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Grab Pay By Moca

I get it that progress and change go together. Unfortunately, it was not a seamless transition from Grab Pay credits to Moca Wallet by Grab Vietnam.

My last week in Ho Chi Minh was beset by trivialities such as seeing my Grab Pay credits get replaced by a Moca Wallet activation and debating whether or not I should exchange my Vietnamese dong into Thailand baht within HCM. Things have a way of working out to your favor by the time you’re done stressing over it but the Grab Pay by Moca problem still confounds me so I hope this helps anyone who’s encountered the same problem I did.

So, where did my Grab Pay credits go? When I tapped on Activate for Moca wallet, I had this inkling it would involve locally issued ATM cards. I knew this from attempting to register to a number of Vietnamese mobile apps which usually exclude international cards from being linked to the mobile app account. Moca Wallet was no different.

I could still pay rides using my GCash MasterCard or GCash AmEx by changing the payment method before confirming a Grab ride booking. I tried it with a few discounted rides (ones which charged me 0 VND) until I booked a Grab Bike ride with a promo code which required 2,000 VND to pay, which is like Php5 or PhP6. It was strange that my GCash MasterCard could not successfully deduct Php5 since I’ve used it before to top up Grab Pay credits in Vietnam and have used it in Thailand for paying Grab rides. I had PhP1, 750 in my GCash balance.


I thought it was a MasterCard-related issue or a GCash faux pas. I tried it with GCash AmEx and with a Visa card issued by another bank and I still would get the Unsuccessful error message.

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Like other Grabbers in Vietnam, I was left with no choice but to continue with cash when I took a Grab ride to the international airport.

But, lo and behold, shortly upon arriving Don Mueang International Airport in Thailand, I got the long-awaited “Success” message. Of course, I inserted my AIS sim back in the plane and once I disabled Airplane Mode I updated my Grab profile’s country and sim number.

The app prompted me the 2,000 VND outstanding balance before I could book a ride. I re-entered my AmEx number as I intended to use it for pay with the airport to hotel fare with the same card. It didn’t even take me many attempts to be able to see the “Success” message. I received a text notification of the amount deducted.

Grab Support reached out to me again to follow up my concern. I replied that the problem was solved once I was in another territory and pointed out that the REAL problem was Grab Vietnam’s forceful Moca wallet activation.


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iCloud Storage Renewal Payment Method Declined Error

Few days ago I contacted iTunes Support for my problem in renewing my 50GB iCloud storage. The error had to do with my payment method being declined. I received a prompt response but not a satisfactory answer.

I purchased a track on iTunes on September 30th and the MasterCard which has always been listed on my Apple ID has been successfully charged the corresponding amount. Three or fours after it was already October 1st and I received an e-mail:

On 30/09/2018, we attempted to charge you for your 50 GB iCloud storage plan, but there is a problem with your payment information. Your account will be downgraded to the free 5 GB storage plan if we cannot successfully renew your subscription.

Before I was able to open my mail,  I was able to buy some gold bars in Candy Crush. Now, purchases have to be verified by an Apple ID password before they go through. It’s odd that my other in-app purchases would go through except the iCloud storage renewal.

I followed the usual steps to update the billing information on my Apple ID. I tried it thrice and the payment method declined error persisted. I contacted iTunes support and I was told the same answers which I already knew and tried prior to getting their response but those didn’t work.

One tip they would insist on is the name and billing address should match etc etc. My billing name on Apple ID does not match what the MasterCard says but my purchases went through before that (including the iCloud storage renewal).

The unaddressed problem here either lies with iCloud’s or MasterCard’s but, of course, iTunes Support cannot address that.

I solved the problem by changing my card on file to an American Express. Mind you, the billing name and postcode on file does not even match with that of my AmEx’s.

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Cooking Dash Recipes Alphabetical Order

