PayMaya To GCash and GCash To PayMaya Transfer

There was a short period when PayMaya to GCash transfer was disabled in the PayMaya mobile app but it has become available again for a while now. I have tried the PayMaya to GCash transfer thrice and the good news is I didn’t have to wait more than a few minutes for my beneficiary to… Continue reading PayMaya To GCash and GCash To PayMaya Transfer

PayMaya Non-Dispense Dispute

You’ve only ever read about my complaints regarding GCash when it comes to non-dispense disputes as it has happened to me twice in Vietnam with two different bank ATM’s. Unfortunately I can now also add PayMaya to that list. I had been frequently using my PayMaya physical card for ATM withdrawals since August 2019 in… Continue reading PayMaya Non-Dispense Dispute

GCash versus PayMaya

I have held off on writing about a GCash versus PayMaya article because until two months ago I was only a heavy GCash user. It’s pretty much evident I’ve encountered many problems transacting with GCash and that’s why I have been using my PayMaya account more frequently. Read more below for my GCash versus PayMaya… Continue reading GCash versus PayMaya

GCash Wallet Cap Exceeded

A GCash user would encounter the “Wallet Cap Exceeded” message when attempting to transact in the GCash mobile app beyond his or her monthly limit. There would also be a corresponding text message notification from 2882 which would appear to be something like, “Sorry, you will exceed your transaction limit. Please try a smaller amount.”… Continue reading GCash Wallet Cap Exceeded

GCash Mobile App Errors

On Tuesday night my App Store prompted me for the latest GCash mobile app update, Version 5.11.1. When I opened the app the next day, I was greeted with several errors. I shouldn’t really be surprised as GCash mobile app update tend to bring a slew of bugs with it especially in connection with account… Continue reading GCash Mobile App Errors

GCredit by GCash

It has been a while since I started seeing “Beta version” and “For selected users only” whenever I would click on the GCredit tab in my GCash app. Few of my friends and relatives who have GCash have had their GCredit working for them when they do QR shopping. I had better GScore on my… Continue reading GCredit by GCash

Skrill To GCash Withdrawal Problem

For a few years that I’ve been a Skrill member, I have also experienced Skrill to GCash withdrawal problem before and I’m surprised the Globe number 0956 prefix problem is still a huge topic in some forums. Some forum posters have pointed out one needs to enroll a Globe number with a lower prefix into… Continue reading Skrill To GCash Withdrawal Problem

GCash MasterCard Refund

I have read some posts in the Globe Community forum about user complaints not getting their Lazada refunds or any other chargeback promptly and by promptly these dissatisfied GCash users mean months. Trying to contact 2882 or constantly badgering their customer support via their Facebook Messenger account sometimes can be a waste of time. I,… Continue reading GCash MasterCard Refund

Best Mobile Apps in Vietnam For Expats and Tourists

My first travel experience in Vietnam was not a very pleasant one and looking back, I knew I had to write about this guide to the best mobile apps to use in Vietnam for tourists and travelers. These are the best mobile apps to use in Vietnam whichever city you may be in: GRAB –… Continue reading Best Mobile Apps in Vietnam For Expats and Tourists

How To Use PayMaya Abroad

PayMaya offers a virtual card by simply registering via their PayMaya mobile app. If you want a GCash debit card alternative, you can definitely use PayMaya abroad and withdraw your funds using a physical PayMaya card. Since the premise of PayMaya is principally for the purposes of a virtual card, no physical card is provided… Continue reading How To Use PayMaya Abroad