24 thoughts on ““Please Try Relinking Your PayPal Account To Your GCash Wallet” Error

  1. Is your paypal email and gcash email the same? Are the names on both account an exact match? I cant link mine.
    On my paypal acct it shows Under My Preapproved Payments:
    Below it is:
    To protect your account, this preapproved payments has been deactivated. To reactivate it, reset your PIN. But this is at the bottom with a red flag before it. But that flag is not besides the G-Xchange.

    When i try to cash in it says i need to link to paypal eventhough i have already done it. My theory is in my paypal, i entered my middle name. But in my gcash, they didnt even ask for my middle.

    1. Yes, I use the same email for both GCash and PayPal. On my GCash card I did not include my middle name but on the registration form, I entered it in full.

      You can email GCash Support about it. I had similar errors in the past but never once did they answer that it had to do with the name having to coincide.

  2. Hello please I really need help on doing cash in. Im using android n apple but stiill can’t cash in and having the same error since yesterday. I have done cancelling all the pre-approved payments and relinked it but still the same issue. Dont know whats happening.

    1. Yeah I experienced that too and my solution then was to use my sister’s GCash account for a few weeks. After that it was my sister’s account which has that same problem and I was able to switch back to my account. I consulted GCash about this and they’ve said it usually is a timeout error. Well, sometimes their app has bugs be it in Android or iPhone.

  3. Gcash to paypal link still error?? It says need to relink and im done with it. Im ios user please help how to fix this problem thanks!

    1. Sorry to hear about that. I think by now you have already received text notification from GCash that they are suspending the PayPal to GCash cash-in for an indefinite period.

  4. Is there any updates when would be the tentative date when they can resume the service? Or if no exact date, can you give us advice how we can withdraw our funds in paypal?

    1. No update yet on when the service would resume.

      I use my sister’s currency exchanger as we have been using the service before PayPal to GCash cash-in was available. There’s a fee of course so that’s one of the caveat.

  5. Please help me resolve this:my account has been restricted and I can’t transfer my money to my gcash.m me thanks

    1. Mine was temporarily suspended, too, for a few hours today. I got an email from them to confirm if the recent transactions were done by me and I replied to them that I was indeed the one who made the recent transactions using my card. I am sure they would have emailed you about it so you need to reply to them immediately. The suspension has been lifted shortly after my reply.

    2. Other reasons for restriction can also be additional verification steps and it would be helpful if you can go to a Globe wireless center to sort it out

      1. I did experience this kind of error for like a few weeks or leading up to a month and my only recourse was to use my sister’s GCash account as hers was not affected by the same error.

  6. Tried Linking my GCash to Paypal via Gcash IOS App.

    got the confirmation and email that I signed up for preapproved plan to g-xchange inc. with paypal.

    but when I checked my paypal, I still need to link a credit/debit card. does this mean the linking of gcash fails?


    1. The linking with GCash is good. The debit/credit card addition is on PayPal’s end and you may see the reminder from time to time unless you add a card on there.

  7. I encountered the same error and it turns out that the credit card I used on my Paypal has already expired. I actually linked my Gcash Mastercard using the guide at mixjikz.blogspot.com/2018/09/how-to-verify-and-link-paypal-account.html and now all is well. hope this helps 🙂

  8. Hi mappbox! Do we need to get verified with our debit card in order to transfer Paypal funds to GCash? I already linked my GCash to Paypal yet “Please Try Relinking Your PayPal Account To Your GCash Wallet” error is still there. Any idea about this?

  9. Hello, what do you think the reason why I keep on experiencing Gcash cash-in error? It always says “Sorry, we are unable…Please ensure…paypal account has been activated or that there are no security restrictions…” I already have my bank account and debit card confirmed and verifies. What do u think is the problem? Thanks

  10. I’ve been trying to re link my PayPal to GCash but still it says failed so tried to check on YouTube but they only concentrated on android phone no iPhone I’m really running out of options here pls help.

    1. Did you try reset network settings yet? You can try to delete the gcash app from your phone first and do reset network settings. By the time your iphone refreshes again, download the gcash app again and start logging in again. Let me know how it goes

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