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Bugs on Social Network App Path

I visit the social media app Path more than I do with Facebook. I logged in an hour ago to my Path account and thought of changing my profile picture.


I went to my Path profile instead of my Home (News Feed equivalent for Facebook). But I noticed something off with the number of views indicated in my two top posts. It says I have 5 and 36 views for a status update and song listened update. I have 6 friends and I rarely get 5 friend views on my updates, let alone 36 views. To view who has viewed your update, the gray skinhead icon should be clicked. I saw faces there I don’t recognize.

However my next three updates reflected just about the normal average views my update would get – 2 friend views.


In one update with two views, I tried to click on the gray skinhead smiley to see the third odd person is.


As expected it was someone I don’t know. It clearly states that if he or she isn’t on your Path friends’ list, they cannot view your Path updates.


I looked to the App Store for these bug fixes. Sure enough there is a new update released on February 1st.



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Mobile App Path As An Alternative to Facebook

Did you already consider yourself internet savvy when Friendster once ruled social networking? If you already were, chances are you were also polygamous when it comes to social networking and tirelessly explored what MySpace, Multiply and eventually Facebook has to offer.

Along the way you’d have also discovered that expanding your social network came with a caveat – it’s a fact that we trust some friends more than others. It’s interesting that one of the changes Facebook has implemented last year was to enable customization on who can view our Timeline posts – whenever we post a new Facebook status update, we have the option to make it available for Public view, Friends of Friends, Friends or Custom (read: hiding the update from a few friends).

If Facebook’s saturation becomes unbearable for you, then you’ll like Path as a more private alternative to social networking for a social media recluse like you.

What is Path?

Path is a mobile-based social networking application. It works and looks like Facebook’s Timeline, although it has a personal diary feel to it. When you click on the Path icon on your home screen, a red journal with the word Path flips over by default to your Home page. The latter is the equivalent of Facebook’s News Feed.

What are the types of updates I can share in Path?

The type of updates you can share on Path range from photo, location, music, movies, books, thoughts to sleep/awake updates. Each update logged is called “moment” and arranged vertically in reverse chronological order, traversing a straight line or path, pretty much like a map of a city train station.

If Facebook has a Like, Comment, or Share option for each Timeline post, Path has happy smiley, wink smiley, surprised/shocked smiley, sad smiley and heart icons. Of course it has a Trash Bin icon should you change your mind and delete a “moment”.

How do I share updates on Path?

On your Home page, tap on the Plus button located on the lower left hand side of the app. You’ll then see 5 round icons with images: a camera for sharing a photo, a map pin for sharing your location, a quaver or musical note for music you’re currently listening to, speech bubble for thoughts, and a waning crescent moon to notify your Path friends that you’ve dozed off or has awakened.

Path does not support multiple uploads, which makes sense because it lists “moments”. (READ MORE…)