If you’re looking for meditation music you can play on your smartphone, I recommend you check out the mobile app Omvana. With Omvana you can download relaxing music to accompany your meditation exercises. The app can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play for free although some mp3 files are for sale starting at $0.99.

I downloaded the app a few weeks ago and got 7 audio files for free. Every week I would be able to download a few free audio files to listen to right on the app itself. They have binaural tracks – tracks that are best heard using headphones. To check on new tracks, just click on Omvana’s “New” tab. Today I saw a new free track called Bubbling Spring under the category “Sounds of Nature”. Once you click on “Free”, the clicked button will change to “Download” and it will eventually change to “Play” after download is finished.


Other categories in Omvana aside from “Binaural Sounds” and “Meditation Music” include “Inspirational Speeches”, “Stress Relief”, “Health & Fitness”, and “Personal Growth”.


A few of my personal favorites are from the soothing Meditation Music by Kerri Lake such as Dancing Wind Flute, Eagle Feather and Echoing Feelings. The orange loop icon on the left side means there’s no need to click on the track as it will automatically replay the track of your preference.


If you want to de-stress for a while, just take your pick from the free tracks on Omvana.

***Image source: Omvana

Ringtone Maker


Image credit: Ringtone Garage

This morning I got this idea of creating a ringtone out of the Cutting Crew song, (I Just) Died In Your Arms Tonight. You probably have heard of it from GTA Vice City. My friend, Crizzy, on the other hand recalled she remembers the song from a Drew Barrymore chick flick, Never Been Kissed. Anyway I chose that particular song to create a ringtone from because I really dig the sound of the cello during the first 15 seconds of the song.

My iPhone had not been synced with iTunes for a long time. Since I don’t own a computer or laptop anymore, I didn’t want the risk of overwriting some files and I still like the current music and photo files as they are from the last time I synced them. So I went searching online for information on making a ringtone within the iPhone itself without having to sync the phone to iTunes.

Most of the options I read about could only work for a jailbroken device. I sure don’t want to jailbreak my device anymore. I have had enough of that from the past – new software updates would always get messed up and battery drain issue worsened after a jailbreak.

The only legit solution I found sans having to go install the ringtone maker app in Cydia was installing Garage Band and an app to create ringtones with from the mp3 files you currently have on your Music app. Both are paid apps when I checked them on the app store.

Oh well it’s either hold off on syncing or no syncing at all.