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GCash Mobile App Errors


On Tuesday night my App Store prompted me for the latest GCash mobile app update, Version 5.11.1. When I opened the app the next day, I was greeted with several errors. I shouldn’t really be surprised as GCash mobile app update tend to bring a slew of bugs with it especially in connection with account verification issues.


Even when it clearly says my account is fully verified, the app still prompts me to verify when I tapped on PayPal to attempt a cash-in.


Thinking that tapping through the verification process would quickly take me to the cash-in page, I waited and waited and waited. I logged in and logged out of the app but I would still see the same message to wait 30 minutes.


An hour passed and I wondered if the Android version had the same update. I opened the GCash mobile app on my Android phone and luckily for me I was able to proceed with my PayPal to GCash cash-in.



Five or six hours later, I decided to check on my GCash app on my iPhone and I didn’t encounter the verification prompt anymore.

The lesson here is to make sure to open your GCash mobile app right after you finish the update. Or better yet keep an Android phone just in case.



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PayPal to GCash Technical Difficulties

It has been two weeks since I could not use the PayPal to GCash cash-in within the GCash mobile app itself. I’ve experienced delayed cash-ins before and I am glad Globe owned up to the never-ending technical difficulties their system seems to be having to prevent amassing discontented customers.

At first I thought the error was caused by the lack of update for the Android version only.



I kept encountering that error message even though my PayPal account was already linked to GCash in the past. I tried unlinking it via PayPal and then relinking it within the GCash smartphone app but the same problem persisted.

It was somewhat deceiving when I tried inserting my Globe GCash sim into my iPhone and could click on the PayPal to GCash cash-in option in the iOS version. However, when I entered the amount and clicked Next, that was when the error message appeared.


Relinking was futile, of course, as both Android and iOS versions have given me the same error message. PayPal and GCash Care clarified the issue.

Processed with MOLDIV


Yesterday, I received a text notification that PayPal to GCash cash-in is now functional.



In case your GCash balance has already been deducted because of a system glitch, simply fill out this Dispute Form and e-mail it to

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Dropbox Notification Sync Problem

Yesterday I noticed something odd with the Dropbox app on Android. The phone’s notification for the status of a photo or file pending upload doesn’t seem to sync well with the actual Dropbox app’s activity. I had noticed this problem in the past once but did pass it off as an isolated case. Apparently I was proven wrong yesterday.

I was trying to upload a cropped photo to my Dropbox app when I noticed that the notification “1 file remaining” remained stationary even after when I saw within the Dropbox app a confirmation of the photo upload.



What’s supposed to be a real time notification is actually a 12-minute delay. No matter how long I waited that notification did not update.

I hope they fix the notification real-time sync in the Dropbox Android app pronto.

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Download Photo Albums vs FB Album Downloader & MyAlbum for Facebook

I’ve been testing two Android mobile apps since yesterday – one is the FB Album Downloader and the other is called MyAlbum for Facebook. What I was basically aiming at is to be able to completely download ALL photos of a particular album in my old Facebook account to my Android smartphone. FB Album Downloader and MyAlbum for Facebook showed up in the top search results so I was inclined to trust one or the other could do the job.

Screenshot_2013-12-20-00-18-02[1] Screenshot_2013-12-20-00-18-39[1]

I learned those 4 star ratings do sway a lot of users. I became disappointed with FB Album Downloader when it would only transfer 99 photos out of the 184 from the album I selected. MyAlbum for Facebook, on the other hand, had more positive reviews which didn’t sound relatable to me, at least during the first attempt. I only saw 60 transferred photos even after the download confirmation. My phone has a 32G external memory so I wonder what’s the excuse.

In all fairness to FB Album Downloader, the program performed well with Facebook album download containing less than 50 pictures. It brought me back to 2008 when Facebook users could only upload a maximum of 60 photos and you would eventually end up with a string of albums in a Roman Numeral progression. In 2009 this upload restriction was lifted, which explains why I had 184 photos in an old Facebook photo album.

