver Side Salad in Presto Digesto – S3E4, S2E6, S4E9, S4E10, S3E12, S3E15

Zig-Zag Illusion in Presto Digesto – S4E9, S4E13, S4E14, S3E12, S3E14, S3E15

Soy-Garlic Steak in Presto Digesto – S2E1, S2E13, S3E1, S3E4

Steak Frites in Presto Digesto – S2E6, S3E8, S3E14, S2E4, S4E6

Crispy Salmon in Presto Digesto – S2E7, S2E8

Pink Chocolate Rose in Presto Digesto – S2E14, S4E11, S2E9, S2E10, S3E3, S4E10

Sweet Potato Tots in Presto Digesto – S2E11, S3E4, S3E1, S4E10, S4E14

Fried Egg in Presto Digesto – S4E12, S4E10, S4E13, S4E6, S4E9, S4E8, S4E11, S4E15

Lobster in Sauce in Presto Digesto – S3E15, S2E15

White Chocolate Card in Cake in Presto Digesto – S2E15, S4E15, S3E14, S4E14

Grilled Salmon Salad in Presto Digesto – S3E1, S3E6, S3E7, S3E14

Deep-Fried Zucchini in Presto Digesto – S4E7, S3E8, S3E2, S3E3

Lobster Fritter in Presto Digesto – S3E3, S3E7, S3E11, S4E14

Beef Tips in Presto Digesto – S4E10, S3E7, S4E13, S4E15, S3E13, S3E14

Grilled Lobster Cake in Presto Digesto – S4E1, S4E4, S4E8, S4E12

Garlic Sweet Potato Fries in Presto Digesto – S3E9, S3E11, S3E14, S4E15

Smoked Steak Kebabs in Presto Digesto – S4E7, S4E3, S4E11, S4E14, S4E15

Garlic Zucchini Salad in Presto Digesto – S3E13, S4E13, S4E15

Chocolate Trifle in Presto Digesto – S3E15, S4E12, S4E11, S4E14

Smoky Sweet Potato Skewers in Presto Digesto – S4E11, S4E1, S4E6, S4E4

Smoky Zucchini Skewers in Presto Digesto – S4E12, S4E3, S4E11, S4E5, S4E6, S4E8, S4E14

