PayMaya To GCash and GCash To PayMaya Transfer

There was a short period when PayMaya to GCash transfer was disabled in the PayMaya mobile app but it has become available again for a while now. I have tried the PayMaya to GCash transfer thrice and the good news is I didn’t have to wait more than a few minutes for my beneficiary to receive the funds.

In your PayMaya app, tap on Bank Transfer.

The option for GCash appeared as G-XChange, Inc when I used it a few weeks ago but the PayMaya app update has changed it to GCash.

If you have updated your PayMaya app, you should see GCash under the list of banks

Enter the amount and recipient details. The part where I entered 0966 is the Bank Account number field. In this case it is your recipient’s GCash mobile number. You’ll have to enter that number again under the mobile number field.

Make sure you got the details correct. The app does require you to fill in the purpose field.

The funds should be in your recipient’s GCash account in a few minutes.

GCash to PayMaya transfer also has the same steps. In your GCash app, tap on Bank Transfer.

You’ll have to tap on the bottom left in order to choose from the complete list of banks in the drop down menu.

Fill in the required details and you will be taken to the confirmation page.

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