10,0001 Leagues Roll in Enso Sushi – S3E4, S3E5
Acai Margarita in The Cheeky Tiki – S1E13, S3E9, S2E1
Ackee and Saltfish in Jamaican Me Hungry – S2E6, S1E11, S1E12, S1E13, S2E4, S2E15, S4E10
Ackee Fritter in Jamaican Me Hungry – S3E6, S4E14
Ackee Patty in Jamaican Me Hungry – S1E6, S1E15, S4E14
Agedashi Tofu in Tokyo Akedo – S3E5, S4E1, S3E6, S3E7, S3E13, S4E6
Ahi Poke in Lava Luau – S3E14, S2E15, S2E8, S4E9, S4E12
Aish Baladi (Egyptian Flatbread) in Great Eats of Giza – S1E3, S1E2, S1E11, S1E13, S4E14
Al Pastor in Taco Train – S1E13, S4E1, S4E10
Ale in Pieces of Ate – S2E8, S2E12, S3E11, S3E13, S1E13, S4E12
Allioli in Tapas del Mar – S3E15, S4E3, S4E11, S3E4, S3E12, S4E6, S2E14, S4E10, S4E12
Anchovy Pizza in Zero-G Pizzeria – S2E11, S4E7, S2E15
Andouille Hot Dog in Chew Orleans – S3E11, S3E14
Apple Flapjacks in Country Fried Cabin – S2E5, S2E14, S3E3, S3E5, S3E10, S4E10, S4E14
Apple French Toast in Country Fried Cabin – S4E9, S4E8, S3E6, S3E14, S3E7, S3E11, S4E13
Apple Slices in Bouncy Birthday – S4E3, S3E13, S4E2
Apple Strudel in Bavaria Fest – S3E11, S3E4, S3E9, S4E14
Astronaut Ice Cream in Zero-G Pizzeria – S4E7, S1E11, S1E14, S2E4
Baba Ghanoush (Tahini and Aubergine) in Great Eats of Giza – S4E1, S4E2, S4E6
Bagel with Cream Cheese in Big Belly Deli – S1E15, S1E12, S1E11, S2E13, S2E15
Bagel with Lox in Big Belly Deli – S3E10, S3E11, S2E14, S4E6, S3E12, S3E13
Baguette in Parisian Palace – S4E12, S3E14, S4E11, S2E8
Baked Ahi in VIP Valhalla – S2E11, S2E14, S4E6, S2E12, S2E13
Baked Apples in Chateau Creep – S2E6, S2E5, S2E9, S3E10, S4E10, S3E1, S3E8
Baked Beet in VIP Valhalla – S1E12, S2E8, S1E15, S1E14, S2E7
Baked Bruschetta in Metal Chef Italian – S3E10, S3E13, S3E5, S3E14
Baked Catfish Filet in Chew Orleans – S1E13, S3E2, S1E12, S1E14, S3E3, S3E4, S3E5, S2E7, S2E15, S3E1, S3E8, S2E5, S2E11
Baked Chard in VIP Valhalla – S1E15, S1E10, S1E8, S1E11, S1E13
Baked Garlic Taro in Great Eats of Giza – S2E7, S2E9, S3E4, S2E8, S4E13
Baked Kumquat in VIP Valhalla – S3E1, S3E2, S3E3, S3E4, S3E5
Baked Lobster in VIP Valhalla – S2E12, S3E9, S3E8, S3E14, S1E14
Baked Open-Faced Clam with Tomato in Caveman Paleo – S3E8, S3E7, S3E9, S3E13
Baked Pepper Aubergine in Great Eats of Giza – S3E7, S3E9, S3E5, S3E6, S3E8, S4E13
Baked Potato in Medieval Dines – S2E3, S4E9, S2E2, S3E6, S2E9, S2E14, S3E10, S4E8, S4E6, S4E14
Baked Salmon Filet in Cat Lady Crepes – S2E3, S3E8, S1E11, S3E13, S1E15, S2E7, S2E12, S3E10, S3E14
Baked Sausage Fettucine in Metal Chef Italian – S2E7, S2E6, S2E9, S3E12
Baked Scallops in Valhalla After Hours – S1E15, S1E10, S1E11, S1E13, S1E14, S2E3, S2E9, S2E15, S3E3
Baked Trout in Caveman Paleo – S1E13, S3E12
Baklava in Hip Hop Halal – S2E14, S2E13, S4E4
Balsamic Glazed Roasted Beets in VIP Valhalla – S4E10, S4E5, S4E9, S4E12
Banana Bread Muffin in Cat Lady Crepes – S1E9, S2E4, S2E5, S1E10, S1E12, S2E6, S3E2
Banana Burger in Jungle Joint – S2E10, S2E11, S3E15, S4E15, S4E6
Banana Chips in Jungle Joint – S4E6
Banana Cream Pie in Cat Lady Crepes – S3E5, S4E9, S3E9
Banana Crepe in Cat Lady Crepes – S3E3, S3E10, S2E6, S2E8, S3E13, S2E10, S3E1, S3E12, S2E2, S3E4, S3E6, S4E13
Banana Cue in Swine ‘N’ Dine – S1E13, S1E12, S2E5, S2E7
Banana Ketchup in Swine ‘N’ Dine – S2E10, S3E15, S2E5, S2E4, S3E12, S4E9
Banana Sandwich in Jungle Joint – S4E6, S4E10, S4E7, S4E13
Banana Smoothie in Jungle Joint – S2E11, S1E13, S1E15, S4E10, S4E15, S2E6
Banana Soft Serve Whipped Cream in Cat Lady Crepes – S4E14
Bannock Batter in I’m Really Inuit – S1E12, S2E5, S2E8, S1E10, S1E14
Barbecue Corn in Dinerland – S1E12, S1E11, S1E9, S1E10, S1E6, S1E13
Basic Nachos in Out ‘N’ Inning – S2E3, S2E2, S2E1, S2E4, S2E5, S4E3, S1E15, S3E12, S4E1
Basque Cod Stew in Tapas del Mar – S4E15, S4E3, S4E4, S4E9
Bavarian Bread Soup in Bavaria Fest – S4E7, S4E6, S4E11, S4E10, S4E12, S4E13, S4E15, S4E9
Bavarian Potato Dumpling in Bavaria Fest – S3E12, S3E8, S3E9, S4E15, S3E7, S4E3, S4E12
BBQ in Barnyard BBQ – S3E11, S3E9, S3E13, S3E7, S1E15
BBQ Pork Bun in Dim Sum Citadel – S4E1, S4E2, S4E9, S4E10, S4E11, S4E12
BBQ Pork Rice Roll in Dim Sum Citadel – S1E14, S2E3, S2E12, S4E3
BBQ Sauce in Cookie’s Cookout – S2E14, S3E9, S3E11
Bearnaise in Parisian Palace – S4E13, S4E8, S4E14, S4E4, S3E2, S4E11
Beef Bulgogi in K-Pop Kitchen – S3E14, S3E12, S4E4, S4E11, S4E15
Beef Carpaccio in Valhalla After Hours – S1E7, S2E9, S2E10, S2E5
Beef en Gelee in Valhalla After Hours – S4E12, S4E2, S4E10, S4E11, S4E1, S4E5, S4E9, S4E13
Beef Kishka in Big Belly Deli – S4E15, S1E13, S2E2, S2E10, S2E15
Beef Knish in Big Belly Deli – S4E9, S4E14, S3E10, S3E14, S3E15
Beef Lasagna Alfredo in Metal Chef Italian – S2E14, S2E13, S3E7, S3E8
Beef Lasagna Marinara in Metal Chef Italian – S3E15, S3E14
Beef Pad Thai in Pad Thai Pinball – S3E14, S4E3
Beef Strudel in Bavaria Fest – S4E1, S4E3, S4E15
Beef Tips in Presto Digesto – S4E10, S3E7, S4E13, S4E15, S3E13, S3E14
Beet Soup in Pieces of Ate – S3E9, S3E6, S3E8, S3E7, S3E15
Beignets in Chew Orleans – S4E13, S1E10, S1E14, S4E15, S1E11, S1E12, S3E5, S3E9, S2E7, S2E8, S2E10, S2E11, S3E15, S4E8
Berry Stuffed Quail in Caveman Paleo – S2E7, S2E8, S2E9, S2E3, S2E6
Bhatura in Feastival of Lights – S3E14, S3E11
Bibimbap in K-Pop Kitchen – S1E8, S3E13, S4E10
Biko Sticky Rice Cake in Swine ‘N’ Dine – S2E9, S2E10, S2E12, S3E4, S3E15, S2E1, S2E11, S2E15, S3E1
Black & White Cookie in Big Belly Deli – S4E14, S4E10, S4E15, S3E15, S4E7, S4E12
Black Cherry Cheesecake with Heart Topper in Dreamy Delights – S3E7, S4E10
Black Cherry Cheesecake with Swirl Topper in Dreamy Delights – S4E11, S4E7, S4E8
Black Cherry Dark Chocolate Truffle with Pink Icing in Dreamy Delights – S2E15, S1E12, S1E14
Black Cherry Milk Chocolate Truffle with White Icing in Dreamy Delights – S1E8, S1E10, S2E12, S4E10, S4E12, S4E13
Black Cherry Milkshake in Dreamy Delights – S4E7, S4E8, S4E13, S2E15, S4E11
Black Dish (Qolqas and Aubergine) in Great Eats of Giza – S4E7, S4E4, S4E5
Black Tea in Dim Sum Citadel – S4E15, S4E9, S4E13, S4E3, S4E12
Blackened Tuna in Lava Luau – S1E12, S1E9, S1E15, S4E4, S1E13, S2E2, S3E4, S3E13, S3E15, S4E5
Blanquette de Veau in Parisian Palace – S3E13, S3E15, S4E5, S4E1, S4E15, S3E14, S4E6, S4E12
Bleu Fondue in Parisian Palace – S3E13, S1E8, S3E12, S4E5, S4E11, S4E13, S4E15, S1E11, S1E14, S3E9, S3E11, S4E1, S4E4, S4E14, S1E12, S1E15, S2E2, S2E5, S2E13, S2E15, S3E8, S3E14, S4E8, S4E10, S4E12
Blood Sausage in K-Pop Kitchen – S4E8, S3E10, S3E12, S3E13, S4E2
Blubber Akutaq in I’m Really Inuit – S2E7, S4E11, S2E13, S3E13, S4E13
Blubber Suassat Soup in I’m Really Inuit – S3E7, S3E8, S3E9, S3E10, S3E15, S4E10
Blue Balloon in Bouncy Birthday – S4E3, S4E6
Blue Hawaiian in The Cheeky Tiki – S3E8, S3E9
Blue Raspberry Freezy in I’m Really Inuit – S4E10, S4E3, S4E4
Blue Snow Cone in Dinerland – S3E15, S4E3, S3E6, S4E4, S4E6, S4E7, S4E12, S3E13, S2E15
Blueberry Chocolate Cakelet of Diamonds in Wonderland Delights – S3E13, S3E7
Blueberry Chocolate Cakelet of Hearts in Wonderland Delights – S3E12, S3E15, S3E6
Blueberry Coffee Cake in Country Fried Cabin – S2E8, S2E9, S2E11, S3E14
Blueberry Flapjacks in Country Fried Cabin – S1E11, S1E15, S2E4, S1E12, S2E14, S4E6
Blueberry French Toast in Country Fried Cabin – S4E8, S4E6, S4E7, S4E14, S4E9, S4E11, S4E12, S4E15
Blueberry Jam in Wonderland Delights – S1E12, S1E7, S1E8, S1E10, S1E13, S3E12, S4E2, S4E15
Blueberry Smoothie in Wonderland Delights – S4E6, S4E9, S4E8, S4E11, S4E12, S4E15
Blueberry Tea in Wonderland Delights – S1E14, S3E12, S1E15, S2E2, S3E11
Blueberry Vanilla Cakelet of Clubs in Wonderland Delights – S1E14, S1E13, S3E15
Blueberry Vanilla Cakelet of Spades in Wonderland Delights – S2E5, S2E8, S2E3, S2E4, S2E7
Boeuf a la Mode in Parisian Palace – S4E6, S4E7, S4E8, S4E12
Boiled Artichoke and Dip in Jungle Joint – S3E1, S3E2, S4E3, S4E5
Boiled Clams in Caveman Paleo – S3E8, S3E9, S2E13, S3E7, S3E10
Boiled Green Banana in Jamaican Me Hungry – S2E2, S3E12, S4E9, S2E12, S4E12
Boiled Peanuts in Chew Orleans – S4E11, S4E10, S2E6, S2E13, S3E6, S3E12, S3E14, S3E13
Boiled Purple Terror Bird Egg in Caveman Paleo – S3E11, S3E9, S3E14 2 – S4E4, S4E5, S4E7, S4E11, S4E14
Boiled Red Terror Bird Egg in Caveman Paleo – S3E6, S4E7, S4E12
Boiled Terror Bird Egg in Caveman Paleo – S2E11, S2E5, S2E6, S2E9, S3E12
Boiled Yellow Terror Bird Egg in Caveman Paleo – S2E12, S2E14, S3E11
Bologna and Cheese in Bouncy Birthday – S4E6, S3E10
Bone Stew in I’m Really Inuit – S3E11, S3E12
Boquerones in Tapas del Mar – S2E10, S1E7, S1E8, S1E10, S1E13, S2E6, S2E9
Braised Balsamic Ahi in VIP Valhalla – S2E13, S2E15, S4E15, S4E13, S4E14
Braised Balsamic Filet in VIP Valhalla – S2E7, S2E11, S3E10, S3E15, S4E5
Braised Balsamic Lobster in VIP Valhalla – S4E1
Braised Callaloo in Jamaican Me Hungry – S1E14, S2E10, S2E11
Braised Pesto Ahi in VIP Valhalla – S4E13, S3E11, S3E13, S4E7, S4E12
Braised Pesto Filet in VIP Valhalla – S4E4, S4E3, S4E5, S3E12, S3E13
Braised Pesto Lobster in VIP Valhalla – S3E6, S3E7, S3E8, S4E10, S3E15
Braised Short Ribs in Valhalla After Hours – S2E12, S4E14, S2E10, S2E11, S2E15
Bread Sticks in Zero-G Pizzeria – S4E8, S1E10, S1E12, S3E11, S3E12, S4E11, S4E15
Breakfast Sandwich in Cat Lady Crepes – S2E5, S4E1, S2E15, S3E11, S3E15, S4E4, S2E1, S4E3, S4E11
Brew in Out ‘N’ Inning – S3E14, S3E15, S3E11, S4E14, S2E15, S2E13
Brie Fondue in Parisian Palace – S3E15, S4E10, S4E15, S4E3, S4E9, S4E13, S4E14, S3E14, S4E8, S4E11, S4E12, S2E7, S4E5, S4E7, S2E14, S3E3, S3E7, S3E13, S4E4, S2E6, S2E9, S2E12, S2E15, S3E5, S3E6, S3E8, S3E9, S3E10, S3E11, S4E6
Broiled Bologna Sandwich in Bouncy Birthday – S2E11, S3E8
Buffalo Wings in Cookie’s Cookout – S2E11, S2E14, S2E7, S2E12, S2E13, S2E15, S3E10, S3E12
Buttered Grilled Lobster in Cookie’s Cookout – S3E4, S3E5, S3E3, S3E6, S3E7, S3E8, S3E14
Buttered Grilled Trout in Cookie’s Cookout – S3E2, S1E6, S1E11, S1E15, S2E2, S2E4, S2E5, S2E6, S2E7, S2E12, S2E15
Buttered Pork Chops in Cookie’s Cookout – S1E14, S1E13, S1E12, S3E12, S3E13, S3E14, S3E15, S2E7
Buttered Smoked Mushrooms in Cookie’s Cookout – S3E4, S2E3, S3E11, S3E12, S2E12, S2E14, S3E3, S3E5
Cabbage Rolls in Bavaria Fest – S4E8, S4E11, S4E6, S4E3, S4E4, S4E10, S4E15
Cabbage Strudel in Bavaria Fest – S2E8, S2E6, S2E10, S3E6, S2E7, S3E5, S3E9
Caesar Salad in Metal Chef Italian – S3E6, S3E9, S3E8, S3E14, S3E15
Caffe Au Lait in Hip Stir Cafe – S3E4, S3E5, S4E6, S4E9, S4E12, S4E14
Caffe Mocha in Hip Stir Cafe – S4E12, S4E1, S4E4, S4E13
Caffe Vienna in Hip Stir Cafe – S2E13, S2E14, S3E1, S3E4, S3E8, S3E11, S4E6, S4E9
Cake Pop in Cutie Cakes – S2E15, S3E11, S4E8, S3E10, S3E15, S2E8, S4E13
Cake Pop in Dreamy Delights – S4E8, S4E14
Callaloo Patty in Jamaican Me Hungry – S2E13, S3E7, S3E14
Candied Apple in Dinerland – S3E2, S3E15, S3E1, S4E10, S4E13
Candied Beetle in Adventurous Eats – S2E8, S3E2, S2E15, S3E6, S3E12
Candied Brain in Adventurous Eats – S3E11, S3E8, S3E13
Candied Caramel Apple in Chateau Creep – S4E2, S4E9, S4E3, S4E1, S4E11, S4E8, S4E13
Candied Chestnut Cake in Merry Feastmas – S4E1, S4E15, S4E2, S4E3, S4E12
Candied Pineapple in Pieces of Ate – S4E6, S4E1, S4E2, S4E5, S4E8, S4E10, S4E14, S4E15
Candied Scorpion in Adventurous Eats – S2E9, S3E10, S3E13
Candied Slug in Adventurous Eats – S3E14, S2E13, S3E15
Candied Spider Apple in Chateau Creep – S4E14, S4E7, S4E10, S4E15
Candied Spiders in Chateau Creep – S2E4, S2E15, S1E5, S1E6, S1E7, S1E8, S1E9, S1E10, S1E13, S1E14, S1E15, S2E8, S4E4, S4E14, S4E15
Candied Sweet Potato Medallions in Eats for Earth – S3E7, S3E9, S3E11, S3E14
Candied Yams in Merry Feastmas – S2E2, S3E10, S2E1, S4E8, S2E5, S2E7, S2E9
Candy Bark in Chateau Creep – S1E8, S1E12, S1E15, S1E9, S1E10, S1E11, S2E12, S2E14, S3E14, S4E6, S4E15
Candy Corn in Chateau Creep – S3E1, S3E3, S3E2, S4E5
Candy Heart in Dreamy Delights – S3E14, S3E12, S2E15, S3E15, S2E14
Cappuccino in Cat Lady Crepes – S2E13, S2E15, S3E, S4E9, S3E10, S2E14, S3E2, S4E6, S3E8, S4E5, S4E15
Cappuccino in Hip Stir Cafe – S4E7, S4E9, S4E15
Caramel Apple in Chateau Creep – S2E14, S2E10, S2E12, S2E15, S4E5
Caramel Chocolate Sundae with Cherry in Out ‘N’ Inning – S3E14, S3E15, S3E13
Caramel Macchiato in Cat Lady Crepes – S4E1, S4E10, S4E7, S4E8, S4E14
Caramel Popcorn in Out ‘N’ Inning – S4E14, S2E7, S2E8
Caribou Suassat Soup in I’m Really Inuit – S3E15, S4E3, S4E7, S4E12
Carrot Halwa in Feastival of Lights – S3E15, S2E15, S3E10, S3E14, S4E10, S4E13, S4E14
Carrot Souffle in Caveman Paleo – S4E13, S4E12
Carrots in Bouncy Birthday – S4E7, S4E8
Cashew Burfi in Feastival of Lights – S3E6, S3E7, S1E11, S1E14, S2E4, S2E9, S2E12, S4E12
Catalan Toast in Tapas del Mar – S4E5, S4E14, S4E8, S4E12, S4E10, S4E15, S3E12
Caterpillar Roll in Enso Sushi – S2E4, S2E6, S2E12, S2E8, S2E14, S3E6, S3E12
Catfish Po’ Boy in Chew Orleans – S3E9, S3E10, S3E12, S3E14, S4E9
Caviar Crackers in VIP Valhalla – S2E4, S2E14, S1E7, S1E9, S1E11, S1E14, S3E15, S4E12, S4E13, S4E15
Century Egg in Dim Sum Citadel – S3E13, S4E3
Chard Salad in Balsamic Dressing in VIP Valhalla – S2E3, S3E15, S2E4, S3E13, S3E14, S4E4, S4E15, S2E6, S2E13
Chargrilled Oysters in Chew Orleans – S2E11, S2E12, S2E14, S3E3, S3E7, S4E11, S4E12
Chateaubriand in Parisian Palace – S4E1, S4E15
Cheese Fries in Bouncy Birthday – S3E14, S3E7, S3E1, S3E9
Cheese Fries in Jungle Joint – S3E3, S4E4
Cheese Nachos in Taco Train – S3E8, S3E3, S4E8, S4E10, S3E1, S3E2, S4E4, S3E10, S4E2, S4E9, S4E13, S4E15
Cheese Pizza in Bouncy Birthday – S4E1, S4E3
Cheese Pizza in Zero-G Pizzeria – S2E7, S3E7, S2E6, S1E4, S1E8, S1E10, S1E15, S2E3, S3E15
Cheese Sauce in Eats for Earth – S2E13, S3E10, S3E14, S3E15, S2E15
Cheese Sauce in Table Steaks – S3E9, S3E13, S3E14, S3E11, S2E14, S3E3, S3E6, S3E8
Cheese-and-Onion Pie in Medieval Dines – S4E4, S4E5
Cheeseburger in Out ‘N’ Inning – S2E7, S2E8, S2E6, S4E6, S4E7, S4E8
Cheesy Bread in Metal Chef Italian – S2E15, S2E12, S2E14, S1E10, S2E13
Cheesy Bread Sticks in Zero-G Pizzeria – S3E8, S1E13, S1E14, S4E9, S4E13
Cheesy Mushroom Pasta in Zero-G Pizzeria – S3E8, S3E12, S3E9, S3E10, S3E11
Cherry Blossom Roll in Enso Sushi – S3E6, S3E12, S3E15
Cherry Freezy in I’m Really Inuit – S2E4, S2E2, S2E3, S2E5, S2E6, S2E10
Chicha in Valhalla After Hours – S2E15, S4E10, S2E14, S3E15, S4E15, S2E7, S2E13, S3E7, S3E11, S3E12, S4E5, S4E7, S4E12, S4E14
