5 thoughts on ““Please Try Relinking Your PayPal Account To Your GCash Wallet” Error

  1. Is your paypal email and gcash email the same? Are the names on both account an exact match? I cant link mine.
    On my paypal acct it shows Under My Preapproved Payments:
    Below it is:
    To protect your account, this preapproved payments has been deactivated. To reactivate it, reset your PIN. But this is at the bottom with a red flag before it. But that flag is not besides the G-Xchange.

    When i try to cash in it says i need to link to paypal eventhough i have already done it. My theory is in my paypal, i entered my middle name. But in my gcash, they didnt even ask for my middle.

    1. Yes, I use the same email for both GCash and PayPal. On my GCash card I did not include my middle name but on the registration form, I entered it in full.

      You can email GCash Support about it. I had similar errors in the past but never once did they answer that it had to do with the name having to coincide.

  2. Hello please I really need help on doing cash in. Im using android n apple but stiill can’t cash in and having the same error since yesterday. I have done cancelling all the pre-approved payments and relinked it but still the same issue. Dont know whats happening.

    1. Yeah I experienced that too and my solution then was to use my sister’s GCash account for a few weeks. After that it was my sister’s account which has that same problem and I was able to switch back to my account. I consulted GCash about this and they’ve said it usually is a timeout error. Well, sometimes their app has bugs be it in Android or iPhone.

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