ATM Withdrawal Limits in Vietnam

Having traveled to a few countries in Asia for the past year, I feel this information is share-worthy for potential tourists coming in to Vietnam. I have a GCash MasterCard from the Philippines and it is the principal card I use for ATM withdrawals and grocery purchases. However, I would run into a problem sometimes because not all ATMs accept my card even though the ATM machine clearly has MasterCard sticker on it. I’ve compiled this short information as a result of my own trial-and-error experience with most ATM machines.

Just like Indonesia, Vietnam’s currency employs many zeros and mindfulness is a useful asset when handling money here in Vietnam. In Thailand, I do not usually pay attention to the withdrawal limits in banks as I do not reach more than 7,000 Baht transaction/week. Here is the list of ATM withdrawal limits per transaction by banks I have tried:

SeABank – 5,000,000 dong/transaction

Techcombank – 2,000,000 dong per transaction (Each transaction will incur a 66,000 dong fee)

Sacombank – 3,000,000 dong/transaction

Vietcombank – 3,000,000 dong/transaction

Maritime Bank – 3,000,000 dong/transaction


Obviously, SeABank is the first choice to try. PVCom Bank, OCB Bank and Eximbank, unfortunately, would not accept my GCash MasterCard. I will try using a Visa card to experiment withdrawal with next time and will update it. For the meantime, hope this short information helps.




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