Chicha in VIP Valhalla – S3E2, S2E8, S3E12, S3E15, S4E3, S4E4, S4E9
Chicken Adobo in Swine ‘N’ Dine – S3E2, S3E5, S4E12, S4E14
Chicken Alfredo in Zero-G Pizzeria – S2E8, S4E12, S2E9, S4E11
Chicken Biryani in Feastival of Lights – S4E1
Chicken Curry in Feastival of Lights – S3E1, S4E13, S3E5, S3E14, S4E3
Chicken Durum in Hip Hop Halal – S4E1, S4E11
Chicken Feet in Dim Sum Citadel – S4E13, S4E2, S3E3, S4E14, S4E10, S3E15, S4E6
Chicken Karaage in Tokyo Akedo – S2E7, S4E8, S1E12, S2E5, S1E14, S2E12, S4E9
Chicken Kebab in Feastival of Lights – S1E8, S1E12, S2E4, S2E9, S1E9, S1E10, S1E11, S1E13, S1E15, S2E5
Chicken Kebab in Hip Hop Halal – S3E7, S3E8, S3E9, S4E2, S4E5, S4E15, S3E15, S4E9
Chicken Liver Kishka in Big Belly Deli – S3E7, S4E3, S4E10
Chicken Nachos in Taco Train – S3E13, S3E14, S3E12, S3E15, S3E5, S3E7, S3E9, S4E13, S3E6, S3E10, S3E8, S3E11, S4E12, S4E14, S4E11
Chicken Nachos with Guacamole in Taco Train – S3E13, S3E14, S3E9, S4E13
Chicken Pad Thai in Pad Thai Pinball – S2E1, S2E2, S2E10, S3E3, S4E7, S4E9
Chicken Pizza in Zero-G Pizzeria – S1E14, S2E3, S1E8, S2E1, S2E4, S3E7, S3E15
Chicken Shawarma in Hip Hop Halal – S3E1, S3E2, S3E9, S3E10, S3E14, S3E7, S3E8, S3E11, S3E15, S4E1, S4E3, S4E15
Chicken Shio Ramen in Tokyo Akedo – S4E6, S4E7, S4E12, S4E13
Chicken Sisig in Swine ‘N’ Dine – S3E9, S3E10, S4E6, S4E5, S3E12, S4E8, S3E11, S3E13, S3E15, S4E3, S4E14, S3E14, S4E7
Chicken Topped Salad in Zero-G Pizzeria – S2E13, S2E14, S2E9, S2E12, S2E15, S2E11, S4E11, S4E14, S4E15, S2E2, S2E3, S3E13, S2E1, S2E10, S4E9, S4E10, S4E13
Chicken Yakitori in Tokyo Akedo – S2E15, S2E14, S3E1, S3E15, S4E9
Chicken-Fried Steak in Table Steaks – S2E15, S3E7, S3E11, S2E7, S2E8, S3E12
Chickpea Manti Dumpling in Hip Hop Halal – S4E13, S4E6, S4E7, S4E14
Chickpea Salad in Great Eats of Giza – S2E5, S2E4, S2E3, S2E6
Chili Oil in Dim Sum Citadel – S4E15, S3E2, S3E11, S2E10, S4E4
Chili Paste in K-Pop Kitchen – S4E13, S4E15, S4E14, S4E5, S4E12
Chili Sauce in Pad Thai Pinball – S4E2, S4E12, S4E13, S3E10, S4E1, S4E14, S4E15, S3E14
Chili-Cheese Fries in Out ‘N’ Inning – S3E8, S4E14, S2E13, S3E7, S3E10, S3E12, S3E14, S4E13
Chimichanga in Taco Train – S2E5, S2E6, S2E2, S2E13, S2E14, S2E1, S2E15, S3E3, S4E3, S4E2, S4E5
Chipirones in Tapas del Mar – S4E14, S3E11, S4E13
Chocolate Cake in Bouncy Birthday – S3E10, S4E12
Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Icing in Cutie Cakes – S3E9, S3E8, S3E7, S2E7, S3E6, S4E7
Chocolate Cake with White Icing in Cutie Cakes – S3E7, S4E8, S1E8, S1E6, S1E7, S1E15
Chocolate Coffee Beans in The Cheeky Tiki – S4E6, S3E9, S4E5, S4E9, S3E2, S3E10, S4E2, S4E4, S2E8, S2E9, S3E12, S3E13, S2E3, S2E15, S3E8, S2E4, S2E7, S2E10, S3E5, S3E7, S3E11
Chocolate Cookie Sandwich in Sundae Fundae – S4E11, S4E13, S2E10, S2E12, S2E14, S3E4, S4E15
Chocolate Dipped Apple in Dinerland – S4E2, S4E8, S4E11
Chocolate Drizzle Popcorn in Dinerland – S4E8
Chocolate Huckleberry Donut Holes in Hip Stir Cafe – S1E13, S2E11, S1E14, S1E15, S2E13, S2E14, S3E5, S3E14
Chocolate in Hip Stir Cafe – S4E14, S4E15, S4E12, S4E4, S4E13
Chocolate Milk in Cutie Cakes – S1E14, S2E6, S3E9, S2E7, S4E14
Chocolate Milk in Dreamy Delights – S3E14, S4E10, S4E12, S4E15, S2E5, S2E14, S3E13
Chocolate Pistachio Donut Holes in Hip Stir Cafe – S4E11, S4E15, S3E12, S3E13, S4E3, S4E14
Chocolate S’more Donut Holes in Hip Stir Cafe – S3E11, S4E13, S3E1, S3E3, S3E15, S4E10
Chocolate Shake in Cutie Cakes – S2E15, S2E8, S2E14, S4E5, S4E11, S3E12, S3E15
Chocolate Soft Serve in Dinerland – S2E13, S3E9, S3E13, S3E15
Chocolate Trifle in Presto Digesto – S3E15, S4E12, S4E11, S4E14
Chocolate Waffle Cone in Sundae Fundae – S1E14, S3E4, S1E13, S2E10, S1E11, S1E12, S1E15, S2E1, S2E3, S2E15, S2E2, S2E5, S2E7, S2E11, S2E14, S3E2
Chocolate-Covered Churro in Out ‘N’ Inning – S3E14, S4E7
Chocolate-Dipped Beetle in Adventurous Eats – S3E1, S1E7, S2E12, S3E2, S3E3, S1E6, S1E9, S1E1, S1E3, S1E4, S1E13, S1E14, S3E4, S3E14
Chocolate-Dipped Brain in Adventurous Eats – S3E6, S3E5, S3E10, S3E7, S3E13
Chocolate-Dipped Scorpion in Adventurous Eats – S3E9, S2E10, S3E11, S2E15
Chocolate-Dipped Slug in Adventurous Eats – S3E12, S1E13, S2E11, S1E11, S1E14, S2E10
Chopped Liver and Onions in Big Belly Deli – S4E15, S3E13, S4E14, S4E10, S4E13
Chopped Liver Bagel in Big Belly Deli – S4E10, S4E15, S4E9, S4E11, S4E13
Chopped Liver Sandwich in Big Belly Deli – S4E9, S4E3, S4E1, S4E11
Chrysanthemum Tea in Dim Sum Citadel – S4E14, S4E11, S4E5, S4E10
Churro in Out ‘N’ Inning – S2E4, S2E10, S3E7, S3E13, S4E13
Cinnamon Apple Fries in Dinerland – S3E14, S3E7, S4E5
Cinnamon Maple Bacon Long John in Hip Stir Cafe – S4E4, S4E15
Cinnamon Pistachio Long John in Hip Stir Cafe – S1E13, S1E14, S2E5, S3E15, S1E8, S1E9, S1E11, S1E15, S2E4, S2E15, S3E2
Cinnamon S’more Long John in Hip Stir Cafe – S4E14, S2E1, S2E2, S4E5, S4E6
Cinnamon Swirl in Out ‘N’ Inning – S4E13, S3E14, S3E11, S3E13
Classic Cheesecake with Heart Topper in Dreamy Delights – S2E1, S2E8, S2E4, S4E14, S4E5
Clean-the-Igloo Stew in I’m Really Inuit – S4E4, S4E5, S4E7, S4E8
Coco Cubes in Jungle Joint – S1E8, S1E7, S1E15, S2E1, S2E3, S2E7, S3E2, S4E13
Coco Loco in The Cheeky Tiki – S3E6, S1E4, S1E6, S1E8, S1E9, S1E12, S2E5, S2E7, S2E15
Coco Water in Jungle Joint – S1E12, S1E14, S1E9
Coconut Toto in Jamaican Me Hungry – S4E13, S3E1, S3E15
Cod Ceviche in Tapas del Mar – S2E14, S2E13, S3E15
Coffee in Eats for Earth – S3E14, S3E8, S3E15, S3E5, S3E6, S3E7, S3E10, S3E12
Coffee in Party Fowl – S3E12, S2E15, S3E7, S3E11, S3E13, S3E14
Coffee in Table Steaks – S3E15, S3E9, S3E14, S2E15, S3E10, S3E12, S2E14
Cola in Out ‘N’ Inning – S4E15, S2E5, S3E5, S3E8
Cold Brew in Hip Stir Cafe – S2E4, S2E15, S4E14, S2E3, S2E5, S3E12, S4E13, S4E15
Cold Noodle Soup in K-Pop Kitchen – S3E13, S3E14, S4E9, S4E15, S4E2, S4E6, S4E7
Coleslaw in Barnyard BBQ – S2E11, S2E7, S2E6, S2E10, S3E5, S3E8, S1E15, S1E13
Cookie in Wonderland Delights – S1E15, S3E15, S3E7, S4E11, S1E14, S3E8, S3E12
Cookie Topping in Cutie Cakes – S3E8, S3E14, S3E2, S3E3, S3E13, S2E6, S2E7
Corn Bread in Chew Orleans – S2E3, S2E4, S2E14, S3E5, S2E5, S2E9, S2E10, S3E6, S4E1, S4E6, S4E7
Corn Cakes in Party Fowl – S3E13, S3E15
Corn Dog in Bouncy Birthday – S4E15, S4E12, S1E15
Corn Dog in Out ‘N’ Inning – S3E15, S3E5, S2E6, S3E2, S3E9, S3E10
Corn on the Cob in Barnyard BBQ – S1E14, S3E15, S3E8, S2E1, S2E2, S2E5, S3E13
Corned Beef Hash in Country Fried Cabin – S4E2, S4E15, S3E13, S3E14, S3E15, S4E1, S4E9, S4E10, S4E11, S4E13
Corned Beef in Big Belly Deli – S1E9, S1E8, S1E10, S1E15, S2E5, S2E6, S2E7, S2E8, S4E5, S4E13
Corned Beef Sandwich in Big Belly Deli – S2E13, S3E11, S3E15, S4E12, S4E14
Cornoncob in Jungle Joint – S1E12, S2E4
Cotton Candy in Dinerland – S4E13, S4E7, S4E8, S4E10, S4E14, S3E4, S3E2, S3E8, S3E9, S3E10
Cotton Candy in Tokyo Akedo – S3E8, S3E5, S3E6, S4E15, S3E7, S4E2, S4E13
Country Biscuits in Country Fried Cabin – S1E12, S1E4, S1E5, S4E13
Country Fried Steak in Country Fried Cabin – S3E1, S3E2, S3E12, S3E9, S3E11, S3E15, S3E3, S3E4, S3E5, S3E7, S3E8, S3E10, S3E13, S4E12
Country Potatoes in Party Fowl – S2E14, S2E13, S2E15
Crab Cakes in Pieces of Ate – S2E7, S1E10, S2E6, S3E5, S4E4
Crab Curry in Pieces of Ate – S2E12, S2E13, S2E15, S4E5
Crab Dip in Pieces of Ate – S2E8, S4E9
Crackers in Pieces of Ate – S2E9, S3E5, S2E14, S4E15, S3E2, S3E4, S3E9, S3E12, S4E13
Cranberry Biscuits in Party Fowl – S3E14, S3E13, S3E11
Cranberry Fritter in Party Fowl – S2E5, S2E9, S3E15, S2E3
Cranberry Sauce in Party Fowl – S3E13, S2E2, S3E10, S3E12
Crawfish Etouffee in Chew Orleans – S2E2, S3E8, S1E11, S2E4, S2E15
Crawfish Po’ Boy in Chew Orleans – S4E7
Cream Cheese Crackers with Blueberry Jam in Wonderland Delights – S1E12, S3E12, S1E11
Cream Cheese Crackers with Lemon Jam in Wonderland Delights – S2E7, S4E6, S3E5, S3E6, S4E10, S4E15
Cream Cheese Crackers with Strawberry Jam in Wonderland Delights – S1E11, S1E15, S3E7, S3E9, S3E14, S4E6
Cream Soda Float in Sundae Fundae – S4E6, S3E15, S3E7, S3E13, S4E15
Cream Soda in Sundae Fundae – S3E5, S3E4, S4E5, S4E6, S4E7, S4E10, S4E12, S4E15, S3E3, S3E6, S3E8, S4E1, S4E9, S4E11
Creamed Corn in Barnyard BBQ – S3E5, S3E12, S3E14
Creamed Corn in Jungle Joint – S3E10, S4E2, S4E8
Creamed Corn in Party Fowl – S2E15, S2E12, S2E13, S1E11, S1E12
Creamed Spinach in Merry Feastmas – S2E5, S3E8, S4E4, S2E6, S3E11
Creamy Salmon Crepe in Cat Lady Crepes – S2E4, S1E10, S1E12 , S2E6, S2E10, S3E6, S3E7
Crispy Curry Pork Belly in Pad Thai Pinball – S4E15, S2E7, S2E15, S3E11
Crispy Pata in Swine ‘N’ Dine – S3E6, S3E14, S2E13, S2E14, S2E15, S4E10
Crispy Salmon in Presto Digesto – S2E7, S2E8
Crowberry and Seaweed Salad in I’m Really Inuit – S3E3, S3E10, S3E14
Crowberry Bannock in I’m Really Inuit – S2E10, S2E13
Crowberry Mash in I’m Really Inuit – S3E14, S3E13, S4E5
Crunchy Roasted Lentils in Pieces of Ate – S1E13, S2E3, S2E5, S2E1, S2E9, S2E11, S4E8, S4E9
Crushed Rye Porridge in Medieval Dines – S3E13, S3E10, S3E12
Crushed Wheat Porridge in Medieval Dines – S3E3, S3E5, S4E8
Cucumber and Cream Cheese Sandwich in Wonderland Delights – S3E4, S3E8, S3E10, S3E5, S3E2, S3E14
Cucumber Salad in K-Pop Kitchen – S4E11, S2E8, S4E5, S4E13, S4E14, S2E4, S3E8, S3E15, S4E10
Cucumber Tea in Wonderland Delights – S3E3, S3E10, S4E1, S4E8
Cup of Chocolate Ice Cream in Out ‘N’ Inning – S1E13, S2E4, S1E12, S1E14, S2E5, S3E13, S3E14, S1E11, S3E11, S4E15, S2E7, S2E12
Cupcake in Cutie Cakes – S3E14, S4E15, S4E12, S2E9, S2E13, S3E8, S3E12
Cupcake in Dreamy Delights – S3E6, S4E10, S3E8, S4E9
Curried Lentil Soup in Pieces of Ate – S2E4, S1E8, S2E14, S4E6
Curry Chicken Fried Rice in Pad Thai Pinball – S3E4, S3E5, S3E11, S4E12
Deep Fried Chocolate Soft Serve in Dinerland – S4E3, S4E4, S4E13
Deep Fried Cookie in Dinerland – S4E4, S3E13, S3E14
Deep Fried Octopus in Tokyo Akedo – S2E15, S1E13, S3E6, S3E10, S3E12, S4E9, S4E10, S4E11, S4E13
Deep Fried Tofu in Eats for Earth – S3E4, S3E12, S3E5, S3E7, S3E8, S3E13
Deep Fried Turkey in Party Fowl – S2E13, S3E13, S2E14, S3E1
Deep-Fried Zucchini in Presto Digesto – S4E7, S3E8, S3E2, S3E3
Deluxe Bagel in Big Belly Deli – S4E14, S3E14, S4E5, S4E6, S4E12
Deviled Eggs in Jungle Joint – S3E12, S4E2, S4E13
Dinner Rolls in Party Fowl – S2E6, S2E11, S2E5, S3E7
Dipped Jumbo Cookie in Dinerland – S4E2, S3E4, S3E12, S3E8, S3E11, S3E13, S3E15, S4E10
Dipped Vanilla Soft Serve in Dinerland – S3E10, S3E11, S4E6
Dolma in Hip Hop Halal – S2E12, S4E6, S4E14, S3E5, S2E15, S4E13, S3E2, S4E7, S4E15, S3E11, S3E14, S4E2, S4E3, S4E4, S4E8
Double Scoop Banana Split in Sundae Fundae – S3E5, S3E13, S3E9, S3E14
Double Scoop Dipped Waffle Cone in Sundae Fundae – S4E6, S4E3, S4E8, S4E5
Double Scoop Sundae in Sundae Fundae – S1E11, S1E15, S2E8, S2E5, S3E9, S4E8, S4E10, S2E14, S2E15, S3E3, S3E8, S4E3, S4E15
Double Scoop Waffle Cone in Sundae Fundae – S4E15, S3E12, S3E9, S3E10, S3E14, S4E1
Double Shot Espresso in Hip Stir Cafe – S2E6
Double-Chocolate Sundae in Out ‘N’ Inning – S3E12, S2E3, S1E15, S3E11, S3E14
Dragon Fondue in Medieval Dines – S4E13, S2E9, S4E11, S4E12
Dragon Pie in Medieval Dines – S2E6, S4E15, S2E7
Dragon Roll in Enso Sushi – S3E13, S3E1, S3E3, S3E7, S3E14
Dragon Soup in Medieval Dines – S2E8, S1E4, S1E11, S3E15, S4E11
Drip Coffee in Hip Stir Cafe – S4E6, S4E11, S3E10, S4E10, S3E14, S4E12, S3E12, S3E13, S3E15, S4E5, S4E15, S2E13, S3E5, S3E6, S3E8, S3E11, S1E14, S2E2, S3E7
Duck Cassoulet in Parisian Palace – S4E9
Duck Confit in Parisian Palace – S2E8, S1E9, S1E15, S2E4, S2E1, S2E6, S1E7, S1E8, S1E12, S2E7, S1E10, S1E11, S1E14, S1E3, S1E5, S1E6, S1E13, S2E2, S2E5, S2E9, S2E11
Duck Paté in Parisian Palace – S2E14, S3E3, S3E15, S4E1, S4E10, S4E12, S3E1, S4E2, S1E11, S1E12, S1E14, S2E11, S3E6, S3E13, S4E7, S4E9
Durian Pork in Caveman Paleo – S1E14, S2E4, S2E6, S2E14
Edamame in Enso Sushi – S1E15, S2E2, S2E4, S3E15
Edible Flowers in Valhalla After Hours – S4E8, S3E15, S4E14, S4E7, S4E10, S4E11, S3E11, S3E4, S3E6
Eel Nigiri in Enso Sushi – S3E8, S3E7, S2E14, S1E14, S2E7
Eel Temaki in Enso Sushi – S3E1, S2E12, S3E9, S3E14
Eel Tempura in Enso Sushi – S3E10, S2E10, S2E9, S3E9
Eerie Elixir in Chateau Creep – S3E4, S3E5
Egg Cream in Big Belly Deli – S4E13, S4E15, S4E10, S3E14, S3E15, S4E9
Egg Custard Bun in Dim Sum Citadel – S4E3, S4E15, S4E13
Egg Sandwich in Jungle Joint – S4E5, S4E2, S4E11, S4E8, S4E9, S4E1, S4E4, S4E14
Egg Tart in Dim Sum Citadel – S3E1, S4E3, S4E11, S3E3
Eggs Benedict in Cat Lady Crepes – S2E7, S3E12, S4E8, S2E13, S2E8, S2E12, S2E15, S3E4, S3E11, S4E9, S4E11
Ensaladilla Rusa in Tapas del Mar – S3E10, S4E14
Epoisses Fondue in Parisian Palace – S3E15, S4E14, S4E15, S2E5, S2E10, S3E3, S3E4, S4E8, S4E12, S4E13, S1E12, S1E13, S1E14, S2E8, S2E14, S3E6, S3E8, S4E1, S4E2, S4E3, S4E5, S4E6, S4E7, S4E9
Escargot in Valhalla After Hours – S4E2, S4E4, S4E6, S4E12
Escovitch Fish in Jamaican Me Hungry – S4E10, S4E15, S4E8, S4E14
Espresso Cheesecake with Heart Topper in Dreamy Delights – S3E4, S3E9, S3E14, S4E11
Espresso Cheesecake with Swirl Topper in Dreamy Delights – S2E9, S2E13, S3E10
Espresso Dark Chocolate Truffle with White Icing in Dreamy Delights – S1E8, S1E10, S1E12
Espresso in Cat Lady Crepes – S3E7, S2E5, S2E11, S2E12, S4E11, S2E3, S2E4, S2E7, S2E8, S2E9, S3E8, S3E10, S3E13, S3E3, S3E5, S3E11, S3E14, S4E12, S4E15
Espresso in Hip Stir Cafe – S1E9, S1E10, S1E12, S1E15
Espresso Milkshake in Dreamy Delights – S3E9, S3E13, S4E12, S4E6, S4E14
Espresso White Chocolate Truffle with Pink Icing in Dreamy Delights – S1E15, S3E11, S2E6, S2E14, S3E13, S4E5
Eyeball Cake Pop in Chateau Creep – S4E2, S4E7, S2E13, S4E11
Falafel Durum in Hip Hop Halal – S3E5, S4E14, S3E4, S3E13, S4E5
Falafel in Hip Hop Halal – S1E13, S1E7, S1E10, S1E11, S2E2, S2E4, S2E8, S2E10, S4E4
Fattah (Rice and Lamb) in Great Eats of Giza – S4E5, S4E10, S4E14, S4E7, S3E13
Fava Dip (Ful Medames) in Great Eats of Giza – S2E7, S2E8, S2E4, S2E10, S4E3
Fava Pepper Paste (Besara) in Great Eats of Giza – S2E11, S2E10, S4E7, S4E15
Fermented Blubber in I’m Really Inuit – S4E14, S2E6
Fermented Caribou (Igunaq) in I’m Really Inuit – S4E6, S4E8, S3E5, S3E12
Fermented Salmon (Igunaq) in I’m Really Inuit – S2E13, S3E13, S4E5, S4E13