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Jungle Joint

Grilled Piranha in Jungle Joint – S1E6, S1E11, S1E12, S3E9, S1E7, S1E10, S2E5

Coco Cubes in Jungle Joint – S1E8, S1E7, S1E15, S2E1, S2E3, S2E7, S3E2, S4E13

Turkey Leg in Jungle Joint – S1E14, S1E4, S1E5, S1E10, S2E7, S2E12

Pineapple Rings in Jungle Joint – S1E15, S2E14, S2E15

Coco Water in Jungle Joint – S1E12, S1E14, S1E9

Turkey Brisket in Jungle Joint – S2E8, S1E9, S1E14, S2E3, S2E9

Cornoncob in Jungle Joint – S1E12, S2E4

Banana Smoothie in Jungle Joint – S2E11, S1E13, S1E15, S4E10, S4E15, S2E6

Plain Burger in Jungle Joint – S2E7, S1E15, S2E8, S2E11

Fried Piranha in Jungle Joint – S2E6, S2E4, S2E5, S2E12, S2E13

Pineapple Punch in Jungle Joint – S4E3, S2E14, S4E7, S3E4, S3E10, S3E13

Fried Banana in Jungle Joint – S2E3, S2E14, S3E6, S4E7, S4E15

Jungle Fries in Jungle Joint – S3E15, S4E14, S2E5, S2E10, S2E14

Spicy Coconut Stew in Jungle Joint – S2E8, S2E9, S4E5, S4E12

Banana Burger in Jungle Joint – S2E10, S2E11, S3E15, S4E15, S4E6

Pineapple Tower in Jungle Joint – S2E12, S2E13, S3E14

Turkey Burger in Jungle Joint – S2E14, S2E15, S3E8, S3E9, S3E11

Boiled Artichoke and Dip in Jungle Joint – S3E1, S3E2, S4E3, S4E5

Cheese Fries in Jungle Joint – S3E3, S4E4

Loaded Fries in Jungle Joint – S3E10, S4E14

Stuffed Artichoke in Jungle Joint – S4E10, S3E5

Loaded Burger in Jungle Joint – S3E7, S3E8, S3E11, S3E14, S4E3

Creamed Corn in Jungle Joint – S3E10, S4E2, S4E8

Deviled Eggs in Jungle Joint – S3E12, S4E2, S4E13

Pina Burger in Jungle Joint – S3E14, S4E9, S4E14

Banana Chips in Jungle Joint – S4E6

Egg Sandwich in Jungle Joint – S4E5, S4E2, S4E11, S4E8, S4E9, S4E1, S4E4, S4E14

Mashed Potatoes in Jungle Joint – S4E3, S4E5

Banana Sandwich in Jungle Joint – S4E6, S4E10, S4E7, S4E13

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Pad Thai Pinball

Stir-Fried Veggies in Pad Thai Pinball – S2E1, S1E3, S1E11, S1E12

Thai Iced Tea in Pad Thai Pinball – S3E12, S4E15, S4E7

Wok-Fried Shrimp in Pad Thai Pinball – S1E10, S1E7, S1E5, S1E6, S1E9, S1E13, S1E15

Fried Chicken in Pad Thai Pinball – S1E11, S1E9, S1E10

Wok-Fried Beef in Pad Thai Pinball – S1E12, S1E13

Fried Pork in Pad Thai Pinball – S1E14, S1E15, S1E12, S1E13

Shrimp Fried Rice in Pad Thai Pinball – S2E5, S2E13, S2E15, S4E2, S4E14, S4E15

Khao Pad Fried Rice in Pad Thai Pinball – S2E6, S2E4, S2E15, S2E7, S2E8, S2E14, S3E13

Chicken Pad Thai in Pad Thai Pinball – S2E1, S2E2, S2E10, S3E3, S4E7, S4E9

Mango Sticky Rice in Pad Thai Pinball – S4E13, S4E11, S4E15, S4E7, S4E8, S4E14, S3E12, S3E15

Pork Pad Thai in Pad Thai Pinball – S2E8

Chili Sauce in Pad Thai Pinball – S4E2, S4E12, S4E13, S3E10, S4E1, S4E14, S4E15, S3E14

Thai Beef Meatballs in Pad Thai Pinball – S3E2, S3E4, S2E7, S2E9, S4E8

Crispy Curry Pork Belly in Pad Thai Pinball – S4E15, S2E7, S2E15, S3E11

Lime Leaves in Pad Thai Pinball – S4E15, S4E12, S3E11

Pad See Ew in Pad Thai Pinball – S2E10, S3E1

Peanuts in Pad Thai Pinball – S3E14, S4E14, S2E14, S3E12, S4E7, S4E3, S4E9, S4E15

Thai Chicken and Rice (Khao Man Gai) in Pad Thai Pinball – S4E10, S3E5, S3E8, S3E10, S3E12

Shrimp Pad Thai in Pad Thai Pinball – S2E14, S2E13, S3E11, S3E14, S3E15

Fried Pork and Basil (Pad Krapow Moo Saap) in Pad Thai Pinball – S2E15, S4E1, S3E10, S4E13, S4E15

