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MasterCard Payment Glitch

You might have had a similar experience I did regarding a MasterCard payment glitch when a POS swipe machine would register a ‘payment not accepted’ error. Probably you’ve had successful transactions using your MasterCard with a specific store and then suddenly two consecutive attempts on separate occasions deters you from swiping it again. Sometimes the problem would be in one specific store and the other stores seem to not have a problem with accepting payments from it.

I would normally purchase my afternoon tea or frappe at a McCafe nearby with a MasterCard but until two weeks ago I had to use my alternative Visa card because of the payment not accepted error. I could still use the MasterCard to pay for my groceries. It could be McDonald’s POS system not functioning properly but I attempted to use it the week after that and it was still unsuccessful.


The curious thing was the same MasterCard is connected to my LINE Wallet and when I used my personal scan code (which I had set to automatically charge my MasterCard) for the Rabbit Line Pay machine, the payment came through just fine. So that rules out a possible system outage on the part of MasterCard.



This is why sometimes having a mobile wallet is advantageous. I could not really point out where the real glitch came from and I was glad I was observant that there always had been a Rabbit Line Pay beside McCafe’s POS.


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0956 Globe Prefix – Not An Existing Globe Number


I have been experiencing the unrecognised 0956 Globe number error message since I purchased the sim late last year. At one point the error revolves around not being able to receive GCash funds when transferring from my GCash AmEx number. The app would prompt something like the number is not an existing Globe number. I bought the Globe 0956 number from a GCash MasterCard kiosk in a Globe Center.

In the Globe Rewards mobile app, I cannot add my Globe 0956 number because, again, the system says I must enter an existing Globe number. Nonetheless, I could send text messages with it, make calls and receive calls with it. To redeem my Globe Rewards points, I would need to dial *143# instead of using the Globe Rewards mobile app.

When Skrill was still partners with Upwork for the latter’s withdrawal options, I would withdraw my Upwork funds to Skrill and within the Skrill mobile app I would withdraw it to my mobile wallet. Mobile wallet withdrawal was instant. Here is a sample video of an error message I would get when choosing my Globe 0956 number under Mobile Wallet to withdraw my Skrill funds to. You can see in the video I had to use my Globe 0995 number, which is my GCash AmEx number, to successfully do a Skrill mobile wallet withdrawal. From the GCash mobile app, I am now able to transfer funds from my GCash AmEx 0995 number to my GCash MasterCard 0956 number.


Another problem a 0956 Globe prefix number poses is the lengthy refund period. With my GCash AmEx 0995 number, I would get refunds in a shorter period of time and there was no need for me to send a Dispute Form to GCash’s customer support. If you have a GCash number with a Globe prefix that’s experiencing the problems I described in this article, you should always make sure you file a dispute for any pending refunds or chargebacks you are expecting as soon as possible. Better late than never.

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Instant Withdrawal Services – GCash and PayMaya

I am currently using PayPal to GCash instant withdrawal service but experiencing delays two times within a month has made me reconsider. On Wednesday, April 26th, I attempted an initial PayPal to GCash cash-in of $5 to check if the withdrawal would go through instantly. Having dealt with the unpleasant consequences of experiencing the delay on April 5th, I decided to do a small GCash cash-in and if it goes through instantly, I could then continue with transferring a larger amount. This time, though, the second PayPal to GCash cash-in in a larger amount did not go through; only the first small transfer did. So much for being cautious.

The new information I would like to share about this delay in PayPal to GCash cash-in is the text notification I received regarding the transaction.


This text notification came even when PayPal already e-mailed me the confirmation that the funds have already been transferred successfully to my GCash account. What gives? When I contacted PayPal about it, I was told that the transfer went through and GCash should be able to refund me the amount.

At this juncture of doubting which platform really works or if I should switch from GCash to PayMaya (PayMaya also offers the same instant withdrawal service), I decided to do some research on reviews about PayMaya’s instant withdrawal service as well. Most of the reviews I read were not so encouraging as with PayMaya’s instant withdrawal from PayPal service was also met with negative comments from 2-day delays up to even a week.