Festival Dumpling in Jamaican Me Hungry – S4E15, S4E13, S4E14, S4E11, S3E15
Fig Tartlet in VIP Valhalla – S3E13, S4E8, S4E11, S2E6, S3E7, S4E5, S4E9, S4E10
Filipino Ceviche in Swine ‘N’ Dine – S2E12, S3E6, S3E8, S3E7
Filipino Fried Rice in Swine ‘N’ Dine – S4E6, S4E15
Filipino Melon Juice in Swine ‘N’ Dine – S4E14, S4E15, S3E10, S3E15, S4E13
Filthy Slider in Out ‘N’ Inning – S4E9, S3E8, S4E8, S3E12, S4E7, S4E10
Fire Roasted Fish Fillet in Caveman Paleo – S1E12, S1E2, S1E4, S1E5, S2E12, S3E9, S3E13, S4E9, S4E15
Fire Roasted Quail in Caveman Paleo – S1E12, S2E6, S2E14, S3E7, S4E10, S4E11
Fire Roasted Tomato in Caveman Paleo – S3E4, S3E3, S3E8, S3E9, S3E14, S4E4
Fish and Tomato Skewers in Caveman Paleo – S3E14, S1E10, S3E13, S3E12, S4E6, S4E7, S4E15
Fish Empanada in Swine ‘N’ Dine – S3E3
Fish Jerky in Pieces of Ate – S2E8, S3E11, S4E14, S2E3, S2E10
Fish Kebabs in Cookie’s Cookout – S2E14, S2E15
Fish Sauce in Swine ‘N’ Dine – S4E10, S4E6, S4E12, S4E11
Fish Stew in I’m Really Inuit – S4E10
Fish Tea in Jamaican Me Hungry – S2E14, S2E15, S3E14, S2E8, S2E9, S2E10, S3E6, S3E8, S4E1
Flapjacks in Country Fried Cabin – S1E9, S1E13, S1E14, S4E5, S1E8, S2E3, S2E4, S1E10, S1E15, S2E2, S2E13
Flower Topping in Cutie Cakes – S4E9, S3E4, S3E14, S3E7, S3E11, S4E11, S4E8
Flowers in VIP Valhalla – S4E8, S4E10, S4E15, S3E7, S3E9, S3E15, S2E12, S2E15
Foie Gras Ganache in Valhalla After Hours – S4E5, S4E12, S4E10, S4E11
Franken-Mallow in Chateau Creep – S4E15, S4E4, S4E6, S4E13, S4E11, S4E14
Frappe in Hip Stir Cafe – S3E9, S3E10, S3E14, S4E8
French Fries in Out ‘N’ Inning – S1E7, S3E8, S3E13, S2E11, S2E12, S3E9, S3E10, S4E6, S2E6, S2E15
French Fries in Table Steaks – S3E8, S2E9, S2E14, S2E15, S3E13, S3E3
French Leek Pie in Parisian Palace – S4E4, S4E13, S4E5, S4E6, S4E8, S4E11, S4E14, S4E15
French Onion Soup in Parisian Palace – S3E4, S3E5, S4E12, S3E6, S4E10, S3E9, S3E14, S4E11, S4E14
French Toast in Cat Lady Crepes – S4E9
French Toast in Country Fried Cabin – S2E10, S2E11, S2E12, S4E7, S2E15, S3E12, S4E11
Fresh Chopped Pineapple in Lava Luau – S2E6, S3E6, S4E10, S1E11, S1E15, S2E5, S3E4, S4E9, S4E13
Fresh Peach Slices in Cookie’s Cookout – S2E14, S3E13, S1E13
Fried Banana in Jungle Joint – S2E3, S2E14, S3E6, S4E7, S4E15
Fried Bangus Fish in Swine ‘N’ Dine – S1E15, S2E4, S2E7, S2E10, S2E3, S2E5, S2E11, S1E7, S1E9, S1E13, S2E8, S3E7
Fried Beetle in Adventurous Eats – S1E4, S1E9, S2E14, S3E3
Fried Bell Pepper in Table Steaks – S2E14, S2E15, S3E7, S2E13, S3E4, S3E8, S3E9, S3E13
Fried Brain in Adventurous Eats – S3E4, S3E5
Fried Broccoli in Table Steaks – S3E10, S3E15, S2E10
Fried Caramel Vanilla Ice Cream with Cherry in Out ‘N’ Inning – S4E13, S4E12, S4E14
Fried Catfish in Chew Orleans – S3E7, S4E15
Fried Chicken in Pad Thai Pinball – S1E11, S1E9, S1E10
Fried Chicken in Table Steaks – S3E12, S3E14, S3E2, S3E1, S3E3, S3E5, S3E10, S3E15
Fried Crawfish in Chew Orleans – S2E8, S4E4, S2E10, S2E14, S4E5, S4E2
Fried Double-Chocolate Ice Cream with Cherry in Out ‘N’ Inning – S4E13
Fried Dough (Judge’s Lokma) in Great Eats of Giza – S3E12, S4E1, S3E13, S3E15, S4E4
Fried Egg in Presto Digesto – S4E12, S4E10, S4E13, S4E6, S4E9, S4E8, S4E11, S4E15
Fried Fava Balls (Ta’meya) in Great Eats of Giza – S3E14, S1E15, S3E4
Fried Kelp ‘n’ Tentacles in Adventurous Eats – S3E15, S3E11, S3E7, S3E12, S2E6, S3E3, S3E4, S3E5, S3E14, S2E7, S2E14, S1E15, S3E8, S3E9, S1E15
Fried Lamb in Great Eats of Giza – S3E15, S3E14, S4E11
Fried Larvae in Adventurous Eats – S3E8, S3E13, S3E14, S3E4, S3E6, S2E5, S3E11, S3E2, S3E10, S2E2, S2E12, S2E4, S2E13, S3E3, S3E12, S2E7, S2E10, S2E11, S3E9
Fried Lentil Balls in Pieces of Ate – S4E4, S4E7, S4E10
Fried Mushroom Strips in Eats for Earth – S2E14, S2E10
Fried Okra in Chew Orleans – S2E1, S2E2, S3E11, S4E4
Fried Oysters in Chew Orleans – S4E14, S4E12, S4E1
Fried Piranha in Jungle Joint – S2E6, S2E4, S2E5, S2E12, S2E13
Fried Plantains in Jamaican Me Hungry – S3E13, S3E9, S1E15, S2E8, S2E9, S2E14
Fried Pork and Basil (Pad Krapow Moo Saap) in Pad Thai Pinball – S2E15, S4E1, S3E10, S4E13, S4E15
Fried Pork in Pad Thai Pinball – S1E14, S1E15, S1E12, S1E13
Fried Rice in Dim Sum Citadel – S3E9, S4E14, S3E10, S4E2, S4E4, S4E15
Fried Scorpion in Adventurous Eats – S2E9, S2E1, S2E3, S3E3, S3E7
Fried Shrimp Balls in Dim Sum Citadel – S3E6, S3E11, S4E14
Fried Shrimp in Table Steaks – S2E6, S2E12, S2E9, S3E9, S3E15
Fried Slug in Adventurous Eats – S1E5, S1E8, S1E10, S1E12, S2E14, S1E11, S1E15
Fried Snapper Filet in Pieces of Ate – S4E13, S4E12, S4E7, S4E11, S2E13, S3E7, S3E11
Fried Taro Root (Qolqas) in Great Eats of Giza – S3E14, S3E15
Fried Tilapia in Eats for Earth – S3E12, S3E11, S3E3, S3E10, S2E7, S2E8, S2E12
Fried Whole Crab in Pieces of Ate – S2E7, S2E6, S2E11, S2E12, S3E3
Frozen Blubber in I’m Really Inuit – S1E5, S1E7, S1E12, S2E7, S3E8
Frozen Caribou in I’m Really Inuit – S1E13, S1E14
Frozen Lemonade in Dinerland – S1E14, S1E15, S2E6, S3E11, S2E4, S2E3, S2E8, S2E10, S3E3, S3E15, S4E4, S4E12
Frozen Salmon in I’m Really Inuit – S1E9, S1E8
Frozen Strawberry Lemonade in Dinerland – S3E6, S4E4, S4E7, S3E15, S4E5, S4E14, S2E14, S2E11, S2E12, S2E13
Fruit Freeze in Valhalla After Hours – S3E9, S3E11, S3E13, S4E6, S4E14, S3E5, S3E15, S4E8, S4E15
Fruit Freeze in VIP Valhalla – S3E13, S3E3, S4E5, S4E14, S3E11, S3E14, S4E12
Full Moon Pie in Chateau Creep – S2E14, S3E13, S2E3, S2E4, S2E7, S2E13, S3E14, S3E4, S3E12
Funnel Cake in Dinerland – S1E7, S1E15, S2E8, S2E14, S3E3, S1E8, S1E10, S2E4, S3E6, S1E3, S1E6, S1E9, S2E5, S2E11, S4E3
Funnel Cake with Fudge in Dinerland – S2E9, S2E11, S2E14, S3E11, S3E14, S2E10, S3E1, S4E4, S4E6
Funnel Cake with Soft Serve in Dinerland – S4E5, S4E7
Furikake in Tokyo Akedo – S4E3, S4E4, S4E6, S4E13, S3E6, S4E1, S4E7, S4E12, S3E9
Galbi Shortribs in K-Pop Kitchen – S2E14, S2E15, S3E9
Garlic Bread in Great Eats of Giza – S1E7, S3E3, S1E4, S1E5, S1E6, S1E9, S1E10, S1E12, S1E13, S1E15, S2E2, S4E14
Garlic Fries in Out ‘N’ Inning – S1E9, S2E15, S1E8, S2E7, S3E2, S3E7, S3E9, S4E10, S4E12
Garlic Sweet Potato Fries in Presto Digesto – S3E9, S3E11, S3E14, S4E15
Garlic Zucchini Salad in Presto Digesto – S3E13, S4E13, S4E15
Gazpacho in Tapas del Mar – S4E5, S4E14, S4E2, S4E12, S4E13, S3E13, S3E14, S4E4, S4E15
German Apple Cake in Bavaria Fest – S2E1, S2E4, S2E2, S2E3, S2E5, S2E10, S4E14, S2E15
German Potato Salad in Bavaria Fest – S1E7, S1E6, S1E9, S1E13, S2E5, S2E8
Ghost Marshmallow in Chateau Creep – S3E14, S3E13, S3E15, S4E2, S4E6, S4E3, S4E4, S4E8, S4E12, S4E13
Gildas in Tapas del Mar – S2E9, S2E10, S4E3, S4E4, S4E14
Ginger Beer in Jamaican Me Hungry – S4E15, S3E15, S4E14, S4E8, S3E14
Gingerbread Cookie in Merry Feastmas – S4E15, S1E4, S1E6, S1E7, S1E10, S1E13, S3E11
Gingerbread House in Merry Feastmas – S4E7
Gingerbread Man with Peppermint in Merry Feastmas – S3E8, S1E13, S2E12, S3E3
Gingerbread Woman with Frosting and Sprinkles in Merry Feastmas – S4E3
Glazed Snapper Steak in Pieces of Ate – S3E13, S4E8, S4E14, S4E4, S4E10
Goat Curry in Jamaican Me Hungry – S1E8, S1E15, S2E15, S1E6, S1E7, S2E3, S2E5
Goat Patty in Jamaican Me Hungry – S2E6, S2E7, S2E9, S4E15
Goat Rundown in Jamaican Me Hungry – S3E14, S3E15, S4E2, S4E1
Goblet of Mead in Bavaria Fest – S4E14, S4E15, S4E9, S4E13, S4E11, S3E13, S3E12, S3E14
Goblet of Mead in Medieval Dines – S4E14, S4E13, S2E13, S4E11, S3E3, S3E9, S4E10, S3E10, S3E12
Gold Leaf in Valhalla After Hours – S4E10, S4E11, S4E14, S4E13, S3E15, S4E5, S4E15, S3E6, S3E10, S3E12
Goldleaf in VIP Valhalla – S4E10, S4E12, S3E7, S4E4, S4E7
Gravy in Country Fried Cabin – S4E13, S3E12, S3E15, S3E13, S3E9, S4E2, S4E15
Gravy in Eats for Earth – S3E14, S2E8, S2E13, S3E5
Gravy in Merry Feastmas – S4E15, S4E9, S3E8, S3E6, S4E10, S4E13
Gravy in Party Fowl – S2E9, S2E10, S3E11, S2E7, S2E8
Gravy in Table Steaks – S3E14, S3E12, S3E7, S3E8, S3E13, S3E15
Greek Salad in Zero-G Pizzeria – S4E5, S3E1, S3E2, S3E9, S3E11, S4E2
Green Balloon in Bouncy Birthday – S2E13, S2E15
Green Banana Porridge in Jamaican Me Hungry – S3E14, S3E13, S4E13, S4E9
Green Curry Chicken in Pad Thai Pinball – S3E10, S4E1
Green Pepper Pizza in Zero-G Pizzeria – S3E4, S3E6, S3E9, S3E14, S3E3, S3E15, S4E5
Green Tea in Enso Sushi – S3E11, S2E13, S3E7, S3E14, S1E14, S2E6, S3E8, S3E12
Grilled Ahi in VIP Valhalla – S2E12, S4E12, S2E13, S1E9, S1E11, S1E12
Grilled Beans in Taco Train – S3E14, S2E12, S3E12, S4E9, S4E13, S2E1, S3E1, S3E2, S3E10, S4E3, S4E6, S4E7, S4E12
Grilled Beet in VIP Valhalla – S2E, S2E7, S4E6, S4E9, S2E6, S2E8, S4E8
Grilled Bell Pepper in Table Steaks – S1E12, S1E13, S1E15, S3E15
Grilled Bread in Metal Chef Italian – S2E4, S3E13, S3E14, S2E5, S2E11, S3E12
Grilled Broccoli in Table Steaks – S3E9, S3E6
Grilled Catfish Filet in Chew Orleans – S3E3, S1E6, S1E9
Grilled Chard in Pesto Sauce in VIP Valhalla – S2E11, S2E10, S2E15, S3E8, S3E15, S4E12, S3E13, S4E14
Grilled Chard in VIP Valhalla – S3E13, S3E14, S2E9, S4E12, S4E5
Grilled Cheese Pocket in Bouncy Birthday – S4E15, S4E4
Grilled Chicken in Table Steaks – S1E10, S1E11, S1E13, S2E11, S3E1, S3E5
Grilled Chicken Leg in Tokyo Akedo – S1E7, S1E5, S1E6, S4E14, S2E12
Grilled Crawfish in Chew Orleans – S2E13, S4E3, S2E5, S2E6, S4E2
Grilled Dragon Meat in Medieval Dines – S2E5
Grilled Fava Beans in Great Eats of Giza – S2E14, S2E13
Grilled Filet in VIP Valhalla – S2E4, S2E3, S2E2, S2E5
Grilled Green Beans in Eats for Earth – S2E3, S2E7, S2E9, S2E6, S2E8
Grilled Jack Rabbit in Medieval Dines – S2E10, S2E11, S2E12, S2E13, S3E9, S3E14
Grilled Kumquat in VIP Valhalla – S4E3, S4E13, S3E9
Grilled Kale Salad in Eats for Earth – S2E13, S2E12, S1E10, S1E14, S1E15
Grilled Lobster Cake in Presto Digesto – S4E1, S4E4, S4E8, S4E12
Grilled Lobster in VIP Valhalla – S3E9, S1E11, S1E13, S2E8, S3E8, S3E10
Grilled Meatballs Marinara in Metal Chef Italian – S1E5, S1E11, S2E11, S3E10, S2E6, S2E15
Grilled Mushroom in Cookie’s Cookout – S2E15, S1E8, S3E3, S3E10, S3E11, S1E7, S1E9
Grilled Octopus in Tokyo Akedo – S2E13, S1E14, S2E6, S2E8, S2E12, S2E15, S1E10, S1E13
Grilled Okra in Chew Orleans – S1E15, S1E14, S1E12, S3E2, S3E13, S4E2, S4E13, S1E5, S1E11, S1E13, S3E12, S3E14, S4E4, S4E8, S2E2
Grilled Onion Blossom in Medieval Dines – S3E10, S4E12, S2E10, S2E11, S4E14, S2E9, S3E8, S4E3, S1E8, S1E12, S1E13, S2E4, S3E2, S3E5, S3E13, S4E5, S4E11, S4E15
Grilled Onion Rings in Medieval Dines – S3E7, S4E13, S4E14, S4E15, S4E5, S4E3, S4E4, S4E11, S2E1, S2E5, S3E14, S3E15
Grilled Peaches in Cookie’s Cookout – S1E15, S2E8, S2E10, S1E10, S3E15
Grilled Pigeon in Medieval Dines – S3E8, S4E14, S2E4, S4E1, S1E6, S1E7, S2E7, S4E8, S4E11
Grilled Pineapple in Lava Luau – S1E13, S2E8, S2E11, S2E12, S3E4, S3E6, S4E5
Grilled Piranha in Jungle Joint – S1E6, S1E11, S1E12, S3E9, S1E7, S1E10, S2E5
Grilled Plantains in Lava Luau – S2E7, S4E7, S2E3, S2E6, S2E10, S2E11, S1E7, S1E8, S1E9, S1E10, S1E14, S3E2, S4E2, S4E3, S4E14
Grilled Potato Medley in Medieval Dines – S2E12, S4E8, S4E12, S4E7, S4E10, S4E15, S3E5, S3E8, S3E9, S3E12, S3E15, S4E1, S4E13, S4E14
Grilled Prawn on Toast in Tapas del Mar – S4E1, S4E2, S4E12
Grilled Ribrack in Barnyard BBQ – S1E8, S1E7
Grilled Ribs in Barnyard BBQ – S1E14, S1E10, S1E12, S1E13, S2E7, S2E13, S3E8, S3E14
Grilled Salmon Filet in Cat Lady Crepes – S1E14, S3E8, S4E14, S2E9, S4E15, S2E7, S2E13, S3E7, S3E9, S3E12, S3E13, S3E15
Grilled Salmon in Presto Digesto – S1E6, S1E7, S2E2, S2E8
Grilled Salmon Salad in Presto Digesto – S3E1, S3E6, S3E7, S3E14
Grilled Short Ribs in Valhalla After Hours – S2E1, S2E13, S2E10, S2E11, S4E12, S2E2, S2E3, S2E12, S4E11
Grilled Shrimp in Table Steaks – S3E8, S1E14, S1E11
Grilled Spaghetti and Shrimp Marinara in Metal Chef Italian – S3E4, S3E2, S3E3
Grilled Steak in Barnyard BBQ – S3E6, S2E11, S1E4, S1E14, S1E15
Grilled Sweet Potato in Presto Digesto – S1E11, S1E14, S1E3, S1E6, S1E7, S1E8, S1E10
Grilled Taro in Lava Luau – S2E15, S3E7, S1E11, S1E12, S2E10, S2E11, S3E15, S4E4, S4E11, S4E15
Grilled Tilapia in Eats for Earth – S1E13, S2E2, S2E6, S2E11
Grilled Tofu in K-Pop Kitchen – S2E10, S2E11, S4E1, S2E12, S4E6, S1E10
Grilled Tofu in Tokyo Akedo – S3E14, S4E4, S3E13, S4E12, S4E15
Grilled Tofu Skewers in Eats for Earth – S3E9, S1E15, S2E9, S2E14, S3E15
Grilled Tofu Steak in Eats for Earth – S3E7, S1E9, S1E10, S3E8
Grilled Turkey Pieces in Barnyard BBQ – S1E15, S3E5, S2E14
Grilled Whole Turkey in Barnyard BBQ – S1E12, S2E7, S3E4, S3E5, S3E6, S3E11, S3E15
Grilled Zucchini Boats in Presto Digesto – S2E4, S2E15, S1E11, S3E7, S4E11
Guacamole in Taco Train – S2E13, S3E13, S3E14, S2E10, S3E10, S2E9, S2E7, S2E12, S3E9, S3E11, S4E8
Gumbo in Chew Orleans – S3E15, S4E15, S4E14, S3E9, S4E5, S4E10, S4E11, S4E12, S4E13, S3E1, S3E10, S4E3, S3E2, S3E8, S3E12
Gummy Worms in Chateau Creep – S4E13, S4E15, S3E15, S4E3, S4E5, S4E9, S4E11, S4E12
Haejangguk Pork Soup in K-Pop Kitchen – S4E7, S4E8, S4E12, S4E10
Halawa in Great Eats of Giza – S3E9, S1E9, S2E6, S2E12, S3E11, S2E11, S3E7
Half Shell Oysters in Valhalla After Hours – S3E3, S4E15, S1E6, S1E12, S3E5, S4E14
Halo-Halo in Swine ‘N’ Dine – S2E4, S3E5, S4E14
Har Gao Shrimp Dumplings in Dim Sum Citadel – S1E13, S1E12, S1E15, S1E14, S2E10
Hardtack in Pieces of Ate – S4E11, S3E3, S3E7, S3E9, S1E13, S2E10, S4E3, S4E8, S4E9, S3E4, S3E13
Hash Browns in Country Fried Cabin – S2E1, S3E3, S3E12, S2E2, S2E6, S3E8, S3E13, S3E15
Hawaiian Fried Rice in Lava Luau – S3E10, S3E12, S3E15
Heart Crusted Apple Pie in Cutie Cakes – S4E3, S4E2, S2E11, S3E4, S4E10
Heart Crusted Blueberry Pie in Cutie Cakes – S2E8, S4E12
Heart Crusted Cherry Pie in Cutie Cakes – S4E13, S2E13, S2E15, S4E15, S2E12
Hibiscus in Lava Luau – S4E5, S4E12, S3E14, S4E11, S4E13, S3E4
Hibiscus Juice in Great Eats of Giza – S4E15, S4E12, S4E14, S4E2, S4E9, S4E13, S3E11
Holiday Fruit Cake in Merry Feastmas – S2E12, S2E13, S2E14, S3E13
Home Run Dog in Out ‘N’ Inning – S4E13, S4E2
Horchata in Taco Train – S3E12, S3E13, S4E14, S2E10, S3E9, S3E15, S4E5, S4E13, S2E4, S4E15, S4E11, S2E2
Horseradish in Merry Feastmas – S4E11, S4E13, S4E14, S4E12, S4E5, S3E10, S3E14, S4E4, S4E7, S4E8, S4E9, S4E15
Hot Chocolate in Hip Stir Cafe – S2E12, S2E15, S2E10, S2E11
Hot Cocoa in Country Fried Cabin – S4E9, S3E14, S4E13, S4E14, S3E15, S4E7, S2E15, S4E12
Hot Cocoa in Merry Feastmas – S2E10, S2E14, S2E15, S2E4, S3E2, S2E8, S2E11
