GCash Follow-Up E-mail

Although I praise GCash for preoccupying themselves with their customers’ security, I still couldn’t forget how traumatizing it was to experience PayPal to GCash cash-in delays thrice.

On June 8th, I received a follow-up e-mail from GCash regarding the transaction I made on June 7th.




I replied to the e-mail and informed them I have done withdrawals in small batches for more than three weeks already, pointing out to them that in case the initial $15 does not go through, I only have a measly $15 to dispute with PayPal for 6 days instead of a hefty $278.

I hope my reply put things into perspective for them.



My Experience With PayMaya Plus Upgrade

I signed up for a PayMaya account almost two years ago. There was an Upgrade option right within the PayMaya mobile app and I got the reference number via SMS but had not been able to upgrade then because of the lack of authorized PayMaya centers. At the time I signed up there was no authorized PayMaya center in my hometown and as of this writing there still isn’t one in Cagayan de Oro.

Last year I became aware of the Facebook video call via the PayMaya Official Facebook page. I tried this option with an old account, which I had to bring back to life from deactivation, only to be later disappointed that my Facebook video call request was ignored. I replied to their message via Messenger about the time and date and a month had gone by without any reply from them. Okaayyyyy. They should take out the Cares in PayMaya Cares or whatever. When I had the chance to stop by in Manila for 4 weeks, I found my chance and took care of this PayMaya upgrade business the first few days after my arrival in Manila.

If you browse through the PayMaya website, there’s a link for authorized Bayad Centers that will do the upgrade. Upgrade is free, by the way. I am staying in Las Piñas and this was favourable because there are few Bayad Centers close by. I chose the closest, Puregold Las Piñas.

I wasn’t very familiar with Las Piñas (I only lived in Parañaque a few years in the past but rarely ventured further down the South) and although I easily spotted Puregold Las Piñas, my journey didn’t go as smoothly as I would have liked because of a tiny oversight – I had to be in possession of a filled-up Bayad Center application form. If I had taken the Smart Jump Center route, which was SM Megamall, perhaps I would not be needing the Bayad Center form anymore. I was informed by the Bayad Center attendant in Puregold Las Piñas that I would need to print the Bayad Center upgrade application form and fill it up with the same information I entered in my PayMaya upgrade application online.

It took me 30 minutes of scouting the area outside of Puregold to find an internet cafe which offer printing services. When I went back to submit the form, again, I realised I had overlooked something when the attendant called me about the form I submitted. I did make sure, however, that I don’t get out of the premises without receiving any text message or a call from Bayad Center. The passport number I had entered on the form did not match what I entered on my PayMaya upgrade application. The passport number I submitted years ago expires this month and I have had a new passport since November 2016. My mistake was assuming that I could replace the info because of a mere expiration issue. I was wrong. Expired or not, the same ID indicated during the time one signed up must also be written on the Bayad Center form.

Once I provided the old passport number, I received a text notification within minutes from PayMaya that my account has already been upgraded to PayMaya Plus.


It was such a relief to be able to see on my PayMaya mobile app that I could send money to my other PayMaya card and/or SmartMoney accounts and even to other KYC’ed GCash accounts as well, which I currently have.




I did the PayMaya to GCash transfer to test. The transfer came through instantly!







0956 – Not An Existing Globe Number

I have been experiencing the unrecognised 0956 Globe number error message since I purchased the sim late last year. At one point the error revolves around not being able to receive GCash funds when transferring from my GCash AmEx number. The app would prompt something like the number is not an existing Globe number. I bought the Globe 0956 number from a GCash MasterCard kiosk in a Globe Center.

In the Globe Rewards mobile app, I cannot add my Globe 0956 number because, again, the system says I must enter an existing Globe number. Nonetheless, I could send text messages with it, make calls and receive calls with it. To redeem my Globe Rewards points, I would need to dial *143# instead of using the Globe Rewards mobile app.

When Skrill was still partners with Upwork for the latter’s withdrawal options, I would withdraw my Upwork funds to Skrill and within the Skrill mobile app I would withdraw it to my mobile wallet. Mobile wallet withdrawal was instant. Here is a sample video of an error message I would get when choosing my Globe 0956 number under Mobile Wallet to withdraw my Skrill funds to. You can see in the video I had to use my Globe 0995 number, which is my GCash AmEx number, to successfully do a Skrill mobile wallet withdrawal. From the GCash mobile app, I am now able to transfer funds from my GCash AmEx 0995 number to my GCash MasterCard 0956 number.

PayPal to GCash Technical Difficulties

It has been two weeks since I could not use the PayPal to GCash cash-in within the GCash mobile app itself. I’ve experienced delayed cash-ins before and I am glad Globe owned up to the never-ending technical difficulties their system seems to be having to prevent amassing discontented customers.

At first I thought the error was caused by the lack of update for the Android version only.



I kept encountering that error message even though my PayPal account was already linked to GCash in the past. I tried unlinking it via PayPal and then relinking it within the GCash smartphone app but the same problem persisted.

It was somewhat deceiving when I tried inserting my Globe GCash sim into my iPhone and could click on the PayPal to GCash cash-in option in the iOS version. However, when I entered the amount and clicked Next, that was when the error message appeared.


Relinking was futile, of course, as both Android and iOS versions have given me the same error message. PayPal and GCash Care clarified the issue.

Processed with MOLDIV


Yesterday, I received a text notification that PayPal to GCash cash-in is now functional.