Spicy Veggie Soup in Pad Thai Pinball – S3E7, S3E2, S4E15

Beef Pad Thai in Pad Thai Pinball – S3E14, S4E3

Curry Chicken Fried Rice in Pad Thai Pinball – S3E4, S3E5, S3E11, S4E12

Thai Beef Noodles in Pad Thai Pinball – S4E14, S3E6, S4E12

Tom Yum Soup in Pad Thai Pinball – S3E7, S3E10, S3E15, S4E2, S4E14

Green Curry Chicken in Pad Thai Pinball – S3E10, S4E1

Veggie Curry Rice in Pad Thai Pinball – S3E12, S4E7, S4E10, S4E14, S4E15

Thai Beef Noodle Soup in Pad Thai Pinball – S3E13, S3E14, S4E9, S4E10, S4E14

Spicy Shrimp Stir-Fry in Pad Thai Pinball – S4E8, S3E15, S4E12

Spicy Chicken Curry Noodle Soup in Pad Thai Pinball – S4E6, S4E12, S4E7, S4E10, S4E11

Spicy Pork Curry Noodle Soup in Pad Thai Pinball – S4E9, S4E3, S4E4, S4E12

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Country Fried Cabin

Flapjacks in Country Fried Cabin – S1E9, S1E13, S1E14, S4E5, S1E8, S2E3, S2E4, S1E10, S1E15, S2E2, S2E13

Scrambled Eggs in Country Fried Cabin – S3E9, S1E14, S2E2, S4E13

Country Biscuits in Country Fried Cabin – S1E12, S1E4, S1E5, S4E13

Plain Oatmeal in Country Fried Cabin – S1E7, S1E9, S1E10, S1E6, S1E8, S1E12, S1E14, S2E2, S2E12, S3E14

Syrup in Country Fried Cabin – S4E7, S4E11, S4E12, S2E14, S4E8, S3E14, S2E15, S4E9, S4E15, S2E9, S2E11, S2E13, S4E14, S2E4, S4E10, S4E13

Hot Cocoa in Country Fried Cabin – S4E9, S3E14, S4E13, S4E14, S3E15, S4E7, S2E15, S4E12

Blueberry Flapjacks in Country Fried Cabin – S1E11, S1E15, S2E4, S1E12, S2E14, S4E6

Oatmeal with Raisins in Country Fried Cabin – S1E13, S1E14, S1E15, S4E15, S2E5, S2E10, S2E15, S4E3

Hash Browns in Country Fried Cabin – S2E1, S3E3, S3E12, S2E2, S2E6, S3E8, S3E13, S3E15

Plain Yogurt in Country Fried Cabin – S2E4, S2E3, S3E1, S3E12, S4E3, S4E11

Apple Flapjacks in Country Fried Cabin – S2E5, S2E14, S3E3, S3E5, S3E10, S4E10, S4E14

Gravy in Country Fried Cabin – S4E13, S3E12, S3E15, S3E13, S3E9, S4E2, S4E15

Blueberry Coffee Cake in Country Fried Cabin – S2E8, S2E9, S2E11, S3E14

French Toast in Country Fried Cabin – S2E10, S2E11, S2E12, S4E7, S2E15, S3E12, S4E11

Oatmeal with Nuts and Strawberries in Country Fried Cabin – S2E13, S2E14, S3E7, S4E4

Country Fried Steak in Country Fried Cabin – S3E1, S3E2, S3E12, S3E9, S3E11, S3E15, S3E3, S3E4, S3E5, S3E7, S3E8, S3E10, S3E13, S4E12

Yogurt with Strawberries in Country Fried Cabin – S3E4, S3E5

Apple French Toast in Country Fried Cabin – S4E9, S4E8, S3E6, S3E14, S3E7, S3E11, S4E13

Potato Scramble in Country Fried Cabin – S3E10, S3E11, S3E15, S4E1, S4E5, S4E7, S4E9

Corned Beef Hash in Country Fried Cabin – S4E2, S4E15, S3E13, S3E14, S3E15, S4E1, S4E9, S4E10, S4E11, S4E13

Steak and Eggs in Country Fried Cabin – S4E1, S4E15, S4E3, S4E10, S4E14, S4E9

Yogurt with Nuts and Raisins in Country Fried Cabin – S4E11, S4E3, S4E4, S4E5, S4E12, S4E14, S4E15