Hot Dog in Out ‘N’ Inning – S3E3, S2E5, S3E4
Hot Sauce in Cat Lady Crepes – S4E15, S2E15, S2E6, S4E6
Hummus in Hip Hop Halal – S2E1, S3E6, S2E7, S4E8
Hush Puppies in Chew Orleans – S2E7, S4E6, S4E9, S2E8, S4E10, S2E5, S2E6, S2E10, S3E15, S4E8, S2E9, S4E7, S3E10, S3E12, S4E4
Ice Cream Cone in Bouncy Birthday – S1E11
Ice Cream Cup in Bouncy Birthday – S3E5
Ice Cream in Cutie Cakes – S4E14, S4E5, S4E12
Ice Cream in Dreamy Delights – S4E12, S3E14, S3E15
Idly in Feastival of Lights – S3E2, S4E14, S1E13, S1E14, S4E11
Inari Udon in Tokyo Akedo – S3E6, S3E14, S4E12
Inuit Tea in I’m Really Inuit – S4E13, S4E15, S4E14
Italian Soda in Metal Chef Italian – S3E13, S3E12, S3E14
Jack O’ Lantern in Chateau Creep – S2E7, S3E9, S2E15, S3E1, S3E3, S3E5, S3E6, S3E10, S4E5, S4E14
Jack Rabbit Fondue in Medieval Dines – S4E14, S3E13, S3E15
Jack Rabbit Pie in Medieval Dines – S4E13, S4E10, S3E5
Jack Rabbit Soup in Medieval Dines – S2E15, S2E14, S3E2, S4E10
Jaegerschnitzel in Bavaria Fest – S2E7, S2E6, S2E9, S4E14, S2E4, S2E8, S2E14, S3E14, S4E8, S4E9, S2E5, S2E10, S2E12
Jaegerspaetzle in Bavaria Fest – S4E8, S4E13, S4E11, S4E15
Jambalaya in Chew Orleans – S3E6, S3E4
Japchae Noodles in K-Pop Kitchen – S2E1, S2E6, S2E2, S3E10, S2E5, S3E2, S3E9, S4E13, S2E4, S2E7, S2E8, S2E15, S3E8, S3E11, S3E14
Jeera Aloo in Feastival of Lights – S2E1, S2E2, S4E13, S2E4
Jerk Goat in Jamaican Me Hungry – S2E11, S2E12, S3E13
Juicebox in Bouncy Birthday – S3E14, S4E5, S4E8, S4E11, S4E13
Jumbo Cookie in Dinerland – S2E15, S2E5, S2E13, S2E6, S2E7, S1E10, S1E11
Jungle Fries in Jungle Joint – S3E15, S4E14, S2E5, S2E10, S2E14
Jute Salad (Mulukhia) in Great Eats of Giza – S1E10, S1E9, S1E8, S1E11
Kale Chips in Eats for Earth – S3E1, S3E9, S3E15
Kalua Pork in Lava Luau – S2E1, S2E5, S4E7, S2E3, S2E6, S2E14, S2E15, S3E4
Kelp ‘n’ Tentacles Smoothie in Adventurous Eats – S2E15, S1E7, S3E2, S1E10, S1E14, S3E10, S3E9
Ketchup and Mustard in Out ‘N’ Inning – S3E15, S3E13, S3E9, S4E15, S4E9, S4E14
Ketchup in Adventurous Eats – S3E8, S2E7, S3E11, S3E13
Kettle Corn in Dinerland – S2E12, S1E15, S2E11, S2E15, S2E2, S2E8, S2E10, S2E14, S1E12, S1E13, S3E2, S3E3
Khao Pad Fried Rice in Pad Thai Pinball – S2E6, S2E4, S2E15, S2E7, S2E8, S2E14, S3E13
Kimbap in K-Pop Kitchen – S4E13, S2E15, S4E12, S4E14, S1E13, S2E8, S3E8, S2E4, S2E6, S2E7, S3E3, S3E11, S4E2, S4E5, S4E9, S4E11, S4E15
Kimchi Dumplings in K-Pop Kitchen – S4E11, S2E13, S2E14, S3E1, S4E1, S4E13, S3E5, S3E8, S3E14
Kimchi Fried Rice in K-Pop Kitchen – S2E13, S2E14, S4E3, S4E12, S4E14, S4E15, S4E1, S1E12, S2E6, S2E11, S3E3, S3E8
Kimchi in K-Pop Kitchen – S4E1, S1E14, S4E9, S1E10, S1E15, S2E5, S3E3, S3E11, S3E13, S4E2, S4E7, S4E11, S4E15, S2E9, S2E10, S2E11, S2E14, S3E12, S3E15, S4E3, S4E6, S4E12
Kimchi Soup in K-Pop Kitchen – S4E1, S4E2
Kona Koffee Kraze in The Cheeky Tiki – S4E6 , S4E4, S4E5, S4E12
Kraken Calamari in Pieces of Ate – S3E12, S2E15, S3E15, S2E11, S2E12, S3E13, S3E14, S4E3
Kraken Curry in Pieces of Ate – S1E11, S1E9, S1E12, S4E2, S1E15, S2E10, S3E3, S4E6
Kunafa in Great Eats of Giza – S4E9, S4E6, S4E8, S4E7
Kunefe in Hip Hop Halal – S2E8, S2E9, S2E12, S2E10
Lamb & Pistachio Kebab in Hip Hop Halal – S4E11, S4E15, S4E8, S4E9
Lamb Curry in Feastival of Lights – S4E4, S4E11
Lamb Durum in Hip Hop Halal – S2E11, S2E12, S2E8, S2E13, S4E15, S2E5, S2E9, S3E12, S4E12, S2E6, S2E10, S2E15, S3E3, S4E10, S4E11
Lamb Fry in Feastival of Lights – S3E13, S3E15, S4E15, S4E14
Lamb Kati Roll in Feastival of Lights – S3E7, S3E14, S3E8, S3E9, S3E10, S4E11
Lamb Kebab in Feastival of Lights – S3E8, S3E4, S3E9, S3E7, S3E5, S3E6
Lamb Kofte Meatball in Hip Hop Halal – S2E14, S3E8, S2E7, S2E13, S2E15, S3E6, S3E10, S4E7, S1E12, S1E14, S2E4, S2E9, S2E10, S3E15, S4E9
Lamb Manti Dumpling in Hip Hop Halal – S3E14, S3E13, S3E15, S4E12, S4E6, S4E15, S4E7, S4E14, S4E2, S4E11
Lamb Shawarma in Hip Hop Halal – S1E8, S1E6, S4E11, S1E9, S1E11, S1E13, S2E8, S2E10, S3E4, S4E14
Lamb Stew (Bamia) in Great Eats of Giza – S2E15, S3E8, S3E10, S3E3, S4E10, S4E15
Lamb Wellington in Merry Feastmas – S4E6, S4E5, S4E13, S4E10
Larvae Smoothie in Adventurous Eats – S3E3, S3E6, S3E11, S2E13, S1E9, S1E15, S3E15
Latte in Hip Stir Cafe – S1E11, S2E9, S1E13, S1E14, S1E15, S2E1, S3E4, S3E8, S4E15
Laulau in Lava Luau – S3E10, S2E4, S2E7, S2E11, S3E4, S3E13, S4E10, S4E11, S4E14, S4E15
Lava Flow in The Cheeky Tiki – S3E5, S3E6, S4E4
Lavash Bread in Hip Hop Halal – S1E9, S1E12, S2E6, S2E11
Lechon in Swine ‘N’ Dine – S2E1, S2E6, S2E14, S1E12, S1E14, S2E2, S2E8, S2E13, S4E1, S4E2, S1E13, S2E5, S3E4, S1E7, S1E8, S1E10, S2E7, S2E9
Lemon Chocolate Petit Four of Diamonds in Wonderland Delights – S2E10, S2E12, S2E13
Lemon Chocolate Petit Four of Hearts in Wonderland Delights – S2E9, S2E11, S3E4, S4E8
Lemon Garnish in Caveman Paleo – S4E13, S2E4, S2E5, S2E7, S3E10, S4E12, S4E14
Lemon in Tapas del Mar – S4E8, S4E14, S2E15, S3E15, S4E2, S4E9, S4E15
Lemon Jam in Wonderland Delights – S2E6, S2E7, S3E7, S3E13, S4E7
Lemon Tea in Wonderland Delights – S2E7, S2E8, S2E5, S2E12, S3E14, S2E6, S2E9, S4E9
Lemon Vanilla Petit Four of Clubs in Wonderland Delights – S4E3
Lemon Vanilla Petit Four of Spades in Wonderland Delights – S3E13, S3E15, S4E1, S4E6
Lemonade in Bouncy Birthday – S4E9, S4E14
Li Hing Candy in The Cheeky Tiki – S4E6, S4E9, S3E3, S4E14, S3E14, S4E5, S4E8, S4E10, S4E11, S4E12, S3E4, S3E7, S3E10, S3E12
Lime Freezy in I’m Really Inuit – S4E2, S4E15
Lime Leaves in Pad Thai Pinball – S4E15, S4E12, S3E11
Loaded Burger in Jungle Joint – S3E7, S3E8, S3E11, S3E14, S4E3
Loaded Cheeseburger in Bouncy Birthday – S3E9, S4E14, S4E7
Loaded Fries in Bouncy Birthday – S3E15, S4E5
Loaded Fries in Jungle Joint – S3E10, S4E14
Loaded Hot Dog in Bouncy Birthday – S2E9, S3E5, S3E6
Lobster Fritter in Presto Digesto – S3E3, S3E7, S3E11, S4E14
Lobster in Sauce in Presto Digesto – S3E15, S2E15
Lomi Lomi in Lava Luau – S4E14, S4E8, S4E9, S4E15, S4E10, S3E11
London Broil in Barnyard BBQ – S3E7, S3E8, S3E9, S3E14, S3E15
Lotus Leaf Pork Wrap in Lava Luau – S2E12, S2E13, S4E6, S3E9, S3E11, S3E12, S4E14
Lotus Leaf Sticky Rice in Dim Sum Citadel – S2E9, S3E8, S2E10
Mac and Cheese in Bouncy Birthday – S3E13, S3E14
Mac n Cheese in Zero-G Pizzeria – S2E5, S2E7, S2E6, S2E9, S2E10
Macadamia Nuts in The Cheeky Tiki – S4E3, S1E14, S3E15, S3E11, S1E10, S4E9, S4E11, S4E12, S1E9, S2E15, S3E8, S4E5, S4E8
Macaroni Salad in Lava Luau – S3E5, S3E15, S3E10, S3E11
Macchiato in Hip Stir Cafe – S4E7, S1E10
Mai Tai in The Cheeky Tiki – S2E9, S2E10, S3E14, S3E4
Mango Chutney in Pieces of Ate – S2E7, S4E14, S3E9, S3E15, S1E13
Mango Lassi in Feastival of Lights – S4E9, S4E7, S4E14, S4E15, S4E8
Mango Sticky Rice in Pad Thai Pinball – S4E13, S4E11, S4E15, S4E7, S4E8, S4E14, S3E12, S3E15
Mango Tango Roll in Enso Sushi – S3E7, S3E8
Maque Choux in Chew Orleans – S4E9, S4E10, S3E13, S4E7, S4E8
Marrowbone in I’m Really Inuit – S2E11, S2E12
Maruya Banana Fritter in Swine ‘N’ Dine – S3E10, S3E12, S4E8, S3E15
Mashed Potatoes in Jungle Joint – S4E3, S4E5
Mashed Potatoes in Party Fowl – S3E15, S1E15, S2E10, S2E6, S2E7
Matcha Tea Latte in Tokyo Akedo – S2E12, S4E11, S3E15, S2E13, S4E12, S2E10, S4E5, S4E7
Matzo Ball Soup in Big Belly Deli – S1E8, S1E12, S2E4, S2E5, S3E13
Meat Lover’s Pizza in Zero-G Pizzeria – S4E1, S4E2, S4E5, S4E6, S4E11
Melon Soda in Tokyo Akedo – S4E4, S4E10, S3E15, S4E5, S4E14, S3E5, S3E9, S4E12, S2E4, S3E8, S3E12, S4E8, S4E13, S4E15, S2E9, S3E7, S3E10
Milk Can Escape Milk in Presto Digesto – S3E14, S4E10, S4E8, S4E15, S3E12
Milk Chocolate Bon Bon with White Icing in Dreamy Delights – S3E1, S3E2, S3E3, S4E14, S3E11
Milk Chocolate Strawberry with White Icing in Dreamy Delights – S2E6, S4E12, S1E15
Milk Flower in Wonderland Delights – S3E15, S2E5, S2E6, S3E13, S1E14, S3E8
Milk in Cutie Cakes – S4E8, S3E8, S1E10, S1E15, S3E9, S4E12
Milk in Dreamy Delights – S4E11, S1E13, S1E14
Mince Pie in Merry Feastmas – S4E14, S2E7, S2E8, S3E15, S4E8, S2E9, S4E9, S4E10, S2E11, S2E12
Minced Lamb Pita (Hamawshi) in Great Eats of Giza – S4E15, S4E5, S3E8, S3E15
Mint Cookie Sandwich in Sundae Fundae – S3E11, S3E14, S3E12
Mint Dipped Waffle Cone in Sundae Fundae – S3E2, S3E12, S3E8, S4E13, S3E1, S3E11, S3E14, S4E7, S4E8
Mint Julep in Chew Orleans – S4E14, S4E10, S4E15, S4E8, S4E12, S3E14, S3E15, S3E7, S3E12
Miso Soup in Enso Sushi – S2E2, S2E5, S2E10, S2E13, S1E13, S1E15, S3E10, S3E15
Muffin with Jam in Cat Lady Crepes – S2E11, S2E13, S2E14
Mushroom in Wonderland Delights – S3E8, S4E2, S3E10, S4E3, S4E8, S4E12, S4E15
Mushroom Kebabs in Cookie’s Cookout – S2E14, S3E5, S3E11, S2E13, S3E12, S3E8, S3E10, S3E15, S1E12
Mushroom Pizza in Zero-G Pizzeria – S3E10, S3E13, S4E5
Mushroom Rouladen in Bavaria Fest – S2E13, S2E9, S4E14, S2E10, S2E14, S3E10, S3E12, S4E1, S4E2, S4E5
Mushroom Stuffed Baked Clams in Caveman Paleo – S4E10
Mussel Paella in Tapas del Mar – S3E14, S2E12, S3E6, S2E11, S3E15, S4E15
Mussels Vinaigrette in Tapas del Mar – S2E4
Naan in Feastival of Lights – S1E12, S3E3
New York Cheesecake in Big Belly Deli – S4E14, S4E15, S4E4, S4E5, S4E11, S4E12
Nicoise Salad in Zero-G Pizzeria – S3E5, S4E3, S3E6, S3E10, S4E4, S4E8, S4E12
Oatmeal with Nuts and Strawberries in Country Fried Cabin – S2E13, S2E14, S3E7, S4E4
Oatmeal with Raisins in Country Fried Cabin – S1E13, S1E14, S1E15, S4E15, S2E5, S2E10, S2E15, S4E3
Octopus a la Plancha in Tapas del Mar – S2E15, S2E13, S4E12, S2E12, S2E14, S1E5, S1E12
Octopus Bisque in VIP Valhalla – S4E3, S4E11
Octopus Ceviche in Tapas del Mar – S3E5, S3E6
Octopus Okonomiyaki in Tokyo Akedo – S3E10, S3E15, S3E12, S4E11
Oeufs en Meurette in Parisian Palace – S1E13, S1E15, S2E3, S2E8, S1E14, S2E6, S2E7, S2E11, S2E13, S3E12, S3E13, S3E14, S4E6, S4E7
Okonomiyaki in Tokyo Akedo – S2E8, S3E10, S3E12, S3E14, S4E11, S4E10, S4E15
Okra Creole in Chew Orleans – S4E11, S2E7, S3E13, S3E14, S1E13, S2E6, S2E8, S2E9, S2E12
Old Fashioned Apple Pie in Cutie Cakes – S2E3, S2E4, S2E2, S4E5
Old Fashioned Blueberry Pie in Cutie Cakes – S2E3, S3E7
Old Fashioned Cherry Pie in Cutie Cakes – S4E14, S4E12, S4E11, S4E13, S2E11, S2E13
Olive Pizza in Zero-G Pizzeria – S2E13, S2E14, S2E15, S4E6, S4E10
Olive Tomato Pasta in Zero-G Pizzeria – S3E13, S3E14, S4E9, S4E13, S4E14
Olives in Bavaria Fest – S4E11, S2E4, S1E12, S1E15
Olives in Medieval Dines – S4E15, S3E6, S3E10, S3E12, S2E11
Onion Soup in Medieval Dines – S1E14, S1E15, S2E13
Orange Balloon in Bouncy Birthday – S4E9, S4E5
Orange Drink in Zero-G Pizzeria – S3E14, S4E12, S3E15, S3E7, S3E12, S1E13, S4E6, S4E7, S1E14, S3E9, S3E10, S4E11, S4E15, S4E3, S4E8, S4E9, S2E7, S2E10, S2E11, S4E2, S4E10, S4E13
Orange Soda Float in Sundae Fundae – S4E7, S4E11
Orange Soda in Sundae Fundae – S3E8, S4E11, S2E13, S2E15, S3E1, S4E2, S4E13, S2E11, S2E14, S3E11, S4E8, S4E9, S4E12, S4E15, S1E12, S1E11, S2E3, S2E8, S2E9, S3E3, S3E10, S2E5, S2E6, S3E13, S4E3, S4E4, S4E10, S4E14
Oyster Po’ Boy in Chew Orleans – S4E13, S4E4, S4E14
Oysters Rockefeller in Chew Orleans – S2E13, S3E10, S2E12, S4E14, S2E15, S3E8, S4E9, S4E12
Pad See Ew in Pad Thai Pinball – S2E10, S3E1
Padrón Peppers in Tapas del Mar – S4E6, S2E3, S2E6, S2E12, S3E8, S4E11, S4E14, S3E12, S3E14, S3E15, S4E4, S4E10, S4E15
Paella del Mar in Tapas del Mar – S4E8, S4E10, S4E9, S4E7
Pakoras in Feastival of Lights – S3E10, S3E12
Paleo Punch in Caveman Paleo – S3E15, S4E8, S4E9, S2E6, S3E9
Papas Bravas in Tapas del Mar – S1E6
Parmesan in Metal Chef Italian – S3E10, S3E15, S3E4, S3E5, S3E11
Parmesan in Zero-G Pizzeria – S4E15, S4E13, S2E7, S2E9, S2E14, S2E4, S2E10, S4E14, S1E15, S2E5, S3E11, S4E6, S4E11
Pastie in Bouncy Birthday – S4E9, S4E14
Pastrami in Big Belly Deli – S4E6, S2E12, S4E7
Pastrami Sandwich in Big Belly Deli – S4E10, S4E13, S4E6
Pâté and Cream Cheese Sandwich in Wonderland Delights – S4E1, S4E2, S4E4, S4E6, S4E9
Pâté and Cucumber Sandwich in Wonderland Delights – S4E4, S4E11
Peanuts in Pad Thai Pinball – S3E14, S4E14, S2E14, S3E12, S4E7, S4E3, S4E9, S4E15
Peppermint Hot Cocoa in Merry Feastmas – S4E13, S4E12, S4E15, S3E11, S3E15, S3E10, S3E12, S3E13, S3E14, S3E3, S3E6, S3E9
Pepperoni Pasta Bake in Zero-G Pizzeria – S4E7, S4E14, S4E9
Pepperoni Pizza in Zero-G Pizzeria – S1E14, S1E9, S2E15
Pepperpot Soup in Jamaican Me Hungry – S4E7, S4E15, S4E11, S4E1
Peruvian Ceviche in Valhalla After Hours – S2E15, S4E10, S2E12, S2E13, S4E11
Pickle in Big Belly Deli – S2E15, S3E7, S4E9, S4E15, S3E8, S3E15, S4E6
Pickled Radish in K-Pop Kitchen – S2E12, S3E12, S2E13, S4E13, S2E14, S3E11, S3E14, S4E1, S4E3, S4E7, S4E8, S4E12, S4E14, S4E15
Pide in Hip Hop Halal – S2E1, S1E14, S1E15, S2E5, S2E6, S2E7, S3E1, S3E13, S3E14, S4E1, S4E13
Pigeon Fondue in Medieval Dines – S3E9, S1E14
Pigeon Pie in Medieval Dines – S2E8, S3E7, S4E12
Pigeon Soup in Medieval Dines – S1E8, S3E6, S1E9, S1E10, S2E14, S4E2, S3E4
Pina Burger in Jungle Joint – S3E14, S4E9, S4E14
Piña Colada in The Cheeky Tiki – S2E13, S2E15
Pinasugbo Banana Candy in Swine ‘N’ Dine – S2E6, S2E11, S3E10, S3E11, S3E14, S4E7
Pineapple Passion in The Cheeky Tiki – S1E9, S2E8
Pineapple Pudding in Pieces of Ate – S3E4, S4E14
Pineapple Punch in Jungle Joint – S4E3, S2E14, S4E7, S3E4, S3E10, S3E13
Pineapple Punch in The Cheeky Tiki – S1E6, S2E12
Pineapple Rings in Jungle Joint – S1E15, S2E14, S2E15
Pineapple Tower in Jungle Joint – S2E12, S2E13, S3E14
Pink Chocolate Rose in Presto Digesto – S2E14, S4E11, S2E9, S2E10, S3E3, S4E10
Pinoy Fried Chicken in Swine ‘N’ Dine – S4E4, S4E15, S3E14, S3E15, S4E10, S4E11
Piperade in Parisian Palace – S4E13, S2E11, S2E15, S2E9, S2E10, S2E12, S3E4, S4E10, S2E14, S4E3, S4E12, S3E6, S3E7, S3E8, S4E5, S4E11, S4E14
Pirate’s Grog in Pieces of Ate – S4E15, S3E12, S3E15
Pitmarrow in I’m Really Inuit – S2E15, S3E5, S4E14
Plain Bologna Sandwich in Bouncy Birthday – S2E6, S2E5
Plain Burger in Bouncy Birthday – S2E14, S3E3, S4E9
Plain Burger in Jungle Joint – S2E7, S1E15, S2E8, S2E11
Plain Hot Dog in Bouncy Birthday – S1E9, S1E11
Plain Huckleberry Ring Donut in Hip Stir Cafe – S1E12, S2E7, S1E7, S1E15, S2E11, S4E15
Plain Maple Bacon Ring Donut in Hip Stir Cafe – S3E6, S3E8, S3E14, S4E8, S4E9, S4E11, S3E15, S4E7, S4E14
Plain Oatmeal in Country Fried Cabin – S1E7, S1E9, S1E10, S1E6, S1E8, S1E12, S1E14, S2E2, S2E12, S3E14