Instant Withdrawal Services – GCash and PayMaya

I am currently using PayPal to GCash instant withdrawal service but experiencing delays two times within a month has made me reconsider. On Wednesday, April 26th, I attempted an initial PayPal to GCash cash-in of $5 to check if the withdrawal would go through instantly. Having dealt with the unpleasant consequences of experiencing the delay on April 5th, I decided to do a small GCash cash-in and if it goes through instantly, I could then continue with transferring a larger amount. This time, though, the second PayPal to GCash cash-in in a larger amount did not go through; only the first small transfer did. So much for being cautious.

The new information I would like to share about this delay in PayPal to GCash cash-in is the text notification I received regarding the transaction.


This text notification came even when PayPal already e-mailed me the confirmation that the funds have already been transferred successfully to my GCash account. What gives? When I contacted PayPal about it, I was told that the transfer went through and GCash should be able to refund me the amount.

At this juncture of doubting which platform really works or if I should switch from GCash to PayMaya (PayMaya also offers the same instant withdrawal service), I decided to do some research on reviews about PayMaya’s instant withdrawal service as well. Most of the reviews I read were not so encouraging as with PayMaya’s instant withdrawal from PayPal service was also met with negative comments from 2-day delays up to even a week.

These instant withdrawal services getting delayed led me to wonder about what makes mobile wallets susceptible to serious timing errors. I tried Skrill’s mobile wallet feature in the past for a long time before I switched to GCash and I did experience delays not amounting to five attempts. The redeemable point about Skrill’s instant withdrawal service via mobile wallet was that Skrill will send an e-mail that your transfer was declined by your chosen network so no dispute and claim would have to be filed because your balance would be instantly reverted to your account.

Instant withdrawal services do come with a caveat – expect network glitches and delays on some days, be it via GCash or PayMaya or Skrill. The word instant does not guarantee immediacy most times.

Delays in PayPal to GCash Instant Withdrawal

Nine out of ten times I have had successful PayPal to GCash instant withdrawals via the GCash mobile app. This month, though, I experienced the first setback in transacting with this kind of platform. Here are the steps I took when I did not see my PayPal to GCash cash-in immediately reflected:

1 – PATIENCE. Patience is not one of my main virtues. There are things in life I would patiently wait for but I do not have tolerance for customer service issues especially when you don’t get a response within 24 hours from customer support. My impatience is probably the number one stressor in my life and during this setback, I was in a bad mood for 5 days. Yes, 5 days, because I only learned to let go of my anger and frustration for that long. Plus, the fact that customer service cannot exactly give you a concrete reason why their system had gone bonkers only exacerbates the problem.

2 – CONTACT GCASH. I contacted GCash Support via e-mail, which I usually do when I have GCash concerns or inquiries. GCash customer support agents do reply within 12 hours but don’t expect them to give more answers than they are giving you because the technical problem is above their pay grade.

In my case, PayPal sent a confirmation e-mail that the funds have already been transferred to my GCash account. The error and delay was on GCash’s end. I was told by customer service that they had forwarded the concern to their Treasury Department.

3 – FILE A DISPUTE ON THE PAYPAL PLATFORM. Since I did not get any reply after a day of filing a dispute via the PayPal platform, I sent a message via the Message Center. In two days without any reply, PayPal deemed it fit to escalate it to a claim. I did not hear back from GCash and when I followed up with them, I was told they are still waiting for an update from their Treasury Department.

By the 6th day, I was surprised to see my funds returned by GCash to my PayPal account. Cautiously, I tried doing a PayPal to GCash cash-in of PhP20 to see if their cash-in capabilities is running smoothly again. Not surprisingly, the small cash-in went through instantly and I decided to proceed with the remaining amount in my PayPal balance and this went successfully as well.

4 – THANK GCASH SUPPORT AND CANCEL THE PAYPAL DISPUTE CLAIM. When I got my PayPal funds returned, I thanked GCash customer service via the existing thread and informed them that the issue has been resolved. I canceled the dispute claim via the PayPal platform which automatically indicates to PayPal that the dispute has reached a resolution.

It took 6 days to be resolved. During that period, I did also find out that GCash outlets could not successfully transact GCash cash-in’s.

UPDATE: MAY 13, 2017

Other than the obvious glitch in the system, PayPal to GCash instant withdrawals may be delayed because you have exceeded the cash-in limit for your GCash account, usually capped at PhP50,000 per month per account. In that case, you would get a text notification about it:



You can request your transaction history within the GCash mobile app to be sent to your e-mail address.

Other text notifications come in like this:



Despite that text warning, the system doesn’t behave on the contrary. Your funds will be deducted nonetheless and as a result PayPal treats the transaction as completed, that is why you would get the automated transaction completed e-mail from PayPal. That is why you need to file a dispute with PayPal after contacting GCash.

I have experienced file disputes regarding the PayPal to GCash cash-in delays thrice and 2 out of 3 were resolved in 6 days. Just hang in there.

Pay Your Smart Postpaid Bill With PayMaya

Sometime in November 2016, SmartMoney card holders received this text notification:

Advisory: We will no longer issue replacement or renewal of your Smart Money Mastercard effective 01Jan2017. Enjoy ATM withdrawal, purchase, money transfer, bills pay&airtime/PayMaya reload until card expires or 30Jun2017, whichever comes first. Thank you! FreeInfoMsg

Up to this point, I could still use my SmartMoney to pay my Smart postpaid bill because of its near real-time feature. I have recently tried paying my Smart postpaid account using PayMaya to test how long the payment would be reflected. It took 29 minutes for the payment to be reflected when I checked it on the MySmart mobile app.