Globe LTE Pocket WiFi Fix


I recorded this video as I wanted to share with whoever comes across my page that there is no need to panic when your Globe LTE Pocket WiFi exhibits this behaviour. The simple fix is to replace the usb cable you use for charging it. If a new usb cable does not fix the problem, it’s advisable to have it looked at by a technician.


Viewing Public LinkedIn Profiles Even Without A LinkedIn Account

For some time I would think about borrowing a LinkedIn account whenever I encounter a link for a LinkedIn profile in a Google search result. I don’t remember how long it has been since I last had a LinkedIn account; I decided to delete my account there long before I decided to delete the hotmail e-mail address I signed up with it.

Whenever I do a Google search on Safari on my mobile phone, I would not be able to click through on a LinkedIn profile link even though the LinkedIn account is set to public. I used to be able to do this without having an account in the distant past but Google must have altered something in their algorithm. I was doing a search yesterday on an entirely different topic when I stumbled upon a workaround for viewing public LinkedIn profiles even without logging in to your LinkedIn account.

I found out that by doing a search via in lieu of, I could click through the public LinkedIn profiles and read most of the information listed by the account owner without having to be redirected to the login page as search results clicks from would have it.


Same Day Local Funds Transfer Withdrawal Alternative for Upwork Freelancers

Upwork freelancers from the Philippines trust the local funds transfer option as one of the various methods they can get paid. Local funds transfer normally takes 2-3 business days to clear. But what if you, as an Upwork freelancer, have the option to speed up local funds transfer into 12 hours or even less than 20 minutes processing time? Yes, same day local funds transfer withdrawal in Upwork is very much possible and that is what I am going to share with you. Here’s a preview:






As an Upwork freelancer myself I use PayPal and Skrill to receive my funds from Upwork. However, since I have acquired a GCash MasterCard, I decided to concentrate on using Skrill. It is a great alternative to PayPal. The reason I am frequenting Skrill is because of Skrill’s  mobile wallet feature. With the mobile wallet feature, you can have your Upwork USD converted into Philippine pesos which will then be sent to either your PayMaya or GCash account. Mobile wallet transfer is instant with Skrill.

Since my Skrill funds are already in my GCash wallet, I could then proceed to my account and do a GCash Cash-in. I would click on the Cash-in option in my dashboard, enter the amount I want transferred, enter my GCash mobile number and click on Dragonpay to complete the transfer. There’s a minimal fee to cash in using GCash. In less than a minute a text message would be sent to your Globe mobile number for you to key in your GCash PIN for the cash-in to be completed.

Once the cash-in is confirmed, I would then click on Cash Out in my dashboard and select the Bank transfer option and then selecting the bank name. In my case it took 5 minutes to see the funds on my RCBC Savings bank account. In minutes, I would receive a text message confirmation of the successful same day local funds transfer withdrawal.

Whichever bank you have an account in, this same day local funds transfer withdrawal alternative is definitely worth a try. Here are the required accounts:

  • a GCash account
  • a Skrill account
  • account
  • a Philippine-based bank account


Is It The Network? Or The Software? 

I’ve been experiencing major download hiccups when it comes to the app updates in the App Store. I originally thought this was an iOS bug but after I experimented changing to a different WiFi network or an LTE network, for that matter, I’m leaning more on the network as the cause.


As for the above example, the update status blinks from Update to Open in nanoseconds! Crazy! I took this screenshot while being connected to my home’s fibre internet connection. It does blaringly say 10 updates below despite the absent UPDATE status.

When I got out later that day, the LTE network was able to update my apps quickly and without hitch. Hmm, what gives?

How To Activate GCash in RCBC Online Banking

I have had my RCBC Online Banking account for a while but mostly use the mobile application to check my balance and, occasionally, pay my phone bills. A month ago I decided to explore the web features of RCBC Online Banking and found out a conversion of funds from my own RCBC savings account to GCash was possible.

It’s imperative, of course, to activate GCash in your RCBC Online Banking account. Make sure you do this on your desktop because the mobile application does not have activation of GCash available. It confused me for a while how the activation of GCash was supposed to be done and I e-mailed Customer Service. The part about getting the MPIN and the Bank Reference number got me stumped. To save anyone who’s searching through Google about the activation of GCash in RCBC Online Banking the trouble, here’s the step-by-step guide:


Once you get that done, you are now ready to transfer some funds from your RCBC Savings account to your GCash account within RCBC Online Banking.

Update: January 30, 2018

I just tried linking RCBC MyWallet to my GCash account. I had many errors attempting to do it on Google Chrome – I would get the “INVALID ACCESS” and “WWW.RCBCMBS.COM SAYS GCASH ACCOUNT IS NOT LINKED TO RCBC ACCOUNT” error messages. After 5 tries, I decided to use Internet Explorer (I am using a Windows laptop) with the VPN activated and it worked, which means I was finally able to get to that successfully linked confirmation page during the initial try.

I am using a VPN because for some reason I cannot open RCBC Online Banking overseas. Once I requested my cousin in the Philippines to open RCBC Online Banking for me. He told me only when he used VPN was he able to access the site.

How To Pair A Bluetooth Mouse With A Windows 8.1 Tablet PC

As I’ve mentioned in this post, I bought a bluetooth mouse off Lazada. I also wrote I did question whether or not Lazada’s customer representatives had enough training to be able to tell the difference between a bluetooth mouse that has a physical Connect button and one that doesn’t have it, that is, one that can only be paired with pairing keys or pairing codes. If you’re not careful, you’ll end up sticking to the assumption that all bluetooth mice have a physical Connect button which you can press, in addition to the On-Off button, of course.

This is an example of a bluetooth mouse with a built-in Connect button.



Image source: My Windows Hub


This is the bluetooth mouse I bought from Lazada. No matter how many times you turn it over, you won’t see a Connect button in there aside from the On-Off function.




So now that we’ve clarified the two kinds of bluetooth mice you might come across, you can go ahead and watch the video below for the step-by-step guide on how to pair a bluetooth mouse without a Connect button to your Windows 8.1 tablet PC.


It’s always handy to have a bluetooth mouse as an option. In my case, I opted for the bluetooth mouse because my Asus Transformer detachable keyboard had this “ghosting” bug – intermittently it would be typing numerous backslashes on its own. I have not gotten around to having it fixed yet. For the meantime, I am using a third-party keyboard with sleeve for my tablet PC via a micro USB. Having a bluetooth mouse instead of the optical mouse assures me that the mouse doesn’t eat up my tablet PC’s scanty memory/storage capacity.


Nowadays I use the Evernote app to create notes coming from my not so organized Gmail account. As one of my primary accounts and one I frequently check, my Gmail is inundated with e-mail subscriptions (despite transitioning to a more promising Inbox from Google). With Evernote at least half of the burden is eliminated whenever I copy some notes from Gmail and paste them onto Notes in the Evernote app. 

The Premium option doesn’t concern me as much, perhaps because I have not exceeded my storage limit yet. 

I downloaded Evernote on my Windows 8 tablet PC twice – one from the Windows Marketplace and second was the desktop version. The Marketplace version for Evernote, unfortunately, could not sync my notes in real-time. The desktop version redeemed the great funtions of the app – it was not only syncing notes in real-time but it had more specific tabs, font options and other settings not accessible to the iPhone and Marketplace version.