Cooking Dash Sundae Fundae Tip

The episodes in Cooking Dash’s Sundae Fundae can be tedious to play especially when you have to serve two or multiple orders to a customer. The trick is not to pick up orders by individual item but to focus on each customer’s order(s) collectively. I experimented with picking up items individually versus picking them up and putting it on the counter simultaneously and the latter has proven to be more time-efficient. See the video comparison below:



However, I do notice the Auto Chef does get my order confused sometimes:



Do not prepare the orders in advance, unless you’ve played it too many times and you’re already familiar with the upcoming orders. Still, I find that doing it in that manner confuses Auto Chef and it gives you a different order needlessly.

Needless to say, this tip does apply to all Cooking Dash shows. Sundae Fundae is just one show I made an example of because I’ve had several glitches when it comes to orders involving bananas.


Cooking Dash Daily Goals Cheat Sheet

When you’ve completed most of the shows in Cooking Dash and just want to earn additional free gold in Daily Goals, it can be cumbersome to do trial and error to finish the required task. Not too long ago I’ve come up with a small cheat sheet for Cooking Dash Daily Goals. These are the most common tasks in Daily Goals that I have repeatedly accomplished. I saved myself the trouble of trial and error by listing some of them. Not a complete list but this will definitely help save you time and supplies. An IMPORTANT NOTE to remember, though, is a required number in a daily goal can sometimes only be achieved by using that particular show’s own VIP/Auto Chef as opposed to using either Cray Teaque or Richard Loco Moco. I would use either of the two especially if I have not purchased the show’s VIP/Auto Chef yet, which sometimes require I play the episode again in order to reach the daily goal.