Blueberry French Toast in Country Fried Cabin – S4E8, S4E6, S4E7, S4E14, S4E9, S4E11, S4E12, S4E15

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Merry Feastmas

Sugar Cookie in Merry Feastmas – S1E5, S4E12

Yorkshire Pudding in Merry Feastmas – S1E13, S2E4, S4E15

Gingerbread Cookie in Merry Feastmas – S4E15, S1E4, S1E6, S1E7, S1E10, S1E13, S3E11

Hot Cocoa in Merry Feastmas – S2E10, S2E14, S2E15, S2E4, S3E2, S2E8, S2E11

Yule Log in Merry Feastmas – S4E12, S1E6, S1E9, S1E14, S1E15, S2E7, S2E13, S2E15

Sugar Cookie with Sprinkles in Merry Feastmas – S1E8, S1E9, S3E13, S3E9

Spinach Salad in Merry Feastmas – S4E14, S1E12, S3E12, S4E4, S1E10, S1E11, S1E14, S2E5, S2E12, S2E15

Gingerbread Man with Peppermint in Merry Feastmas – S3E8, S1E13, S2E12, S3E3

Candied Yams in Merry Feastmas – S2E2, S3E10, S2E1, S4E8, S2E5, S2E7, S2E9

Gravy in Merry Feastmas – S4E15, S4E9, S3E8, S3E6, S4E10, S4E13

Roasted Chestnuts in Merry Feastmas – S2E3, S2E4, S2E15, S3E6, S4E2, S3E4, S4E1, S4E7

Creamed Spinach in Merry Feastmas – S2E5, S3E8, S4E4, S2E6, S3E11

Mince Pie in Merry Feastmas – S4E14, S2E7, S2E8, S3E15, S4E8, S2E9, S4E9, S4E10, S2E11, S2E12

Sweet Potato Soup in Merry Feastmas – S3E12, S4E11, S2E15, S2E10, S3E15, S2E9, S2E11, S4E2, S2E14, S3E2, S3E7, S3E11, S4E7, S4E8

Horseradish in Merry Feastmas – S4E11, S4E13, S4E14, S4E12, S4E5, S3E10, S3E14, S4E4, S4E7, S4E8, S4E9, S4E15

Holiday Fruit Cake in Merry Feastmas – S2E12, S2E13, S2E14, S3E13

Rack of Lamb in Merry Feastmas – S3E1, S3E2, S3E3, S3E4, S3E8

Peppermint Hot Cocoa in Merry Feastmas – S4E13, S4E12, S4E15, S3E11, S3E15, S3E10, S3E12, S3E13, S3E14, S3E3, S3E6, S3E9

Spinach Tart in Merry Feastmas – S3E11, S3E5, S3E6, S4E15

Stuffed Lamb in Merry Feastmas – S3E8, S3E9, S3E13, S4E3, S4E4, S4E13

Sweet Potato Pie in Merry Feastmas – S4E5, S3E10, S3E14, S4E13, S3E11

Sugar Cookie with Frosting and Peppermint in Merry Feastmas – S3E13, S3E14, S4E3, S4E8

Candied Chestnut Cake in Merry Feastmas – S4E1, S4E15, S4E2, S4E3, S4E12

Gingerbread Woman with Frosting and Sprinkles in Merry Feastmas – S4E3

Lamb Wellington in Merry Feastmas – S4E6, S4E5, S4E13, S4E10

Gingerbread House in Merry Feastmas – S4E7

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Chateau Creep

Pumpkin Potion in Chateau Creep – S1E7, S1E9, S1E10, S3E5, S3E9

Jack O’ Lantern in Chateau Creep – S2E7, S3E9, S2E15, S3E1, S3E3, S3E5, S3E6, S3E10, S4E5, S4E14

