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iOS 10’s Intrusive Notifications

When I chanced upon an article last week about developers already testing the iOS 10.1 version, I finally decided to update my iPhone 6 Plus’s software. Update went smoothly but not without me getting a bit paranoid about the black screen.

One problem I did immediately notice is that the notifications have become intrusive to the point that I kept mistakenly clicking on the default Banner notification while I was in the middle of a Cooking Dash episode. Unlike the newer iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, my phone’s processor still isn’t capable of saving the game apps if I click away from it for a while; by the time I go back to the game app, it would have already taken me back to the “downloading” page even if I paused the episode I was on.



Yeah, right! Something’s indeed about to be ruined; I can’t see through what I’m cooking!

I experimented with the Notifications settings and found only the Banners option made sense because the Alert option is obviously even more glaring. However I look at it, both Banners and Alerts are intrusive.



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My Online Shopping Experience With Lazada

A month ago I downloaded the Lazada smartphone app to look for a dual usb host and, eventually, a bluetooth mouse and a bluetooth keyboard. With a few searches, I zeroed in on a particular bluetooth mouse which looked pretty decent for an affordable listed price (PhP500-PhP800 price range). A week after I decided to shop for some hair wigs and hair accessories.

The first problem I encountered, which I hope they would fix promptly, is the Order Status update. In my first confirmed order – the bluetooth mouse – the order status remained at “Processed” for over a week even though it was juxtaposed with the Delivery Date of within the same week. Lazada’s Customer Service representative was quick to reply to my inquiry about the correct order status and clarified the issue. However, I question how qualified some of their customer service representatives are. It would be nice to see not only an admirable quick response time but also that queries be answered satisfactorily down to their specifics.

I received my bluetooth mouse and the hair accessories two days apart. Not bad. I still have an order pending delivery and with this succession, I am confident it might arrive next week.

Overall, the Lazada app is easy to navigate and most customers flock on their website for cash on delivery deals. There are plenty of good deals in Lazada and I would still recommend you check out the smartphone app.


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iOS 9.3 Bug

I updated my iPhone’s software yesterday but only noticed a bug several hours later (when my apps needed to be updated), a bug affecting the credit/debit card saved in my App Store. It’s a card I’ve successfully used for almost a year for app and in-app purchases. Why wouldn’t it work now? It wasn’t a coincidence I noticed this bug a day after my iPhone’s iOS 9.3 update.

Just now I tried adding other credit/debit cards in my possession but I still see the error message “Card declined…” appear. Was worried a bit there it was a card problem but clearly the bug was caused by this new software update.

Subsequently, the following pending updates will accumulate and have to wait a while until this iOS 9.3 software bug is fixed.


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SmartMoney Versus PayMaya

On the off chance that you’ve been unfortunate getting an approved credit card application or you simply need to keep your financial plan under control, the idea of registering for a virtual credit card/debit card may be enticing. Fortunately for credit card rejects like us our present innovation has necessitated the proliferation of virtual credit cards/debit cards.

I’ve had my SmartMoney MasterCard for around 5 years now when I found PayMaya from online ads a month back and since then have alternately used SmartMoney MasterCard and PayMaya Virtual VISA Card in my online purchases.



Unlike SmartMoney which you need to access through your phone menu’s SIM Applications, PayMaya has a mobile app and you can enroll within the app for free. Note: I associated my PayMaya Virtual VISA Card with my Smart mobile number since the former is affiliated with Smart Communications.



This is the starting page for you to sign in or register if you don’t have an account yet. The login username is the mobile number you registered it with. Once you’re logged in, you’ll see the primary page showing the balance and transaction history of your PayMaya Virtual VISA Card.



I regularly top up my PayMaya Virtual VISA Card in 7-11 outlets and Robinsons Bayad Centers. There are absolutely no extra charges to top up and you can start with as little as PhP50.00. 7-11 financial service kiosk is my favourite – it’s a breeze getting a paper slip with a few taps on the screen. You’ll then receive a text confirmation within seconds once the cashier has processed your payment. Most obvious choice for reloading your SmartMoney card is via BDO branches. On the convenience factor for me, PayMaya is more preferable because 7-11 outlets are open 24/7 and BDO branches stick to regular office schedule. Both PayMaya and SmartMoney do not charge extra fees for reloading.

