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Update: Same Day Local Funds Transfer Withdrawal Alternative for Upwork Freelancers

A few days after I wrote about a speedy Local Funds Transfer alternative for Upwork freelancers in the Philippines (Same Day Local Funds Transfer Withdrawal Alternative for Upwork Freelancers), I learned that the Upwork management (once again) has made several changes to their withdrawal payment methods. Since the same day local funds transfer withdrawal alternative I mentioned required Skrill, I was a little upset that Upwork will no longer be partnering with Skrill. In a follow-up email, Upwork mentioned that Upwork freelancers can still withdraw funds to their Skrill account until April 24, 2017.

This was the first email they sent out:





It does sound all good but I still would opt to find another way to get my funds out by some other means. Why? Because when you withdraw to PayPal you are getting the most out of the current peso-dollar rate compared to the Direct to Local Bank option. For me, this means having to go back to withdrawing to PayPal and using the PayPal to GCash option. I still stand by my option to use my GCash mobile wallet (cashless purchases, of course!) and transferring some of my funds to my RCBC Savings bank account via as usual.

On the GCash mobile app, there is an option to transfer your PayPal funds to your GCash account. My PayPal is already linked to my GCash account and the GCash mobile app needs to  update that line of code for those who already have their PayPal accounts linked to their GCash.



I have asked GCash support about the processing time for transferring PayPal funds to GCash and below is their response:




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Resolved: GCash AmEx and GCash MasterCard

This is an update post regarding the GCash AmEx and GCash MasterCard problems I talked about in the previous post. After numerous follow-ups via Messenger and e-mail correspondences with GCash customer support, I was able to access my GCash AmEx again.

According to GCash customer support, the Globe number connected to my GCash AmEx account was barred because a suspicious activity was detected. Understandably so, although I don’t know what attempt was made to access my account which rendered it deactivated for a while. I surmise it had something to do with that day I enrolled for the GCash MasterCard when an attempt was made to register the GCash MasterCard with the same number connected to the GCash AmEx. The suspicious activity also caused my Globe GCash AmEx mobile number to be barred from being used for texting and even from top up capabilities although I could still redeem the Globe Rewards with it.



I was able to access my GCash AmEx after the Globe number was unbarred. Yup, this was how my balance looked like the last time I accessed it prior to the barred number issue.


As for my Globe number linked to my GCash MasterCard, the issue about the cash-in via prepaid load has also been resolved, thanks to the help of GCash customer support. The only problem that remains for now is with the Globe Rewards app – the said mobile app doesn’t recognize my Globe number as a valid one although I do receive Globe Rewards text notifications about rewards points I’ve accrued.



Gifting rewards to the said number is also unavailable as well as sending money to it using the GCash app. The sending money option only works if I access GCash via the sim application or dial *143# to access GCash to send money using my Globe GCash AmEx number to the Globe GCash MasterCard mobile number.


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Don’t Apply For A GCash MasterCard Until You Have Read This

Globe currently offers GCash American Express virtual card and GCash MasterCard to its customers and having taken advantage of both, I would give this fair warning to anyone to not apply for a GCash MasterCard if you already have an existing GCash American Express.

Back in July I registered for GCash American Express virtual debit card because it allows Philippine residents to purchase via e-commerce sites that ship within the US such as  Amazon and eBay. In partnership with My Shopping Box, the items you ordered via Amazon, for example, would then be sent to your Philippine address.

By November I received a text notification from SmartMoney that they would discontinue SmartMoney MasterCard renewals by January 1, 2017 and that SmartMoney customers can still avail of its services until January 30, 2017 only. My SmartMoney card expires on June 2017 so this is an unfortunate news because I mainly use it for Skrill instant mobile wallet withdrawals. This prompted me to apply for a GCash MasterCard.

The day I applied for a GCash MasterCard, I was at the Globe store to do a GCash cash-out for my GCash American Express mobile wallet. (SmartMoney was down at the time and so was GCash to RCBC MyWallet functionality.) The agent told me I could not register a new GCash account with the same number I used for the American Express. He had to purchase a new Globe sim for me so I can successfully register to a GCash MasterCard. That’s when a string of technical problems started for me.

As required, I had to get KYC’ed again for the GCash MasterCard. (I did my KYC for GCash American Express at the same store back in July and it was hassle-free.) The agent referred me to another Globe store to do the KYC; he said it would take longer if done in their branch (which didn’t make sense at all).

When I went to the Globe store he recommended, the agent told me what she would do was consolidate the information I previously had in my GCash American Express with the current one in my GCash MasterCard. There wasn’t really much difference in the details I entered except perhaps for the employee info; I submitted the same ID (passport).

The day after I got successfully KYC’ed for the GCash MasterCard, I could no longer access my GCash American Express via the GCash mobile app. I could not even top up the Globe number associated with it. It was like my GCash American Express never existed at all.

I had to go back and consult the same agent regarding the issue and she said there wasn’t anything she could do about it. She informed me the Globe number associated with my GCash American Express suddenly shows up as blacklisted in their system, which got her confused as well because she was aware that any Globe customer can have multiple GCash accounts under one name.

It was then that I noticed another problem with my GCash MasterCard. Even though it was activated and KYC’ed, I could no longer do the prepaid load to GCash cash-in with it. After going back and forth with GCash email support about it, the problem was solved. But I had to press them further to fix the issue regarding the GCash American Express.

It’s not the first time this happened as apparent in a Globe Community thread about blacklisted GCash numbers.

To avoid the headache I and others went through with GCash MasterCard and GCash American Express accounts, please pick only one card to register for.


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Transferring GCash to RCBC MyWallet

When it comes to mobile wallets, I like to have many options where I can transfer my money to convert it into physical cash I can later withdraw or simply storing money in my debit card/s for online purchases. I learned the hard way a long time ago when the one and only mobile wallet I depended on was unavailable for a few hours just when I needed cash. Aside from PayPal, I use Skrill because it supports instant withdrawal transactions to local mobile wallets such as SmartMoney and GCash.


Understandably so the only option available in RCBC AccessOne web access is transferring funds from RCBC MyWallet debit card to GCash. However, in Globe’s mobile banking both options – transferring GCash to RCBC and transferring RCBC to GCash – are accessible.



I have an RCBC MyWallet Visa debit card which I swipe at supermarkets, coffee shops, and department stores and in the past I would have to visit any LBC branch near me to reload it. Until recently my Globe GCash was activated so I can now conveniently withdraw my Skrill funds to my Globe GCash mobile wallet instantly and without extra fees. Their USD to PHP conversion comparably fares well to that of PayPal’s.

Below is the video on transferring GCash to RCBC MyWallet:


I would like to also emphasize that even though there is an option in the GCash mobile app to add your MasterCard or Visa Debit Card for cash-in, adding your RCBC MyWallet Visa Debit card is not allowed and you will only get a text notification that the attempt to add the card is unsuccessful.

Update: November 25, 2018

If you have an updated GCash mobile app, you will notice that GCash has recently added more options to send payments to which even now includes sending to bank accounts in the Philippines within the app.

I have tried transferring my GCash funds to my RCBC MyWallet Visa debit card for 4 or  times in the past few weeks and amazingly the transfer was instant. Two days ago, my transfer did not go through at all. I did not even get a text notification from 2882 that I was deducted the amount but the GCash app’s updated balance tells a different story. After 24 hours I got a notification from 2882 that my GCash account balance was adjusted to reflect the reverted amount from the failed GCash to RCBC MyWallet transfer.