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Tracking A TransferWise Delay


While researching online for platforms to transfer and receive money within a day, I would often read TransferWise being mentioned in some forums. I signed up sometime July or August but only got to use TransferWise’s services in October when attempting to transfer USD to my VND account. Even though their exchange rates fare better than PayPal and some others, I had to learn about tracking a TransferWise delay for my third TransferWise experience.

I went through a verification process pretty much like the same one I went through with Skrill years ago. The difference is my Skrill verification was approved in less than a week compared to my TransferWise verification. I made sure I uploaded the right documents as required but no one from customer service or whoever was assigned to look into it bothered until I had to send an email to remind them I did upload the correct images. On the TransferWise website I could see the list of images I repeatedly uploaded for which I was not getting any confirmation. I simply used the TransferWise mobile app so I did not have any way of knowing how many images I have already uploaded.


It was frustrating.



For the first two USD to VND transfers I made, the funds appeared in my VND account in less than 2 hours. I was mindful of the estimated time. The TransferWise mobile app will always indicate when you can expect your funds right before you confirm the payment for the transfer.

The third transfer was a bit vexing because of the delay – after 7 hours, I still did not receive the funds. It clearly indicated I would get it within the day but a 7-hours TransferWise delay is not normal considering my experience with the previous transfers.


So what went wrong and why was there a TransferWise delay? Their remittance partner was what went wrong and here’s how I found out.


Tapping on View Transfer Details will bring up GET PDF RECEIPT.


I did go to my bank branch to ask them if there was any pending transfer and I was told my account balance was up to date. I figured there must be a way to communicate directly with TransferWise’s remittance partner without waiting for the next day (I wasn’t getting any reply from TransferWise either). These are clear-cut processes and the only way a platform such as TransferWise gets to promise less than a day transfers is if they have a local remittance partner.

The bottom of the PDF receipt says:


Tranglo does have a website and I was able to connect to an agent via live chat.





Less than an hour after that chat, I received a reply from TransferWise.



Well, the bank clearly didn’t hold my funds as there were no funds to hold. I’m surprised they are still told to answer queries in that manner when customers know the obvious. The clearer version of the story was from Tranglo.

An hour after that chat, I received the confirmation from my bank’s mobile app that the amount has been credited. Took 10 hours for this to be rectified and, of course, Tranglo had to be the one to quickly resolve it because TransferWise had already done their part.

I still would recommend TransferWise because of their exchange rates. If you experience any TransferWise delays, make sure to check the pdf receipt of the said transfer so you can follow it up with their banking partner.



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