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Is It The Network? Or The Software? 

I’ve been experiencing major download hiccups when it comes to the app updates in the App Store. I originally thought this was an iOS bug but after I experimented changing to a different WiFi network or an LTE network, for that matter, I’m leaning more on the network as the cause.


As for the above example, the update status blinks from Update to Open in nanoseconds! Crazy! I took this screenshot while being connected to my home’s fibre internet connection. It does blaringly say 10 updates below despite the absent UPDATE status.

When I got out later that day, the LTE network was able to update my apps quickly and without hitch. Hmm, what gives?

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Update: iOS 9.3 Bug

This post is simply an update. A day after I experienced the software bug I described in this post, I attempted to go through the same card verification process again and have successfully updated all my pending apps.

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iOS 9.3 Bug

I updated my iPhone’s software yesterday but only noticed a bug several hours later (when my apps needed to be updated), a bug affecting the credit/debit card saved in my App Store. It’s a card I’ve successfully used for almost a year for app and in-app purchases. Why wouldn’t it work now? It wasn’t a coincidence I noticed this bug a day after my iPhone’s iOS 9.3 update.

Just now I tried adding other credit/debit cards in my possession but I still see the error message “Card declined…” appear. Was worried a bit there it was a card problem but clearly the bug was caused by this new software update.

Subsequently, the following pending updates will accumulate and have to wait a while until this iOS 9.3 software bug is fixed.


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If you’re looking for meditation music you can play on your smartphone, I recommend you check out the mobile app Omvana. With Omvana you can download relaxing music to accompany your meditation exercises. The app can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play for free although some mp3 files are for sale starting at $0.99.

I downloaded the app a few weeks ago and got 7 audio files for free. Every week I would be able to download a few free audio files to listen to right on the app itself. They have binaural tracks – tracks that are best heard using headphones. To check on new tracks, just click on Omvana’s “New” tab. Today I saw a new free track called Bubbling Spring under the category “Sounds of Nature”. Once you click on “Free”, the clicked button will change to “Download” and it will eventually change to “Play” after download is finished.


Other categories in Omvana aside from “Binaural Sounds” and “Meditation Music” include “Inspirational Speeches”, “Stress Relief”, “Health & Fitness”, and “Personal Growth”.


A few of my personal favorites are from the soothing Meditation Music by Kerri Lake such as Dancing Wind Flute, Eagle Feather and Echoing Feelings. The orange loop icon on the left side means there’s no need to click on the track as it will automatically replay the track of your preference.


If you want to de-stress for a while, just take your pick from the free tracks on Omvana.

***Image source: Omvana

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PhotoLoader For Facebook


I use PhotoLoader for Facebook when I need to upload batches of pictures right from the iPhone or iPad. If you have segregated some photos into an album on the Photos, PhotoLoader makes it very convenient to upload the whole album to your Facebook account. No need to upload snapshots one by one – PhotoLoader for Facebook will then start the seamless upload with a few clicks.

Steps in Using PhotoLoader for Facebook:

1. Log in to your Facebook account within PhotoLoader. It will automatically load all the albums which are already in your Facebook account.


2. Tap Upload on the lower bar. From the Upload window, there’s an Organize button. Tapping on Organize will bring up two upload options: Add individual Photos or Add a Photo Album.


3. For this tutorial I will pick Add individual Photos. I selected 3 photos of my niece wearing a blonde wig.


4. Click on Upload. You have the options to upload them in order or randomly.


5. If you don’t have the preferred album set up previously on Facebook, you can create a new album within the app itself by clicking on New.


6. Enter Photo Album information. Tap on Upload and your upload begins. You will be notified after all pictures have been successfully uploaded.

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PhotoBeamer For Transferring Photos



I had experimented with several photo transfer apps from the App Store. Gadgets such as the iPhone, iPod Touch and the iPad do not enable transferring photos between those devices using the Bluetooth feature alone.




Last year I discovered PhotoBeamer to be the most convenient I’ve used when forwarding a photo from my Camera Roll to my friend’s iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad device. It’s free to download from the App Store. Sometimes when you don’t want to sync or e-mail or share a Photo Stream for just one single photo, all you need to do is make sure your friend also has PhotoBeamer downloaded.




Now that the device you wish to quickly transfer your photos to already has PhotoBeamer installed, you both need to tap “Connect” within the app and make sure Bluetooth is activated so the connection between wireless Apple devices can be enabled. You’ll be asked to select a photo from Camera Roll and just tap “Beam” to beam a photo to another device.

It’s ideal to use for single photo beaming only.

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A Follow-Up On Google Chrome and Dropbox Updates


Six days ago I wrote about the buggy Google Chrome and Dropbox apps despite the new updates. Today I saw newly-released updates for Dropbox and Google Chrome on the App Store and examined them right away.

I tried opening Bubblews again on both Safari and Chrome. Unfortunately Chrome still lags a bit on loading the page compared to Safari. Because of this I would still prefer to open my Bubblews notifications in Safari.