These instant withdrawal services getting delayed led me to wonder about what makes mobile wallets susceptible to serious timing errors. I tried Skrill’s mobile wallet feature in the past for a long time before I switched to GCash and I did experience delays not amounting to five attempts. The redeemable point about Skrill’s instant withdrawal service via mobile wallet was that Skrill will send an e-mail that your transfer was declined by your chosen network so no dispute and claim would have to be filed because your balance would be instantly reverted to your account.

Instant withdrawal services do come with a caveat – expect network glitches and delays on some days, be it via GCash or PayMaya or Skrill. The word instant does not guarantee immediacy most times.

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Same Day Local Funds Transfer Withdrawal Alternative for Upwork Freelancers

Upwork freelancers from the Philippines trust the local funds transfer option as one of the various methods they can get paid. Local funds transfer normally takes 2-3 business days to clear. But what if you, as an Upwork freelancer, have the option to speed up local funds transfer into 12 hours or even less than 20 minutes processing time? Yes, same day local funds transfer withdrawal in Upwork is very much possible and that is what I am going to share with you. Here’s a preview:






As an Upwork freelancer myself I use PayPal and Skrill to receive my funds from Upwork. However, since I have acquired a GCash MasterCard, I decided to concentrate on using Skrill. It is a great alternative to PayPal. The reason I am frequenting Skrill is because of Skrill’s  mobile wallet feature. With the mobile wallet feature, you can have your Upwork USD converted into Philippine pesos which will then be sent to either your PayMaya or GCash account. Mobile wallet transfer is instant with Skrill.

Since my Skrill funds are already in my GCash wallet, I could then proceed to my account and do a GCash Cash-in. I would click on the Cash-in option in my dashboard, enter the amount I want transferred, enter my GCash mobile number and click on Dragonpay to complete the transfer. There’s a minimal fee to cash in using GCash. In less than a minute a text message would be sent to your Globe mobile number for you to key in your GCash PIN for the cash-in to be completed.

Once the cash-in is confirmed, I would then click on Cash Out in my dashboard and select the Bank transfer option and then selecting the bank name. In my case it took 5 minutes to see the funds on my RCBC Savings bank account. In minutes, I would receive a text message confirmation of the successful same day local funds transfer withdrawal.

Whichever bank you have an account in, this same day local funds transfer withdrawal alternative is definitely worth a try. Here are the required accounts:

  • a GCash account
  • a Skrill account
  • account
  • a Philippine-based bank account


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Transferring GCash to RCBC MyWallet

When it comes to mobile wallets, I like to have many options where I can transfer my money to convert it into physical cash I can later withdraw or simply storing money in my debit card/s for online purchases. I learned the hard way a long time ago when the one and only mobile wallet I depended on was unavailable for a few hours just when I needed cash. Aside from PayPal, I use Skrill because it supports instant withdrawal transactions to local mobile wallets such as SmartMoney and GCash.


Understandably so the only option available in RCBC AccessOne web access is transferring funds from RCBC MyWallet debit card to GCash. However, in Globe’s mobile banking both options – transferring GCash to RCBC and transferring RCBC to GCash – are accessible.



I have an RCBC MyWallet Visa debit card which I swipe at supermarkets, coffee shops, and department stores and in the past I would have to visit any LBC branch near me to reload it. Until recently my Globe GCash was activated so I can now conveniently withdraw my Skrill funds to my Globe GCash mobile wallet instantly and without extra fees. Their USD to PHP conversion comparably fares well to that of PayPal’s.

Below is the video on transferring GCash to RCBC MyWallet:


I would like to also emphasize that even though there is an option in the GCash mobile app to add your MasterCard or Visa Debit Card for cash-in, adding your RCBC MyWallet Visa Debit card is not allowed and you will only get a text notification that the attempt to add the card is unsuccessful.

Update: November 25, 2018

If you have an updated GCash mobile app, you will notice that GCash has recently added more options to send payments to which even now includes sending to bank accounts in the Philippines within the app.

I have tried transferring my GCash funds to my RCBC MyWallet Visa debit card for 4 or  times in the past few weeks and amazingly the transfer was instant. Two days ago, my transfer did not go through at all. I did not even get a text notification from 2882 that I was deducted the amount but the GCash app’s updated balance tells a different story. After 24 hours I got a notification from 2882 that my GCash account balance was adjusted to reflect the reverted amount from the failed GCash to RCBC MyWallet transfer.