Candied Spiders in Chateau Creep – S2E4, S2E15, S1E5, S1E6, S1E7, S1E8, S1E9, S1E10, S1E13, S1E14, S1E15, S2E8, S4E4, S4E14, S4E15

Spiced Cider in Chateau Creep – S4E15, S2E15, S3E14, S4E11, S4E3

Candy Bark in Chateau Creep – S1E8, S1E12, S1E15, S1E9, S1E10, S1E11, S2E12, S2E14, S3E14, S4E6, S4E15

Sprinkles in Chateau Creep – S4E11, S4E14, S4E8, S3E14, S4E12, S4E15, S1E12, S4E6

Trick Bag in Chateau Creep – S1E11, S1E12, S4E13, S1E15, S2E2, S2E14, S3E15, S4E14

Treat Bag in Chateau Creep – S1E13, S1E14, S2E14, S3E4, S3E13

Baked Apples in Chateau Creep – S2E6, S2E5, S2E9, S3E10, S4E10, S3E1, S3E8

Full Moon Pie in Chateau Creep – S2E14, S3E13, S2E3, S2E4, S2E7, S2E13, S3E14, S3E4, S3E12

Pumpkin Cookies in Chateau Creep – S4E10, S2E5, S2E6, S2E14, S4E4, S4E6, S4E12

Gummy Worms in Chateau Creep – S4E13, S4E15, S3E15, S4E3, S4E5, S4E9, S4E11, S4E12

Spider Cupcakes in Chateau Creep – S2E8, S4E14, S3E10

Caramel Apple in Chateau Creep – S2E14, S2E10, S2E12, S2E15, S4E5

Eyeball Cake Pop in Chateau Creep – S4E2, S4E7, S2E13, S4E11

Candy Corn in Chateau Creep – S3E1, S3E3, S3E2, S4E5

Eerie Elixir in Chateau Creep – S3E4, S3E5

Sugar Spider Web in Chateau Creep – S3E7, S3E9, S3E12, S3E15, S3E11

Witch’s Brew in Chateau Creep – S3E11, S3E10, S4E9, S4E14

Ghost Marshmallow in Chateau Creep – S3E14, S3E13, S3E15, S4E2, S4E6, S4E3, S4E4, S4E8, S4E12, S4E13

Candied Caramel Apple in Chateau Creep – S4E2, S4E9, S4E3, S4E1, S4E11, S4E8, S4E13

Franken-Mallow in Chateau Creep – S4E15, S4E4, S4E6, S4E13, S4E11, S4E14

Candied Spider Apple in Chateau Creep – S4E14, S4E7, S4E10, S4E15

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297 thoughts on “Cooking Dash Daily Goals Cheat Sheet

  1. Thanks for highlighting the task for Treasure Hunt.
    I’m done it now 🙂

    Are you frequent player and following the cooking dash in FB page?

  2. Did anyone else have a glitch where new trophy challenges showed up and then disappeared? They were mostly using the supers and serving 500 people per episode within 5 days.

      1. Glad I am not completely crazy 😜
        I was working through the kitty one too, wondering if we will have to start over when they reintroduce? I’m sure we will.

  3. Thank you so much! Your site is a godsend for the daily tasks as well as the treasure hunts. Unfortunately we’ve got a new one & the current task I’m stuck on is for Cavman Paleo: fire roasted carrots with lemon garnish. Can you help?

    P.S. Do you have (or can you make) a similar page for the Gordon Ramsey version of the game. I actually like it better except that there hasn’t been a new venue in like 2yrs. ☹️

    1. You’re welcome.

      I apologise for the fire roasted carrots as Caveman Paleo is one of those venues the list of which I still need to polish and my Cooking Dash app has been buggy lately so I was not able to update. Haven’t played the Treasure Hunt yet. There is a comment above yours that said roasted carrots with lemon garnish is S2E3 and it is served 5x or 6x in that episode.

