Cooking Dash Pre-Made Meals

In the Thanksgiving Series Finale, there is a goal to serve Pumpkin Spice Lattes in Party Fowl. You might have checked the Daily Goals Cheat Sheet first but didn’t find it. That’s because Pumpkin Spice Latte is a pre-made meal booster which can be purchased a set for 2 gold bars. In order to serve… Continue reading Cooking Dash Pre-Made Meals

GCash Mobile App Errors

On Tuesday night my App Store prompted me for the latest GCash mobile app update, Version 5.11.1. When I opened the app the next day, I was greeted with several errors. I shouldn’t really be surprised as GCash mobile app update tend to bring a slew of bugs with it especially in connection with account… Continue reading GCash Mobile App Errors

PayPal to GCash Technical Difficulties

It has been two weeks since I could not use the PayPal to GCash cash-in within the GCash mobile app itself. I’ve experienced delayed cash-ins before and I am glad Globe owned up to the never-ending technical difficulties their system seems to be having to prevent amassing discontented customers. At first I thought the error was… Continue reading PayPal to GCash Technical Difficulties

Dropbox Notification Sync Problem

Yesterday I noticed something odd with the Dropbox app on Android. The phone’s notification for the status of a photo or file pending upload doesn’t seem to sync well with the actual Dropbox app’s activity. I had noticed this problem in the past once but did pass it off as an isolated case. Apparently I… Continue reading Dropbox Notification Sync Problem

Download Photo Albums vs FB Album Downloader & MyAlbum for Facebook

I’ve been testing two Android mobile apps since yesterday – one is the FB Album Downloader and the other is called MyAlbum for Facebook. What I was basically aiming at is to be able to completely download ALL photos of a particular album in my old Facebook account to my Android smartphone. FB Album Downloader… Continue reading Download Photo Albums vs FB Album Downloader & MyAlbum for Facebook

Viber For Desktop

It still surprises me that some of my friends who have used Viber chat messenger on their mobile phones do not know its Desktop version is already available. I decided to write this article so the news can be spread further. I first learned about it about two months ago from my Facebook news feed, one… Continue reading Viber For Desktop

Viber and WhatsApp Chat Messengers For Unlimited Calls and Texts

Sending free SMS in this age has never been easier. A number of mobile applications for iPhone and Android have been developed which allow smartphone users to quickly send unlimited SMS and make international calls for free. Some cellular phone users who have made the switch to either Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, or Windows Phone are… Continue reading Viber and WhatsApp Chat Messengers For Unlimited Calls and Texts