PayMaya To GCash and GCash To PayMaya Transfer

There was a short period when PayMaya to GCash transfer was disabled in the PayMaya mobile app but it has become available again for a while now. I have tried the PayMaya to GCash transfer thrice and the good news is I didn’t have to wait more than a few minutes for my beneficiary to… Continue reading PayMaya To GCash and GCash To PayMaya Transfer

Cooking Dash Pre-Made Meals

In the Thanksgiving Series Finale, there is a goal to serve Pumpkin Spice Lattes in Party Fowl. You might have checked the Daily Goals Cheat Sheet first but didn’t find it. That’s because Pumpkin Spice Latte is a pre-made meal booster which can be purchased a set for 2 gold bars. In order to serve… Continue reading Cooking Dash Pre-Made Meals

Tracking A TransferWise Delay

While researching online for platforms to transfer and receive money within a day, I would often read TransferWise being mentioned in some forums. I signed up sometime July or August but only got to use TransferWise’s services in October when attempting to transfer USD to my VND account. Even though their exchange rates fare better… Continue reading Tracking A TransferWise Delay

Uploading Photos and Videos From iPhone To Microsoft OneDrive

  I have upgraded accounts in both iCloud (50gb) and Microsoft OneDrive (ITB). The ITB from Microsoft OneDrive comes with the Office 365 monthly subscription so upgrading to a higher cloud storage for iCloud seems unnecessary for me if I could upload photos and videos from my iPhone to Microsoft OneDrive’s mobile app. The basic… Continue reading Uploading Photos and Videos From iPhone To Microsoft OneDrive

How To Use PayMaya Abroad

PayMaya offers a virtual card by simply registering via their PayMaya mobile app. If you want a GCash debit card alternative, you can definitely use PayMaya abroad and withdraw your funds using a physical PayMaya card. Since the premise of PayMaya is principally for the purposes of a virtual card, no physical card is provided… Continue reading How To Use PayMaya Abroad

My Experience With PawnHero Philippines

At a time when I was strapped for a bit cash but don’t really need the full amount usually guaranteed by pawnshops which accept most iPhone versions and was too lazy to go around scouting for pawnshops, I was glad PawnHero Philippines was already there. It was sometime in June 2017 when I tried PawnHero,… Continue reading My Experience With PawnHero Philippines

RCBC MyWallet to GCash Cash-in

Earlier today I got an alert on my iPhone to update my GCash mobile app and that the new update not only includes the RCBC-GCash and BPI-GCash cash-ins but also a list of their over-the-counter partners right within the GCash mobile app. For a few months registering GCash within the RCBC Online Banking platform had… Continue reading RCBC MyWallet to GCash Cash-in

Cooking Dash Bug

On March 12th, I encountered the same bug (again) in the Cooking Dash mobile app when playing the Eats for Earth episode. The bug mainly has to do with the “needs topping” feature. If you look at the grilled tilapia dish, you would observe there is nothing on the plate that indicates the customer needs his… Continue reading Cooking Dash Bug

Blogger On iPhone

I wished Blogger on iPhone would incorporate the option to backtrack the date of the post. I wasted like 5 minutes earlier attempting to edit the date of the post after composing my blog entry. Since I was writing on a dream blog post, it’s important for me to keep the date the day after… Continue reading Blogger On iPhone