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PayPal to PayMaya Add Eligible Debit Card Problem


On November 5th I was able to successfully transfer funds from my PayPal to PayMaya and it was instant as usual. The next day I encountered a problem when I attempted to transfer again. I was redirected to a page prompting me to add an eligible debit card. My PayMaya Visa Debit Card which I have been using for a few years does not show up as one of the options for instant transfer. Even when I tried to reenter my PayMaya Visa Debit Card again, it still would not show up. None of my other Visa Debit Cards would show up either.


In PayPal Community I found posts detailing the same PayPal Visa Debit Card problem.



I contacted PayPal about it and even the links provided did not work. It took me back to the same “add eligible debit card”. They did admit the problem was mainly caused by their so-called upgrade.


The problem with this PayPal representative was carelessness – the link provided did not work because it should be “moneytransfer”, not “moneytransfers”. When using the correct link, my PayMaya Visa debit cards appeared in the options:

I have no doubt that it only affected some PayPal users. But as of today I have noticed that the number of users who have encountered the add eligible debit card problem has increased.

On November 13th I decided to try to create a PayPal account for my mother who also has a verified PayMaya account. I got her PayPal verified and linked her PayMaya account to it. I transferred my USD funds to her PayPal and through her PayPal account, I transferred funds to her PayMaya account. To my relief the “add eligible debit card” did not pop up as her PayMaya Visa Debit Card appeared as a transfer option.



The amount was successfully transferred.


I tried it with a smaller amount like $22 to see if the PayMaya Visa Debit Card problem would occur. Sadly, my second attempt to withdraw funds to her PayMaya account failed.

On November 20th, I tried to withdraw PayPal funds to her PayMaya account with the full amount I intended to withdraw. The transfer went through without an error.

If you’ve landed on this page via a Google search, I just want to let you know the problem is merely on PayPal’s end and not with PayMaya. Patience is required as for my experience this is the third week I have not been able to use my own PayPal and PayMaya for instant transfers. PayPal’s customer support will answer you with canned responses as they definitely do not know when the “add eligible debit card” problem will end for some users.


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