Tapping on the View Card shown above will take you to the enlarged image of your PayMaya Virtual VISA Card.



The Pay Bills feature will be accessible soon on PayMaya. SmartMoney already has Pay Bills enabled and I have been continually paying my monthly postpaid bill with it. PayMaya would need to review your application first should you wish to secure a physical card and/or to enable the Send Money feature. SmartMoney, on the other hand, can deliver your customized card within 2-3 weeks from the date of application and transferring money to other SmartMoney cards/users has dependably been SmartPadala’s eponymous trademark.

Although both SmartMoney MasterCard and PayMaya Virtual VISA Card are owned by Smart Communications, you won’t need to unlock permissions for any transaction with PayMaya. SmartMoney requires users to go into the Phone Menu –> SIM Applications –> Smart Money to allow a transaction to go through. Generally, you get a text notification if your account has already been unlocked for online purchases and in less than a minute you have to click Confirm Purchase on the web page you opened for the said transaction. Do not let this time frame pass without confirming your online purchase, or you’d have to go back to SIM Applications and request to unlock again.



I find the swift unlocking process inconvenient due to my location constraints – I would have to get up from my work area at home and walk towards the door to get a signal in order for my text notification to come in. Furthermore, I wouldn’t advise using SmartMoney MasterCard for mall shopping because of the lock and unlock options.

PayMaya can likewise be utilized for paying your MRT and LRT tickets with the so-called PayMaya VISA with beep.

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Viber For Desktop

It still surprises me that some of my friends who have used Viber chat messenger on their mobile phones do not know its Desktop version is already available. I decided to write this article so the news can be spread further. I first learned about it about two months ago from my Facebook news feed, one of my acquaintances posted the link for Viber Desktop. Here is the link, by the way, if you want to download it:

Since I have sworn off owning a smartphone or any other mobile phone back in April, you can imagine how ecstatic I was to try out Viber’s Desktop version. One important thing you need to know before downloading it and installing it to your PC is that after registering for the Desktop version of the chat messenger, you will receive the 4-digit code on your Viber mobile app.

Messages between Desktop and mobile versions are consolidated and are real-time, of course. No need to worry about missing any text or chat message from your friends and contacts if you tick on “Save messages history when exiting a conversation” from your Viber Desktop Settings > Basics.

Another outstanding feature about the Viber mobile app is the option to merge Facebook contacts (whose mobile numbers aren’t yet listed  on your Contacts) who are registered with Viber. You can do this right within your smartphone and the changes will be applied to the installed Desktop version.

Emoticons are available on the Viber’s Desktop version already, though not as many as on its mobile counterpart. Call is enabled on the desktop version as well.

**This post was originally published in RedGage, TheEmpress. 

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If you’re looking for meditation music you can play on your smartphone, I recommend you check out the mobile app Omvana. With Omvana you can download relaxing music to accompany your meditation exercises. The app can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play for free although some mp3 files are for sale starting at $0.99.

I downloaded the app a few weeks ago and got 7 audio files for free. Every week I would be able to download a few free audio files to listen to right on the app itself. They have binaural tracks – tracks that are best heard using headphones. To check on new tracks, just click on Omvana’s “New” tab. Today I saw a new free track called Bubbling Spring under the category “Sounds of Nature”. Once you click on “Free”, the clicked button will change to “Download” and it will eventually change to “Play” after download is finished.


Other categories in Omvana aside from “Binaural Sounds” and “Meditation Music” include “Inspirational Speeches”, “Stress Relief”, “Health & Fitness”, and “Personal Growth”.


A few of my personal favorites are from the soothing Meditation Music by Kerri Lake such as Dancing Wind Flute, Eagle Feather and Echoing Feelings. The orange loop icon on the left side means there’s no need to click on the track as it will automatically replay the track of your preference.


If you want to de-stress for a while, just take your pick from the free tracks on Omvana.