I found it weird that the Dropbox version 2.1.2 fix says the app was updated on February 22nd. I installed the Dropbox update on March 1st but as I described in my previous article, Dropbox only showed me a black blank page when I tried to open the zip file generated by iZip Pro.

I made a sample zip file from iZip Pro and opened it on Dropbox to test the new update.


With the Dropbox fix, the status of the newly loaded zip file can now be seen within the app. I’m glad the new update fixed the appearance of the black blank page.


I like using Google Chrome on a laptop and I hope its app version will be more improved soon.

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Google Chrome and Dropbox

I updated Google Chrome and Dropbox apps on my iPhone from the App Store yesterday. But I didn’t even feel the newer versions helped simplify my user experience at all because I’ve noticed a few problems right away after the upgrade.

I prefer to use Google Chrome than other browsers and my sister has configured it as a default web browser on her laptop. But when I use my iPhone for submitting posts or editing images to be attached, I use Safari but once in a while I check if the Google Chrome app is up to par.

Lately viewing Bubblews notifications on Safari makes me antsy. What I usually do is click on each notification and open them in a new tab and stop until I reach 8 as that is the limit of the open tabs allowed in Safari. I then scroll down on the notifications tab to only show those notifications I haven’t clicked but every time I leave it to read the other tab, the page auto-refreshes and I’m left feeling a bit lost and don’t know which among those hundreds of notifications should I pick up where I left off. On these confusing occasions I would give Google Chrome a shot to see if the page I left auto-refreshes once I get back to it.

The buggy Google Chrome iPhone update doesn’t even let me find out if my theory is right. Bubblews hardly opens in Chrome for a longer period before I see that “This webpage is not available”. I can’t exactly pinpoint – yet – why a Google Chrome app would be weaker. But maybe it’s just my WiFi or the website acting up because of maintenance. Though, seriously, does every occasion I test it has to coincide with the WiFi or website not working well? Too much of a coincidence I would say.


The Dropbox app hasn’t been cooperating well with another app, iZip Pro. I have written about transferring files from the iPhone (without syncing it to iTunes) to the laptop using iZip Pro and Dropbox as an alternative for RedGage photo upload. You can read it here in full: Basically I select the files on iZip Pro and zip them. After zipping them I would open them in Dropbox and click on Save.

photo 2 (1)

But when I click on Save, it directs me to a black blank page. It doesn’t let me know if the zip file has completely loaded onto Dropbox.

photo 4

With errors leaving me in the dark I would try to repeat the upload of the zip file, only to be prompted whether or not to overwrite the existing file.

photo 3

Of course I hit Cancel and later find out when opening the downloaded zip file from Dropbox on a laptop that “the archive is either in unknown format or damaged”.


I hope new Google Chrome and Dropbox updates on the App Store should be up soon.

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Photo Text Editor Experimentation

It often happens that I would make notes of a particular topic to write about for later completion but a sudden insight overshadows it and pushes it back to my to-do list. Every now and then I allow myself to be sidetracked and here goes its byproduct.

Last night I was writing the article “Desensitize? Or Burn Bridges?” and I came up with using the ocean photo I took and put a quote to it. The quote was my own musing about the fleeting nature of hardships in life which I wrote on Path yesterday afternoon. Instead of searching for a photo text editor online doable from a laptop, I felt I ought to explore the App Store for any photo text editor apps.

First app I tried was aPhoto. As you can see in the photo below first attempt was an epic fail. The blurry image is not an illusion, once you hit Save you automatically get it saved in low resolution and with footer ads too. Ugh-ly. You have to get the paid version to save the ad-free high res image. So it was a no-no.


Second photo text editor app I tried was tWizart. My only problem was I couldn’t pinch and adjust the block of the text to expand it to my desired size.


At last it worked perfectly with InstaCaption. This is how the third experimentation looks like:

photo (18)

However, I got sidetracked again and by accident discovered a better way to enhance the color of the picture. I thought of posting the captioned photo on Path but thought of tinkering with the Lens feature just to see how it would come out.


Voila! The Lake lens feature made the drab blue in my InstaCaption image an even sharper and more expressive blue. I love it.


If you want to experiment with a photo text editor with your own photos in Camera Roll, I would recommend InstaCaption. You can download it in the App Store for free.

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Bugs on Social Network App Path

I visit the social media app Path more than I do with Facebook. I logged in an hour ago to my Path account and thought of changing my profile picture.


I went to my Path profile instead of my Home (News Feed equivalent for Facebook). But I noticed something off with the number of views indicated in my two top posts. It says I have 5 and 36 views for a status update and song listened update. I have 6 friends and I rarely get 5 friend views on my updates, let alone 36 views. To view who has viewed your update, the gray skinhead icon should be clicked. I saw faces there I don’t recognize.

However my next three updates reflected just about the normal average views my update would get – 2 friend views.


In one update with two views, I tried to click on the gray skinhead smiley to see the third odd person is.


As expected it was someone I don’t know. It clearly states that if he or she isn’t on your Path friends’ list, they cannot view your Path updates.


I looked to the App Store for these bug fixes. Sure enough there is a new update released on February 1st.