Plain Pistachio Ring Donut in Hip Stir Cafe – S4E12, S2E8, S2E14, S3E4, S3E12, S4E1
Plain Rice in Feastival of Lights – S4E1, S4E2, S1E7, S4E3, S1E6, S1E14, S3E1, S3E6
Plain Yogurt in Country Fried Cabin – S2E4, S2E3, S3E1, S3E12, S4E3, S4E11
Plantain Chips in Lava Luau – S4E2, S3E1
Plantain Rice Pudding in Lava Luau – S2E10, S4E9, S3E14, S4E13, S2E12, S2E14, S4E5, S4E8, S4E15
Plushie Toy in Dinerland – S4E4, S4E12, S4E14, S2E14, S3E14, S2E13, S3E9, S3E15
POG Juice in Lava Luau – S3E15, S4E12, S2E14, S4E14
Poi in Lava Luau – S1E10, S2E13
Pollo Asado in Taco Train – S1E8, S1E7, S4E13, S1E6, S1E11, S2E6, S4E12, S4E14, S4E15
Popcorn in Out ‘N’ Inning – S3E2, S4E11, S4E14, S2E8, S3E4, S4E12, S4E13, S4E15
Pork and Eggs in Caveman Paleo – S4E3, S3E6, S3E10, S3E11, S3E14
Pork Belly in K-Pop Kitchen – S3E1, S3E5, S3E2, S4E3
Pork Burrito in Taco Train – S2E9, S4E4, S2E12, S1E14, S3E9, S4E3, S1E10, S3E4, S1E12, S3E2, S3E8, S4E2, S4E5, S4E11, S4E15
Pork Cutlet in K-Pop Kitchen – S4E14, S4E13, S3E4, S4E10, S4E11, S3E5, S3E6, S3E9, S4E7, S4E12
Pork Empanada in Swine ‘N’ Dine – S2E10, S2E9, S2E13, S3E15
Pork Goulash in Bavaria Fest – S4E12, S4E13, S4E15, S2E12, S3E11, S4E6, S4E10
Pork Karaage in Tokyo Akedo – S1E4, S1E10, S2E3, S1E9, S2E6
Pork Katsu in Lava Luau – S3E7, S4E10, S3E8, S4E9, S4E11
Pork Lumpia in Swine ‘N’ Dine – S4E2, S4E7
Pork Pad Thai in Pad Thai Pinball – S2E8
Pork Roast in Caveman Paleo – S1E9, S2E5, S1E6, S1E8
Pork Shoyu Ramen in Tokyo Akedo – S3E8, S3E9, S4E4
Pork Sisig in Swine ‘N’ Dine – S4E9, S4E12, S4E14
Pork Skewers in Caveman Paleo – S4E5, S1E7, S4E4, S1E10, S1E11, S2E12, S3E6
Pork Skewers in Lava Luau – S4E8, S4E9
Pork Yakitori in Tokyo Akedo – S2E12, S3E7, S2E11, S3E9
Portobello Steak in Eats for Earth – S3E12, S3E1, S3E4, S3E14
Potato Kati Roll in Feastival of Lights – S2E5, S2E4, S2E7, S2E6, S2E3, S2E11, S2E12, S2E15, S4E12
Potato Pancakes in Bavaria Fest – S4E14, S1E14, S2E11, S2E10, S2E15, S3E3, S4E11, S1E15, S2E7, S2E12, S3E2, S4E13
Potato Scramble in Country Fried Cabin – S3E10, S3E11, S3E15, S4E1, S4E5, S4E7, S4E9
Potato Soup in Medieval Dines – S2E1, S2E2
Potatoes Au Gratin in Medieval Dines – S4E13, S2E4, S4E9, S2E5, S2E15, S3E9, S3E14, S4E8
Potatoes Au Gratin in Party Fowl – S2E12, S1E11, S2E7
Potstickers in Dim Sum Citadel – S1E14, S3E4, S1E7, S1E8, S1E15, S4E3, S4E8, S4E12
Prawn Ceviche in Tapas del Mar – S4E5, S4E6, S4E8
Prawn Paella in Tapas del Mar – S3E7, S3E8, S3E13
Prawns a la Plancha in Tapas del Mar – S3E1, S3E3, S3E4
Pretzel in Bavaria Fest – S3E3, S3E8, S3E9, S3E2, S3E14, S3E1, S3E5, S3E7, S3E12, S3E4, S3E13, S4E3, S4E10
Pretzel in Out ‘N’ Inning – S4E15, S2E9, S2E14, S3E13, S3E15, S4E12
Pretzel with Cheese in Out ‘N’ Inning – S3E11, S4E15, S3E13, S4E6, S4E13
Pulled Pork in Barnyard BBQ – S3E9, S3E10, S3E12
Pulled Pork in Cookie’s Cookout – S3E6, S3E7, S3E13, S3E14
Pumpkin Cookies in Chateau Creep – S4E10, S2E5, S2E6, S2E14, S4E4, S4E6, S4E12
Pumpkin Pie in Party Fowl – S3E9, S3E10, S3E11
Pumpkin Potion in Chateau Creep – S1E7, S1E9, S1E10, S3E5, S3E9
Pumpkin Soup in Party Fowl – S3E3, S3E4, S3E7, S2E11, S2E12
Quail and Berry Stew in Caveman Paleo – S4E5, S4E15
Quail and Durian Stew in Caveman Paleo – S4E9
Quail and Eggplant Stew in Caveman Paleo – S3E14, S4E4, S4E6, S4E8, S4E12
Quail Stew in Caveman Paleo – S2E10, S2E9, S2E13
Queso Dip in Taco Train – S2E11, S2E12, S4E14, S4E11, S4E12, S4E13, S3E4, S3E13, S4E7, S4E9, S4E15
Quiche Lorraine in Cat Lady Crepes – S4E5, S4E6, S4E15, S4E7, S4E11, S4E12
Rack of Lamb in Merry Feastmas – S3E1, S3E2, S3E3, S3E4, S3E8
Radish Garnish in Caveman Paleo – S4E12, S4E14, S4E15, S4E13
Rainbow Lollipop in Sundae Fundae – S3E15, S3E10, S4E14, S4E13, S2E7, S4E12, S4E15
Rainbow Warrior in The Cheeky Tiki – S4E1, S4E2, S4E7
Red Balloon in Bouncy Birthday – S1E8
Red Pepper Flakes in Zero-G Pizzeria – S4E7, S4E14, S3E14, S3E15
Red Rose in Dreamy Delights – S4E12, S4E8, S2E6, S2E10
Red Snow Cone in Dinerland – S3E12, S2E10, S2E12, S3E10, S4E4, S4E5, S4E9, S4E13
Red Wine in Parisian Palace – S4E11, S4E9, S4E14, S3E11, S1E1, S2E10, S2E14, S3E5, S3E10
Refried Beans in Taco Train – S2E4, S2E3, S4E10, S4E3, S4E15, S2E6, S4E1, S4E6, S4E7, S4E9, S4E11, S4E12, S4E14
Remoulade in Chew Orleans – S4E9, S2E10, S4E8, S4E14, S3E12, S3E11, S3E14, S1E13, S1E15
Rhubarb Jelly in Valhalla After Hours – S3E4, S3E5, S4E12, S3E3, S4E2, S4E9, S4E14, S3E6, S3E7, S3E9, S3E14
Rhubarb Tarte Tatin in Valhalla After Hours – S3E10, S3E15, S3E12, S4E7, S4E13, S4E14, S3E13, S3E14
Rice and Peas in Jamaican Me Hungry – S4E12, S3E11, S4E11, S2E13, S3E15
Rice Cake Soup in K-Pop Kitchen – S3E12, S3E7
Rice Cakes in Lava Luau – S4E1
Rice Pilav in Hip Hop Halal – S1E8, S1E7, S1E10, S1E12, S1E5, S1E6, S1E11, S2E7, S3E4, S3E12
Rice Porridge in K-Pop Kitchen – S2E3, S3E5, S3E7, S2E4
Roast Pig in Bavaria Fest – S1E6, S1E9, S2E2, S4E14
Roasted Beet Salad in Pieces of Ate – S3E10, S4E12, S4E8, S3E11, S4E1, S4E5
Roasted Blubber in I’m Really Inuit – S1E6, S1E10, S1E15, S3E7, S3E9, S3E14, S3E15, S4E12
Roasted Caribou Cuts in I’m Really Inuit – S4E7, S3E3, S3E15
Roasted Carrots in Caveman Paleo – S2E3, S4E13, S2E4, S4E14, S2E2, S2E5, S2E11, S4E12, S4E15, S2E1, S2E15, S3E8, S3E14
Roasted Chestnuts in Merry Feastmas – S2E3, S2E4, S2E15, S3E6, S4E2, S3E4, S4E1, S4E7
Roasted Corn in Party Fowl – S2E5, S2E8, S2E15, S1E14, S3E8
Roasted Hop Shoots in Valhalla After Hours – S1E13, S2E12, S3E9, S2E8, S4E9, S4E12, S3E15, S4E15
Roasted Hop Shoots with Bechamel in Valhalla After Hours – S4E8, S4E3, S4E14
Roasted Pumpkin in Party Fowl – S1E15, S1E10, S1E12, S1E8, S1E14
Roasted Rhubarb in Valhalla After Hours – S1E14, S1E8, S3E15, S3E13, S1E12, S1E7, S2E5, S2E14, S4E1
Roasted Salmon Steaks in I’m Really Inuit – S2E3, S4E8, S1E11, S2E4, S2E9
Roasted Turkey in Party Fowl – S2E5, S2E9, S2E10, S3E12
Roll in Barnyard BBQ – S2E15, S3E12, S3E8, S3E11, S3E15
Roll in Cookie’s Cookout – S3E15, S3E6, S3E12, S3E14, S1E14, S1E15, S2E7, S2E15
Root Beer Float in Sundae Fundae – S4E14, S4E4, S2E11, S4E11
Root Beer in Sundae Fundae – S3E14, S4E12, S3E10, S4E14, S2E7, S2E15, S4E15, S1E6, S1E13, S1E15, S2E4, S2E6, S2E8, S2E9, S2E10, S3E9, S3E12, S3E15, S4E6, S4E7, S4E9, S4E10
Rouladen in Bavaria Fest – S1E13, S2E5, S1E8, S1E10, S2E7, S1E2, S1E7, S1E9, S1E12, S2E2, S2E3, S2E6, S4E15
Rye Bread in Bavaria Fest – S3E13, S3E14, S4E14, S3E15, S4E1
Rye Bread in Medieval Dines – S3E14, S3E12, S4E10, S3E8, S3E13, S3E15, S4E11, S4E15, S4E6, S4E7, S4E14
Saffron Shrimp in VIP Valhalla – S1E12, S2E2, S2E3, S2E5, S2E13, S3E14, S4E4, S4E5, S4E10
Salad in Metal Chef Italian – S2E6, S2E7, S2E8, S2E11
Salade Aveyronaise in Parisian Palace – S3E7, S3E8, S3E9, S4E10, S3E10
Salade Lyonnaise in Parisian Palace – S1E8, S1E10, S1E14, S2E8, S2E10, S4E8, S4E13, S1E5, S1E6, S1E9, S1E11, S2E5, S3E2, S4E2, S4E9
Salade Nicoise in Parisian Palace – S2E1, S2E6, S4E14, S2E2, S2E3, S2E4, S2E9, S2E12, S2E13, S2E15, S3E12, S4E13
Salami and Cream Cheese Crackers in Wonderland Delights – S2E1, S4E2, S2E5, S4E5, S2E2, S2E4, S4E3
Salami and Cucumber Crackers in Wonderland Delights – S4E9, S3E4, S3E10, S3E5, S3E15, S4E12
Salisbury Steak in Bouncy Birthday – S2E1, S2E13, S2E15
Salmon and Cream Cheese Crackers in Wonderland Delights – S2E13, S2E3, S2E11, S2E12, S2E14, S2E15, S4E7
Salmon and Cream Cheese Sandwich in Wonderland Delights – S3E11, S4E12, S4E13, S4E15, S3E12
Salmon and Cucumber Crackers in Wonderland Delights – S4E8, S4E13, S3E3, S3E10, S4E14
Salmon and Cucumber Sandwich in Wonderland Delights – S3E9, S3E11, S4E3
Salmon au Vin Blanc in Parisian Palace – S2E12, S3E4, S2E13, S3E1, S3E12, S2E15, S3E2, S3E8, S2E14, S3E5, S3E6, S3E9, S4E14
Salmon en Croûte in Parisian Palace – S4E10, S4E12, S4E14, S3E11, S4E7, S3E10, S3E15, S4E2
Salt Water Taffy in Sundae Fundae – S3E12, S4E15, S4E5, S4E11
Samosa in Feastival of Lights – S1E11, S1E15, S2E7, S2E13, S3E1, S3E11, S3E12, S3E13, S4E15
Sangria in Tapas del Mar – S4E10, S4E6, S4E14
Sauerkraut in Bavaria Fest – S3E12, S1E12, S1E8, S1E10, S1E11, S2E9, S1E15, S2E6, S2E7, S3E10, S1E9, S2E14, S3E4, S3E11, S3E15, S4E7
Sausage Lasagna Alfredo in Metal Chef Italian – S2E8, S3E8, S3E9
Sausage Lasagna Marinara in Metal Chef Italian – S1E15, S3E6, S2E7
Sausage Links in Cat Lady Crepes – S1E12, S2E4, S1E6, S1E11, S1E14, S2E1, S2E2, S2E3, S3E10, S4E2
Sauteed Hop Shoots in Valhalla After Hours – S1E12, S4E11, S1E11, S2E10, S4E7, S1E15, S2E15, S3E8, S4E15
Savory Sausage Crepe in Cat Lady Crepes – S4E4, S2E6, S2E14, S3E11, S4E10, S2E2, S2E3, S2E4, S2E5, S2E9, S2E11, S2E13, S1E13, S1E15, S3E6, S4E13
Scallops Bechamel in Valhalla After Hours – S2E8, S2E9, S4E7, S2E11, S2E15, S3E7, S4E15, S3E6, S4E4
Scorpion Bowl in The Cheeky Tiki – S4E7, S4E9, S4E10, S4E13, S4E8
Scrambled Eggs in Country Fried Cabin – S3E9, S1E14, S2E2, S4E13
Sea Urchin Gratin in Valhalla After Hours – S4E8, S3E6, S3E7, S3E8, S3E10, S3E13, S3E15, S4E3
Sea Urchin Mousse in Valhalla After Hours – S2E14, S2E13, S4E10, S4E12, S3E5, S3E10, S4E11, S3E9, S4E8, S4E14
Sea Urchin Shooters in Valhalla After Hours – S2E5, S2E14, S3E14, S2E4, S2E13, S4E9, S4E15
Seabread Strips in I’m Really Inuit – S3E1, S3E2
Seafood Tan Tan Men in Tokyo Akedo – S4E2, S4E3, S4E7
Seared Foie Gras in Valhalla After Hours – S3E15, S4E15, S3E1, S3E4, S3E5, S3E10, S3E14, S4E5, S4E14
Seared Scallops in Valhalla After Hours – S1E8, S1E6, S1E11, S2E7, S1E5, S1E7, S1E9, S1E12, S1E14, S2E9
Seaweed in K-Pop Kitchen – S4E15, S3E10, S2E13, S3E9, S4E12, S2E9, S2E15, S3E2, S3E6, S3E12, S3E15, S4E6, S4E8, S4E10
Seaweed Salad in Enso Sushi – S2E8, S2E6, S2E7, S3E2, S3E9
Seaweed Stew in I’m Really Inuit – S3E10
Semolina Cake (Basbousa) in Great Eats of Giza – S1E12, S1E11, S3E6, S3E8, S1E13, S1E15
Sesame Ball in Dim Sum Citadel – S4E15, S2E5, S2E15, S4E13, S3E6, S3E12, S4E2, S4E12
Sesame Oil in K-Pop Kitchen – S2E9, S3E15, S2E10, S4E9, S4E14
Shanghai Shrimp in Dim Sum Citadel – S1E10, S2E10, S3E14
Shanghai Soup Dumplings in Dim Sum Citadel – S4E11, S2E11, S3E2, S3E7
Shark Bite in The Cheeky Tiki – S2E6, S3E6, S3E9
Shellfish Paella in Tapas del Mar – S3E13, S4E1
Shredded Brisket in Barnyard BBQ – S3E11
Shrimp and Chive Dumpling in Dim Sum Citadel – S4E5, S4E6
Shrimp Fried Rice in Pad Thai Pinball – S2E5, S2E13, S2E15, S4E2, S4E14, S4E15
Shrimp Nigiri in Enso Sushi – S2E3, S2E2, S2E4, S3E11, S3E2
Shrimp Pad Thai in Pad Thai Pinball – S2E14, S2E13, S3E11, S3E14, S3E15
Shrimp Rice Roll in Dim Sum Citadel – S2E13, S3E1, S4E4
Shrimp Roll in Enso Sushi – S2E9, S2E8, S3E13
Shrimp Tempura in Enso Sushi – S2E3, S2E1
Silver Side Salad in Presto Digesto – S3E4, S2E6, S4E9, S4E10, S3E12, S3E15
Single Scoop Banana Split in Sundae Fundae – S2E7, S2E15, S2E6, S3E4, S3E5, S3E6, S3E15
Single Scoop Sundae in Sundae Fundae – S1E10, S1E13, S1E14, S1E15
Siu Mai Dumplings in Dim Sum Citadel – S4E7, S4E8, S4E9, S4E13, S4E15
Sliders in Out ‘N’ Inning – S2E9, S4E10, S2E10, S4E8, S4E15, S3E7
Smoked Beans in Barnyard BBQ – S2E2, S3E12, S2E12, S2E3, S2E5, S2E6, S2E7, S2E8
Smoked Garlic Turkey in Barnyard BBQ – S3E12, S2E12, S2E13, S3E14, S3E2, S3E4
Smoked Garlic Turkey with Roll in Barnyard BBQ – S3E12, S2E13, S3E2, S3E3, S3E9, S3E1, S3E4
Smoked Grilled Chicken Wings in Cookie’s Cookout – S3E9, S3E8, S3E13
Smoked Lobster in Cookie’s Cookout – S3E10, S3E15
Smoked Lobster Skewer in Presto Digesto – S1E13, S1E14, S1E12, S2E10, S1E10, S3E9, S3E10
Smoked Rack o’ Ribs in Barnyard BBQ – S2E5, S2E4, S3E13
Smoked Salmon in Presto Digesto – S4E9, S1E4, S2E3, S3E4, S4E12, S4E14
Smoked Steak Kebabs in Presto Digesto – S4E7, S4E3, S4E11, S4E14, S4E15
Smoked Tuna in Lava Luau – S3E15, S4E6, S2E5, S2E14, S4E9, S4E12, S4E13, S4E15
Smoked Turkey in Barnyard BBQ – S2E1, S2E3, S2E4, S2E9, S3E2, S3E4
Smoked Turkey in Big Belly Deli – S1E6, S1E7, S2E15, S2E8, S4E14
Smoky Sweet Potato Skewers in Presto Digesto – S4E11, S4E1, S4E6, S4E4
Smoky Zucchini Skewers in Presto Digesto – S4E12, S4E3, S4E11, S4E5, S4E6, S4E8, S4E14
Snapper Curry in Jamaican Me Hungry – S1E13, S1E9, S1E10, S2E2, S2E7, S3E1, S4E6
Snapper Rundown in Jamaican Me Hungry – S4E11, S4E15
Soft Serve (Black Sesame) in Tokyo Akedo – S2E5, S2E3, S2E6, S2E15, S2E10, S4E14, S2E4, S4E12, S4E13, S4E15, S2E11, S4E11
Soft Serve (Matcha) in Tokyo Akedo – S2E11, S1E12, S1E13, S2E2, S2E10, S4E11, S1E14, S1E15, S2E7, S2E8, S3E4, S3E15, S4E14, S1E8, S3E2, S4E9, S4E10, S1E7, S3E10, S4E6, S4E15
Soft Tofu Stew in K-Pop Kitchen – S2E10, S3E3, S3E12, S3E15
Sour Cream in Taco Train – S2E5, S2E15, S4E14, S4E15, S1E15, S2E6, S3E3, S4E13, S3E15, S2E14
Soy Sauce in Dim Sum Citadel – S4E14, S4E15, S4E7, S4E6, S4E8, S3E13
Soy Sauce in Enso Sushi – S3E15, S2E6, S3E11, S3E10, S1E15, S1E9
Soy-Garlic Steak in Presto Digesto – S2E1, S2E13, S3E1, S3E4
Spaetzle in Bavaria Fest – S3E11, S3E10, S4E12, S3E12, S3E14, S3E15, S4E4
Spaghetti and Meatballs Alfredo in Metal Chef Italian – S2E12, S2E11, S2E13, S3E6, S3E8
Spaghetti and Meatballs in Metal Chef Italian – S1E14, S1E15, S1E12
Spaghetti in Zero-G Pizzeria – S2E4, S2E7, S2E8, S2E11, S3E12, S4E11, S4E13, S4E15
Spanish Olives in Tapas del Mar – S2E13, S3E14, S4E8, S4E14, S3E15, S4E13
Sparkling Water in Valhalla After Hours – S2E15, S1E11, S1E14, S4E8, S4E13, S1E6, S1E15, S3E4, S3E11, S3E14
Sparkling Water in VIP Valhalla – S2E2, S4E15, S2E3, S2E5, S4E7
Spiced Cider in Chateau Creep – S4E15, S2E15, S3E14, S4E11, S4E3
Spiced Peach Slices in Cookie’s Cookout – S3E2, S3E1, S3E13, S3E14
Spicy Beef Stew in K-Pop Kitchen – S4E5, S4E6, S4E13, S4E15, S4E4, S4E8
Spicy Chicken Biryani in Feastival of Lights – S4E4, S4E6, S4E14, S4E15
Spicy Chicken Curry in Feastival of Lights – S3E2, S3E3, S3E9
Spicy Chicken Curry Noodle Soup in Pad Thai Pinball – S4E6, S4E12, S4E7, S4E10, S4E11
Spicy Coconut Stew in Jungle Joint – S2E8, S2E9, S4E5, S4E12
Spicy Corn on the Cob in Barnyard BBQ – S3E3, S3E9
Spicy Goat Curry in Jamaican Me Hungry – S4E3, S4E12, S4E13
Spicy Grilled Pork in Cookie’s Cookout – S2E14, S2E5, S3E11, S3E13, S3E12, S3E15
Spicy Lamb Curry in Feastival of Lights – S4E5, S4E7, S4E9, S4E12
Spicy Lamb Kati Roll in Feastival of Lights – S3E15, S3E9, S4E1, S4E4, S4E7, S4E15
Spicy Pork Curry Noodle Soup in Pad Thai Pinball – S4E9, S4E3, S4E4, S4E12
