Cooking Dash Glitch in Trial of Style and Series Finale

As all regular Cooking Dash players know, there had been a long Asian Series theme in Trial of Style mid-April until this earlier this month. One of the goals listed was unlocking a new venue – Pad Thai Pinball – only upon placing at the top 5th in 3 consecutive Trial of Styles.

I played my way to top 5th on the first and second Trial of Styles but, unfortunately, my progress had reset to zero when I was halfway through the third and last Trial of Style in the Asian Series. By the time the Asian Series Trial of Style was over, my stats only reflected my achievements for the third ToS.


I contacted Glu Support about this but it seems they do not have a record of my 2 previous ToS achievements. I did place top 5th in the second ToS and was first on the third. I could only recall being somewhere in the top 5 for the first ToS. All they could give me was a few premium wheels and some 25 gold bars for my troubles.


Unfortunately I was not able to keep a screenshot of my first and second Asian Series Trial of Style achievements. If you encounter a glitch like the one I experienced, remember to keep screenshots of your progress. As a result, they could not get the new venue unlocked for me.

The glitch only affected the Trial of Style progress and thankfully my gold bars, golden saucers, VIP tickets, etc, are still in the correct number.

The Asian Series Treasure Hunt was scheduled around the same time as the third and last Trial of Style.


I had finished the Treasure Hunt goals a day before the third ToS and the glitch had also reset my Treasure Hunt achievements – it was like I never played it at all even though I did equip Flo with the item I won from the Treasure Hunt.


I don’t know if anyone has already unlocked the new venue Pad Thai Pinball. But it seems it will be available soon for everyone who registers to Diner Dash Adventures.


Another glitch concerns that of the recent Swine ‘n’ Dine Series Finale. I already earned the golden saucer for completing the Series Finale in the past.


Another proof that supports this is that I was awarded the Series Finale completion for this time around.


Yet when I go past the 4 seasons, the system shows me as not having played it at all.


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