Grilled Steak in Barnyard BBQ – S1E4

Corn on The Cob in Barnyard BBQ – S2E2

Blueberry Flapjacks in Country Fried Cabin – S2E4

Corned Beef Hash in Country Fried Cabin – S4E2

Country Biscuits in Country Fried Cabin – S1E12

French Fries in Table Steaks – S3E12

Steak in Table Steaks – S1E6

Tuna Roll in Enso Sushi – S1E4

Yellowtail Roll in Enso Sushi – S1E6

Onion Blossom in Medieval Dines – S1E8; S2E12

Dragon Soup in Medieval Dines – S1E4

Vegan Tostada in Taco Train – S1E14

Steak Taco in Taco Train – S2E10

Banana Crepe in Cat Lady Crepes – S1E5 and S1E6

Grilled Salmon Filet in Cat Lady Crepes – S1E2 and S1E3

Chocolate-Dipped Beetle in Adventurous Eats – S1E14; S3E1

Kelp ‘n’ Tentacles Smoothie in Adventurous Eats – S1E3

Boiled Terror Bird Egg in Caveman Paleo – S4E4

Steamed Crab Legs in Pieces of Ate – S1E4

Grilled Bread in Metal Chef Italian – S3E14

Grilled Okra in Chew Orleans – S4E8; S1E15

Baked Catfish in Chew Orleans – S1E15

Oyster Rockefeller in Chew Orleans – S2E12

Chargrilled Oysters in Chew Orleans – S2E12

Garlic Fries in Out ‘n’ Inning – S1E9

Cheeseburger in Out ‘n’ Inning – S2E8

Samosa in Feastival of Lights – S1E4 and S1E5

Naan in Feastival of Lights – S1E4 and S1E5

Trick Bag in Chateau Creep – S1E12

Treat Bag in Chateau Creep – S1E13

Pork Burrito in Taco Train – S1E10

Kraken Curry in Pieces of Ate – S1E15

Grilled Meatballs Marinara in Metal Chef Italian – S1E13

Caffe Mocha in Hip Stir Cafe – S4E4

Latte in Hip Stir Cafe – S4E15

Macchiato in Hip Stir Cafe – S4E7

Fried Plantains in Jamaican Me Hungry – S1E15; S4E6

Ackee Patty in Jamaican Me Hungry – S1E6

Goat Curry in Jamaican Me Hungry – S1E4

Boiled Green Banana in Jamaican Me Hungry – S2E1; S4E12

Braised Callaloo in Jamaican Me Hungry – S1E14

Escovitch Fish in Jamaican Me Hungry – S4E10

Mussels Paella in Tapas del Mar – S3E14; S2E11; S2E12

Prawns a la Plancha in Tapas del Mar – S3E1

Tortilla Española in Tapas del Mar – S2E5

Gildas in in Tapas del Mar – S2E9; S4E14

Prawn Paella in Tapas del Mar – S3E7

Prawns a la Plancha in Tapas del Mar – S3E1; S3E7

Octopus a la Plancha in Tapas del Mar – SS2E12; S2E13; S2E14; S2E15; S4E12

Ensaladilla Rusa in Tapas del Mar – S3E10

Chipirones in Tapas del Mar – S3E11; S4E13

Shellfish Paella in Tapas del Mar – S3E13

Mussels Vinaigrette in Tapas del Mar – S2E4

Cod Ceviche in Tapas del Mar – S2E13; S2E14

Octopus Ceviche in Tapas del Mar – S3E6; S4E11

Grilled Prawn on Toast in Tapas del Mar – S4E1

Basque Cod Stew in Tapas del Mar – S4E4; S4E14; S4E15

Paella del Mar in Tapas del Mar – S4E9; S4E10

Beef Bulgogi in K-Pop Kitchen – S3E15; S4E15

Kimchi Fried Rice in K-Pop Kitchen – S2E13

Vanilla Dipped Waffle Cone in Sundae Fundae – S2E14; S2E10

Chocolate Waffle Cone in Sundae Fundae – S1E12

Matzo Ball Soup in Big Belly Deli – S1E6; S1E8; S1E12; S2E4

Smoked Turkey in Big Belly Deli – S1E6

Corned Beef in Big Belly Deli – S1E9

Turkey Sandwich in Big Belly Deli – S3E8

Bagel with Cream Cheese in Big Belly Deli – S1E15

Beef Kishka in Big Belly Deli – S1E13; S1E15

Bagel with Lox in Big Belly Deli – S3E10

Corned Beef Sandwich in Big Belly Deli – S2E12; S2E13

Turkey Knish in Big Belly Deli – S2E9

Pastrami in Big Belly Deli – S2E12

Chopped Liver and Onions in Big Belly Deli – S3E9; S3E13

Turkey Kishka in Big Belly Deli – S3E4

Chicken Liver Kishka in Big Belly Deli – S3E7

Beef Knish in Big Belly Deli – S3E10; S3E15

Deluxe Bagel in Big Belly Deli – S4E5

Chopped Liver Sandwich in Big Belly Deli – S4E1

New York Cheesecake in Big Belly Deli – S4E4

Pastrami Sandwich in Big Belly Deli – S4E6

Chopped Liver Bagel in Big Belly Deli – S4E11



Cooking Dash Bug

On March 12th, I encountered the same bug (again) in the Cooking Dash mobile app when playing the Eats for Earth episode. The bug mainly has to do with the “needs topping” feature.

If you look at the grilled tilapia dish, you would observe there is nothing on the plate that indicates the customer needs his grilled tilapia to be served with sauce. When I tried to deliver the order, I noticed Flo would not move and hand over the dish to the customer. I encountered the same error on February 12th as well and here’s what irate customers looked like:

Other Cooking Dash mobile app episodes, though, work fine when it comes to reflecting the required topping.

My 4-Year-Old Niece Hits A 2.8 Million Score In Temple Run 2

photo (7)
It’s Saturday and although I have a list in my head of what to write for today, I am gonna bump those to last priority for a while in favor of Temple Run 2. I’ve been having fun playing this game of explorer’s delight since this noon.
Last week I mentioned one smartphone game I don’t really mind wasting my time in – Sudoku. Along with Bejeweled Blitz, I like playing these games because of their short time limit. They do serve the purpose of relieving me from a major burnout.
Yesterday my 4-year-old niece achieved a 2.8 million score in a Temple Run 2 game. Considering she’s 4 years old and only learned the game from watching my youngest sister play it in less than an hour, that score is quite an incredulous achievement. She was the first in the household to reach that score.
I have not even reached a 1 million score until yesterday. By this afternoon, I finally navigated my Temple Run 2 explorer, Scarlett Fox, effortlessly through the rugged terrains, jumping and collecting gold coins to a 2 million final score this afternoon. Yay! 2 Million after 2 weeks.
But that score is not even close to my niece’s. Who knows, maybe it will take me a week more to reach 3 million. My niece could very well grow up to be a game app developer someday.