Spicy Potato Kati Roll in Feastival of Lights – S4E9, S3E9, S3E15, S4E13
Spicy Rice Cake in K-Pop Kitchen – S1E10, S2E9, S3E11
Spicy Shrimp Stir-Fry in Pad Thai Pinball – S4E8, S3E15, S4E12
Spicy Slaw in Barnyard BBQ – S3E10, S3E1, S3E13
Spicy Smoked Beans in Barnyard BBQ – S2E13, S2E10, S3E11, S3E14, S3E12, S3E14
Spicy Smoked Pork Ribs in Barnyard BBQ – S2E15, S2E14
Spicy Smoked Steak in Barnyard BBQ – S2E8, S3E8, S2E7, S2E9, S3E7
Spicy Smoked Trout in Cookie’s Cookout – S2E2, S2E3, S3E1
Spicy Snapper Curry in Jamaican Me Hungry – S4E13, S3E15, S3E8, S4E5, S4E6
Spicy Snapper Steak in Pieces of Ate – S2E6, S4E5, S4E9, S2E1, S2E9, S2E10
Spicy Veggie Biryani in Feastival of Lights – S4E8, S4E14
Spicy Veggie Curry in Feastival of Lights – S4E6, S3E5, S4E7, S4E8, S3E3, S3E15
Spicy Veggie Kati Roll in Feastival of Lights – S4E2, S4E6, S4E13, S3E4, S3E8, S3E10, S3E11, S3E13, S3E14, S3E15
Spicy Veggie Soup in Pad Thai Pinball – S3E7, S3E2, S4E15
Spider Cupcakes in Chateau Creep – S2E8, S4E14, S3E10
Spinach Quiche in Cat Lady Crepes – S4E14, S4E9, S3E13, S3E14, S3E15
Spinach Salad in Merry Feastmas – S4E14, S1E12, S3E12, S4E4, S1E10, S1E11, S1E14, S2E5, S2E12, S2E15
Spinach Tart in Merry Feastmas – S3E11, S3E5, S3E6, S4E15
Spring Roll in Dim Sum Citadel – S2E8, S2E15, S3E6, S3E7, S3E13, S4E12
Sprinkles in Chateau Creep – S4E11, S4E14, S4E8, S3E14, S4E12, S4E15, S1E12, S4E6
Squid Nigiri in Enso Sushi – S2E12, S3E2, S3E5, S2E10, S3E3, S3E4
Squid Temaki in Enso Sushi – S2E15, S3E9, S3E11, S2E14
Squid Tempura in Enso Sushi – S3E14, S2E11, S3E13
Steak and Eggs in Country Fried Cabin – S4E1, S4E15, S4E3, S4E10, S4E14, S4E9
Steak Frites in Presto Digesto – S2E6, S3E8, S3E14, S2E4, S4E6
Steak in Table Steaks – S3E8, S3E14, S1E8, S1E9, S1E14, S3E6, S3E7, S3E10
Steak Taco in Taco Train – S4E8, S4E9, S3E4, S4E7, S2E14, S2E10, S4E6, S2E12, S2E15, S3E15, S2E11, S3E2, S4E10, S3E11, S3E13, S3E14
Steak Tartare in Parisian Palace – S3E1, S3E11, S3E6, S3E8, S3E10, S4E9
Steamed Crab Legs in Pieces of Ate – S1E2, S2E5, S2E11, S4E7, S4E13, S4E14
Steamed Hop Shoots in Valhalla After Hours – S2E14, S2E15, S1E11, S1E15, S1E13, S3E2, S3E6, S4E13
Stewed Carrots in Caveman Paleo – S4E13, S2E15, S3E15, S4E12, S3E2
Sticky Toffee Pudding in Valhalla After Hours – S4E13, S3E12, S3E13, S4E11
Stir-Fried Veggies in Pad Thai Pinball – S2E1, S1E3, S1E11, S1E12
Strawberry Cake with Chocolate Icing in Cutie Cakes – S3E13, S3E12, S3E15, S2E8, S2E10, S3E10
Strawberry Cake with Chocolate Icing and Cookie Topping in Cutie Cakes – S3E13, S3E15, S3E12, S3E6, S4E7
Strawberry Cake with White Icing in Cutie Cakes – S1E13, S3E14, S1E12, S1E14, S2E6, S1E11, S3E12, S3E13, S3E15, S1E15, S3E11
Strawberry Cheesecake with Heart Topper in Dreamy Delights – S4E1, S4E2
Strawberry Cheesecake with Swirl Topper in Dreamy Delights – S2E13, S3E7, S4E2
Strawberry Chocolate Crepe in Cat Lady Crepes – S4E13, S4E12, S4E3, S4E14, S4E15, S4E7, S4E11, S4E10
Strawberry Chocolate Nibble of Diamonds in Wonderland Delights – S2E6, S2E8, S1E5, S1E10, S2E4, S3E10, S4E5, S4E9
Strawberry Chocolate Nibble of Hearts in Wonderland Delights – S2E2, S2E5, S1E3, S1E4, S1E6, S1E8, S1E14, S2E3, S2E15, S4E11
Strawberry Cookie Sandwich in Sundae Fundae – S3E15, S3E7, S3E8, S4E13, S2E13, S2E14, S3E14, S4E14
Strawberry Daiquiri in The Cheeky Tiki – S2E11, S2E12, S3E10, S4E1
Strawberry Jam in Wonderland Delights – S1E2, S3E14
Strawberry Macarons in Cat Lady Crepes – S2E9, S2E12, S2E11, S2E13, S2E14, S2E15, S4E15, S3E12
Strawberry Milkshake in Dreamy Delights – S3E8, S2E5, S4E1, S4E2, S4E15
Strawberry Mousse in Cat Lady Crepes – S3E4, S4E12
Strawberry Punch in The Cheeky Tiki – S1E3, S1E5, S1E8, S1E10, S1E11, S2E8, S2E14
Strawberry Smoothie in Wonderland Delights – S4E5, S4E3, S4E2, S4E14
Strawberry Tart in Cat Lady Crepes – S3E1, S4E14
Strawberry Tea in Wonderland Delights – S3E8, S2E3, S2E13, S3E6, S3E9, S4E14, S1E15, S2E4, S2E14, S2E15, S3E10
Strawberry Vanilla Nibble of Clubs in Wonderland Delights – S3E7, S3E9, S2E13, S2E14, S2E15, S3E10, S3E12
Strawberry Vanilla Nibble of Spades in Wonderland Delights – S2E14, S2E12, S2E15, S3E7, S3E11, S3E13, S4E5, S4E8
Strawberry Waffle Cone in Sundae Fundae – S3E7, S2E8, S2E9, S2E15, S3E5, S3E8, S2E13, S3E9, S4E2, S4E8
Stuffed Artichoke in Jungle Joint – S4E10, S3E5
Stuffed Lamb in Merry Feastmas – S3E8, S3E9, S3E13, S4E3, S4E4, S4E13
Sugar Cookie in Merry Feastmas – S1E5, S4E12
Sugar Cookie with Frosting and Peppermint in Merry Feastmas – S3E13, S3E14, S4E3, S4E8
Sugar Cookie with Sprinkles in Merry Feastmas – S1E8, S1E9, S3E13, S3E9
Sugar Spider Web in Chateau Creep – S3E7, S3E9, S3E12, S3E15, S3E11
Sugarcane Juice in Great Eats of Giza – S3E13, S2E5, S4E7, S2E3, S3E14, S4E5, S4E9, S4E12
Sunny-Side Up Eggs in Cat Lady Crepes – S2E6, S2E5, S2E8, S2E10, S3E15, S4E8
Super Spicy Chicken Curry in Feastival of Lights – S4E10, S4E14, S4E15
Super Spicy Lamb Curry in Feastival of Lights – S4E11, S4E9
Super Spicy Veggie Curry in Feastival of Lights – S4E8, S4E15, S4E9
Superbrella Fizz in Valhalla After Hours – S4E9, S4E3, S4E12
Superbrella Fizz in VIP Valhalla – S4E2, S4E12, S4E4, S4E14
Sutlac Rice Pudding in Hip Hop Halal – S3E10, S3E11, S3E12, S3E15
Sweet Biscuit in Pieces of Ate – S3E1, S3E12
Sweet Lentil Stew in Pieces of Ate – S3E8, S4E12
Sweet Potato Fries in Eats for Earth – S2E2, S2E3, S2E4, S3E13, S3E14, S3E15
Sweet Potato Pie in Merry Feastmas – S4E5, S3E10, S3E14, S4E13, S3E11
Sweet Potato Soup in Merry Feastmas – S3E12, S4E11, S2E15, S2E10, S3E15, S2E9, S2E11, S4E2, S2E14, S3E2, S3E7, S3E11, S4E7, S4E8
Sweet Potato Tots in Presto Digesto – S2E11, S3E4, S3E1, S4E10, S4E14
Sweet Tea in Barnyard BBQ – S3E12, S3E11, S3E14, S2E6, S2E14
Sweet Tea in Cookie’s Cookout – S3E12, S3E13, S3E14, S2E14
Syrup in Country Fried Cabin – S4E7, S4E11, S4E12, S2E14, S4E8, S3E14, S2E15, S4E9, S4E15, S2E9, S2E11, S2E13, S4E14, S2E4, S4E10, S4E13
Taco Salad in Out ‘N’ Inning – S2E3, S2E4, S2E5, S2E6, S2E12, S4E3, S4E5, S4E10, S3E7
Tahini Salad in Great Eats of Giza – S2E12, S2E11
Tahini Sauce in Hip Hop Halal – S2E15, S3E12, S2E5, S4E14
Tahitian Sunset in The Cheeky Tiki – S3E13, S3E14, S4E2, S4E15
Taiyaki in Tokyo Akedo – S2E14, S4E15, S2E13, S4E11, S3E11, S3E3, S2E15, S4E2, S4E7, S4E12
Takoyaki in Tokyo Akedo – S4E10, S4E14
Taro Cake in Lava Luau – S4E3, S4E8, S4E10, S4E15
Taro Chips in Lava Luau – S3E3, S3E8, S3E12, S3E15
Taro Chips in The Cheeky Tiki – S3E11, S1E15, S2E6, S3E7, S4E1, S4E4, S4E6, S4E14, S2E15, S3E4, S3E12, S4E12, S1E14, S2E2, S2E5, S3E8, S4E3, S4E11, S1E12, S1E13, S3E1, S3E5, S3E13, S3E14
Taro Soup (Colocasia) in Great Eats of Giza – S3E11, S4E11, S3E10
Tempura Green Beans in Eats for Earth – S3E15, S2E8, S2E5, S2E6, S3E10, S3E13
Tentacle Jerky in Pieces of Ate – S4E13, S1E12, S1E13, S2E5
Terrine de Foie Gras in Valhalla After Hours – S3E12, S3E13, S3E14, S4E6, S4E14
Thai Beef Meatballs in Pad Thai Pinball – S3E2, S3E4, S2E7, S2E9, S4E8
Thai Beef Noodle Soup in Pad Thai Pinball – S3E13, S3E14, S4E9, S4E10, S4E14
Thai Beef Noodles in Pad Thai Pinball – S4E14, S3E6, S4E12
Thai Chicken and Rice (Khao Man Gai) in Pad Thai Pinball – S4E10, S3E5, S3E8, S3E10, S3E12
Thai Iced Tea in Pad Thai Pinball – S3E12, S4E15, S4E7
Tidal Wave in The Cheeky Tiki – S2E1, S2E12, S3E1
Tigres Mussels in Tapas del Mar – S1E13
Tiki Torch in The Cheeky Tiki – S3E4, S3E3, S3E10, S4E2
Tom Yum Soup in Pad Thai Pinball – S3E7, S3E10, S3E15, S4E2, S4E14
Tomato and Mushroom Skewer in Caveman Paleo – S3E15, S2E13, S3E14, S4E8, S4E13
Tomato and Roasted Eggplant Skewer in Caveman Paleo – S2E7, S2E9, S4E2
Tomato Bread in Great Eats of Giza – S2E13, S2E15, S3E1
Tomatoes in Bavaria Fest – S4E8, S4E15, S4E14, S3E9
Tomatoes in Medieval Dines – S4E14, S3E15, S4E13
Tonkatsu Sauce in Tokyo Akedo – S4E10, S3E12, S4E15, S2E8, S2E12, S3E10, S3E14, S4E11, S1E14, S2E14
Tortilla Española in Tapas del Mar – S2E5, S2E8, S2E14
Treat Bag in Chateau Creep – S1E13, S1E14, S2E14, S3E4, S3E13
Trick Bag in Chateau Creep – S1E11, S1E12, S4E13, S1E15, S2E2, S2E14, S3E15, S4E14
Triple Scoop Banana Split in Sundae Fundae – S4E14, S4E7, S4E6, S4E12, S4E13
Triple Scoop Dipped Waffle Cone in Sundae Fundae – S4E11, S4E9, S4E15, S4E12, S4E13
Triple Scoop Sundae with Cherry in Sundae Fundae – S4E7, S4E1, S4E5, S4E8
Triple Scoop Waffle Cone in Sundae Fundae – S3E13, S4E12, S4E14, S3E15, S4E8, S4E11
Triples Alley Nachos in Out ‘N’ Inning – S3E15, S4E2, S4E4
Trout and Mushroom Stew in Caveman Paleo – S4E15
Trout Jerky in Cookie’s Cookout – S2E10, S2E9
Truffle Croquette in VIP Valhalla – S4E10, S1E15, S2E11, S4E13
Truffled Deviled Eggs in Valhalla After Hours – S3E8, S3E10, S4E12
Tuna Nigiri in Enso Sushi – S3E13, S3E12
Tuna Roll in Enso Sushi – S1E4, S1E9, S2E2, S2E6, S2E13, S1E3, S1E8, S3E4, S3E14
Tuna Tartare in Lava Luau – S3E11, S1E8, S2E14, S1E7, S1E14, S2E4, S2E12, S3E14, S3E15, S4E5, S4E7
Tuna Temaki in Enso Sushi – S2E5, S3E11, S1E13, S2E4, S2E11, S3E7, S3E10
Turkey Brisket in Jungle Joint – S2E8, S1E9, S1E14, S2E3, S2E9
Turkey Burger in Jungle Joint – S2E14, S2E15, S3E8, S3E9, S3E11
Turkey Kishka in Big Belly Deli – S3E4, S4E12, S3E5
Turkey Knish in Big Belly Deli – S2E15, S2E9, S2E11, S2E13, S3E1
Turkey Leg in Jungle Joint – S1E14, S1E4, S1E5, S1E10, S2E7, S2E12
Turkey Pot Pie in Party Fowl – S3E5, S3E7, S3E14
Turkey Sandwich in Big Belly Deli – S1E11, S1E13, S1E14, S3E15, S4E9
Turkish Coffee in Hip Hop Halal – S4E10, S3E15, S4E11, S4E13
Turkish Delight in Hip Hop Halal – S4E15, S2E14, S3E15, S4E6
Turnip Cake in Dim Sum Citadel – S1E15, S1E10, S2E15, S4E14, S1E9, S1E13, S2E14, S3E12
Turon Banana Lumpia in Swine ‘N’ Dine – S4E3, S4E4, S4E12
Tuscan Salad in Metal Chef Italian – S3E9, S3E7, S3E1, S3E5, S3E11
Tuscan Shrimp Spaghetti in Metal Chef Italian – S3E7, S3E8, S3E11, S3E12
Tzatziki in Pieces of Ate – S3E14, S4E7, S4E9, S4E13
Ukoy Dulong Fish Fritter in Swine ‘N’ Dine – S3E12, S4E6
Umm Ali in Great Eats of Giza – S4E3
Vanilla Cake with White Icing in Cutie Cakes – S3E3, S3E2, S3E4, S1E4, S1E3, S1E15, S4E8, S4E9, S4E10
Vanilla Cake with Chocolate Icing in Cutie Cakes – S3E5, S2E6, S3E4, S3E3, S4E14
Vanilla Chocolate Sundae with Cherry in Out ‘N’ Inning – S4E14, S4E13, S3E10, S3E13, S4E1, S4E12
Vanilla Cookie Sandwich in Sundae Fundae – S2E6, S2E12, S1E10, S1E15, S2E3, S2E4, S4E13, S1E7, S1E9, S1E13, S2E13, S4E8
Vanilla Cupcake in Bouncy Birthday – S1E10, S1E3, S1E6
Vanilla Dipped Waffle Cone in Sundae Fundae – S2E4, S4E4, S2E6, S2E14, S3E11, S4E3, S4E7, S2E5, S2E7, S2E10, S2E12, S2E15, S3E6, S4E6
Vanilla Ice Cream Cone in Out ‘N’ Inning – S2E13, S2E11, S2E12, S2E14, S4E14, S4E11, S4E13
Vanilla Ice Cream with Caramel Syrup in Out ‘N’ Inning – S2E15, S4E12, S4E15, S3E7
Vanilla Latte in Cat Lady Crepes – S4E13, S3E11, S3E15, S4E14, S3E12, S3E14
Vanilla Shake in Cutie Cakes – S2E2, S4E13, S2E7, S3E3, S4E11, S4E12
Vanilla Soft Serve in Dinerland – S2E1, S2E7, S2E11, S3E5, S3E6, S3E11
Vanilla Waffle Cone in Sundae Fundae – S2E8
Vegan Tostada in Taco Train – S2E7, S2E13, S2E8, S1E14, S2E15, S1E15, S1E13, S2E10, S2E9, S2E14, S3E1
Vegan Tostada with Sour Cream in Taco Train – S2E15, S3E1, S3E7
Veggie Biryani in Feastival of Lights – S4E8, S4E10
Veggie Curry in Feastival of Lights – S2E13, S2E15, S2E14, S3E8, S3E6, S3E11, S4E2
Veggie Curry Rice in Pad Thai Pinball – S3E12, S4E7, S4E10, S4E14, S4E15
Veggie Kati Roll in Feastival of Lights – S2E8, S2E10, S2E9, S2E13, S2E15, S2E11, S2E12, S2E14, S3E9, S3E14, S4E14
Veggie Kebab in Feastival of Lights – S2E12, S2E10, S2E11, S2E14, S2E15, S4E5
Veggie Koftesi Meatballs in Hip Hop Halal – S4E4
Veggie Pancakes in K-Pop Kitchen – S2E7, S3E3, S2E9, S2E11, S3E15, S2E8, S2E15, S3E9, S4E14
Veggie Pizza in Zero-G Pizzeria – S4E4, S4E5, S4E6
Veggie Rice Roll in Dim Sum Citadel – S3E11, S3E14, S4E14
Volcano Queen in The Cheeky Tiki – S3E12, S3E15, S3E10, S3E11, S4E8, S4E15
Wasabi in Enso Sushi – S3E9, S2E5, S2E15, S3E10, S3E13
Watercress Scallops in VIP Valhalla – S4E6, S3E2, S3E3, S3E6, S3E7, S4E9, S4E11, S4E13
Welsh Rarebit on Rye in Medieval Dines – S4E1
Welsh Rarebit on Wheat in Medieval Dines – S4E7, S4E11
Wheat Bread in Medieval Dines – S3E2, S3E1, S4E2, S3E4, S3E3, S3E6, S4E6, S4E8
Whipped Butter in Party Fowl – S2E13, S2E15, S2E12, S2E14
Whipped Cream in Adventurous Eats – S3E11, S3E14, S3E10, S3E15, S3E6, S3E1
Whipped Cream in Cat Lady Crepes – S4E8, S4E14, S2E10, S3E10, S2E6, S3E5, S3E13, S4E10, S4E12
Whipped Cream in Cutie Cakes – S4E7, S4E14, S2E12, S3E2, S3E12
Whipped Cream in Dreamy Delights – S3E11, S4E13, S3E3, S3E7, S3E8, S3E13
Whipped Cream in Hip Stir Cafe – S4E11, S3E13, S4E6
White Chocolate Bon Bon with Pink Icing in Dreamy Delights – S4E4, S4E6, S4E9, S4E13
White Chocolate Card in Cake in Presto Digesto – S2E15, S4E15, S3E14, S4E14
White Chocolate Strawberry with Pink Icing in Dreamy Delights – S3E12, S4E4, S4E15
White Pizza in Zero-G Pizzeria – S1E13, S2E12, S1E15
White Rice in Dim Sum Citadel – S3E9, S2E10, S1E6, S1E8, S2E13, S3E14, S2E8, S2E12, S3E2, S3E12, S2E2, S2E3, S2E4, S2E6, S2E9, S2E14, S4E10, S4E15
White Rice in Swine ‘N’ Dine – S1E14, S1E15, S1E6, S1E8, S1E9
White Wine in Parisian Palace – S4E15, S3E14, S4E11, S4E12, S4E14
Wienerschnitzel in Bavaria Fest – S2E1, S1E11, S1E14, S2E3, S2E8, S3E5, S3E13, S2E11, S3E15
Witch’s Brew in Chateau Creep – S3E11, S3E10, S4E9, S4E14
Wok-Fried Beef in Pad Thai Pinball – S1E12, S1E13
Wok-Fried Shrimp in Pad Thai Pinball – S1E10, S1E7, S1E5, S1E6, S1E9, S1E13, S1E15
Yakisoba in Tokyo Akedo – S4E4, S4E5, S4E14, S4E3
Yellowtail Nigiri in Enso Sushi – S2E6, S2E15, S1E8, S2E11, S3E9
Yellowtail Roll in Enso Sushi – S1E7, S1E6, S1E15, S2E10, S2E3, S2E4, S3E2, S3E8
Yellowtail Temaki in Enso Sushi – S2E7, S2E11, S1E10, S2E3, S3E10
Yogurt Drink in K-Pop Kitchen – S4E13, S4E12, S4E14, S4E8, S4E11
Yogurt with Nuts and Raisins in Country Fried Cabin – S4E11, S4E3, S4E4, S4E5, S4E12, S4E14, S4E15
Yogurt with Strawberries in Country Fried Cabin – S3E4, S3E5
Yorkshire Pudding in Merry Feastmas – S1E13, S2E4, S4E15
Yule Log in Merry Feastmas – S4E12, S1E6, S1E9, S1E14, S1E15, S2E7, S2E13, S2E15
Zig-Zag Illusion in Presto Digesto – S4E9, S4E13, S4E14, S3E12, S3E14, S3E15

