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Alex Wallet Purchased From Instagram Seller

We all know not only is Instagram a great place for sharing photos but it has also been a burgeoning marketplace mainly because of its straightforward marketing capabilities, rivaling Facebook at that. I have purchased from Instagram resellers for a few years already and with some of the sellers I’ve done repeat purchases. The purchases I made from Instagram sellers were mainly beauty/hair products, smartphone accessories, food products and wallets. It is for the wallet department that I want to raise awareness about so other Instagram users can be made aware.

Sometime in April this year I made a purchase of the popular Alex wallet. It supposedly holds more cards than the regular wallet I had. I had seen the Alex wallet before from Instagram sellers I have followed and after a year it was still being advertised. Determined to purchase the Alex wallet at the time, I painstakingly looked through my backup OneDrive gallery to look for the screenshot I took of a few Philippine resellers who were advertising it. Browsing through hashtags for Alex wallet PH was easier though because the results gave me the updated resellers.

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Transaction was swift and soon I received the Alex wallet I purchased at PhP400. However, I did not even use it for more than a month when I opened the portions with zippers and found that from the inside the thin brown cloth lining it had been torn.

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I finally decided to purchase the card wallet at Daiso Japan two days ago and it holds the same number of cards as the Alex wallet one. For PhP88 it does seem to hold the promise of being more reliable than the Alex wallet which I purchased for almost 4x its price.

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If you’re looking for meditation music you can play on your smartphone, I recommend you check out the mobile app Omvana. With Omvana you can download relaxing music to accompany your meditation exercises. The app can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play for free although some mp3 files are for sale starting at $0.99.

I downloaded the app a few weeks ago and got 7 audio files for free. Every week I would be able to download a few free audio files to listen to right on the app itself. They have binaural tracks – tracks that are best heard using headphones. To check on new tracks, just click on Omvana’s “New” tab. Today I saw a new free track called Bubbling Spring under the category “Sounds of Nature”. Once you click on “Free”, the clicked button will change to “Download” and it will eventually change to “Play” after download is finished.


Other categories in Omvana aside from “Binaural Sounds” and “Meditation Music” include “Inspirational Speeches”, “Stress Relief”, “Health & Fitness”, and “Personal Growth”.


A few of my personal favorites are from the soothing Meditation Music by Kerri Lake such as Dancing Wind Flute, Eagle Feather and Echoing Feelings. The orange loop icon on the left side means there’s no need to click on the track as it will automatically replay the track of your preference.


If you want to de-stress for a while, just take your pick from the free tracks on Omvana.

***Image source: Omvana

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Deep Sleep App by Andrew Johnson

photo (8)Because I had talked about hypnosis in my two previous articles, I could not help but write about an online product that has an element of hypnosis as well. I am talking about Andrew Johnson’s relaxing Deep Sleep App. I can’t remember from which web site I had first clicked on or heard about the Deep Sleep mp3. However, I do recall that I had a bit of insomnia because of chronic stress from work in my previous job.

The Deep Sleep App normally costs $2.99 on iTunes but I was able to download it for free as part of a promo they had. I follow Andrew Johnson on Twitter and had read good reviews about the app from those who had tried it so as usual I was curious to try it out.

It was really intense the first time I listened to the 30-minute mp3. Andrew Johnson’s voice was soothing and his Scottish accent made me relax and drift off to sleep quickly. You’ll be able to drift off t o sleep in less than 15 minutes because listening to it is really hypnotic.

However after drifting off for a while I became aware that I was asleep and dreaming – I was having lucid dreams. It’s not like I never had lucid dreams before, it was just that the images I saw in my dreams were not the normal stuff of my tamed previous lucid dreams. I experimented listening to the mp3 two more times, each time always before going to bed and I would have drift off to sleep and then later be awakened by a set of lucid dreams. I know I should only listen to it at night but I wanted to see if listening to it during an afternoon nap would have the same effect. Same effect still during the afternoon nap.

The disturbing lucid dreams may have been my unconscious signalling the stress at work I was experiencing. I’m not sure but there are a lot of factors at work. I do know that the Omega 3 supplements which I started taking a few weeks after that helped return my sleep pattern to normal.