***Image source: Omvana

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PhotoLoader For Facebook


I use PhotoLoader for Facebook when I need to upload batches of pictures right from the iPhone or iPad. If you have segregated some photos into an album on the Photos, PhotoLoader makes it very convenient to upload the whole album to your Facebook account. No need to upload snapshots one by one – PhotoLoader for Facebook will then start the seamless upload with a few clicks.

Steps in Using PhotoLoader for Facebook:

1. Log in to your Facebook account within PhotoLoader. It will automatically load all the albums which are already in your Facebook account.


2. Tap Upload on the lower bar. From the Upload window, there’s an Organize button. Tapping on Organize will bring up two upload options: Add individual Photos or Add a Photo Album.


3. For this tutorial I will pick Add individual Photos. I selected 3 photos of my niece wearing a blonde wig.


4. Click on Upload. You have the options to upload them in order or randomly.


5. If you don’t have the preferred album set up previously on Facebook, you can create a new album within the app itself by clicking on New.


6. Enter Photo Album information. Tap on Upload and your upload begins. You will be notified after all pictures have been successfully uploaded.

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PhotoBeamer For Transferring Photos



I had experimented with several photo transfer apps from the App Store. Gadgets such as the iPhone, iPod Touch and the iPad do not enable transferring photos between those devices using the Bluetooth feature alone.




Last year I discovered PhotoBeamer to be the most convenient I’ve used when forwarding a photo from my Camera Roll to my friend’s iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad device. It’s free to download from the App Store. Sometimes when you don’t want to sync or e-mail or share a Photo Stream for just one single photo, all you need to do is make sure your friend also has PhotoBeamer downloaded.




Now that the device you wish to quickly transfer your photos to already has PhotoBeamer installed, you both need to tap “Connect” within the app and make sure Bluetooth is activated so the connection between wireless Apple devices can be enabled. You’ll be asked to select a photo from Camera Roll and just tap “Beam” to beam a photo to another device.

It’s ideal to use for single photo beaming only.

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Ringtone Maker


Image credit: Ringtone Garage

This morning I got this idea of creating a ringtone out of the Cutting Crew song, (I Just) Died In Your Arms Tonight. You probably have heard of it from GTA Vice City. My friend, Crizzy, on the other hand recalled she remembers the song from a Drew Barrymore chick flick, Never Been Kissed. Anyway I chose that particular song to create a ringtone from because I really dig the sound of the cello during the first 15 seconds of the song.

My iPhone had not been synced with iTunes for a long time. Since I don’t own a computer or laptop anymore, I didn’t want the risk of overwriting some files and I still like the current music and photo files as they are from the last time I synced them. So I went searching online for information on making a ringtone within the iPhone itself without having to sync the phone to iTunes.

Most of the options I read about could only work for a jailbroken device. I sure don’t want to jailbreak my device anymore. I have had enough of that from the past – new software updates would always get messed up and battery drain issue worsened after a jailbreak.

The only legit solution I found sans having to go install the ringtone maker app in Cydia was installing Garage Band and an app to create ringtones with from the mp3 files you currently have on your Music app. Both are paid apps when I checked them on the app store.

Oh well it’s either hold off on syncing or no syncing at all.

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Google+ Mobile App

photo 1 (1)


I rarely use Google+. In fact these days I only get to use it when I share my Bubblews post from the Social Media Share button on the left side of the Bubblews article page. After submitting an article this afternoon and pressing the share to Google+ button, I discovered I had the wrong GMail address logged in on Safari. While alternating between two GMail accounts, I was redirected to my GMail inbox but was surprised to see GMail having a more novel look.

That red button with the pencil used to be in blue. I also observed that the font and layout looked markedly different from the previous interface.

When I went back to my article to click on Share, my attempt finally went through but I was taken to a new page prompting me to either get the Google+ mobile app available on the App Store or continue to the mobile site. Well that was a nice surprise. I am pretty sure I did not notice before that Google+ had a mobile app. I click on the Share to Google+ button from Bubblews everytime I finish submitting an article but this was the first time I got the prompt.

Until this time I am undecided whether or not to download it. I don’t use it that much that’s why. But maybe I might be overcome by my curiosity to explore it next time.