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Uploading Photos and Videos From iPhone To Microsoft OneDrive



I have upgraded accounts in both iCloud (50gb) and Microsoft OneDrive (ITB). The ITB from Microsoft OneDrive comes with the Office 365 monthly subscription so upgrading to a higher cloud storage for iCloud seems unnecessary for me if I could upload photos and videos from my iPhone to Microsoft OneDrive’s mobile app.

The basic way to upload from your iPhone to Microsoft OneDrive is, of course, to enable Camera Upload in your OneDrive mobile app. This feauture allows your photos and videos taken on your iPhone to be uploaded automatically to your OneDrive without having to open the OneDrive app.

I didn’t have technical issues with this Camera Upload feature before but lately bugs in Microsoft OneDrive are becoming frequent. No matter how many times I keep refreshing the Camera Upload page, I would still see the “up to date” message and it wouldn’t sync properly. Manually uploading the files by tapping on the + icon on my OneDrive doesn’t seem to do the trick some of the time. At one point, it would say I was uploading 3 videos and then in 3 seconds it would say I was uploading 1 video.

A successful upload done within OneDrive should appear like this. 
If the number of uploads correspond to what you see under the Progress tab,  you can tap on Home from Asssistive Touch and leave OneDrive open without affecting upload progress. 

A better way to upload photos and videos from your iPhone to your Microsoft OneDrive account is to do it via the iPhone’s Photos app options. I am using Videos as an example because I encounter more upload glitches in Microsoft OneDrive.

1 – Go to the Videos album in your iPhone’s Photos and select the videos you want to upload to OneDrive.


2 – Tap on the Share icon on the lower left corner.



3 – Tap on More and enable OneDrive. I could only upload 10 videos at a time and if I exceed that number, the OneDrive icon would not appear even if I enabled it.




4 – Select the folder you wish to upload your videos to.


5 – Wait for the files to complete uploading. If you go to Home without the completed uploads, you will lose your progress.







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GCredit by GCash


It has been a while since I started seeing “Beta version” and “For selected users only” whenever I would click on the GCredit tab in my GCash app. Few of my friends and relatives who have GCash have had their GCredit working for them when they do QR shopping. I had better GScore on my GCash mobile app than they did but I was quite late to the party. I thought it probably has something to do with the fact that my Globe number has been on international roaming for close to a year now.

Then last week I got a text notification that I have been approved for GCredit.


My sister and cousin had been approved for P2,000 but I had not expected mine to be P5,000.

GCredit is not without its disadvantages – some GCash users who have been known to have regular cash flow coming into their GCash accounts might suddenly stop using it once they can no longer afford to fund their GCredit interest. I have heard a few unpleasant stories about GCash users’ balance being automatically deducted because of their unpaid GCredit interest. As with credit lines, moderation is always key.

For the meantime, its advantage for me is the pay bills part. I can pay my Smart postpaid bill with GCredit. It’s a measly P999 monthly plan which I have not really utilised for 10 months straight. Sending money to other GCash users is not available with GCredit.

How does one get approved for GCredit? Just keep using GCash to pay your bills, buy groceries with the QR Code shopping or top up mobile numbers with it and in no time your GScore or trust score will move up.

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Skrill To GCash Withdrawal Problem


For a few years that I’ve been a Skrill member, I have also experienced Skrill to GCash withdrawal problem before and I’m surprised the Globe number 0956 prefix problem is still a huge topic in some forums. Some forum posters have pointed out one needs to enroll a Globe number with a lower prefix into GCash and add it to one’s Skrill mobile wallet.

I am bringing this topic to light again because my cousin recently encountered a Skrill to GCash withdrawal problem specifically with the error “Recipient number can not be found, please review and try again.” He has a freshly verified GCash account so what could have been the problem? His Globe number has a 0906 prefix so this somehow botches the lower prefix theory.

In 2015 I had bought a Globe LTE pocket WiFi at 50% discount and the following year I decided to use the SIM card included in it as my GCash AmEx number. Not long after I decided to apply for a GCash MasterCard because I wanted to have a GCash physical card with me. Right off the bat I already noticed a problem with the new SIM card the agent suggested I enroll for the GCash MasterCard –  the text notification for the GCash registration did not arrive instantaneously and he had to pry open another SIM card packet before he got a successful registration.

I was able to add both of my GCash numbers – the AmEx and MasterCard ones – to my Skrill mobile wallet. It tricked me to think both numbers would be working fine for Skrill to GCash withdrawal. I was already using the GCash AmEx number to withdraw on Skrill and never had a problem with it. Adding the GCash MasterCard proved pointless thereafter when I would get an error message with every withdrawal attempts. Luckily with my 0995 GCash AmEx number already on file, I could (and still can) successfully withdraw from Skrill to GCash instantly and I would then transfer the GCash AmEx funds to my 0956 GCash MasterCard.

For my cousin, this solves his Skrill to GCash withdrawal problem for the meantime, which means he would have to do the Skrill to Skrill transfer and I would have to withdraw to my GCash Amex, forward it to my GCash MasterCard and lastly to his GCash account. Good thing the whole process is instant.

I don’t think we simply have a lower or higher prefix number problem here for Skrill. As has been known with Globe’s practice of recycling inactive numbers, you can bet it’s possible the root of the Skrill to GCash withdrawal problem error “recipient number cannot be found” is that some GCash numbers, regardless of prefixes, were once nulled or deactivated and along the way some quality control went awry.



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Shipping Laptops With Lithium-Ion Batteries



Once when I had to make a decision between choosing DHL and FedEx for shipping laptops with lithium-ion batteries from the Philippines to a neighbouring country, my first choice was DHL. It proved to be a cumbersome selection. Not only was the Macbook Air laptop returned, the customer service part of the follow-up was hell. I ended up going to FedEx which had surprisingly a more straightforward approach in shipping laptops with lithium-ion batteries internationally.

If you prefer to ship a laptop with lithium-ion battery because your consignee already has a DHL account, make sure you include the Material Safety Data Sheet or MSDS of the built-in battery with the commercial invoice. Your consignee would contact the courier company to schedule the pickup from your address and the shipping charges would be billed to your consignee’s DHL account. From my experience with shipping a Macbook Air with lithium-ion battery, I did not have much luck finding the MSDS even after I called up Apple’s 1-800 number in the Philippines. Apple Support sent me a PDF document titled Macbook Air 13-inch Environmental Report.

According to a DHL staff from Manila, a Material Safety Data Sheet or MSDS is a document signed by a licensed chemist to prove that the laptop is non-hazardous. Unlike other conventional laptops with removable batteries, the Macbook Air (and not just the Macbook but even their iPhones) has a built-in battery. My sister’s friend who is a licensed chemist informed us that the MSDS is not just any document signed by a licensed chemist, rather it is actually an official document signed by an authorized body that even she who was licensed could not produce a document like it.

Because DHL Manila did not accept the Macbook Air 13-inch Environmental Report, the laptop was shipped back to my address after being held up in customs for 3 days.

We even tried to contact Apple again and requested an MSDS specifically for the built-in battery only. The customer service agent at Apple Singapore took over the matter. They explained that Apple doesn’t have a specific MSDS for the lithium-ion polymer battery of the Macbook Air. However, they requested that we transfer them to the person in-charge of the final clearance for shipping the item overseas. DHL Manila said that suggestion is not going to work because all they need was the MSDS.

When we dealt with FedEx, they told us that DHL in the Philippines do not use their own plane – they tie up with the local airlines to ship items. I was doubtful about this until I noticed that the storage box which was returned to us by DHL had a Cebu Pacific sticker on the side. I then understood what he meant about why the MSDS was required. Since they use Cebu Pacific in this case, DHL had no control over airline rules and regulations for shipping laptops with built-in lithium-ion batteries.

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GCash MasterCard Refund


I have read some posts in the Globe Community forum about user complaints not getting their Lazada refunds or any other chargeback promptly and by promptly these dissatisfied GCash users mean months. Trying to contact 2882 or constantly badgering their customer support via their Facebook Messenger account sometimes can be a waste of time.

I, too, had purchased an item on Lazada Thailand’s website which the merchant eventually cancelled and I waited for 3 months because I had placed so much trust in the system to automate the refund itself.

What you need to know is on Lazada’s end, it would only take less time for them to process the refund. The tricky part is on GCash’s part. This GCash refund problem seems to happen more to GCash MasterCard accounts. This is just my observation as  I also own a GCash AmEx and with the latter it’s never taken months for refunds to arrive to my GCash AmEx balance.

How did I get my Lazada refund to my GCash MasterCard resolved? I filled up the Dispute Form and e-mailed it to It’s very important to remember that sending them an e-mail with a description of your problem won’t do it – always always always fill up the dispute form, tick the correct concern and send them additional proof like receipts or a screenshot or communication exchange with Lazada or some other company you are awaiting refund from.

My Lazada Thailand purchase was made in April this year but I did not file the dispute until early August. However, once I filed the dispute with GCash, I was able to get my Lazada refund in less than a week. You will know when the refund because you will receive a text notification which usually looks like this:

Upon review of a previous transaction, we have now credited PXXX.XX to your account. Your new balance is PXXXX.XX. Ref. No. XXXXXXXXXX. 

In order to completely fill up the dispute form with the correct details, you might want to have your transaction history e-mailed to you. You can do this right within the GCash mobile app. You can even select the specific month when you made the online purchase. The transaction history will contain the 10-digit Transaction Reference number. If you know the date but don’t remember the exact time you made the purchase, you can look for the e-mail confirmation of the online purchase sent to you by Lazada or some other merchant. The time on the e-mail and the time on the GCash transaction history should match. The 10-digit Transaction Reference number is the one that GCash support will refer to in their records for their review.

As of this writing, I still have 3 more pending refunds in this order: from’s promotion, from Google AdWords, and from iHerb. The last two were July purchases so they should come in within this month.

What if you are expecting a reward for an online promotion and you entered your GCash MasterCard for it? That’s what happened with my’s 30% reward from a  hotel stay promotion had back in June. The e-mail confirmation stated that $12.70 was on its way to the card listed on my account. July came and went but there was no ingress of $12.70 on my GCash MasterCard. Of course, this was a hotel stay paid for in cash so there was no 10-digit GCash transaction reference number to look in the transaction history for. In this kind of scenario, you would need to contact the merchant to follow up with them regarding the reference number on their end and forward it to GCash.

I will post an update for the 3 remaining refunds I am expecting.


Update September 3, 2018:

The iHERB refund has been processed.

Processed with MOLDIV


Update September 25, 2018:

The reward has been processed.

Processed with MOLDIV

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How To Add Music To Instagram Stories


There are several ways to add music to Instagram stories. You may even have seen one of them involves playing a song of your choice on the Apple Music or Spotify app, pausing it to go to Instagram story and resume playing it via the Control Center. There are also mobile apps out there that will allow you to add music to your Instagram stories by picking from a song list within the app itself.

Once when I had too much time on my hands, I used to populate my 15-second Instagram stories with snippets of songs to emphasize the specific lyrics that came to me subconsciously. Of course the feature to add music to Instagram stories is already available but only for select countries for the meantime.

I would usually add music to Instagram stories in the following manner:

1 – Play the song on my Apple Music app and screen record the part of the song where the specific lyrics are. iOS 11.4, however, has blocked screen recording of songs being played on Apple Music and if you attempt to screen record it, you’ll get a screen recording with the sound turned off.

The reason why I do not play it on the Apple Music or Spotify app, pause it to go to Instagram story and resume playing it via the Control Center is the quality of the audio/sound. If you’ve tried this you can hear the big difference. So I go for the other option, which is playing the video of the song on YouTube and screen recording it from there.

2 – I go to the screen recorded video on my Camera Roll and, click on Edit and at the bottom of the screen would tap on the circle with 3 dots inside, which would lead me to CropVS and iMovie options for editing. I would select iMovie for trimming the recorded part to 15 seconds only.

3 – I would then open CropVS and import the trimmed screen recording. CropVS would compress it and the compressed version always makes for a quick Instagram story upload.

4 – Upon opening my Instagram story, I would select the screen recorded video. I would then tap on the pencil icon and colour selection that comes up. If my mood tells me to pick blue, I would tap on blue and press on the screen for a while until the colour blue fills the screen to cover the video. Sometimes I would add emojis or GIFs or edit it with  another mobile app called Vimo for more animated emojis.

Here are a few samples:

In A Big Country by Big Country, © Mercury 


Intro to I Don’t Want To Live Without You by Foreigner, ©Atlantic (I edited this with Vimo mobile app)


Intro to Lucky Star by Madonna, ©Sire Warner Bros. (Edited with Vimo)

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Can I Use Grab Overseas?



So you’re planning a trip outside of the Philippines but just within Southeast Asia and you’re asking yourself, can I use Grab overseas? The answer is yes. But can I use Grab overseas and still have my Grab rewards points intact? The answer is also yes.

Sometime last year I went out of the country and used my Grab mobile app overseas. This entailed a change to the local sim card and when I landed in NAIA 3 after my trip, I saw my Grab rewards points restarted to zero even though I had the same email address with which I registered my Grab account with. No one in Grab Support could satisfactorily address my concern.

Since they overhauled their system, the option to link one’s Grab account to a Google account or a Facebook account has become available. This feature helped keep the rewards points intact even if you are changing your Philippine sim card to a local one. I’ve done this in Thailand and Vietnam. I would insert my Thai or Vietnam sim card once I arrive at the airport or at the land border. As I had emphasized in this article, I do recommend using a local sim if you plan to get around as much as you can in Southeast Asia where Grab transport service is available. I cannot stress enough how it is the safest option for tourists.

The catalog for rewards points redeemable vary from one country to another. I had wanted that iFlix subscription for 1 year for Platinum Members worth 2,100 points but the Grab Vietnam market does not offer it as it was only available in the Philippines.