Neither app worked so I took to the web and discovered a Facebook page called Download Photo Albums. There’s a desktop application to be installed and after which you will be prompted to log in to your Facebook account. I honestly would have preferred if the zip download was cloud-based but that didn’t matter anymore because the download and installation was a breeze. Way cooler was the fact that it downloaded all my 36 Facebook albums in less than 5 minutes. All I had to do then was connect my phone to my laptop and copy and paste the photo album in the Photos folder of my phone’s external memory.


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Viber For Desktop

It still surprises me that some of my friends who have used Viber chat messenger on their mobile phones do not know its Desktop version is already available. I decided to write this article so the news can be spread further. I first learned about it about two months ago from my Facebook news feed, one of my acquaintances posted the link for Viber Desktop. Here is the link, by the way, if you want to download it:

Since I have sworn off owning a smartphone or any other mobile phone back in April, you can imagine how ecstatic I was to try out Viber’s Desktop version. One important thing you need to know before downloading it and installing it to your PC is that after registering for the Desktop version of the chat messenger, you will receive the 4-digit code on your Viber mobile app.

Messages between Desktop and mobile versions are consolidated and are real-time, of course. No need to worry about missing any text or chat message from your friends and contacts if you tick on “Save messages history when exiting a conversation” from your Viber Desktop Settings > Basics.

Another outstanding feature about the Viber mobile app is the option to merge Facebook contacts (whose mobile numbers aren’t yet listed  on your Contacts) who are registered with Viber. You can do this right within your smartphone and the changes will be applied to the installed Desktop version.

Emoticons are available on the Viber’s Desktop version already, though not as many as on its mobile counterpart. Call is enabled on the desktop version as well.

**This post was originally published in RedGage, TheEmpress. 

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Viber and WhatsApp Chat Messengers For Unlimited Calls and Texts

Sending free SMS in this age has never been easier. A number of mobile applications for iPhone and Android have been developed which allow smartphone users to quickly send unlimited SMS and make international calls for free. Some cellular phone users who have made the switch to either Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, or Windows Phone are sometimes not aware there are such free chat messenger mobile apps. Frequently they just hear about them via word of mouth; to avail of free texts and free calls, the receiver of the text message or the call must also have the same chat messenger app installed on their smartphones.

With the ubiquitous presence of WiFi in malls, universities, schools, and restaurants, it has become convenient to send text messages via these chat messenger mobile apps on the go. At the onset, it was only possible to send a free text message or make a free call to international users using a WiFi connection. With the emergence of 4G LTE, app users can already send free text messages and free calls even if they’re using a 3G or 4G LTE signal.


It was in mid-2011 when I first heard of the mobile app, Viber, from a friend in Australia. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the violet Free Text and Free Call buttons after I downloaded it. But it was real!

It’s easy to connect with friends using Viber. You can download it via the App Store in iPhone, Google Play Store if you have an Android smartphone, BlackBerry App World for your BlackBerry, or Marketplace for your Windows Phone. Once downloaded you can click on the app to register your mobile number. It automatically recognizes the country code your SIM number’s network belongs to so all you have to enter is the remaining digits. You will then receive a text message with the 4-digit code which you will promptly enter to finish your mobile number registration. Your friends who use either of the three smartphone models I mentioned, have listed you as a contact, and have Viber already installed will receive this notification: joined Viber and now you can call and text each other for free! Why not send a free welcome text message?

Even though Viber now works with a 3G or 4G LTE for sending free SMS to your Viber contacts, it is still recommended to use the WiFi connection when making free calls. Just make sure to click on the violet Free Call or Free Text button within your Viber contact’s  profile info so you won’t be charged by your local network for the local and international SMS and calls!

Research in Motion, the makers of BlackBerry, currently still has a Beta version for Viber Messenger, which means that only the Free Text option is available for the meantime for BlackBerry users.

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