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GCash Wallet Cap Exceeded

A GCash user would encounter the “Wallet Cap Exceeded” message when attempting to transact in the GCash mobile app beyond his or her monthly limit. There would also be a corresponding text message notification from 2882 which would appear to be something like, “Sorry, you will exceed your transaction limit. Please try a smaller amount.”

A Basic Member level in GCash has a transaction limit of PhP50,000 monthly while a Fully Verified Member can have incoming and outgoing transactions of up to PhP100,000 monthly. One person can have multiple GCash accounts, but GCash may as well mean the transaction limits apply to one person nothwithstanding the number of GCash accounts.

My GCash account shows up as Fully Verified in the GCash mobile app.

But every time I check my transaction history after the third week of the month, I would find my online purchase/ATM withdrawal/send money to another GCash user attempts would be halted when the amount hits PhP50,000.

Few years ago my sister had inquired about this with the support team at a Globe center and she was told my Fully Verified account is good for a PhP100,000 monthly transaction limit.

I recently am having this problem again and decided to send an e-mail to GCash Support earlier today to clarify.

Here’s what my GCash MasterCard and GCash AmEx statements currently looks like:

Hope GCash support can clarify.

UPDATE: MAY 14, 2019

GCash Support could not give me a clear answer at first until I pestered them to stop sending me templates which does not address my question properly.

I was then told that as a Fully Verified member I am allowed the PhP100,000 monthly transaction limit. What this means is if I cash in PhP50,000 plus worth in a month, I would have already reached my monthly transaction limit if I spend or transact away all of that amount from ATM withdrawals, bank transfers, money transfers to other GCash numbers, online purchases, shopping, etc. PhP50,000 cashed in and PhP50,000 cashed out equals PhP100,000.

I wish they would rectify the transaction limit table. Wallet Size makes it confusing as it can be misinterpreted as PhP100,000 allowable cash-in.

That clears up the GCash wallet cap exceeded issue. It’s still a good idea to either have multiple GCash accounts and get a PayMaya account, too.



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13 thoughts on “GCash Wallet Cap Exceeded

  1. I just actually called their hotline few minutes ago and YES the info that you have there is correct.

    They should really put a distinction between the Wallet Size Cap Limit.

    I ask the lady I spoke to and she said the word ‘Transaction Limit’ means Incoming/Outgoing so any thing that you do with your Gcash wallet.

    40k Daily Limit and 100k a Month for Fully Verified User..

    Problem is, if you Cash-in 100k (Ex. Just in 3 days) then your money is STUCK.

    You won’t be able to do ANY OTHER transactions (Like withdraw, transfer money or pay bills) You will need to wait for NEXT MONTH.

    What a drag.. 😦

  2. Is there any way that you can withdraw the money if you already reach your transaction limit or the money will be stuck until next month?

  3. Is there any way that you can withdraw the money if you already reach your transaction limit or the money will be stuck until next month?

    1. From my experience in the past with this, no, I could not withdraw nor even transfer to another GCash account. The money’s stuck in the account for when the next month comes.

    1. You can go to Transaction History within the GCash app and select the dates and enter the email address you want to receive the statement to. Sometimes it gets sent to Spam so you’d better look in there as well.

  4. can i cancel GCASH so I can claim my balance…. they are just fooling us…
    what is the bank handling gcash ?
    is it G-exchange Inc. located in mandaluyong?

    1. I’m sorry to hear about that. I don’t know about cancelling a GCash account. It’s best if you would go to a Globe Centre and consult them about cancelling your GCash account.

  5. This is weird. I cash in around 90k to 100k per month and I am always able to cash out the same amount within that month.

    I use my Gcash wallet to transfer my PayPal balance to my bank instantly (PayPal to Gcash to Bank).

      1. There’s a tab for linked accounts in the GCash app. PayPal is listed as one of the linking platforms. Just tap on PayPal and it will redirect you to the PayPal sign in page. If you linked your PayPal to your GCash successfully, PayPal will show up as one of the options under Cash-in > Remittance

  6. So frustrating

    I cannot withraw.
    Better before. I can transact smoothly. Now, its a disaster.

    I just had a few transaction and then telling me that my wallet has exceeded!

    I have a very important matter to transact with today and sadly, poorly, devastating! Thay i cant even trnasfer anything..

    Pls clarify gcash

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