      No promises but I will look into the Gordon Ramsey version 🙂

  4. Last one on this treasure hunt is 5 stars on all levels of HipStir. Even though I have bought everything, I can’t get more than 3 or 4 stars on levels 7-15 (with the exception of 12) of the last season. Any ideas?

  5. Okay. Bought the second slot on hip stir. Now have five stars in all but the last level. Can’t seem to get that one. Ugh!

    1. Hi! I only have one slot, and I am only 91% complete on making all my purchases–and I have 5 stars. I used Swift Serve (Beca–she does Auto Serve + fast Flo). NOTES: 1. I load up the coffee maker and the milk maker right away and then always make sure to keep them filled and have three coffees made plus 1 in the hopper. 2. I have four seats, so I wait until I have served them all and then swipe all the tips at once (I had about 10 seconds left at the end of the round–so I was still able to serve them all.) 3. Beca (the VIP) will automatically serve all the donuts that DON’T have whipped cream or chocolate added, so when you see one of those, just ignore it. She’ll take care of it. I have played the last level many times, so I also know some of the specialty drinks that are coming up and I try to always be carrying one specialty drink (like hot chocolate, which takes three stations). Then Beca automatically takes it from me when someone asks for it. If you have two slots, you can put on a Carry Four Flo and carry even more of the specialty drinks! I hope this helps you!

  6. The VIP TeaPot Stack has changed now when it gives the cloud with what’s up next there are numbers by it. Has anyone figured out how to play this effectively?

    1. Not only are there numbers, but the cloud appears throughout the game–that is, it always tells you what is coming next. The numbers, I think, indicate which order is first, second, third, etc. But those clouds–they are killing me. They are so distracting to me, so no, I have not figured out how to play this effectively. (But can’t wait for someone else to say “I HAVE!”) (That said, it is an interesting change to be able to see what *everyone* wants next rather than just the first four diners.)

      1. I love the the premonition continues thru the whole level like it does in the Ramsey Dash version. I just wish the bubble didn’t cover the money. If I can’t see it I get distracted & forget to swipe it.

  7. I hate Tokyo akedo. Can’t get past the finale so I can do the rest of the challenge. 😭😩😤. Spent way too much time, gold, and VIP’s on it

  8. I did beef bulgogi in k-pop kitchen, and you have listed S3E14. I got two in that one. But I recalled 4 or more in S4E4. Just a suggestion. Love this cheat sheet.

    1. I played S3E14 and S4E4 again.

      S3E14 has 5:
      [video src="" /]

      S4E4 has 4:
      [video src="" /]

    2. Sorry, but did something happen to the Jamaican me Hungry list? It’s missing some of the recipes. ☹️

  9. Wow, thanks for this! You’ve saved me so much time. Something I’d like for your site is a list of all the venues that has a link to that venue’s goals so I don’t have to scroll through all of it.

  10. Sorry, but did something happen to the Jamaican me Hungry list? It’s missing some of the recipes. Also, sorry I put this in the wrong place. 🙄

  11. Not sure what it is about Super Peter (chocolate bat) and bouncy birthday. I have been struggling trying to get 4 stars on season 4 episodes 11-15. I finally tried Peter. His bat shoes up 3 times! Finally have four stars in 11-13! Thanks to Peter!

  12. Hi, I’m from the Cooking DASH’s player group on Facebook ( and I would like to say thanks to you for helping us. I have written a small post in the group mentioning your posts to use as reference for Daily Goals. If you’re in our group, you can comment on the post and I’ll give you credit in it. Thanks again!

  13. Jungle Joint – Pineapple Punch. I’ve found S3.E10 has 9; S2.E14 and S3.E4 only have 7 each. I haven’t tested the others as I’m only playing S3.E.10. Thanks for this great list!

  14. Thought you might want to change your listing in Party Fowl. Cooking dash calls a menu item in Party Fowl “Pumpkin Spice Lattes” yet you do not have that listed as an option.

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